May 2002 Comments

Haman of the story of Esther was a gentile and a type of antichrist as was Antiochus from the story of Hanukah (a gentile and a type of antichrist) I agree…the antichrist will not be Jewish; it is possible however that the 144,ooo will be made up of men and women who haven’t been seduced by the materialistic system you mention…I prefer the word Tenach…Old Testament makes the book sound obsolete; which it’s not.
Hi, this president who will be the anti-christ in America is not President Bush! Do you agree? God bless, Di
Yes, brother, Satan works wonderfully through you.

Greetings! I received your email this a.m. @ work and was very blessed and in agreement with your letter. I believe you probably sent it to me by mistake as I do not think I have written to you before. I do believe we are in the last days and I am so excited about seeing my Savior, for Him to take care of me for all eternity….I can’t wait to sit at His Throne and worship Him forever…..we need to pray daily (all through the day) for Israel and the world for hearts to soften, and all minds to open up to the plan of salvation…..time is very, very short…..I can hear the trumpet in the distance….come quickly, Lord Jesus! Thank you for writing! Shalom and blessings!
OhhhhhhNooooooo I’m scared. Guess I’ll keep on loving children of GOD until I die. GOD IS LOVE YOU FREAK!!!!

Thank you for your article which was eye opening.May God bless you, Please send me more article on this subject i would like to pray more for the people of Israel especially at this time. Some christians in my town know its important to pray for the Jews, but i
feel we do not do it.
God bless you
Yes amen only I just know Bush is a good man and God has him in there. He loves him it would be ashame if he ended up being that one. But prophecy must march on. Perhaps it is to soon. I do know that this pope is blind and old and sick, a decieved ignorant old man. The next one though has been prophesied to be very evil and probably will be the false prophet
Please do not send me any more of this trash. George W Bush is a Christian and he loves the Lord Jesus Christ. America is not the enemy. Israel is not the enemy. Satan and radical Islam are the enemy

As a Jewish, Believer in Jesus the Messiah, and the desendent of one of the great prophets, Samuel, I must say from what I saw of your letter, you are aware of a lot more then most believers, that being that the Anti-Christ will be an American President, and the false Prophet will be the Pope, I believe the next one, for each.

The Anti- Christ will however, settles the war of Ezekiel 38:, and he must be Jewish. Israel will never accept a Gentile Messiah, and Jesus prophcied that He came in His Fahters name, Yahsewah, translated, Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer, SON of God. and me, (Refering to Himself, Jesus) you won’t recieve, but another will come in his own name, (Meaning the version of Savior, Redeemer, Deliverer which doesn’t refer to Father God) and him you will recieve.


Dear Jack, Was so pleased to get your article Israel Weeps for Tammuz.
I love reading articles on prophecy in these end times. I read your testimony and your statement of faith. Isn’t God wonderful. You know, I have wondered as I have lived my Christian life (8 years) in good times, having joy and peace how I would respond to God if trouble came. I hope I will be like your mother. I study the Word and feel as if I have no fear of death but—would I trust the Lord Jesus and rest in Him? (I have a Christian friend who has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer this past week) I guess I am trying to put myself in her shoes. As we get older we begin to reflect. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart and am in awe for His precious liberty that only He can provide. I am looking forward to reading your articles and getting correspondence from your ministry. In the love of Jesus, Donna
Hi Jack,
First before I forget, where did you find my screen address? I nearly deleted your mail because I did not recognize your screen name but the subject line encouraged me to take a chance and open your mail. I’m glad I did, I think.
Thank you for your article “Israel Weeps for Tammuz.” I agree with what you’ve written almost 100% and would only take exception with your statement concerning “the last American President” referring to Bush, if I understand that correctly.
Just this morning at the weekly prayer meeting, at breakfast we talked about the first sin of mankind, coveting, which is strongly rebuked throughout God’s word.
Most Christians don’t seem to have much understanding of coveting perhaps because it is presented in such a limited way by pastors.
I have good Christian friends who don’t recognize that their need to present themselves, their homes and everything in an unscale way has resulted in their practicing, on a daily basis, the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. As a result they have thoroughly taught their children and grandchildren to covet. And they are all maxed out on credit cards, wondering how to pay their real estate taxes.
The American culture literally thrives because it teaches one and all to covet continuously

Hi Jack,

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus, Could you please pray for a friend of us? He is 82 years old and a Christian. His daughter is an alcoholic and not saved (yet). His granddaughter lives with a guy without being married. She is pregnant for about 8 weeks now and the relationship with the guy is not okay. Please pray that both will find Jesus in time!! The grandpa is so worried about them at his age!!

Please Jack, continue your newsletters!! We learn so much from it!

Also my friends in the States are very happy with the newsletters I send them. Keep up the good work!

Loving greetings, Conja

I have questioned the concept of patriotism and obedience to Jesus Christ myself. A question that gives people pause is, would Paul have supported or become actively involved in the American Revolution had he been alive in 1776? I doubt it

I read your little treatise with great disgust and apprehension. The
United States of America majority have thier unshakable faith built in
the bedrock of the Lord God Jehovah. You have twisted and warped all
that this great country, founded on the premise that all are entitled to
religious freedom, stands for, especialy in these greatly troubled
times. I fully realize that you are too blind-sided to see the error of
your ways, but I was so put-off by your evil and lieing
misinterpretations, I felt an almost uncontrolable urge to vent. I weep
for my Jewish brothers and sisters, and give them my unconditional love
and support, for I am related to them not only through blood, but by my
very humanity, something which you seem to be in very dire peril of
losing. I am not free to judge you, but I do fear you.
God Bless America, and all our kindred spirits who believe in the
brotherhood of mankind, and the blessedness of our imortal souls.

I saw and read your web page with much sadness. Even though I beleive
that we are near the end I beleive that you have the facts some what
There are supposed to be 3 prophets not 2.
The great whore is man made religion not a man, such as President Bush.
The Bible fortells of false prophets and evil men, perhaps you are one
of them…..
All you are doing is spreading false doctrine and confusing those who do
not read the Bible.
Peace will not come in our lifetime, we are imperfect people and thus
unable to procure a perfect peace, with out assistance. Only the Lord
God Almighty can help us. And now more then ever we need him. On my
mothers sainted head I do forgive you, but to your judgement I leave to
Almighty God.
Truth is what mankind needs, not another false prophet.
May God helps us all,
Guess we disagree. Israel+USA are One. I am not up to debate. I am very weary. Death of 2 friends has been difficult for me to indure. My only comfort is knowing they are with the Lord. I have heard others say Pres. Bush anti-Christ, etc. He can’t be for the anti-christ wears head covering. Gives u a hint where a.c. comes out of. Good night.


I don’t know who you are or how you got my e-mail address, but thank-you. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior over a year ago. God lead my husband and me to an awesome church that truly showed us how to get right and live right for God. We learned that all the myths about religion being false and just a crutch were just that…myths. It tears me up inside to know that some of my friends and family are not going to heaven. No matter what I say or how much my life has changed they choose to remain in the dark. I see their lives fall apart and no hope in their eyes and I know the worse is yet to come. This world is an absolute train wreck and it’s getting worse in satan’s hands. I am grateful beyond words that God sent his only son so that all who believe can have hope. I am angered by the many churches and public television programs that lead people astray in the name of God, yet seem to be concentrating on money. I’m sick and tired of hearing God’s precious words twisted to serve some selfish purpose. I disagree that the false-savior will be the American President, but I am confident that I will not be mislead. I respect the President, but I do not and never will worship him. I worship the one true God and only God. The man that finally brings peace to the conflict in Israel cannot be trusted. The Bible says that we will not know the time of Jesus’ return…people will be going about there business as if nothing was going to happen. That describes our present, past and future. All we can do now is spread the good news of the gospels and continue to pray for our nations, our leaders, and our community. God bless you.

Sincerely, Jennifer
I don’t believe the president is the antichrist. I think that is very insulting especially since he said a few years ago after someone asked him something like, who was the most important person in his life and he said, “Christ, because He changed my heart.” As far as the pope goes, he is so ill, I haven’t heard that the pope’s been helping him. I know that the president and the prime minister of England had been talking about how to deal with Israel. This is what I think of all of this: since America is fighting a war against terrorism, we have no right to tell Israel to not fight against terrorism either because that is a double standard. I say, let Israel fight terrorism just like America is doing. They are following our good example of not letting terrorists reign supreme. I think sometimes in order to have peace in this world, you have to fight for it with weapons to subdue the bad because it is obvious that negotiations are not working for Israel and Palestine YET. We’ll just have to see what happens. In the meantime, keep driving out the terrorists! Sincerely, Daidra
Mr. Hook;

Just a personal note regarding the above on-line book. After an extensive search for essentially the answer to “where are we”? & “what is really going on here”? — This research was done with a special request of God for His guidance and assistance to understand. During this process I encountered your website. I’ve read the above titled book three times and find it to be a sound presentation of the incredibly sober and serious topic it covers. Incidentally, either you’ve been editing the material or else my understanding is improving each time I re-read it.
It certainly appears that American society has within it the ingredients to head the Beast — just remove [via the Rapture] it’s best elements and what is left is a concentration of the elements to fulfill its role in the last hour. Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde come to mind.
Your presentation has certainly given me something to think about — [understatement].
My sincere thanks for your efforts.

Hi! Thank-you for your testimony.The TRUTH that you spoke that-THE HEALTH & WEALTH GOSPEL IS A PERVERSION OF THE TRUTH. THANK-YOU! ROSE
Amen to this letter, you are one of rare find that sees through the
veils. God has truly blessed you with insight and wisdom.
Are you in ministry anywhere? I am sorry I don’t recall your name or
anything and though unaware of how you obtained m e-mail address, I am
thankful. If you have a website or information I would appreciate if you
could email me with it.
May God bless you and yours,
I DON”T know how or where you got my address. I DO NOT know you, nor do I appreciate preaching on MY PERSONAL computer. DO NOT ever send me your idea of how I should worship my God. THAT is none of your business!

Dear Jack,
Thank you for forwarding this article. I have read it carefully, and I have also read most of the statements on your web site.

There is no question but that we are living in the last days. There is a lot which I do not know yet about the book of Revelation, and I’m not certain that God will reveal every small detail of interpretation to anyone. However, it is obvious that you have invested a great deal of time and effort into your study.

As you stated, there is a tremendous amount of deception in the world today. Those whom you call “the health and wealth gang” have led many to believe that all should go well in the life of a Christian if he only has the faith to believe God. Most of those beliefs seem to be shallow attempts at establishing an emotional religion which does not require true repentance and a change of heart and life which comes with salvation. It seems that they forget that Jesus told people to “go and sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon thee.”

Recently God healed a longtime friend of mine from cancer. Her doctor had told her this past December that her body was full of tumors from her head to her toes. Yet a CT scan taken about March 1 showed no evidence of any disease activity in her body! What impressed me most when I called out of state to discuss this with her was her total humility in telling me what God had done for her “because my work here on earth is not finished.” There was absolutely no hint of any “Look-what-God-did-for-ME” attitude……just a sense of wonder and awe that God had answered prayer in her behalf and a strong sense of responsibility to use her remaining time on earth wisely. I am happy to accept this as an example of true divine healing “because her work is not yet finished.” She did not pray just for her own benefit. She has two young adopted sons to raise, and she has other Christian work to do.

I’m not certain where you may have seen my name and email address, but I appreciate your thinking of me.

In Him,
Hello Mr Hook,
I really enjoyed your testimony also and your website. I will forward
this to some of my friends. It indeed is tie that someone stand up and
tell the truth and stop the cereal box sugar coated and watered down
May God bless you and Carolyn:-)

Dear Jack, I am quite happy with my Judaism, and am not interested in reading your material. I wish you well, but request that you remove me from your email list. Thanks very much. Sincerely, Matt

the political situation has nothing to do with jesus christ or god. it is
the fabric of mortal man trapped in confusion.

we are truly weeping for the people of Israel we love them.GOD bless you.

Dear Brother in Christ, since I keep a lot of stuff on my e mail or in folders when I find such as this one so interesting and as I share with old and new friends, I again found this such a great letter. Hope all is well with you and yours, And yes, I wholeheartedly agree, we live in such a wicked nation, every bit as much pagan as any other pagan nation God’s Holy Word speaks of . in Jesus Name I pray for the slumbering church to awaken and take a stand, they are absolutely oblivious to what is happening all around them, just living in their own safe little cocoon, and going into the safe little church houses for a nice safe litte message, pot luck, entertainment and all that seems to be the going thing of the average church of today. Gotta be politically correct of course.

Dajal (anti-christ) will come to try to destroy the muslims, but issa (jesus) will return to save the muslims. Thus the jews will hide but be killed for turning on god. God is eternal, god is great, god is not a man so he cannot have children. If that is his son, what are we? are we than all his children, if so why is he considered the Son? are we rejects that dont deserve to be designated his sons and daughters? How can you kow the truth if your book has been changed soo many times? Allah Huekbar! god is great!


You’re absolutely insane. It’s this sort of nonsense that got us in the situation we are now dealing with. I’m blocking your e-mails and all the rest of you religious zeolots that somehow think that a book that was written by men a certain historical context, thousands of years ago, somehow has some bearing on the today’s violence.
I have no idea who you are or why on Earth you are
sending me what I consider to be Christian propaganda.
Let me jus tell you I have heard it all….all the
Bible stuff all my life and I am not impressed. I was
raised in a Wiccan household and I have faith in my
beliefs. It seems most Christians don’t have as
strong of faith. Especially if there are sending this
kind of thing to a Wiccan. The world will eventually
destroy itself. That’s just the way things work.
There is a beginning a middle and an end to
everything. I have no wories about my soul or
anything else. When I leave this physical world
(again) i will simple be born into another body. I am
at peace with myself and my life…..ARE YOU?????

Blessed be

Mr. Jack Hook

Never ever send us email’s like these, and never ever send email’s like these to any jew in the world, never ever send to this email adress any email’s whatsoever.

From the first until the last word it is full of “apikorsus” (heretic) it denies the laws and prophecies of Israel, whether the Written Law or Oral Law!

I remain with the hope never to see such contents in the future!

You’re prophetically on target, Jack. I only say amen and agree that our dear own USA is the economic Babylon of Revelation 18. Our only point of disagreement (small) is my belief that the War of Gog & Magog will precede the peace treaty signing and launch the Great Tribulation. I’m attaching an article I did on that, FYI–shalom in Christ’s love, David
Dear Bro. Hook:
Babylon the great is falling, is falling…I hope you also know that President Bush is planning to usher in The New World Order…He and his illuminati pals. (Should be called the New Centurians, as it will rival the Roman Empire.) Rome is winning this game. Catholic hospitals, social service agencies, Jesuit schools, and their “Christian” Bookstores are popping up all over, intergrated with government agencies. Soon, we will all be enslaved to Romanism and the apostate Christian churches will think this is one grand revival. (The Great Falling Away) Already “Christian” churches preach New Age theology, implement Rock music and other forms of Worldliness. America is falling, is falling.
The prophesies of beloved Daniel are now before us. America should tremble as she has failed to place her faith in Jesus the Messiah and in keeping the holy laws of God. (Calvinism). May the Lord have mercy. Praise to His Holy Name, King of the Universe, YEHOSHUA!
In His Service,
Dear Mr Hook
Very interesting. Having studied classical (i.e. Greco-Roman) life and culture, including history, as well as Latin, I have noted a parallel between the Roman empire and America that goes beyond the international communications network/Roman roads and the pax romana/pax americana. Rome began by persecuting Christians, then it became ‘Christian’ then this synchretistic religion filled the world with a false ‘Christ’ and persecuted the true Christians. Truly there is nothing new under the sun. We can learn much from history if we interpret it according to the Word of God.
Very good Jack.
We have an anti-Christ political system that is bringing in the New World
Order very quickly and all of the other countries are being controlled by
the globalists who are ruling our economy. If people do not know about the One World Government, then they don’t want to know because it is all over the internet. You don’t have to go to the library anymore. The internet is a library.


I wholeheartedly agree with all you have written. Few are willing to see.


Jack, you really need to take some medication, or else go get a proper
education on the Bible at a University, instead of one of those backwoods
mickey mouse institutes.
This is a load of rubbish Jack..don’t send me any more of this trash. The largest Christian Nations on earth are America and Europe. They are under attack from the Devil himself. Mohammed is THE False Prophet and Islam is teeming with Antichrists..wake up brother..you have got it all upside down….Love in Christ Jesus for His return….Elijah

— Jack Hook wrote: > Showdown at Babylon > > The entire world now knows… Hi, Jack. Whatever happened to 2 wrongs don’t make a right? I think it is hypocritical to go kill them for killing some of ours. Plus I think it’s hypocritical for the president and his team to be against how Israel is dealing with the Palestines, yet we can go kill our terrorists? Hello? Our leadership is not Christlike, and they play games. Since it is wrong for Israel to do what they are doing, then it’s wrong for what the U.S is doing. I will stand for life, not killing.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. Communication and technology is allowing the little guy to explore these systems and realize the deception of their workings. It isn’t difficult to see that democracy has been hiding under the veil of good, or the that the banks have a strangle hold. “In God We Trust” on the American dollar bill must surely insult Jehova if I dare to presume. The need people have to fill the void of their spirituality is being betrayed and scattered. Indeed, what you say is of merrit for serious thought.
Thank you again for sharing. Regards, Jane
Sorry its has been so long for me to reply to your fine sermonettes. I am in agreement with at least 90% of what you have written. I am glad to receive any edification from a brother in Christ. I hope that feedback from others you’ve sent these messages to has been reasonably positive.

The President has been acting a bit too predictably in regard to Israel. When he confronts the cameras and, in effect, demands that Israel withdraw from Palestinian “territory” even while Israel is trying to defend itself, sounds dangerous to me. Hasn’t he read Genesis 12? Either he is (1) ignorant of Scripture pertaining to Israel especially in these last days; (2) getting some incredibly bad advice from his advisers from Colin Powell on down, or (3) he knows what he’s doing and is just another One World instrument in use to bring Israel down (which will also bring America down), and lead us into Papa Bush’s 1990 proclamation of a new world order.

He made a remark on radio the other day, after the Powell mission failed, which says volumes. In it he made a comment to the effect of a future “Palestinian state” alongside a future “state of Israel.” Apparently, the politician in him leaves him totally ignorant of the future God has promised Israel.

The President and the New World Order crown haven’t counted on one thing, however, and that is the overwhelming support Israel has received from born-again Christians of many denominations worldwide. The salt hasn’t completely lost its savor and the light of the world has not yet gone out.

We needn’t fear any of these things. Jesus told us to watch and pray always so we could escape the things which are coming to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

I don’t doubt your Christianity brother, but I do question your conjectures. Eveyone has an opinion and you are entitled to yours, but I only see it causing division and a withdrawal of Christians from the political process which is based upon “we the people”. We endured eight years of Bill Clinton because of well meaning (I suppose) Christians speading a rumor that President Bushs father was bringing in a “new world order”. I can’t say that an American president will not be the anti-christ, but I don’t think anyone can say they will be either. Whatever or whoever the world’s great power has been at any time in history since the book of Revelation was written has been prophesied as being the anti-christ. If you say God has shown you, alI I can say is, you had better be sure.
I must inform you that America is not Babylon.If you pay close attention to the book of Daniel,you will see that the EU is the seat of the antichrist.The Roman empire ,in the form of the ten toes has begun to arise.The EU is anti-Israel.The EU wants America to back away and let them control what goes on in the Middle east.America will decline in power over the next few years.The stage is set.the Beast of revelation is alive and about to enter the world scene,seated in power from Rome

The Lord revealed to me nearly 25 years ago that America is the Babylon the Great in Rev. No other country in the World fits the description, and certainly not Iraq. The confusion that is promoted by the prophecy gurus is a part of what God is doing as well. II Thes. 2 God tells of sending strong dillusions because people do not love Truth. The relevence of a face of between old Babylon and New Babylon to me is inmaterial. Other than like you say New Babylon will be the Victor and the prophecy gurus will appear to be right. which is part of the dillusion. God Bless Richard


Now thats an intersting perspective. I’ve come to view the Prophecies against Babylon as duel prophecies, one meaning is against Babylon the system, while the same verses are also against the literal Babylon the country.

The first time I heard of Saddam makeing the comment that he was the “Modern day” Nebuchadnezzar, I felt the Lord say to that what he needed was a Daniel. If you’ll remember, when Nebuchadnezzar finally met the Great I AM, it was because of his true friend, the little Jewish guy who made sure the kingdom was there for Nebuchadnezzar when he regained his sanity. This prompeted Nebuchadnezzar to write the best personal testamony in all of God’s word, and because of that testamony, I know, when we get to glory, Nebuchadnezzar will be there, because that’s what leads to Salvation. As a Jewish Christian, and the desendant of one of the Prophets, I pray for the day when Israel’s eyes are finally opened, but I also know the hell they’ll go through first, at the hand of the American Jewish President. Nobody seems to understand, but that’s how it’ll be. What Israel is enduring now will only be a small token, compared to what the Anti- Christ will do to them, They’ll think he’s their savior, but he’s only Satan in disguise.


Sorry Jack, I think you’re way off base on this one! WAY OFF! I’ve been saved a long long time and can’t tell you how many times I’ve read articles by people trying to equate current events a national crisis’ with endtime events. The Scripture is very clear-let it speak for itself.

Thank you for your email.
Your message is a strong one and I agree.
I am prepared for the coming of Jesus.
Praise his name.
God Bless,



Dear Jack, Such knowledge you have. I find your writings filled with the excellency that only God can give to any human being. I added Showdown at Babylon to your Love of Christ web page. Your writings are first-class, Jack. Jettie

I doubt you were ever in the military, Jack. You sure don’t know what a patriot is, nor are you biblically literate. But worst of all, you pass yourself on as being someone with understanding from the Holy Spirit, and a teacher of our Father’s Word. I counted 24 biblically incorrect statements that you made below. They are not minor mistakes. Just keep on misleading people, Jack. I pray that I get you in the Millennium, assuming that you make it that far.

Dear Brother Jack, I am sincerely praying for all nations of people. There is so many things that are distracting the children of God’s attention now. There is a new wave of housebuilding that is amazing, marriages abound, and people are caught with a passion for more and more stuff. People looked gazed eyed and weary because of the rat race. Yes, indeed the Lord is coming back soon. I thank God for the wonderful reminder, “keep your heart with all dilligence” My brother be blessed! Susan
Your email is thought provoking and probably very accurate.
Mr. Hook, please remove me from your listserv. I am a born again believer and wish you no harm, but I believe you are mentally ill. I also believe it is quite evil and sick to suggest that President Bush will be the King of Babylon. Your rhetoric will do great harm if you continue in it.
Please do not respond. I will trust you to honor my wishes.
Thank you.

Do not send any more of your propaganda, I do not believe in Heaven or Hell!Samuel

Dear Jack, I have for many years considered the U.S. whom I love and will die for, to also be the Great Whore. The description in Revelation about the whore, the city burning reminds me of a terrorist or nuclear attack in New York City……..There are believers in this Sodom, but will God remove them before the great judgement? I believe so, just as he did with Noah and Lot. But God have mercy on our country, may many more come to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!! God bless you


Yeah baby boy, I like the way you think! Ya know, truly all people who love
and serve GOD ALMIGHTY have the truth written on their souls. I find little
comfort in words or any religion. In fact most christians are soooooooo
screwed up in the way they treat each other and understand the way, the
light and the truth that I become more isolated each day. And the most GODLY
man I’ve met so far is a SHIA MOSLEM. That really freaked me out. But he
told me that if I was to study ISLAM I would be as disappointed in the way
the moslems applied those teachings as I am with the enlighten so called
christians. I don’t believe in religion anymore than I believe in this idol
society of money, greed and child porn loving sic sucks. I may be insane
though because I am in love with a beautiful pure man who died on a cross a
long time ago. I guess none can compare with GOD ALMIGHTY and that’s
probably why no GOD fearing man on the face of the earth will stand by my
side. Soooooo I’m just a JESUS FREAK who longs for SOLOMAN’S chariots to
come for me and take me and my children home. Maybe a new time will come in
my lifetime, maybe not, only GOD knows for sure. GOD bless you my brother.
Always go with GOD.


Thank you Jack. Your insight is right on in my opinion. May our God continue to bless you.

Do NOT send me religious crap again. First of all, I don’t believe it and second it’s just plain stupid.
Dear Mr. Hook,
Understanding that you are a Christian and literally believe in what is written in the New Testament, I think I understand your “motivation” to write the article “Showdown at Babylon”. However, since I do not know you and did not solicit any mail from you, it disturbs me that you have sent this to my email address AND… because I am a Jew and in no way believe a word of what you are writing. At this time of serious violent circumstances in Israel, I find your fantasy theory distasteful and downright ridiculous. No man – and I really don’t think our God, would come up with such a crazy idea.

Take me off of your mailing list. You are just another man who is trying to interpret the scriptures in such a way that it satisfies his addiction to excitement.

It was a long letter!! God and Allah, has got to wake up. Things are bad in
the holy land and people deserve a better life there. If we live long enough
we will find out weather Jesus returnes, or if it was an ancient bluff.
Greetings from Anders