March 2014 Comments

Dear Bro Jack,

Greetings to you!

Wow, what an article that very related to the Bible Prophecy in Revelation. I will pass it to others. Blessings to you, my Brother.



Dear Brother Jack,

Thank you so much for your encouraging email. I continue in the work of the Lord as He called me to do. I am not swaying to the right nor the left, and there are people who hate me for this. Nevertheless it gives me great joy to be able to do the Father’s will. All I write is through my personal experiences with the Father, His word and His guidance. I am not perfect, but I am firm in God’s truth.

I have gone through many trials, physical and emotional pain, sometimes felt like Daniel in the lions’ den​, but God always was present and sent angels to undergird me. What a privilege to walk with God and do His work. I don’t need to stand for large crowds to impress them with my “appearance”, but rejoice to be hidden from the human eye, seeing the unseen.

God is good, AMEN! So nice to know you and your teachings on the last days. Let us hang on to God’s truth, no matter what. If we meet scoffers, pleasers, or true worshippers, we know God is keeping us for Himself. His reward is with Him. AMEN!

In His love,

Sister Trudy


Thanks for your letter my friend, I think I am experiencing a real spiritual re awakening for some reason over the last few months and have a renewed thirst for the word and truth. I welcome any discussion and pointers as from The Lord. I will give your letter and website my attention.

Peace be with you.




Where do you stupid f……. idiots come up with this s….  Get a job and a life and leave normal people alone.  Not everyone is a bible thumper.  There is no God and the bible is a work of fiction ass….. 


Hello Jack

Yes I am a veteran. I served in the Army as an Infantry officer and as an aviator  from 1966 to 1991 when I was medically retired 

I served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam from Jan 1969 to Jan 1970; then in Thailand from Jan 1970 to Dec 1970  flying rescue missions into North Vietnam,  Laos and one into Cambodia. 

I medically evacuated well over 2,000 people.



Hi Jack,

I certainly can’t call that out if I see you on a plane lol…I’d be shot!…thanks for the email..a lot to get through but I will read it all

A few things happening in the Heavens with the massive debris… meteors and asteroids from Comet Ison about to rain down across America and the Middle East from the 26th through to mid January

The Psalm 83 confederacy is all set up to attack Israel…Obama is the betrayer mentioned in Isaiah who sets the trap for Israel…he is working WITH Iran and as seen here now working with Israel’s enemy the Hezbollah


G’day Jack

Thanks for your very interesing article.

Personally I can’t fully figure at this time who mystery Babylon is,

where the Antichrist comes from, the extent of his rule, what the

Antichrist’s nationality is, and so on. I have examined in depth all

theories on these matters and all have merit. There are simply

prophecies I believe that will only be understood upon their fulfilment.

But I do enjoy pondering these matters and respect those that take the

time to delve further into them, such as your self.

God bless



Dear Jack Hook,

Thank you for your email and website.  It is so long that I can’t adequately respond.  However, so much of it seems to go way beyond what the Bible says.  That is, much seems in more detail than what is in the Bible.  The specific items may be correct, but I can’t fully accept them without a clear Biblical teaching on each point.

Can you comment on my website, where I have tried to link each item on multiple specific Bible references?

Warmly, Ronald E Wales


Take me off your email list. Your crap is nothing but a bunch of theobabble!


I am an atheist so please do not send me email of a religious nature. I served in the military for over 21 years.
Thank you