May 2005 Comments

Hi Jack,
I am spending all of my time preparing for the return of Jesus as to be ready and waiting. I did get to read your “About the Author section earlier today. I just finished reading latest article. I was enlightening. I was not offended by anything in the contents pertaining to America, my heart is not harden to the point where I would hate a person for speaking their opinion concerning this country.I feel like everything spoken concerning America is true. I just can’t believe that there is actually someone in the world take is as hopeful as you. I would like to keep in touch with you as I feel you are very positive and unsparing with the truth. Because the truth is for my good. I want be as the people were in the days of Noah. Please keep me in your prayers and I will do the same on your behalf. My desire is to be obedient to Gods commandments. Sometimes I really just want to pick myself up and go far far away. But the thoughts of survival scarys me. That’s were you would put your trust in God. Which is something I also have to learn. Know that I am determined to be perfect through Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. It is certainly wonderful the way you allow access to your work for free, people today are charging to have Gods (suposedly) truth revealed but it’s not really his truth, if it were, it wouldn’t be for sell. I will write you often.

May Jesus be with you always and you with him.
Yes, I will see you in heaven, by Gods love and grace and by my faith and obedience I will see you there.


peace upon you

thank you for your email.
just wanted to tell you one thing my freind. One can never change to
darkness after he saw light… islam is our light. i hope someday you will
be able to see this light….. and remove the cover off your eyes… try to
read the qur’an.. try to change your source of information,,, try to read
and explore more about islam from those who love islam.

Mr. Hook,

I read your latest two articles and found them interesting. I have to confess that my eyes kinda fuzzed over a couple of times. I have considered that America is Babylon the Great but I think that the real Babylon the Great is the merchant culture that has effectively gained control of the world.

I am not talking about Capitalism. I am talking about Commerce and Trade on a global scale. Merchantilism is and always has been the greatest threat to humankind. Coupled with Global Politics it can be deadly. Look at the Oil For Food Program during the sanctions on Iraq. France and the UN along with other countries and individuals were making major profits.

As long as people value money, power and property or posessions people will be in danger of becomeing subjugated by evil. Even with men of faith in charge of entire countries there is still no way to check the steady progress that is being made in the enslavement of the soul to vice.

Islam is a self-proclaimed Anti-Christian religion. I don’t have it memorized but there are anti-christian and anti-semitic inscriptions on The Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. I find that interesting when Jesus proclaimed that HE was The Rock.

America has elements of Babylon The Great within her. So do most other countries. To blame America for the Industrial culture that is becoming a Global Reality is short-sighted. Merchantilism goes back way beyond the foundations of this country. Even farther back than Europe. The fact is, Merchantilism was founded in Mesopotamia, in Sumaria and Persia and in Egypt.

It was the Arab Idolators that started the international trade market that eventually made it’s way west. Europeans jsut improved upon it.

Mecca is the site of a sacred rock. It’s enshrined within a big cubic tent. This site, prior to the foundation of Islam, was a pagan worshipping site for Arab Tribal Traders and Merchants. Many Shia-Muslims have a word for these people and I think it’s Yazeeds.

You can go to www.shianews.com to find out more. I have posted a few letters to the editor there. you may find one or two still available for viewing.

I would suggest to you that you do a keyword search to find info about The Revelation of George Washington at Valley Forge. At least I think it was Valley Forge. He was given a vision regarding the wars that our country was to face in it’s future. Our last war is when Many angry men from all over the world come from the sea and the air to set our cities aflame. I do not know if it means that some of our cities will be destroyed or if it simply means that there will be alot of trouble in some form or another.

He was told that America would pull through this hardest of tests by embracing faith in God.

Well, I wish you well.


Well, I have a much LARGER view of God……….God is the God of the UNIVERSE….other worlds and planets we know not of………….He is the GOD OF ALL CULTURES here on this one tiny little planet in HIS universe……He is larger than we can even imagine in our little brains…………The Bible is all things to all people………….some of the scriptures and words of Jesus can be found in the words and works of Buddha, The Koran and The Torra……….excuse my spelling……….God loves ALL people and ALL cultures……..that is what makes up this world of ours……….he is not just for one little group of people……….Jesus taught us that but we are too stupid to see………..and Jesus knew that and loved us in spite of our weaknesses, stupidity, and self serving attitudes……….”Forgive them for they know not what they do” and we still don’t get it………….any extremist group is to be feared……..even and especially the Christians…………and I am glad that where I go when I die is not up to any Christian or Muslim……….or any man or woman………but in the hands of my Maker and the Creator of this world and all the universe……….I don’t believe any one has all the answers and the Bible is always open to interpretation………..don’t try to convince but instead show others by the way you live and love each other…………….Governments get in the way of people being people……..we all have the same wants and needs……….we want and need to be understood, loved, and the extremists want us all to believe the same way……we were not created to be all alike in our beliefs……..God has it all worked out……….leave that part to HIM and live by the example we were taught……..the example of Jesus Christ and you will not feel the need to love only people that believe like you and hate others from other cultures…………understanding and loving other people is what we are called to do………..not kill if they don’t convert…………or Jesus would have killed us all…………….this is my belief and I am fearful of any radical extremist……….enjoy your life and don’t try to play God………….or think or speak for God……….THAT NEVER WORKS……….when you say I don’t worship Allah…….that is “straining at knats and swallowing camels”………God knows the hearts of all people…………you don’t………..quit trying to interpret the Bible and start really living for Jesus…………..

Hi Jack;
I read about the author! I never Judge the way you believe as long as it is the word! I believe the first two commanment’s are the greatest! That we should love and help our neigbor and love God with all our heart’s!
I think all thing’s come together for those who love God! We were put here to help and love one another!
I don’t see to must of that in todays Church! If we don’t understand something, we should ask God who gives us wisdom and understanding! I believe there are some rough days ahead for us who believe in a living God! As Peter ask our Lord,” were else can we go
and to who to find Eternal Life”? Jesus is our Lord and Savior though him we give glory to our Father in Heaven! Jesus heals people to bring glory to God the father. Not all are healed, nor was my sister who loved the lord! I believe God will give us just what we need, if we trust and Obey!!! If we are in doubt we should ask God, he will let us know in his time!!

Love in Christ Jesus

Do you have a newsletter that you send out when you write something new? If so, I would like to be put on it. Your writings are a blessing to me and I would like to read everything you write on these subjects. Thank you very much. I need more knowledge on the subjects you are writing about and have really reading everything so far.

Dear Jack: I have just visited your wesite and I want you to know that I have added it to my favorites so that I can go back and study more. End time prophecies are not discussed very much in the pulpits today. I must admit that of all the churches I have attended in my life, very few have ever discussed the book of Revelation. Most of the christians today cannot understand the meaning of this. It seems to be in secret code to many.I am looking forward to reading your articles. Your testimony also was very much a blessing to me. I too was raised up around alcohol, sex and drugs and I took this into my relationships and needless to say they have failed. I could never seperate sex from alcohol.They went together like a hand to a glove. God’s Word does say that we gain Wisdom through His Word and life’s experiences. It is only by God’s Grace I am alive to speak to you today. God has given me the precious gift’s of writing and singing. I have many poems, short sermons, and Inspirational nuggets on my website. Please feel free you and your wife to visit it anytime. I just want to share Jesus with the world one heart and soul at a time. I am also a singer songwriter. God has blessed me with a beautiful wife who works so hard at this dream and vision. We are making our own cd’s right now at home on our computer. I would like for you and your wife to remember us in your prayers as we will also do for you.God gives us all different gift’s but we only serve One Lord, One Faith, One God and Father who is above ALL. I am looking forward to hearing from you. May The Holy Spirit open up the eyes of my understanding so that I might know the Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth In Jesus Name. May God richly bless you in all that you do, but mostly may all that you do richly bless God.

Your Friend In Christ


Thank you Jack for taking the time to respond so quickly. In my walk with the Lord, I am learning more and more what the Lord meant went He said do not believe in every wind of doctrine for some have snuck in. It is an absolute that I do not quench the Spirit lest I get snared. These are truly the last days without a doubt. The only scriptures that I have read concerning civil authorities is to pray for them. I do not believe that God’s people should get mixed up in the affairs of this world. Yes we are to render respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due. I owe no man anything but love. Jesus Christ the Lord my God is the only one to whom Glory, Honor, Dominion and Might is due. He said in His Word: My Glory will I not give to another man, nor My Praise to graven images.We are in this world but not of this world thanks be unto God. I really am looking forward to further conversations with you concerning God’s Truth. May God Keep You and Your Family Under The Shadow Of His Wings My Brother. God Bless!

Thank you for sending me you’re e-mail. I didn’t care for you’re view on Rev. Billy Graham. I believe he is a very humble person. Please do not send me any more e-mails. Thank you.


I read your article, and was moved by your last statement regarding your perceived “plunge into the deep end”. I just wanted you to know that I think you’re a very insightful and courageous believer. I think you’re absolutely right on target. You echo many of the truths I’ve independently come to, and do so very eloquently. The truth can’t be ignored for too much longer. I just hope that more come to know the truth before it’s too late. Your efforts are well worth it and much appreciated.

Blessings in Christ,

Dear Jack Hook

I looked at your sight for a brief sec, wondering what you were talking
about, and then i realized your sight was basically about hardcore bible
stuff that everytime i look at makes me feel ill. I’m sorry that what i
wrote suddenly made you want to e-mail me and just like every church group
and christian you tackled it by “get her to read some of my articles and
then maybe she’ll look at things a little differently”. I understand that
you would be concerned for anyone who in your mind has walked away from God,
but all I have done is created a new perspective about my previous
fundamental beliefs. For me this has been a growing experience towards being
open-minded, the way i used to be before i became involved in the church and
hardcore christianity. I understand that part of being a Christian means
you have hope for a life after death, but my hope is now bigger, i hope not
just for myself to go to heaven but for everyone to be in heaven, not just
christians. Telling people oh your wrong about your beliefs, is Biblically
wrong, i don’t know the Bible verse but it’s something like “thou shalt not
judge, or be judged”. I knew who i was before i found christ, but i lost who
i was when i became a christian, my new pursuit is to find myself again.
Jesus taught wonderful things about love that i will always keep in my
heart. Please don’t send me another e-mail because i would rather form my
own beliefs, not have other people try to make me believe theirs. Sorry if
this e-mail has offened you, but i want to tell the truth.

Jack Hook,
I Have been reading most of your opinions, and comments, and the remark that jumped out at me, was your stattment of A triune godhead of three gods in one. Jehovah has left no doubt, that he is one God, And according to his own word, he will not share his glory with another. This includes Jesus who is the son of God. Also the holy spirit is the power of God, That he uses to accomplish his purpose. It is not my wish to be A stumbling block, as I am sure that you are trying to serve your God, as I am. Also you give many sceniros to how all this will be accomplished. When Zerubable was told to remove the fouled clothing from Joshua. He was speaking of the establishment of Gods kingdom. The prophet ask: how will this be accomplished? Jehvoah answered: Not by military might, or force of arms, but by my spirit. Also in the book of Amos: Jehovah says he will not do A thing until he has reaveled his confidenitial matter to his servant the prophets. Jesus said that not even he knows the time table, but God has reserved the time and manner for him self. I am certain that the time for God to act is near from the evidence. It is my hope that you will continue to search for God, and pray dilegently for Gods spirit to reavel his truth. his will.
May you prosper in your search for truth.

Thanks anyway Jack. I feel organized religion is the 3rd biggest scam every placed on the public next to the republican and democratic parties. I am a spiritual person but not a big believer of the Bible..Koran or anything else interpreted by so called SAVED individuals. But you have a good life. As you sould know it doesnt matter what we think..We live in a plutocracy and nothing will ever change.

Your question:
Have the Jewish leaders been bewitched and bedazzled by the promises of
peace and security from the White House?

My Answer:
There is no true security that can be offered from the white house to any
place on this earth including and especially here. 9/11 proved how faulty
,lazy and weak we are.

You wrote:

The Declaration of Independence clearly lays out these principles as the God
given right to…. life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Some of you
are beginning to get angry at me for even suggesting that the founding
document of America is the wine that is making the Earth drunk and mad.
Please listen to what I am saying. For these three principles are loaded
with potential meaning and interpretation. And if the basic meaning of these
words are not defined by the light of God’s word, they will certainly be
distorted by Satan and his followers.

I AGREE. Pursuit of happiness. Dangerous 3 words.

And yes people will give new meaning or their own meaning of happiness as
one that is not related at all to the Bible or of being born again to serve
Christ our Lord. Something I see everyday and no one understands the joy
and peace that are in my heart always. But the Lord knows this and that’s
what matters.

You Wrote: This golden cup of psychobabble wine is flowing out like a
mighty river upon all nations.

Home run, Mr. Hook. That sums up much of the problems in this world today.
The discussion forum I attend already says this. We talk about this often.

As for the rest of the article and praying for the enemies I will give you
my testimony.

I had problems after 9/11 with praying for the enemy. I went to church and
God knew my heart. I went to that church with anger and voiced it. Since
9/11, I have voiced it maybe three or four more times how I felt and that I
couldn’t pray for them. Mr. Hook, Jesus has softened my heart and I do pray
and feel for them. I dig deeper into the Scriptures and the Scriptures melt
into my heart so that I can be a better servant to Jesus Christ. I want them
to know my faith is true. I want them to know I hold no anger, only hope
Is for them to know also. My hope and all of my trust is in Jesus Christ.

You ‘re not that far off in anything you have said . We won’t really know
if all is completely right in what you say for that is all for the Lord to
know. He knows our next and last breath.

All in all, this is a good read and food for thought. It should be an eye
opener and if some have expressed a disagreement with what is written that
is OK. Just know and smile inside that you have grabbed attention and made
them think. All that is written here is certainly well grounded and worth

Blessings in His Name,

Dear Sir,
Thank you for a lot of things: for having shared the tragedy of the senseless Vietnam engagement, for going on the Veterans Web Sites and for your support of the people of Israel.
I am neither a christian nor a jew and only perfunctorily acquainted with the Scriptures, however your final analysis recoups much of mine.
Why are there so many “dissenters” in this country – and in Europe I might add – and so little in the way of results?
Thank you again,

Hi Jack,

thank you for your email. I did check out your web site, but I’m agnostic and tend to shy away from religion in any way shape or form.

Wish you well.
Kind regards

Hi Jack, read your atrticles. Pretty interesting stuff. I’ve signed so many Vietnam websites so I’ve forgotten where you saw mine. Curious as to which one you read that I commented on.
I’ve made contact with many Nam vets on the internet and made some new friends. Perhaps you can tell me where and when you were at in the Nam.
Also I’m not clear on bible prophecies etc since even so many Christians debate what is supposed to be included in the bible and what is not.
Also the Founding fathers were more Deist than tradintional Christians, that is , beleiving in God and mentioning him several times in several offical documents but as far as I know Jesus or Christ is not on anything offical.
Anyway, write again sometime and we’ll chat. Always nice to make a new internet friend.

Greetings Jack Hook *smile*……
Thank you so much for your ‘Veteran’s Invitation’……I read with much interest your various articles…there are a very few small things that we may not agree on, but basically, your site was very right on, and something that I have been trying to tell people for years…I met Jesus in 1974…I was a ‘flower child’ *smile*, that had been through the drug scene and all that goes with it…my brother however, was a Vietnam Veteran…Jesus is so GOOD!!! I still marvel everyday at the way He brings about understanding about things in our lives and our world if we yield to the Holy Spirit’s ‘voice’…I too got got up in all the various ‘dispensations’, like the ‘name it, claim it’ thing, among many…it took many years to clear out all the junk to even begin to see ‘TRUTH’…and strangely enough, most of it came through people who were NOT Christians…sometime around the early eighties, I met one of my mother’s old boyfriends…he was in WW2, in the Navy first, *one of the first UDT scouts*, and after his hitch was up with the Navy, he joined the Air Force, and again faced war in Korea…after Korea he flew with ‘Air America’ during Vietnam…thus began my ‘political’ education of how this country REALLY works, behind the scenes!!! In 1990, I met and fell in love with a wonderful man, 11 years older than me, who had done three tours in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne Rangers……and my ‘rose-colored’ glasses were very rudely shattered during the next four years that I spent getting to know him……he had severe PTSD, and unfortunately he had to finally seek help…I have always wished that I could have known how to help him, but in truth, I did not have the slightest idea on how to help him…after all he had certainly walked a different path than mine…and sadly, we were never able to marry…{I am really making a very LONG story, as short as possible}, in 1999, I married a man whom I had known since I was seventeen…the last that I had known, really known about him, was that he was very involved in missions…he had always had a heart for the missionary field……what I did NOT know about him, was that he had a past that I knew NOTHING about, he had done work from the time he was in missions way back then, for a certain ‘group’ her in America, which I am afraid must remain nameless, and was still involved with them to an extent…then he began working for ‘them’ fulltime, which was something that not only shocked me, but devastated me, I guess I had never really known him at all…{he is not from this country}…and I suddenly found myself in a world that I thought only existed in movies, but this did not happen to people like me…I soon found out that I was a ‘little’ dog, and I would stay on the porch, because I certainly was not about to try to run with the ‘big’ dogs…his work scared and disgusted me…what little of it I could even be told about…and during this time I felt the Hand of the Lord on me constantly, it was almost like He was trying to tell me to remember all the things I had learned so far…and to look beyond what was printed in the newspapers, or what the media said, because so much of it is government owned and controlled…I KNEW there was a reason that the Lord was even letting me see the little glimpses I saw of how things really were in America, and it made me so extremely sad…the greatest majority of Americans would flip completely out if they REALLY knew what their country was doing……but they are like sheep……and they don’t really want to see……I still don’t really know why the Lord let me meet the people I met, or let me know the things I have learned…..what I do know is that I can NEVER look at this country, or the world the way I once did……I have all the respect in the world for our military men and women, veteran’s or active duty, and I have the same respect for my fellow countrymen and women……but our government, and the powers that be, have deceived and lied to each and every one of them!!! I remember reading David Wilkerson’s ‘Put the Trumpet to Thy Lips’, and praying he was wrong, even though I have always loved David’s teachings……and today, I know he was right!!! I try to witness to all the young people that I come into contact with, and tell them first about Jesus…but also about the times we are living in, and I try to encourage them to look around, and really watch and listen, to what is happening in our world today……the hands are so close to midnight!!! I am so sorry that this letter has been rather vague, but for the safety of my family and my self it had to be……please keep on with the work that you are doing, and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and in my prayers…

In Him, Harley

Dear Jack, thank you for your feedback. I checked out your website and found some interesting things there. I am aware of the point of view that America is Babylon, but I’ve not been convinced by scripture this is so and rather believe it is the one world system/gov’t that is forming in the earth. It is obvious America has divorced herself from so much of her foundations, but I am praying she will be counted as part of the “nations of the saved” Revelations talks about. Only God knows for sure.
Keep making your voice heard!

Hi Jack. I can’t imagine what public forum you found me on as I don’t get involved in those sorts of things, that I remember, anyway. I used to be an Arminian/dispensationalsit but that was years ago. I am A-mil in my eschatology & Reformed in my soteriology. I have dismissed premil as a futurology, which I can’t subscribe to anylonger. Luther sold me on Biblical Soteriology in his Bondage of the Will during my Seminary days. I trust the Lord will bless you in your endeavors. Sincerely, Jim

Dear Jack,

I don’t know if you are calling the President the Anti-Christ or if this was what someone who visited your site said.

I am a Catholic and I do believe in God and the end times. I do not claim to understand everything that is written in the Bible and I don’t believe that anyone else really knows when and how it will happen. Revelations is like a Mystery Book, we will not know the outcome until the end. I am 75 years old and Yes I do sin as everyone else does.

I for one do not believe that you have to attend Church every Sunday to be save, to belong to any one faith that believes in God. Going to Church helps one to pray and listen to Gods word. I have seen other Preachers get up and condemn faiths that don’t believe the way he does. Screams and yells to get his message over, tells his conjugations that if they don’t give up drinking, pay the Church 10% of what they make, claims that he can heal there bodies from there pain, ask for more money to do this. No one can predict when the ends times will come. I hear almost everyday that the end is coming, yes, one day at a time. I do not live for yesterday or tomorrow, I live just for today. As the old saying goes, yesterday is only memories and tomorrow may never come.

May the Lord always be by your side.

A child of God,


I would be pleased and honored to stop by your website and see what is going on. Yes, I would love to see what you have written. I googled you and you are welcome to do so with my name.

I understand your concern about the demise of these united States, but I must tell you that I believe she can be brought back to God, if we will but only try harder. I am working diligently to restore our constitutional Republic and our beloved Constitution. This must be done.

There is much good in America; there is much good in her people. When I traveled to our convention in Louisville, I saw so many people and I realized how we have been led to believe that Americans are evil, wicked people, rotten to the core. We are rumored to be selfish, God-killing followers of mammon, and while I have seen that where I lived before, I can assure you that where I live now and all the countryside I drove through are filled with open-hearted, smiling, God-fearing Americans.

Are you only interested in propounding the message of doom to America and the doom of America? I hope not; I sincerely hope not. There is much to be done and we need all hands on board to do it. Oh, before I forget, I keep in touch with several other Vietnam vets who have websites.

God bless our Nation and her beleaguered Constitution.


Dear Jack and brother in the Lord!

I just read your articule “The Golden Cup of America.” I bring to you confirmation from the Lord. A few months ago God had shown me several of the same things. He told me that the hedge of protection was gone for America. That America was “Babylon.” I was saddend by this and thought that maybe I was mistaken but this Praise God is from him! I can’t go into great detail right now but would like to somtime.
Keep the faith!
Brother in Christ
Hi Jack:

Thank you for contacting us. Curious as to which forum you found my name as I rarely participate in forums.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your honorable service in support of our country. We are great supporters of the military. My husband served in WWII as a naval aviator (flew the blimps).

Since you ask, I will be truthful with you. I believe your thinking is somewhat more radical than mine. I am an optimist who lives day by day and sure that God takes care of me and guides me. I am not going to spend what time I have left on this earth worrying about the end of time. What will be, will be. We are in the medical field and we must focus on life not the end of time.

I do not like your home page either, as at first glance, it give one the impression that you are anti-American and they might leave your site before even reading a page.
Even though France is not our friend, it is somewhat disrespectful to show Lady Liberty in this way.

Sorry to be so critical, but as you say, this is American and we are blessed with freedom of speech. You do have a gift for writing and should probably channel your efforts toward something beneficial to all rather then leaving them with thoughts of sadness and fear.

Please remove me from your mailing list.

I think you should seek immediate help at a V.A. Hospital for your mental
Health problem.

You are obviosly nuts.


Dear Jack,
Thank you for your email. I did take the time to check out your website. I, too, am a born again Christian. I believe that we are truly in the last days and that our time is short and the harvest is ripe. I would like to take some time to really read all that you have written. I am also a prophecy student. I help teach Bible study for ladies here in my hometown. I am interested in what you have to say. Although, I have not thought about America that way. I promise that I will check out your website more thoroughly when I have the time. ( I had a sick child to care for today).
Please know that when you are being persecuted for your beliefs that you are blessed! I have family members who call me the “Bible Thumper.” I have friends whose parents call them “crazy,” etc. Rejoice and be glad! We all are doing something right! Unfortunately, sin has blinded the eyes of our family members. Jesus hasn’t given up on them though! Neither should we.
Take care,

I long for His return, yet I have family and friends who do not know Him. I know that His timing is perfect and I am ready to be in Heaven. I know that He has us here to do His harvesting. I have literally dreamt of His return since I was a child. I know that He is extending His perfect grace in order to allow all to come to know Him. God bless you with your web site and Bible study. I look forward to seeing you in Heaven, too, my friend in Christ.

Hi Jack … every ones email to me is special … I will review your site
when I get a chance. Thank you for your service in Vietnam and for all of
your good end times writings.

Lets talk soon. Anthony

Hi my name is Bob, I am a retired 1stSgt of Marines, also with with the 9th and like the kind of info you have. Bob

Mr. Hook, I was just curious as to which forum you found my information to e-mail me. I checked out your site and though a nicely designed site, I am no longer a christian nor do I follow in that faith. Thank you for your e-mail however, have a great afternoon.

Hello Jack

Such a breath of fresh air to see Ministers rightly dividing the Word of
Truth and being unafraid to share their faith. I was truly blessed by your
Mom’s story for it tells me that many believers who lack the Holy Spirit’s
leading and insight from God fail to understand God’s rationale and timing
behind our longevity and purpose on this earth. I believe that there are
times when the Lord allows prolonged affliction to draw the afflicted closer
through increased faith and trust in HIM. Then there are times when He calls
the afflicted home and applies the healing balm there.

Whenever I remember Job’s afflictions and his speculating friends I am
encouraged by his faith in remaining steadfast where he sinned not inspite
of his pain.

I’ve started reading your article on Babylon and President Bush’s justified
war, along with his understanding of God as the same for the Islamic
followers. He is perhaps limited in this respect due to the lack of
Ministers who fail to prayerfully share the Word in totality with him,
rightly dividing it and being bold enough to tell him when he’s wrong. I ‘ve
listened to many “men of God” also justify the war using Biblical references
and this to my mind has served to buttress the President’s position. Maybe
you should drop him a friendly note since his spiritual advisors may be
men-pleasers rather than seek to share the whole counsel of God.

While I’m an outsider, I do admire Mr. Bush’s boldness with regard to the
gay issue, but I know there are other atrocities that you have rightly
pointed out that will cause God’s wrath to fall on any nation that fails to
give HIM preeminence. God has planted HIS people in every nation and America
has quite a few great men and women of faith who I believe are constantly
before the Lord’s throne interceding for change. I’ll give you more feedback
when I read your other articles pending time availability. I do appreciate
your efforts and testimony in sharing the Gospel of Jesus which remains our
most important mission until HIS return. Meanwhile, let’s keep lifting up
our leaders both secular and spiritual before the Lord, that His mercy might
prevail and His love will bring them to repentance and the nations on the
straight and narrow course.

God bless u and your abundantly