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Hey Jack,

I checked out your site briefly and look forward to reading your essays. The only problem that might drive a wedge between us is the idea that I’ve uncovered much information that Jesus doesn’t exist. This sucks for me since we have everything else in common. Actually I don’t even insist with infallibility that Christ isn’t real, since I’ve been devoted to him my entire life. I only offer powerful evidence out of the bible itself that well-seems to prove that the bible isn’t as infallible as it claims to be. I hope my Christ is real, but as I said, the new evidence seems to me to prove that he isn’t real. I’m open minded and only want the truth. I know for a fact that our government are a bunch of lying snitches, so this is what I’m trying to help people figure out. I’ve served Christ intensely for the last decade, even gave up sex to serve him. But through this searching for him, I’ve uncovered vast holes (lies) in my favorite book (the bible). I’m not here to argue over who’s male version of God is better or worse.. I just want a fair society where no one insists on imposing their beliefs on others. Christianity tends to be very one-sided from my personal experience. But this doesn’t mean I’m against Christianity. I’m just against their limited views that everyone else should be forced to conform to their lifestyles. I read your faith statement, and I respect it completely. I’ve also lived by this “code”. But things change. This doesn’t mean I give up on all the faith, honor, patience, gentleness, lovingkindness, etc. that I learned through the holy bible. I will always hold onto these lessons. These are my life. What I can’t stand is when big mouthed preachers call out homosexuals, drug users, prostitutes, etc., on national tv and pretend that they are the cause of all our problems. This is hypocritical condemnation.. and this is what I despise about Christianity. Self-righteousness needs to be stopped. War needs to be stopped. Bigotry needs to be stopped. I couldn’t care less if someone is a drug user, or a homosexual, or a prostitute. These things can be overlooked and we can love people for who they are.. which is unconditional love. Thanks for the invite and friendship. I’ll check our your essays ASAP. Love you.



Jack Hook doesn’t follow Jesus…. he follows Paul.

So were all supposed to blindly believe Rabbi Shaul over Jesus, James and GOD


To believe a human sacrifice was needed for redemption is saying GOD IS A LIAR!

We are supposed to believe that God changes his mind as to who his Chosen
People are at the drop of a hat?


Hello Again Brother Jack;
I trust all is well with you and your family? I trust God will continue to bless your faithfulness and persistence in the ministry.

This is no doubt an interesting article and one for endless discussion. I present my two cents worth if you can bear with me. Personally, I feel that either side is too proud to step down to allow a show of cordiality just to side step war. They all have something to gain by attaining status as “top dog.” I have always believed that a demonstration of force has been the aggressors’ ways of showing superiority just to be accepted as a key player or to acquire valuable possessions, such as organic wealth and territory. Lately, we have seen countless demonstrations of insignificant world powers move into the arena just by producing the atomic weapons. It is mans way of deciding who is going to lead. War is the deciding factor in world dominance. This is the way of Rome. This is the way of fallen creatures, as you have pointed out numerous times. Who ever comes out on top, will not doubt assert the economy and state religion it possesses as Islam has proved throughout the ages. A good example of this acquisition process would be to review how the U.S. transformed the ancient cultures it has concurred through war. King Richard the Lion Hearted was forced to walk away from the onslaught of Islam in the last Crusades. The weak will succumb and the super powers that be will stand by and watch until it seems to affect their personal interests. I ask a simple question; if you or I believe in a “cause,” wouldn’t you move heaven and earth to persuade others, just to see the transformation take place? We would do or die, wouldn’t we? This all depends on how deeply we believe in what we believe. It becomes evident that, some of us are not willing to die for what we believe. WARNING! The enemy has made ready to die regardless. It is time we examine our hearts and come to an understanding, are we going to wait or make our move to produce fear and respect in the enemies’ heart? Or, as Fundamentalists’ Christians, lost heart in what we seem to believe. This way of thinking is produced from the spirit of pride and self-righteousness. The militant Christian will find a way to prove his point, no doubt. Well, it is time for rebuttal. I hope I haven’t gotten off base and missed the mark. Please straiten me out if I’m wrong, I trust you will, dear Brother.

Your Brother In Christ Jesus



Dear Brother Jack: Thanks for sending me this message. Nothing mankind strives to do will bring peace to the earth, only JESUS CHRIST return. I have many loved ones that are in the peaceful realm of GOD and truly believe in Angels sent by HIM to give comfort and lose.

May GOD continue to bless you, as you strive to spread HIS true word.

Love and Gods Blessings, Anita


Dear brother Jack,
Thanks, so much, for the good article on fundamentalists. It is such a needed message, and it blessed me as I read it. The only thing I would question, is your statement that:

“The only escape and immunity from this plague is in the power of the blood of Jesus Christ to wash away our sin nature”.

If I understand the scripture correctly, our sin nature will not be gone until we have new resurrection bodies. His blood truly cleanses us from all sin, but the sin nature will be with us until the Rapture. We are to overcome by faith (1 John 5:4-5).

God bless,



I have been a believer for nearly 31 years (saved in ’76).

The words you wrote below are some of the most truthful I have ever read in those 31 years. May God speak to your heart… so that even more such revelation will follow. -Alan

3) The glorious second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ concludes what the Fundamentalists of the early 20th century considered to be the essential doctrines one must hold to be considered a Christian. With the obvious exception of the second coming, if any of these teachings were omitted or redefined in any way one’s salvation was in question. This leads me to ask the most important questions of all the ones I have asked in this article. After reading and thinking seriously about this list of doctrines, is there anything missing from this list? Is it possible to believe in these six foundational teachings of the New Testament and still be eternally lost with a one-way ticket to Hell?

(4) Do you also see the danger now? The seducing doctrine of “in nonessentials we have liberty and tolerance” is designed by the fallen angels working through false or ignorant teachers to make the “meat” of the scriptures, which are designed to strengthen us in Christ and against evil forces and false prophets, something no one really cares about anyway, for it is just a matter of opinion and interpretation. These false or misguided teachers cry out for tolerance and liberty in nonessentials “because” strict interpretation only causes division at a time when Christendom wants “ecumenical” unity in their political-religious-military crusades to take “dominion” over the nations. For those among you who have been seduced into this deadly trap I suggest you also read Mathew 24:45-51. Now let’s move on to the three missing foundational doctrines:

(5) I have often wondered why early Fundamentalists neglected to include the role of the fallen angels in their essentials for salvation. Even today there is very little mention of them and how they have impacted the human race. I suppose the reason is because not many people have experienced face to face encounters with these fallen creatures of God. From what I have learned from the scriptures and my personal battles with these evil beings, this uncomfortable subject needs to be included as one of the fundamental doctrines of Jesus Christ. Trust me when I say that the day is coming when the most vile of the fallen angels will publicly appear in their grotesque form and all men shall see them, while Satan and others will possess the bodies of men, Revelation 9,13. And when they do appear, the Lord Jesus Christ will also allow Michael and his holy angels to manifest themselves before men. John’s visions recorded in the Revelation provide ample evidence for what I have said. Please read the articles “When Angels Appear” and “The Judgment Chronicles” posted on our web site, for more details on this subject.


Dear Jack,

9/11 was an inside job.

The corporate globalists, via their black-ops criminals in the Cheney-Bush
administration, blew both Towers to Kingdom come (and WTC7 as well, probably
using a combination of both conventional (thermite) and unconventional
weapons (possibly directed-energy, laser or microwave.

There’s plenty of video material (network news broadcasts from 9/11), which
make it painfully obvious that 9/11 was our own modern Reichstag Fire.
Intended to pave the way for permanent war abroad, and a domestic police
state at home.

There’s no way a big fat Boeing commercial jet (the alleged Flight 77) could
have been hijacked and piloted all the way from the Kentucky-Ohio border,
across West Virginia into DC airspace and slammed into the west wall of the
Pentagon – the most heavily guarded fortress on the planet –

Perhaps there was no “Flight 77”.
More likely that the Pentagon was hit by a Cruise, Tomahawk or Hellfire
missile on the morning of 9/11. Therefore no NORAD stand-down was
necessary. Check out the war-game exercises the military was running that morning:
Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian, Amalgam Virgo, Tripod II …
They were running a whole bunch of preparedness drills and exercises that
morning, including several that simulated multiple plane hijackings.

The whole thing was a massive military black-op, with the controlled
corporate media managing the fictitious “hijacker” psy-op.
Use the mind that God gave to you to think for yourself.

(By the way, I happen to be a secular Jew, who has studied Old Testament
literature in the original Hebrew (and Aramaic/Targum).

Stay in touch. Your heart is in the right place. You just need to work your powers of reasoning a bit more.



Thanks Jack for the article and the reminders in it.
There is a spiritual war raging which many believers just don’t want to contemplate because it would demand too much change in their lives to cope with it.


O jack how i wish u could know the most absolute truth of God the message of Jesus as he passes by through this great land of ours , by the reading it still tells me that He had not yet reach u or your heart just not want to execpt Him.You speak of a man wanting to know but yet affraid to respond because its the unknown.U speak of human understanding O Jack how i long to see the scales fall off your eyes so that you can see.O Jack my friend Jack!!!!!!


Dear Jack,
Concerning the subject below:

“(6) There remains one final piece to the Fundamentalist puzzle. I refer to it this way for without this last doctrine you are still holding on to a “form of godliness” and even though you can quote scripture verses as a seminary professor, you still are without the free gift of the Holy Spirit. And Paul said to the Roman Christians that if any man has not the Spirit of Christ he is not a true Christian, Romans 8:9.”

I believe that you have a very valid point, one that I have been urging people to take note of for years. I consider myself truly saved and part of all who have the Spirit of Messiah indwelling them. I agree with most of your understanding but not all of it, as we are to set a standard of civil authority to repel the enemy as God would have it according to His will in these end times. Where most people of faith are going wrong is that they believe that we should set up the kingdom, for the Messiah, which is very poor exegesis.



Jack – thanks much for your recent article — indeed these are days of great deception, especially in the realm of “religion” wherein those claiming to be “Christian” are among those who reject the Lord Jesus as the One and only way of salvation from human sin and rebellion. I especially appreciated your relating the homegoing of your mother — what a comfort to know our loved ones who have preceded us are set free completely from the limitations and infirmities of life in this world. My own mother battled cancer and beat it when the Lord took her home — my first thought when she took her last breath was, “Not one cancer cell can touch her now!”

God’s best to you each day as you press the battle in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ Who is going to come back and set things right side up in this world. Clayton


Actually, I read an article about a famous general, Pershing, who was the most effective person in dealing with Middle Eastern terrorists/butchers. I can’t remember the guys name but what he did was took 49 of the 50 prisoners he had captured and had them all beheaded in front of the one he kept alive. The bodies were left naked and buried with the carcasses of pigs. The murders discontinued. Lets not get political….its time to win the war and get our soldiers back home.


Shalom Jack,
Thank God for His gift of Godly moms. Thank you for sharing the following:

“My mother’s simple faith and absolute love for her
Lord and all people, forever defined for me the
essence of true Christian fundamentalism.”

May the Lord be ever more your shield and exceeding
great reward.

Baruch HaShem!


Dear Jack:

Avi Lipkin (aka Victor Mordacai) says the only thing that will stop the Muslims is to destroy that meteorite imbedded in the corner of the Cabba at Mecca. He claims that if it were destroyed, the Muslims would immediately lose faith in Allah (because Allah is too weak to protect that stone) and would turn to the stronger God; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Since we fundamentalists have read the end of the Book and know how Jesus wins the battle, we know that the meteorite will not be destroyed and the Muslims will continue acting the roll God has decreed for them.

No matter how bad world conditions get, and no matter how crazy the United States gets (President Hillary), we trust our God and Savior that He has it all worked out. If God wants Hillary and her ilk to rule over the USA, then Praise the Lord!

Pretend you are one of those Hebrew Slaves in Egypt while Moses was confronting Pharaoh. Even if you were convinced that Moses was going to win the confrontation, it would still be a terrible time while watching the plagues and suffering the cruelty of Pharaoh.

Keep looking up! Our Savior is so close!




Of all I read from you, the best, the very best by far, are those words you said about your mom:”Her simple faith and absolute love for her Lord”. Brother, this IS what is all about: “Faith and love for the Lord”. This nonsense about theology, knowledge, interpretations and mumble jumble, is simply a way for the so called “experts” to confuse and misguide the brethren. My mom simple, genuine and true faith, got her through a very difficult life and at the end, she was so at peace, waiting for that wonderful bright light at the end of the tunnel, where she would see Our Precious Lord and Savior. She actually died with a smile on her face”.

Blessings brother.


Hi Jack,
I finally got a chance to read your entire email. Eschatology is no doubt
one of the most discussed subjects in the Christian church today. Many teach
one ‘catching away’, many teach multiple ‘catchings away’. It’s interesting
how it depends on two major issues. The ‘second coming’ and the ‘millennial
reign’. I am personally inclined to believe in a ‘pre-wrath’ catching away.
I did have a question about something else, regarding those saints who
were resurrected with the Lord and appeared to many in Jerusalem. Where in
scripture does it say that they ascended back to heaven with Jesus? Did they
not live out there lives just as Lazarus no doubt lived out his life after
Jesus raised him from the dead? The gospels witness the Lord’s ascension but
doesn’t mention theirs.

Sincerely in Christ,

Hi Steve. Great questions and ones that I have asked many times.
Obviously, the scriptures are silent as to the identity of these saints.
There is also no word on when they ascended into Heaven if they indeed were
“resurrected” in the likeness of Jesus and not Lazarus. However, I think
they were glorified and not just risen to die again like the others Jesus
raised from the dead before his death. For Paul, when writing about the
resurrections, clearly used the word “firstfruits” in the plural sense in 1
Corinthians 15:20. If it was just his body that was glorified why use the
plural. Also, Matthew said they “appeared” unto many after they “arose”
from the dead suggesting they had the same capabilities as Jesus when he
came and instantly disappeared before his disciples. This is how I see this
miracle and soon we who love our Lord Jesus will experience the same thing
whether we are alive or dead at his coming in the clouds. Your brother,


They believe Jesus is a follower, his helper to their the Islamic Messiah. I tell you there isn’t any words to describe how that makes Christians feel concerning this Blasphemous lie. We are indeed are watching and waiting for our Lord Jesus to come back and Rapture His Church at any time. Yet, God doesn’t want to see anyone go to Hades. It is within our ability to keep sowing seeds and bring the lost souls to the feet of Jesus until we meet Him in the sky. I have read this report just last week and it sent chills down my back. Just picturing in my mind the horrible things satan has in store for Gods Children. I am not fearful because I have Jesus in me forever. But, there are those that will go through terrible times here on earth who have not accepted the Savior into their hearts. Our work isn’t done and we must keep our eyes on the Savior as we go forth into a world.
Your’s In Christ,
Pastor Dianne


Hi from Israel Hi jack this is jack also in Israel . 30 years ago I accepted the Lord in Fla by a visitation
from Elohim in my apt one night watching a movie on T V called Jesus of Nazareth .As I watched a powerful depression came over me and I fell to the floor sobbing . I was 49 years old. Then Yahweh (Elohim) spoke to me and said this is my Son dying for you. What must I do I asked and the answer came to me.
Study my word. To make a long story short I did In a bible college in H’wood Fla. After 2 years I was ordained in my Lutheran church By the Evangelical Alliance Assoc. I worked as a chaplain in The Union rescue Mission in L.A. for 3 years.After noticing the indifference the churches I had associated with, both in Fla and California ,had towards the Jews and Israel , back in the early 80’s ,being a Jew I made Aliyah
to Israel and here I am for 20 years now. I was associated with a Lutheran church here as an Elder and played for some time the piano for the Shabbat services. After 10 years they had sent an Arab boy from Haifa to study and he was very bright and came back as the pastor for this church. After 2 years of this I had to resign as his disdain for Jews became very obvious. I guess you can see where I am going with this.
Lutherans are not great lovers of Jews.

Now finally I will say this That same Yeshua the Lamb of G-d is also The Lion of the tribe of Judah
No lamb could take up 5 stones throw them at Israel’s champion enemy and then cut His head off. Now John after the Trials of Our Lord wept about who could open the scrolls and an elder told John
Don’t weep Behold The Lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David . Not a priest but a warrior
Perplexing isn’t it. jack in Israel


I think all fundamentalists are mentally ill.



What do you think is really going on with all this. I know there is an apostasy happening. It is as if people have been Laud to sleep!

I know that in 34 years of knowing the Lord I have NEVER been through so much warfare over things that seem minor.

The Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force? WHY? Because our days are numbered to spread the Gospel. I think that the Islamic’s will be a real tool for Satan to bring about a major persecution against Christians. At first he will allow these fanatics to worship their god who is actuality Satan himself. Until he sets up his abomination in the temple-he will wipe out the new world religion. Causing all to worship him by receiving a mark on the right hand or forehand.

I sense something horrible is about to happen. Its funny, on the TV program “24” terrorists set off a nuclear bomb in LA. Well that’s not too far fetched and the government will be powerless to stop all them because it cannot be everywhere at the same time! And who knows who really is the enemy-maybe your closest friend or neighbor?

Satan is not all knowing like God, so how does he know about everyone on the earth? Through infiltration into every aspect of society. A fulfillment of Matthew 24:10. The church will be fleeing for its life not in a safe place like La Hayes Books portray. They will be a multitude that comes out of the tribulation with white robes.

Well I could go on and on! Something needs to happen to awake the True Church of Jesus Christ! before this thing happens and I don’t know for sure what, its going to turn everything upside down for everyone. Life as we have known it will drastically changed for what may seem the worse. But through the “Fire” many shall be cleansed!

Rev. Paul


Very provocative Mr. Hook.
Personally, I view the USA as the Lone Ranger at present. Oh we do have some so called allies like Great Britain(or do we) and Israel, but who else Mr. Hook that can make a difference? China(the not so sleeping giant) and Russia( the Red Death) are more treacherous than ever. As for the Middle East? Here’s one you will not agree with..use the atomic bomb. In my (not widely accepted) view, the ONLY way for the USA to prevail now is the use of thermonuclear weapons against Iran for starters. This would bring about an abrupt decisive victory,show our enemies we mean business, but more important would eliminate a threat that if continued to go unchecked will bring about certain death for our children and our children’s children. For those that doubt, I can still hear the sound of bodies crashing into the pavement on Sep. 11 2001 can you? In 1945 President Truman lamented over the use of the BOMB on Japan. Ultimately he decided to use the weapon because he realized what still holds true today.. the use of nuclear weapons in this instance will SAVE lives in the long run both ours an theirs. Also there can be no doubt they would do the same once the technology became available.

I must admit for some time now I have ‘felt’ something or some thing on the horizon. It has even begun to manifest itself in my dreams as if I needed another challenge in life. Wicked dreams about a shadowy event or character.. always just out of focus oddly enough always ending up in the same Carnival with this strange haunting carnival laugh coming from nowhere. I guess that’s why I take Wellbutrion these days.

But of course this, this is all academic. We won’t use the Bomb, Iran will grow stronger, our enemies will grow stronger, both from within and out, and many millions will die needlessly with one exception.. History may not have the opportunity to repeat itself this time. For if what I think is coming actually comes.. none of this will matter anyway.

Sincerely, JDD



I am an anti-Christ and I will challenge you as I do all Christians. Everything Christian, Jews, and Moslems believe is a lie. What makes me so dangerous to you is that I can prove it. If you can prove me wrong, I will go back to church, ask forgiveness for my sins, and worship Jesus for the rest of my life. I made this offer to Hank Haanegraaf, the Bible Answer Man. He fears me so much, to this day he refuses to respond to my challenge. Surely someone like you, filled with the Holy Spirit, would not be afraid of me?

Or are you like all other Christians? Will you violate the third commandment and bring your God’s name to naught by fearing to answer me? I suspect this to be the case. I have yet to meet a Christian who had the courage. None of the Christians I have challenged have any of the power you claim to have, but if you do, face me. Otherwise, crawl back in your church, preach to the choir, and continue to prove Carl Marx right.

For centuries you have murdered the Jews, Moslems, and anyone who did not believe in your God. Likewise, Moslems have murdered Christians, Jews, and anyone who did not believe in their God. Christians have even murdered each other over doctrinal disputes (Catholic v. Potestant ect.), as have Moslems (Shia v. Sunni) and Jews.The irony is that you all profess the same God! How Satan (if he existed) must laugh at you fools!

I will await your reply, but I won’t hold my breath. Either way you lose. Refuse to answer and expose yourself as a hypocrite and bring your God’s name to nothing, or challenge me and get a real education in Christianity.

Norris Banks


Mr. Hook,
May the Lord our God Bless you.
I was just reading your appeal to Hal lyndsey. Although i do agree with you on a lot of these issues, I would strongly suggest visiting an Orthodox Christian Church. Everyone one talks about Christianity through the Roman Catholic church. The original church as well as the original beliefs of the Early fathers are in the Orthodox Church. You read things, see interviews on T.V., it is all about the Roman Catholic Church(like they started it). The RC is the one that changed the Church Doctrine to suit their own wants and needs. This caused a chain effect. It has also caused the downfall of TRUE Christianity. The U.S. calls itself a Christian country but in fact it has followed false doctrine since the beginning. This of course was done to allow the MASS conversion to Satan(antichrist). I know the people of the RC believe they are Christians, but what other entity could persuade such a massive amount of people to follow them to the end. Look at how the RC forced people to believe thier beliefs. I hope you were able to go to my site and read at least “The vision’.


Dear Brother Hook,

My brother sent me the link to your web site. Please forgive me for getting your name wrong in my recent post to your guest book.
I noticed that you mentioned you were once an adherent to the “prosperity and healing” teaching early on in your experience.
Sickness and disease comes upon us through the fall of Adam and through our own negligence. Many medical experts agree that most of modern man’s disease is self inflicted. It is not the will of God that any should be sick or in sin. During Jesus’ three and a half year ministry, He healed ALL who believed on Him. He still does. I understand that death eventually comes for us all as it is appointed unto man once to die.
Praise be to God, death is but a crossing over to the other side to be forever in His presence.
What happened to turn you away from believing that God wanted His people to prosper and be in health even as their soul prospers? I am wondering if you did not understand the true nature of the blessing of Abraham and how it is to come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ. The purpose of a Christian’s prosperity is for the glory of God and for giving to help others! Children of The King should not be paupers.
It is true that our focus must be on Heaven, but that does not mean we are to reject what God has freely given to us. The two go hand-in-hand.
Many “preachers” in the 1950s and 60s attempted to preach “the prosperity message” without understanding what it was about. It is not about naming and claiming, but is about agreeing with God’s Word and living under the protection of the Almighty as we find in Psalm 91.
Faith in God and adherence to His Word is paramount.
In the love of Jesus,



“As for me and my house,we will serve the Lord” We will not bend our knee to Baal, Muhammad, Mahdi or any other “god”. I doubt there is any true Christian who would consider making peace in the fashion you described. All of what is happening now is prophesied and will come to pass. The radical Islamists only want us to surrender and be submissive to their interpretation of the Quran, which by the way is what ISLAM means = Submission. Never.


Brother Jack,

They called me: Country……1st Inf. Div. (Big Red One) Just a few lines to say keep up God’s work, I was in Vietnam May ‘ 68 thru Dec. ‘ 69. I know what you mean when you wonder why you survived when many you knew died. The experience of “someone taking your place” is one I still have dreams about, even after months of evaluation by “shrinks” for P.T.S.D. I even felt for years after coming from Vietnam that I was to spend eternity in Hell because of things I had done while in ‘Nam. But I found in Love of God all things are possible through Jesus Christ our Savior. I now know ALL things happen for a purpose as long as we take those experience’s and use them for the glory of God and to magnify and Lift Up the name of Jesus. I was saved by the grace of God on Sept. 18, 1975 and have walked holding my Saviors hand. In all things and all ways acknowledge him, on April 11, 1983 I professed the calling to preach Gods Word. I still have the dreams, but, because of Gods Word I have learned to cope with them through prayer. God bless you , my brother

In Gods love,
Rev. Melvin

God Bless you sir.