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Hi Jack, I have been reading your site and agree with most of it. I say
most because I haven’t read it all yet, and am still learning myself. I
would like to have the link to your friend’s site who was in the 25th
infantry in Saigon. My brother was in the 25th also. He was killed at
the air force base there on the first day of tet, 1-31-’68. Tans Nuit
(sp?) The airport in Saigon. He was in Troup B 3/4 cal. He was a
Christian, so your story and view on “just war” interests me very much.
I have dealt with this issue ever since I came to the Lord ( back from
when I was 9, and my brother was killed). I’d like to read your friend’s
story. No matter how I type it in I can’t get it. Can you send it by
link, or cut and paste, to me pls.? I’m on an old WebTV unit which may
be the prob.

Also, I am a new member of the Delusion Resistance. I was attacked by
the nephilim as ufo’s and e.t.’s for yrs. my condensed testimony is on
aaccoa. I know so much more, now that I have found others like me. I’m
willing now to be used however God sees fit. I found your site through
Jim Wilhelmson’s site, Echoes of Enoch. I’m learning alot from what God
has shown you and I’m reading on your site. It resonates with my spirit
as God has shown it to me also. That America is Babylon the Great. I
remember when God showed me this. I was crying and praying, and I asked
God why He was showing this to me. I was telling Him ( as if He didn’t
know ha) that I was poor, a woman, on disability, and no one would
listen to me. I heard Him say in a still small voice ( one I’d heard one
other time in my life), ” You’ll Pray” His voice is still and small, but
when I have heard it I knew it was Him. There is such a power from pure
love that comes with it. I was enveloped in that same peace He has given
me several times in my life. So, I was glad to find your site. God is
leading me to all the right places I believe. Keep up the good work, and
pls send me that link if you can. Thanks for sharing, Blessings In
Christ, Robin


Good morning Jack,
Thanks so much for you letter and introduction to the site.
I haven’t had time to read anything in depth, nor even to see all of you site (of course) but I think that I have seen enough to realize that we are very much on the same page.

As I was reading what I have read so far, my brain said; ‘How did this guy get into my mind and write down so many thing in just the way I see them?’

I’m looking forward to reading more, soon.

I was never a pacifist, but my draft number in the 1970? lottery, and I had no intention of going to Nam so I joined the AFROTC at BYU. I graduated in 1973, and was a 2LT in the USAF. When I got to my first assignment (post AF school), they were pulling the B52s off from Guam. I had successfully missed out on Viet Nam.

As for today, I mean this very day, November 1, 2007; we stand at the very threshold of the peace treaty hosted by Bush at Annapolis. So many ‘fundamentalist’ Christian teachers have said that the USA is not in the Book of Revelation. Then, there is the other side who say that the USA is Babylon the Great. I’m closer to the second side, but I believe that our system is the ‘image’ of Babylon the Great, which Babylon I believe is the invisible government headed by the generational super-rich families of European ancestry and American aristocracy. I believe it includes the leaders, not only of the ‘West’ but also the present leadership of Israel, the leadership of France, the leadership of Brittain and many others. These are working against ‘the apple of God’s eye’, the children of Israel in a coordinated effort to destroy them.

I love the picture on the front of your site showing the gift to the American Freemasons by the European Freemasons (aka statue of liberty) on the background of red America.

Gotta run.
I teach a Bible class at the local state pen, and today is registration for the next block of classes.

Hope to talk/e-mail more.


Are you crazy? Christianity is a facade, it’s fake. If there is anything that is the work of the devil, it is the whole concept of Christianity. You mean to tell me if I don’t live my life according to the bible and according to god then I’m going to burn in hell for all eternity? That is ridiculous. Do you really think jesus christ is alive? And he will take back all government control? Are you insane?


Jack, thanks for emailing me this page of information. For a long time, I have studied prophesy and all that it entails, and have met with alot of Christian resistence over the years from people who have very little knowledge, but alot of opinion! I believe that America is Babylon in scripture, and it makes many people furious to express that. I am going to do some more reading of your writing, but, from what I have read, I truly do agree with you on what you believe and write of. I’d like to sit and talk with you on these matters…but, I know you are probably not able to do that with being as tied up as you are with your ministry. Jack, I know you catch alot of flack from people, but you continue to expose the works of darkness, my friend. Anyone who does can expect to be ‘railed on’ for doing so, and that railing comes from people who actually know very little. God bless you my friend, and thanks again for sharing these things with me. Keep me on your mailing list, Jack. Jim


Like many of us that have tasted combat we have our own demons to deal with. Religion should be a personal thing and I appreciate you sharing however you need to move on and not look back.



Thanks for the email. Your writings are very intense and it is obvious that you have writing skills. I have very little writing skills but I am a Volunteer, I was in the navy during the Korean War, I joined on my 18th Birthday, went to Boot in San Diego, then to SONAR School still in San Diego, when once assigned to a Ship the USS Lofberg DD 759 which went straight to Korea and Task Force 77 of which we were also in Wonsan Harbor, I also am classified as disabled, wearing hearing aids for my GQ under the 5 inch 38ths. I loved the Navy and serving. Recently I have joined the Korean War Veterans Association, also had the privilege of traveling to South Korea in March of 2000. I am active in helping Veterans, during the 60’s I was active with Campus Crusade for Christ, I serve Christ serving Veterans. Below is a tag for my website which is secular as I still earn a living.


I’ve read most of your email………..you poor bastard……..you are still in childhood with belief.
I know……..it sounds nice and safe….but it’s a fairy story.

I read the bible in ’73 after my army service…..tried to be a “Christian”………but I went on to read much more and learn…… Religion (generally) is for children (the fearful and the ignorant)……..there’s too much we know now to just “believe”. Today it’s real, we “know” we don’t rely on a hopeful “belief”.

Look around………don’t try to be important (that’s the test)……….just be…….. love life and your part in it.

This planet owns us and if you want to believe in “god”, believe in gravity because that’s the only creative force in the universe.
Look…….and you might see……….as I have




Your reference to OUR Blessed Mother,and her Immaculate Conception, the hand picked Mother of the Holy Trinity is sacrilegous and Blasphemy. God have mercy on your soul.



Jesus is permitting his Heavenly Mother to appear in many apparition around the world to enable people to draw closer to his Divine Heart. She is the first chamber of His heart. Blessed Mother was the First Tabernacle because her womb held the Trinity. As we know where God is so are the three persons of the Trinity . She now weeps for all of mankind for the sins committed against her Son, the Lamb of God. Pray to her as she is the Co redemptrix for all of mankind as her role is to bring her children back to God before the chastisement. The prayer I love very much is “Jesus, Mary and Joseph pray for us”. Also “Mary Refuge of Holy Love Pray for us.”

God Bless,


Jack: Thanks for the nice, informative e-mail. Who do you find most interesting and informative on internet radio? After my Army time (parachute infantry), I finished out my military career as an USAF and ANG logistics officer. While I am not an advocate of war, I am not a pacifist. Evil exists, and given the opportunity, I would drive a wooden stake through its heart.Would you agree with my personal mission statement?
· Glorify God

· Protect the innocent

· Fight evil



Hi Jack ; Let me introduce myself; My name is bill rodriguez and me to was in viet nam with the 1st avn bde. 282nd assault helicopter co. as a door gunner all of 1970. My life wasnt that good after I came home , I suffer from ptsd and bad hearing, Im originaly from seminole texas thats west texas, I moved to east texas 2 years ago but I think Im moving back soon. Anyway, I enjoyed reading about you I like to be talked to about jesus and god, I enjoy listening about religion, I just wish I could break away from my bad habits. I have great respect for people that talk good about jesus and god. I hope that you will continue to talk to me about jesus and god and the events to come in this world that we live in, its scary at time and its going to get worst thats why Im moving back home where my mother and rest of family are at I have that feeling something bad is going to happen and I want to be back home so I dont have to move anymore, my kids are going to need me if something happens. I do think about god at times and I will admit I feel like crying sometimes when I feel his presence.I do give him thanks for bringing me home safe from nam on both tours.At the present time Ive got a preacher that come to visit me every friday morning we study the bible together he is teaching me how to read it and interpret it, how to find verses and chapters. I want to get in deeper but something wont let me I think I know who is holding me up I dont even want spell his name but you know who Im talking about. Pray for me that god will really come into my life and overcome all my weakneses.Well nice meeting you and I hope to hear from you soon take care and most of all; MAY GOD BLESS YOU.


this is my first time to read your web site, don’t ask me how I came to it , but it just popped up…
I was reading an email where a battalion was wiped out at Quang Tri. I lost my cousin in a battle there , was in 68 . he was a marine and his division reads like this c-company 1st batallion3rd marine 3rd marine division. Jerry was killed12-8-68 at Quang Tri, South vietnam.
reason was misadventure, possibly friendly fire.. his name is on panel37west-row068
I heard it was a horrible ordeal , called in fire power he was killed by schratnel, while in a fox hole.Was told he had his last rights, also told by his sister it took him 2 hours to die.–now how would she know this.
I have searched for over 8 years hoping to find someone who might have known him. his name was pfc Jerry Lynn Owens from Danville,arkansas. I found out he had been wounded twice before and refused to come home. he returned to his unit and killed the very same day.
I want answers, it’s like a festoring sore eating at me , as we were very close growing up.
thank you for your time—mrssprkplug

p.s–I enjoyed your message and would like very much to be able to read it on daily basices.


Thanks for writing. I am not going to be nearly as prolific as you.

I really enjoyed your page. I did sign the guest book. Lots of great stuff. I will link to it under “Prophecy Links”.

I am a retired Naval Reservist. My father was retired AF Reserve. My uncle was a Navy officer for about 6 years. My cousin is a career Navy officer.

I love the Navy, but I hate what it is being used for anymore. The purpose of our military is to defend our borders and our shores. THAT IS IT!!! Ron Paul is the only candidate who gets it.

I commend the current active duty military people for doing what so many people won’t do. While I am not a fan of a lot of what Cindy Sheehan has done, I will give her this: SHE MADE A SACRIFICE!!! I will give John Kerry one thing and one thing only: HE PUT HIMSELF IN HARM’S WAY FOR FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS.

That’s about all I have to say tonight.

Semper Fi, Anchors Aweigh and stay in touch!



I just wanted to let you know that I had a chance to explore your

I agree with some of what you believe, but not all. The main thing is
that we both want to be in God’s coming kingdom, and that we are seekers
of the truth. I am unable to listen to much of the MP3’s on my webtv.

I also had a good Christian mother. She didn’t have a lot of the truth,
but she loved God, and was a wonderful example to me, but I rebelled in
my youth and made a lot of terrible choices that I am paying for today.
She never gave up on me, and always prayed for me, and that is why I
believe I turned back to God in my darkest hour. Even then, I made more
bad choices that have caused me and my children a lot of grief. I was
close to God before she became ill with Alzheimer’s disease so she was
able to be proud of me for a while.

Please keep me in your prayers.



Dear Jack

The biggest Mistakes in life have from the beginning
of time been never looking at the big picture. You
cannot understand the new testament without first
knowing and understanding the old testament first.
Jesus during his stay here on earth preached a return
to the old testament religion and nothing else. The
New testament was written about 100 years after his
death and was thus second hand information at best.The
Children of Israel owe all their trials and
tribulations to their own freely made decisions of
choosing not to follow God’s instructions including
killing all the Amelekites as well as not killing all
of the people of Jericho: So they are fighting those
very same people today.
I am attaching a portion of a few chapters of my book
that I am close to finishing.
We can talk more then, if you wish.



Please keep your belief to yourself. Wars are based upon behavior such as


Hello Jack,

I give you a huge AMEN to what you have written me! We are living in the end times and there are so many people who are living with their so called heads in the sand, pretending that all of these bad times will eventually pass and some sort of false sense of “normal” will return the way it once was. One of the things that God tells us about the end times is that evil men shall wax worse and worse.

2 Timothy 3:13But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

That is one of the many prophesies that have come to pass. It s always so very refreshing to meet another child of God that is dedicated to serving God and doing all they can for His glory. I commend you for your wonderful efforts, and know that you too shall be blessed for them.

Day by day I see and experience things that are designed to break my spirit and faith, and I throw myself into my bible and get showered by God’s cleansing word that always lifts me back up. There is nothing like God’s truth to give you a good healthy spiritual pick me up!

I have a restaurant with my husband, and it too is dedicated to the Lord. We use it to share His word with others. He has definitely blessed us in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

I would like to ask if you would keep me and my husband and restaurant in your prayers. The one thing I will not tolerate there is bad language being used, and I have already dismissed 2 of my employees for that recently. Once again I am having to deal with yet another employee who decided that it was their turn to talk that way, and I am needing prayer for God’s guidance,direction and His timing in how to deal with it once again.

Thank you so much for writing me, and sharing your beautiful website with me. I will be book marking it so I can turn to is as I need that valued information which you so kindly provide. Take care, and thank you for your prayers and your kind words.

God bless you always.


Romans 10:9 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.


as i read what the holy ghost has revealed to you ,i know the same spirit has shown me many of the same things.my father was in korea,and was in some of the worst battles,my uncle also.cousin was in vietnan,nephew just back from iraq.i have the utmost honor for a soldier,but dont know if we should kill in the name of Jesus.when i talk to people about this i can see they dont understand what im saying.american politics is full of truth and lies,good and evil,but who do we really serve.i dont believe i can vote anymore,but i can pray.if i vote democrat i give my approved of killind unborn.if i vote republican i give my approval of murder for profit.some in church say Jesus said buy a sword.i say how many times did the apostles use the sword?thank you for putting this on the internet,it is a blessing.fear and survival can justify many actions.God bless you,and give you courage.

After fighting and being wounded in Nam I told the Lord that I would do his work. Rev. James.