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Mormons, as you call us, belong to the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints.  We are Christians and study the same scriptures you quote.  The main difference between us an the “Saints” of the Catholic Church, is that we believe in one phrophet who, like the Pope, receives devine guidance. The only other difference is that we believe the Book of Mormon is the history of the world before the time of Christ’s birth, and that those records, in addition to the Bible, are what we study in Sunday School.  So unless you want to decide that Catholics are not Christians, because of the Pope and Saints, you need to realize that they hold the same beliefs under a different title.  You say Mormons thing they are Gods.  Could you please tell me where you found that source?
I don’t know what religion you practice if any, and I do not care, but I am a 7th generation Mormon and I do not appreciate your slander. 


Dear Sharon,

Thanks for responding.  I am pleading with you to reconsider your view that the Book of Mormon is also the word from God.  First of all, John the Baptist and the first Apostles did not appear unto Joseph as is claimed.  They are in Heaven (their spirit and souls) awaiting their resurrection when Jesus returns to raise their dead bodies from the ground. 

As for Mormon men thinking they can become gods, I am posting letters below from two of them who think they will become gods.  They are also receiving this letter.  One of them, Dale Hilton, a fellow veteran, is an elder in your church since 1969.  Perhaps you can talk to him, as his email address is included in our exchange. 

By the way, The Papacy is the office of the False Prophet and Beast of the Earth in Revelation 13,17-19.  He comes in the name of Jesus but not his teachings, just as does Joseph Smith.  As Paul warned in 2 Corinthians 11, men led by the false “angel of light” proclaim “another” Jesus, not the one described and revealed in the New Testament. 

Please know that I am writing this in a spirit of love and compassion, for after my days in Vietnam I became an atheist and cursed the name of all religions and gods.  Only a fool says in his heart “there is no God” and that was me for ten years.  After meeting the Lord Jesus Christ when I was born again by the Holy Spirit, he filled me with love and mercy for all men no matter how deep their sin or delusion.

Your friend,


Thank you for your reply. What I have always understood is that the men in the priesthood will become God-like in the resurection, but then women in the church do not attend those meetings.  As for myself, Mormonism is as much a culture as it is a religion.  Perhaps that is because my ancestors were early pioneers, having left New York with Joseph Smith, and traveled with Brigham Young all the way to Salt Lake City before being sent out to colonize the West.  Sometimes I think there is a great similarity between the trials of Jewish people, and those of the early members of the LDS church. It is obvious that you have spent a lot of time contemplating religion and the teachings of the Bible, and that is far more importrant than what building you enter on Sunday.
When I was escorting tourists all over the world for over 30 years, I had to know enough about a lot of religions to explain the cultures and customs, particularly someplace like India which has so many.
While I have never been in a war, I can certainly understand how they must effect men and women who have served.  Vietnam, like Afghanistan is made more difficult because it is impossible to tell the good guys from the bad, and losing friends is terrible. For many years after I lost my husband to Parkinson’s disease, I felt guilty to be alive, but I finally accepted it was God’s plan, and not for me to be able to understand, except that I know he is no longer suffering, as he did for over 20 years. I don’t know if it is worse to die suddenly, or to know you are dying and not be able to do anything to change the timeline.  Personally, I hope I die quickly.
I do have one small advantage right now, because I have been to Pakistan and Afghanistan many times, escorting American tourists many years ago.  We visited what I now know wereTaliban villages where they were making weapons, using pipes for gunbarrels.  I knew that once we began looking in the Kyber Pass region for Bin Laden that we were in trouble, because of the terrain and the tribespeople who really consider themselves no part of either country.  Now, when I have tried to contact friends in Pakistan, the mail is just returned, so I am sure many of my friends  there have perished.
As I have travelled all over the world for many years, I learned that other people do not see world events as America does.  And if all politicians went down on Titanic II with no survivors, people would live in peace all over the world.  There is nothing to be gained by ideological wars. You cannot force people to be free, or to believe in democratic forms of government.
I am glad that you eventually found the Lord, because no man is an island.  Unfortunately every Christian church believes that they have the exclusive right to God, and his Son.  And I don’t see that changing.

Be well my friend.



Very interesting. So many are still asleep and don’t realize what time it is.I spent several years of my young life 16-19 yrs old being a Mormon. Thank God my Grandmother taught me the true gospel. I was fighting with the bishop from day one. Mormons believe in the last days the church will take over the united states government because it will fall apart and become corrupt. I want to scream out to Christians voters but Obama has his own dark agenda too. I stop being involved with the election process when I realized it was all just a double headed snake. Love you always Jack and carol!! 


Bloodshed in His Name? by Rick Frueh…..Most right on thing I have read in a long, long time!  Thanks.  JP


Thanks Jack. Though I believe in collectivism, patriotism and nationalism are certainly used as tools to blind, divide and conquer us.


As a Fmr Paratrooper ( Now Retired Army ) with a Grandson in the 14th CAV in Afghanistan, I am no Fan of Endless,

Wars with ILL DEFINED Missions.  I have had Many Friends Lost in the Service to our Nation.

However, I am Also Not a Pacfist who sees NO Rationale for Self Defense, Personal or National.  Paul said a Man who

Does Not provide for His Family is Worse than an Infidel.

I am Guessing that “Provide” Extends to Providing for my Family’s Security & Safety.  I Have a Catholic Ex-Marine Combat

Vet whose Parish Priest has Told him he Must Not even Defend his Family from Assault by Criminal Thugs.

I Don’t Know when this Doctrine of Utter Pacifism Crept into Christian Belief.  But it Plays RIGHT Into the Hands of Evil

People who would Love to see the America  People Enslaved by our Enemies.

Jesus HAD to Sacrifice Himself to Pay for Our Sins.  Nothing WE Do can Ever Match That.  I Don’t Read Anywhere in The

New Testament where We have to Roll Over and NOT Resist Evil Perpetrated Upon Us.

My Question is That what You Believe the Bible Teaches?


So blessed by your message—-all is so true—Things are getting so bad with this world and I can really see the Bible being fulfilled every day—I do look forward to that wonderful day when our Lord and Savior will take His children home—What a day that will be—-In Christ—Harlene


Hello Jack

Simply put…Thank you!  I appreciate your (God’s) Timing in all of your emails!

It is more than apparent we are so close to meeting our King!

Can’t wait to meet you…




Thanks, Jack.  Good thoughts indeed. I wish that Saudi Arabia and Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood would come to the same conclusions. The “flames” in the MIddle East today are not against the “West” but just a continuation of the centuries old conflict between Arabic Tribes as to who will be “top dog” in Islam. In the meanwhile, the Saudi’s and the Iranians are spending their oil profit monies like mad in an effort to make the United States of America (and other nations as well) just another part of the old Islamic “idea” that things will never be “right” until the whole world is under the thumb of Islam. Be well and enjoy life.  Thank you for the article.  Nelson


I have never been in Military but  preacher for my whole life. I love people who take time to read and write some good things of the Kingdom of God. If you got my name and address either though e-mail or facebook please continue to communicate with me. Thank you and God be with You. Bishop and Mrs Simeon Obayo. For now I am in USA visiting friends and some churches in Tallahassee, Florida.


Hallo Jack Hook,

I hope you is remembe of me. Thank you of send the email of me. I is agre of al thing you is say. 



The persecution of Bible believers in the U.S. will escalate to imprisonment and then to death. The coming persecution of the lethargic, complacent and sleeping congregation of the Lord, will serve as a wake up call like none other. A blessing in disguise.



It is the Jews that are the problem, Captain Hook


Mr. Hook, 

Please drop me from your list. I am not questioning your motives or your sincerity, but you appear to be a “late date” interpreter of Revelation. From that starting point you can only go wrong. Revelation is a true prophecy, but it was composed before the Roman destruction of the second Temple and deals primarily with that event – now long passed. 



Hi Brother Jack,

According to the Bible, should we vote for a king/president?  Isn’t that of this world?  Jesus said not to concern ourselves with the politics of this world because the whole world was a great deception.  He said that when we are “born again” or “re-generated”, he has translated us away from the land of the lie, i.e., this world, and we would never again be a part of this world, physically speaking.  Isn’t this a proper way of looking at God’s Manual for Christians? 

I haven’t voted for more than 20 years, and don’t miss it.  Jesus said we would be in the world but not to participate in the things of the world.   What are your thoughts about this, and isn’t it kind of wasting time to participate in Political activities?

Your friend in Christ Jesus’ Service,



Dear Jack
Greetings to you in the name of Jesus today how are you doing? Thank you for responding to my questions. We are looking for the return of Christ until that time we have to work for the Lord while we can to reach out to the lost at all cost.
God bless you love in Christ


Jack, Presidents of the United States have had a wide spectrum of religions beginning with George Washington.  Very little of our past history has emphasised that we as a country were influenced by their beliefs. As a country we are trending toward socialism and far removed from the vision of our founding fathers.  It is a worry.