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Thanks, Jack! I appreciated reading your perspective, which, though not identical to mine, certainly dovetails pretty well with it.



Dear Jd;
Your e-mail is lengthy, I SAY AMEN TO MOST OF WHAT I HAVE READ.
Read also, 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13. WE ARE INDEED LIVING IN “THE LAST DAYS”.
Read also Rev,22:12-21.


You wrote:

**Hi Anthony,

Thanks for responding. I was born and raised in the Reformed Church system but never told by its leaders that I needed to be born again by the Spirit of God. They taught infant baptism for salvation which is heresy. I rebelled against all religions as an atheist after the Vietnam War. A Jewish friend told me that God existed but yet he didn’t believe in Jesus as his wife did. Later the four of us became Born Again Christians. Please read the story on our website page “About the Author”.**

Interesting indeed. You are very right about the infant baptism. Acts 8:12 is a much better base.
I think we are all on the same page with you.
I will gladly send you my books, an attempt to be close to the Bible and the spirit.
I will look forward to the story of your recovery from atheism.

in hope,


In your opinion, when do you believe the Rapture of the Church will occur?

Before the seals are opened at Revelation 4 where the Church would mirror where John is “immediately in the spirit? Or, after the 6th seal at Revelation 7:9? My Hebrew/Greek KJV titles this chapter “The Congregation in Heaven”. This chapter describes multitudes in Heaven.

I’ve generally been a Pre-Tribulation Rapture believer,(Rev 4) but lately I’m beginning to think we are further along than I had thought.

What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards,

Hi Rebecca and Eric,

Thank you for the email and your honest comments concerning the timing of the rapture. As I understand these things, our Lord is coming before Daniel’s 70th Week to remove his born again followers from this earth. I think the way the pre-week rapture has been taught, as an escape mechanism from suffering and persecution, especially by the pampered prosperity and prophecy preachers in America, has been deceiving and disgraceful. However, just because some teach it with wrong motives does not make it false, so I plead with my friends to not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Our Lord commands his people to always be watching for him when he said…for in such an hour you think not the son of Man cometh, Matthew 24:44. This proves that he could come at any moment in the air to remove like a thief his precious jewels…those who have repented and thrown themselves before his bloody cross, and have loved him back and long for his coming! Your question of the rapture being in Revelation 7 which depicts the great Gentile harvest from the ministry of the two Jewish prophets and their 144,00 Jewish friends, doesn’t fit in my mind. The sixth seal is “written” prophecy on the scroll, as are the first five, which Jesus opens for all in Heaven to “come and see” what is going to happen on earth when the 70th Week commences. The written words of the sixth seal will be fulfilled on earth when the seventh angel pours out his vial in Revelation 16 and in chapter 19 when Jesus comes to fight the world’s armies gathered against him and his army (us) at Armageddon.

My dear post-tribulation friends who say that he could not come for 7 years after the Peace Covenant that starts the ball rolling, reverses what our Lord said in the passages about any hour of any day and in an hour you think not. For we know that when the Covenant is signed Jesus will step foot on this Earth 2520 days later. This shows me two obvious phases or “parts” like John said it, to the first resurrection of Revelation 20 and his second coming. John’s call to Heaven in Revelation 4 is the correct timing of the rapture, which is also when the seven churches just written about will be judged. The harlots remain and the bride departs with her groom.

As I said, those who become saints during the 70th Week as a result of the “latter rain” ministry of the Jewish prophets and the 144,000 other Jews (Israel is center-stage during the 70th week) will know what day he is coming. In other words, before the 70th Week, we don’t know when he is coming, but it could be any hour of any day. He also warns us to be always ready and don’t be as those who don’t “expect” him or as he says later….my Lord “delayeth” his coming, Matthew 24:48.

With great sadness I must tell you that the Great Harlot of Christendom, who will turn on Israel and the Jews, is fast asleep to the Lord’s bodily return. When he returns in the air to remove his “rejected and persecuted” remnant there will scant few who are ready…. those who are truly born from above and walking in his Spirit. The overwhelming masses in Christendom have never truly understood the meaning of his cross, they refuse to pick up their own when persecuted or rejected, and would rather pick up the swords of Babylon to fight its Islamic enemies.

Your new eternal friend and brother in our Lord Jesus Christ,


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. I agree with you.
And you are right that many who claim to be Christians are fast asleep or up to their eyeballs in apostasy. But the good news is, there is a remnant of the bride of Christ here in Mystery Babylon who knows what is coming and are watching and waiting.

I belong to a message board that has some of this remnant as members. We are prepared for hard times as led by the Spirit, but have hope and faith in the soon return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You’re welcome to lurk, join in, or just visit anytime.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me. I feel a little more secure in my understanding of scripture.

Kind Regards,
Your sister in Christ.


…..truly anointed web site bro….g.b.y…i needed a little time to digest it…there’s a whole lotta meat in there…but i throughly enjoyed the meal…thank u…& t.t.l. I’m blown away by ur “chronicles missive”…takin’ a step back i can now see where “endtimes babylon”…now completely & thoroughly controls,dominates & rules modern day babylon….it’s something i suspected for a while…..it’s devastating to realize how deceived the apostate church & the vast majority of the u.s. has become…may the lord have mercy….point of reference… i believe the “oracle of damascus” is directly upon us Is.17…& quite possibly leads to treaty…g.b.y.


I wish it were that simple that America were the biblical and prophetic Babylon.

But its not.

Mystery Babylon is just that, a mystery in that the vast majority do not see the real players behind world events…the NWO is real and has an agenda to prepare the world for the Anti-christ. They are behind current events, just as they have been for the last century or so.

They are also in the process of creating a new world church…which I believe will be the whore of Revelations.

But this organization is much bigger than America even though its been in control here for some time…their roots and headquarters are in Europe.

I won’t argue this with you sir, time is on my side and things will be revealed to those that watch.

I know these things because of more than several personal experiences.

I send this so that it will perhaps, be something that you can keep in the back of your mind as things unfold.

Viet Nam Vet (USMC) and Brother in Christ.


Dear Jack

Just a line to share with U my friend.The United States is going to end very soon as a country. A new one is going to take it’s place a common of people with great power (Canada,United States,&Mexico). Also Just in case you don’t know there are two religious leaders who are rulers as well(the Pope& the Queen of England).Both could could fit the bill of being the beast.There is another alliance that well be formed in the near future with Britain & part of the EU & this group that is of the beast’s army.

Yours in good faith



Thanks for standing on the wall and bugling the warning. If we fail to respond, it’s on our heads.



Jack, I truly feel that you’ve nailed down some facts that have long been over looked and I especially believe that this statement hit it squarely on the head. You said: “Jesus said that, and then showed John in the Revelation that Satan wore the “crowns” of political power over all seven Gentile kingdoms spoken of by the prophets of Israel. Isn’t that enough for you to decide? Rick Warren and the “Emerging Church” leaders have forgotten or have never known this fundamental truth”. It’s like the season we just went through (Christmas). If you look at the word {Santa} then shift the letters around you have {Satan}. He is truly the author of confusion and sits at the head of the powers of this world. I wonder if he is loosing control though, this world and this failing economy may be our Lord Jesus starting to take over the reigns from the old reprobate. Thank you for the insight you’ve posted and sent my way. Dave


Hi Jack,

I hope you had a great Christmas and that your new year will bring health and joy.

You make many claims about the world we live in about God and Christianity. You offer virtually nothing by way of evidence to support these extraordinary claims. Just what is your standard of evidence that you use to believe these things? If you were charged with a crime would your standard of evidence assure you of a fair trial? When you step onto an airplane would you be assured of your safe arrival based only on the uncorroborated assertions of a designer/builder who applied your standard? Would you submit to surgery to one who simply claimed to “know” how to perform the procedure?

You have no rational reason to claim to know God or his will. You have not one scintilla of evidence to support your religious views and would never accept such outrageous claims by anyone in any other field except religion. Why do you suspend reason in this one area? Why do you see your own willingness to accept this nonsense absent evidence (faith) as a virtue?

Do you not see the incredible disconnect between your wish thinking about your God story and the scrutiny you apply to every important decision you make in your life? Do you utterly fail to see the wickedness in claiming infants are born defective and frightening them with claims of eternal hell for being normal? Do you see no conflict between your view and rational thinking?



Jack we are in deep trouble, spiritually, financially, and in every arena.
Surely the Lord’s return is eminent. We are going to be held accountable for our children and all the babies we kill yearly


Dear Mr. Hook,

Very recently I came upon your audios on the Byteshow. I don’t even remember how I found it. But listening to you has been a breath of fresh air for me! I am finding more peace in our Lord Jesus Christ as I listen to you and contemplate Jesus’ teachings.

I especially like your article on ‘Reaction to Evil’. I totally agree. If we decide to fight against enemies, take up arms (because that is our right as U.S. Citizens), then we are no different than the rest of the world. We are not salt and light, but simply carnal creatures without the True Living God.

I tried to explain this to some people in a chat room that professed to be Christians. I sometimes like to just go into those rooms to see what they are talking about, usually I just listen and if it’s garbage I log out of it. But this time I put my mic on and told them what I felt and believed about how we should be reacting to this awful war in Israel and Gaza now, as well as how we should react to all of our enemies. I was very calm and quiet spoken as I explained it to them.

As soon as I ended with “just some food for thought for you all….”, the next person jumped in and called me all kinds of names, said that “don’t you know that Jesus turned over tables in the temple, blah, blah….you liberal idiot!” Well, that hurt. And I was dumbfounded to say the least. But rather than take the mic and respond, knowing that she would only keep an argument going, I just closed out the room immediately. I was not going to take the abuse and listen to her rantings. I would have liked to stay there and wait to see the reaction of the rest of the people, but in my flesh I knew I would get angry and so I left it alone.

Thank you brother for your words, your sharing and your commitment to our Lord and Savior.


Hi Jack,

You did not reply to my latest email, which, I assume means you don’t agree and you don’t want to be disagreeable. That’s OK, but for some reason, I feel driven to make my point again.

Here is my point. There really is a God. I am absolutely convinced of that, as are you. There really is a hell. We both agree.

The question is: When one of God’s creatures is sent to hell, Is the duration never, ever ending? Jack, I want to share with you, again, that the Bible is very clear, and there is very strong Scriptural proof that hell is temporal. It does end. Jack, there is very, very strong scholarship that supports what I am saying. I want to share some of that scholarship with you.

At the risk of being immodest, I want to tell you that I am not an intellectual lightweight. I have a measured IQ of over 180. I belonged to Mensa for many years, took their test and rated in the one out of 100,000 percentile. While in basic training in the army my test scores along with physical fitness scores were very high and I was offered, though I turned down, an appointment to the West Point prep school. I read the Bible daily and have read it more than 35 times. I have read and studied many of the great Christian intellectuals including Francis Schaeffer and Frederic Godet. I mention all of this only in the hope you might listen to me. When one correctly understands that God’s love is infinite and that His desire is to say all people, it sheds a completely different light on all of Scripture. What this means Jack, is that Jesus was 100% sucessful. And, you and I, who are members of a select small group of first fruits have been honored with the great task of helping complete His great plan.

I just want to make one more comment. The greatest war song (anti-war song, if you will) ever written, in my opinion, is “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda”. My Grandfather fought in WW1. He was an infantryman in the trenches and was gassed with mustard gas. He never talked for one moment about his experience, though we all knew how horrible it was. We did know his favorite song “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda.” I didn’t really appreciate the song, or at least I didn’t understand it untill I spent my year in Vietnam. I did not see heavy action, though I did get shot at several times and was involved in 17 acts of enemy hostility. A few around me were wounded and killed. I saw enough to know how much I hate war. I believe war on this earth is a taste of the real hell. I have read the Bible enough to know that God would not allowed any war, or hell, to go on for ever without ending. And again, my conclusions are not based soley on my emotions, I have studied this issue, at very great length, and am absolutely convinced that true scholarship completely supports my view.

Very sincerely,


Hi Randy,

You are correct when you say I don’t want to be disagreeable. I also recognize that you clearly are thinking through your positions on the interpretations of scripture that deal with the judgments of God upon unbelievers. My understanding of this most important issue or doctrine is simple; the Lake of Fire of Revelation 20:10 is a place of eternal, or as John put it, forever and ever, separation from God. As I understand what you are saying, it appears you believe that people who are in Hell for one-thousand years of the millennium are then released to join with the saints of the Kingdom of God. John also says this Lake is the final home of Satan and his fallen angels, so will they be restored as well as those people they have deceived?

I don’t think so, Randy, because Satan, and all those who have taken his mark from the Antichrist are beyond salvation. They will hate God forever, never desiring to be saved from the their sin nature which wants only to be as God. If after the millennium, God released Satan and his angelic and human followers from the Lake there would only be another rebellion against God and his teachings. This was shown to be the truth as John wrote that Satan will be released for a short time after the millennium not because he sought redemption, but to show mankind just how evil the fallen angels and the sin nature really are.

Thanks again my veteran brother and friend. Let’s continue to pray for each other and remember that we both possess the remnants of a sin nature that is very religious and can be extremely well educated as both of us seem to be. When the Lord washed away, by his blood, the sin nature in my heart and sent the Holy Spirit to indwell the new heart he created, he told me that my body and carnal mind are yet able to walk in disobedience and deception. As we grow in the knowledge of God and his teachings our old carnal minds are renewed by the Spirit of God that lives within us. When Jesus comes again at the end of this age in the resurrection, he will give us new bodies and minds that will, like our hearts, be free from the sin nature.

Your eternal friend,

Hi Jack,

I appreciate your explicit response. Many Christians refuse to consider the question, and can be dismissive. Your measured words show a high level of Christian maturity.

Is your mind made up? Do you want to continue this conversation? I do not want to take your time if you just have no interest in the matter.

All you said about the book of Revelation is on point, however none of those points should be considered conclusive. As you know, all Scripture must be reconciled. There are many passages that on the very surface strongly argue that Christ’s death will, eventually, save all mankind. Just one example:

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself. But He was saying this to indicate the kind of death by which He would die.” John 12:32-33 NAS

Those words of Jesus seem very clear and straightforward to me. They say that if Jesus is crucified on the cross, He will draw all men to Himself. All men will be drawn to Jesus. That seems to be a very clear statement. How can one take those words to mean other than all men will be saved by Jesus? Those words do not say “Some men from all tribes, or some men from all nations”. They say simply “all men”.

Again, this is only one verse, though a very powerful one. There are hundreds of other verses that say essentially the same thing. There have been books written by the greatest Christian scholars that explain this subject with the most powerful arguments possible.

Anyway, maybe none of this is interesting to you, and if so, I understand and will leave all this be. I have read your emails and web site and think of you as an intelligent and thoughtful Christian, and just wanted to share with you a bit about a great subject that means a great deal to me.

Best regards,


Dear Randy,

Yes, my mind is made up on this doctrine of Christ Jesus revealed to John in the Revelation. And the verse you referred to in John’s gospel only strengthens my case. Here’s how. When Jesus said he would be lifted up or crucified on the cross, thereby “drawing” all men unto himself, means that every human being must “decide” whether or not to repent and receive the forgiveness and mercy that God offered on the cross of his Son. To be drawn does not automatically mean the gift of salvation is complete. The whole purpose of the bloody cross was to bring or draw every man to a point of decision. We were all created in the image of God to live forever, and includes the ability to hear, think, understand, and then decide in this life, not after death, who you want to spend eternity with, Jesus or Satan. As Paul told the Romans, the Gentiles are without excuse for the very heavens reveal the truth of God and his teachings. It is that simple, my friend. The sin nature we were born with can be washed away by the pure blood of Jesus Christ, but each man must decide for himself.

Your eternal friend,


Sir I respect you service and am convinced that you are a brother in Christ. In your terms however, I am a militant. I do not hold to your philosophy or prophecy . I do understand your words, but in my way of thinking, sullied, I’m sure by the religious militants dating back to Augustine, I do not agree that they square with the Word.

Please remove me from your mailing list.
He is the adventure,

LTC (ret) Armored Cav


Hi Jack:

I just wondered how I got on your mailing list?

I am an avid supporter of veterans as my 23 year old brother is about to deploy for Iraq this month with the Army National Guard’s 112th Infantry 2nd Battalion 56th Stryker Brigade leaving out of PA. I am heading to Indiantown Gap tonight to be there to pick him up at 8 a.m. for Bravo Company’s family day tomorrow.

My Grandfather served in WW II, my 2 uncles & father were marines, my father was stationed in Okinawa during Vietnam, 1 was in Texas & 1 uncle was a sergeant major in the marines & served in Vietnam who passed away from cancer 4 years ago, my father also had cancer but he is 4 years cancer free. My uncle who served in Vietnam & later lost his platoon in the Bayrute bombing which led him to a life of alcoholism. Unfortunately, between the booze & having malaria made it impossible to treat his cancer. It really upsets me that any soldier feels guilt for doing their job for our country, my uncle hit his worst depression when he returned to the states & was spit on & called a “baby killer”.

When I return from the weekend, I will be sure to read your information in detail & share it with anyone I think will find it interesting.

Thank you for your service to our country!



Jack, You really need to get a life. Please remove me from your email list.


Dear Jack–

I totally respect your beliefs and point of view.

However, as a Jewish person, I do not now and will not ever believe that Jesus Christ was divine. To me, he was but a Jewish Rabbi, a human teacher of other men. And in Judaism we believe that all persons must atone for their own sins. No one else can do it for them. For sins against others, we can be absolved only by atoning to the harmed party. For sins against G-d, we seek His Forgiveness through Acts of Loving Kindness, called Mitzvot in Hebrew (Good Deeds).

There is a terrifying painting on the cover of Andy Bostom’s book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism, in which a 17-year-old Jewish girl is beheaded for refusing to leave her Jewish faith. This painting depicts an actual incident.

Like that girl, I must say “A Jew I was born and a Jew I will die.”

May the day come soon in which all human kind can live in peace and declare that Adonai is Melech Ha’Olam, King of the Universe.

Blessings on your head.

Best always–


You believe in god, you believe in anything
I believe in the Easterbunny,he does not tell me what to do.
Have a nice day


Jack, glad to get your mail, I have’nt had time to contribute to your web-site lately but I have been thinking about WHAT IF a lot lately. I can remember looking at my Marine Corps
Graduation Album with a guy I went to recruit training with in May 1969. This happened in the late 1970’s. We were amazed to find out how few of us remained in less than 10 years. Many of our comrades escaped dying on battle fields in Viet Nam to die in carwrecks, self-inflicted gunshot wounds, agent orange, drug overdoses, marital disputes, hunting accidents, accidental drowning, life imprisonment, electrocution, man you name it. I have no doubt in my mind, that if God were not watching out for me I would not be celebrating my 59th birthday this month. The only people who do not feel guilty about the things we did must surely have their conscience seared into one solid scartissue that only the blood of Jesus can penetrate. Remorse and repentance would only come to me when I discovered His goodness, His kindness, His forgiveness, His love. Semper Fi God loves the unlovable, He even loves Jarheads.
DW Forner SSgt of Marines