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In the political realm of mystery babylon, what do you think of Free Masonry, the patriarch of Democracy.  Mitt Romny is a Mormon directly linked to Free Masonry.  I believe most of the evangelical church is part of the Dominion theology and will embrace the anti-christ because he comes wrapped in a American Flag holding a “bible” as Upton Sinclaire wrote about christians.  Bush paved the way for Obama who I beleive to be a precursor to the anti-christ.  This nation is desperate for a economic saviour and will bow before anyone promising to give them what they believe is entitled to them.  Its not the leftests I fear its those who proclaim to be “conservative” christians.  Are you familiar with Mormon prophecy concerning the Presidency and how a Mormon will be elected, saving this nation from the brink of destruction and establish a utopian world.  Glenn Beck is their Mormon televangelist, watch how many “christians”  will flock to Romney within the next month or two.  The ensuing chaos from OWS and class warfare will create a desperate people for peace, saftey, and prosperity.  when the dollar collapses and banking holiday declared they will cry out for relief and the people will gladly take a microchip to purchase goods and services.  The Mayans may have had it correct, the end of civilization as we know it.  Jan


Dear Jack;

Why don’t you try reading “A Course in Miracles”.  It was channeled by Yeshua and then just go out and do some good in the world.  You should not be scaring anyone.  There is no hell, no judgment and there are plenty of wonderful, wonderful people out there that are doing a great amount of good in the world.

In the New Testament, Yeshua says not to fear God/dess, but to love them deeply.  When it is said we must be like little children to enter the Queendom of heaven (can’t be sexist now), we just have to realize we should be full of joy because God/dess always takes care of us.

It’s okay to want money and nice things, but we can’t take them seriously.

I can’t agree with you that everyone is selfish and greedy and nasty.  That’s simply not true and you know it.

You seem stuck.  Get out and HAVE SOME FUN.

take care and I wish you all the best to stop worrying so much.



Brother Jack,

Here are two Word documents that will seal it for those who are stubborn about the Pre Trib-Rapture….
The Tribulation is not for the Body of Christ because it is Israel’s turn to come back to the stage and settle with their destiny.
They need no one’s help but God’s just as Moses did at the Red Sea crossing….today and until the Rapture the Church is to be a midwife encouraging Israel to believe the Prophets and to see that Christ alone fulfills the role of Messiah.  Some will get saved now and but most won’t.

Your article was very good Jack!



you for sharing your wonderful experience of God Jack!!

I enjoyed reading this and seeing that NO ONE is incapable of the Lord getting ahold of!!

God bless you for sharing it

Giant Hugs,



Dear Jack,

The Hand of His Spirit does, in fact, still move amongst us…and it always will if we will remain Spiritually aware of His Presence.  I got up this morning very slowly and feeling a feeling I had not experienced for a very long time – “hung over!”  Thankfully, not as the result of those actions in years past that would have left me in such a stupor.  No, this was directly related to following “the doctor’s orders.”  The Rheumatologist at the Pensacola VA, off the record, had prescribed several “natural” nutrients that he felt might help me with some of my physical and mental challenges that I continue to face each day and night.  One, to help me stay asleep, is “Hops.”  Yes, like that used in the production of “beer” – always been a “scotch” man myself;-)

Well, Jack, as I sat on the throne regretting I had taken the “Hops,” I immediately reached out for my Friend’s Hand.  I must inject here, that the reason that I finally awoke from my “Hops” inflicted state of unconsciousness was because my hands were throbbing so badly.  As I know you know Jack, there is no other Hand in our universe that can touch a place of pain on our bodies and bring not only instant relief, but the feeling of simultaneous exhilaration throughout our bodies!!!  My Friend, of course, did just what He always does when I reach for Him – He enveloped me with His Love – The Love of His Father!!!  So, as you can surely appreciate Jack, the beginning of my day immediately went from “bad to Good!!!”

The “Good,” though, went so much farther (as it so often does) than my immediate physical and mental discomfort.  After asking my wife to arise to help me “walk” our two new “Westie” puppies on their first of the morning walk, I came in and sat down at my computer for my morning ritual of reading my “email.” 

Now Jack, I would ask that you not jump to conclusions as to what I’m about to say.  Somehow I got on someone’s email list that has put me in the middle of this RVN post war combat zone.  I injected my thoughts to one Veteran , Ralph Christopher.  He said he agreed with me for the most part and we discussed his dislike for circumstances that involve racial overtones to outright bigotry.  But as far as the “direct verbal combat” that all of these prognosticators want to engage in is something I can no longer do, both by choice and health requirements (PTSD).  It seems that so many have been moved to express their opinions and such via the written page (books).  I must confess, at one time I considered doing that as well.  But I was “moved” to put that project off and write a book that The Holy Spirit Encouraged me to proceed with.  But that’s another story for possibly another time.  I’ve flown my last combat mission (not that if called, I wouldn’t respond immediately).  However, this re-hash of feelings and beliefs that have not been resolved individually and internally is just not something that would serve His Purpose within my life at this time.

His “Purpose” up and until this very moment is three-fold: 1) hold onto His Hand and completely trust in His Will to be Done within me, our family and our friends lives on a “moment-to-moment” basis 2) keep His website www.BlessedBooks.com (BB.com) reflecting His Holy Spirit in every way that we are capable, both physically and (most importantly) Spiritually, of doing 3) and, finally but foremost, complete His Book, “Why God?”

So, yes, I’ve deleted so many of these dissertations of my Brothers re-fighting this war of attrition.  Our Brothers are departing this world after all of these years with the hate and hurt still fermenting within their hearts and souls!  I cry for them, both literally and Spiritually!!!  I am not able to engage in the back and forth that has no worldly answers either for each individual or collectively as well.  So, forgive me, Jack, I only scanned your email until I saw His Name mentioned.  Then being captured visually, I proceeded carefully until I saw your web address at the end of your piece.  Going to your site allowed me to “meet” you and discover the many similarities of our beliefs.  So, hence, this dissertation of my own.  So, I look forward to exploring your site and, if you are of a Spiritual “mind” to, please feel free to explore ours as well.  As I pointed out, the similarities of our “interpretations” are very close with small, but sometimes critically important, differences.  The Lord and you Willing, we can at some future time delve into the depths of Spirit He has Taken us both to.  It would be my sincerest honor to have that opportunity should it arise.  So until that time, I will continue, as I can, to explore and enjoy His Work through you via your website.  Given the opportunity, there are things I’ve seen already that I would love to ask you about involving some of the constructional and functional aspects of your site.

Jack, if you’ve stuck with me to this point, I sincerely express my “thanks.”  Further, let me say that I ask for His Blessings to be upon you and yours both now and in the future.  As well, I pray that His Desires will be expressed through and from within your life and will inspire and direct those amongst us still seeking His Forgiveness and His Eternal Love.  In this Inspiration, I further pray that each will see His Shepard and will understand and that only HE is The Way and The Light unto their feet that they should return unto His Fold forever!!!

Blessings always,



I am in total agreement with what you have said.  Thank you so much for sharing this with me.  God bless you.  Joe


The Lord showed me it is time to be “as” a goat and go out ahead of the sheep. The  Americanized version of Christianity is broke. A nation of 70-80 percent “Christians” has gotten us legalized abortion, outlawed prayer and Bibles in our schools, a plethora of nudity and violence, and homosexual marriage.

Many of the leaders do not stand on the word of the Lord in scripture, and lead the people astray. The corporate model is broken.

Come out of her my people, says the Lord.



Many of us have accepted the free gift of salvation that God offers through our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He chose me while I was very young and I believed.  It wasn’t until my thirties (and in deep doo-doo) that I asked him to be Lord of my life.  In total desperation, and at a quiet place at work, I said these words: “God help me!” Peace was instantly in my heart.  My mind could not fathom what He would do to me or for me, but I was 100% sure that He would work it out and I could then cease my worries.  No, my troubles weren’t over (yet) but He is faithful and just and will bring all things according to His plans and purposes.  What is incredible to me is that, up until that time, I’d been having nightmares and intruding daytime thoughts and sudden bursts of rage that scared the Hell out of me.  I realized three months later that those aspects of my PTSD were gone.  I believe He removed them from my life.

 You sent your message.  Some will not read it.  Some will read part of it.  Some will read it all.  You were obedient, now God has to bring others into the lives of our comrades-in-arms to plant further seeds and those whom He has chosen will respond to Him.  It is sad, but some will totally reject Him.  Still, it is their choice, not ours, not His.  His gift of life and free will to every living person is just that: a gift.  

Salvation is also a gift.  Some choose to unwrap it and others choose to ignore it.  Let’s keep praying that all will eventually turn to Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Blessings to you, my brother in Christ.

Semper fi,



Sorry, Jesus Christ is a christian fairytale. The return of Joshua was a matter of great concern to the earliest christians, the samaritans. They had high hopes that the samaritan prophet was the real return of their military commander, Joshua. Unfortunately for them Joshua/Jesus was beheaded on Mount Gerizim about year 33 M.T. along with many of his followers. Some of the survivors later on created the myth of his atoning death since they couldn´t accept their defeat by the romans.

The real “resurrected” Christ, James the Just, lived on ´til the beginnings of the sixities M.T. when he was accused of heresy by the high priests and stoned to death. Please stop sending me these religoulus messages,  the truth about this matter is getting spread even as I write this.


JACK…Don’t necessarily agree with you, bit I admire men with courage and passion.


The “rapture” is the Kingdom of Heaven coming to earth.  We will transfigure (see Revelation 12) and the fires of Revelation 18 will go forth to seal the nation’s soil of the Christian nation of the endtime.  Jesus prayed that we not be taken out of the world but be protected from the evil one.  The Lord’s prayer is that the Kingdom would come on earth as it is in Heaven.  This is by sanctification in truth in power wrought by God’s grace through revelation of Jesus inwardly.  

Even at the final return of Jesus Christ at the end of the 1000 years, we will meet Him in the air and land on earth so that the first creation will be destroyed and recreated.  The Kingdom of Heaven is coming to earth in stages.  It began on the Day of Pentecost at a new level.  Jesus said He would not leave us orphans, would return, send the Spirit.  That was Jesus returning on the Day of Pentecost by the Holy Spirit as saints were born-again in power.

Jesus is in my heart right now.  How can you say that He will not return by His Spirit in stages culminating in full manfiestation of His full return — by His Spirit for He is Spirit??

I don’t understand how you could “box that out”, personally.

We are to occupy til Jesus comes.

God bless.


Thank you Jack for the encouraging reply.

Yes indeed the time is short and our blessed Lord will very soon sound the trump of God and catch all the Saints away to be with Himself, looking forward to meeting you in the air if not before. And thanks for checking out our web page.

Drop in again soon and yes your on our mailing list to receive Newsletters as we make them available in the future.

The attachment is a ppt presentation I use when visiting folks who have been confused about how not rightly dividing the word of truth can lead to error and a slippery slide as many churches have closed the doors of their assemblies and their hearts as well, confusing the Gospel of the Kingdom with the Gospel of the Grace of God as delivered to the Apostle Paul in (1 Cor 15:3-4). Hope it’s a blessing to you.

Our”citizenship is in Heaven from which we eagerly wait for the
Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body that it
may be conformed to His glorious body…” (Php3:20-21)




Hello my brother in Christ ,

I’m one that believes the Lord’s rapture well come after 7 years of “Tribulation” for more information from me write me back. Time in the sprit is not the same as time in our time. Only the God the Father known’s the time our Lord told us. I do like the points you make.

May God Bless you and your Family

Your Brother



But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid unto them that are lost, in whom the God of this world hath blinded the minds of them that believe not . . .

Paul also writes of those who “receive not the love of the truth,” therefore God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie and perish.

There are many people in that category today, and the number is growing.

It is sad but true.



and the beat goes on………same battle different person I just encountered with the same message-she however would claim to be a Christian…another gospel has seeded and sprouted across our nation.  The fruit is becoming ripe and not much longer will you or me be tolerated.  Satan has set up the perfect reason to rid the world of us in their minds if we do not join the new gospel which is really an old one.  Frosty Wooldridge has been off for a long time, I admit having stopped reading his articles.  Thank you for attempting to persuade him with the true gospel of repentance in the hope of the risen Lord.  All religions/paths to salvation, except Biblical Christianity, seek self for redemption, even simple ‘religious activity’.  May God unveil the eyes deceived by these satanic influences. 
US Navy, but now of another kingdom entirely!