May 2006 Comments

Dear Mr. Hook, It is not possible to be free from your sin nature, try as you may you are and will continue to be a sinner as long as you live, The holiness people are wrong when they teach that you can overcome sin by doing religion. Every day we need to look to the lord and thank him for dealing with our sins and our sin nature. I am going to e-mail you the gospel, i hope you find it meaning full. I also have a web site to further the historical gospel of Jesus Christ. Very few Christians understand what Christ has accomplished on our behalf.

Yeah…SURE..Jeshua was NAILED to the cross for expressing HIS opinon?? Revelations is HERE…the “mineral” is OIL!! Nemisis is ALSO here in all of its terrible Glory…2/3 rds larger than Jupiter an aout ready to blank ut the SUN for 3 days starting another ICE AGE! Get educated Jack!! Dr B.

Pray for the burma rangers….Old vets spreading the gospel, you are a God send to tell others about the Love of God and Jesus how much they love us… God be with you and hope you have many good years left to spread the Word of God Thanks …I have a street ministiry here in Tx Luv to you and yours. Vets are very special to me and I try to help them all I can.

Oh thank you Jack for your quick response and extract from your book – I should have checked your web site first. But always good to keep in touch. This blessed hope that I have is the same assurance I have that I am born again. Likewise with the trinity. I agree with you that the Holy Spirit reveals the truth of His mysteries to our spirits. I remembered last night that I do have an article on the rapture.

I have now completed mailing out all your articles on a daily basis. Next is the mail out your online book in sections to those on my mailing list. They have been given your email address to contact you as well as your web site. I know there will be those that the Lord leads to contact you. I thank the Lord for your faithfulness.

Your eternal friend too, Trish.

Please remove me from your mailing list.

I cannot count the ways in which your teaching is not only heretical, but also just down right ridiculous.

Thank you.


Thanks for writing, brother, and sharing your thoughts regarding Israel and Arabs in Gaza, Hurricanes and retribution in the US: At this point I am holding my breath, hopeing that judgement is not upon us, that mercy will continue to flow “like a river” to Israel and America. I am absolutely opposed to the surrendering of any Israeli territory to the Moslem world. Islam cannot be satisified with anything short of total annihilation of Jews. Trying to pacify them is foolish. Why try?

Stay in touch.
In Jesus, Chas

Hi Jack,

God bless you my brother. It is so nice and refreshing to keep in touch with a comrad in the faith.

I continue to struggle with the idea of a rapture – I just have not seen into it. I guess I’m an old hard line believer that nobody goes nowhere until the resurrection. Anyway Jack, can we simply agree that we disagree on this particular topic and let it go at that? I am continuing in prayer, leaving my mind open to the Lord and trusting Him to reveal the truth of things that I may not now see correctly. Bear with me Jack – Jesus is.

There is something that bothers me so I wanted to discuss it with you and see what your feelings are on the subject. Jesus got a towel and washpan and washed His Disciples feet. It was quite a shock to them to say the least. Peter could not understand this and refused to allow Jesus to wash his feet. Jesus said well okay then Peter, if I don’t wash your feet, we will just part company here and now and I will have nothing more to do with you. Peter changed his mind in a hurry! Oh Lord, don’t only wash my feet, but wash all of me! Anyway Jack, after Jesus finished washing their feet, he said to them, if I, your Lord and Master have washed your feet, you should also wash one another’s feet.

What I take out of this particular deed that Jesus performed is to cause them to realize that the greatest among them is called to serve. As well, to teach them the humility they must have to be His Disciple. After all Jack, I don’t know anything more humbling than washing another’s feet. But I believe also this deed resulted in a bond of love and humility that could not be accomplished in any other way.

Some contend that we do not need to wash one another’s feet, but only realize we are to be humble, loving and kind. I can’t agree with such logic! I believe the act that Jesus performed was in His opinion, the perfect act that would accomplish in His Disciples that which was required in order for them to be bound together in a bond of love and humility. Jesus could have easily taught them about humility and love, but chose to perform this act and told His Disciples they should also perform this act.

If our Lord and Saviour humbled Himself to perform such an act and told His Disciples they should also do this to one another, don’t you think this very act should be carried on among the children of God? I certainly do and I simply fail to understand why some try to explain this act away as a mere point Jesus was trying to make. I firmly believe that the church (by the church, I mean the body of Christ) should most definitely observe this act that Jesus performed on an ongoing basis. Christian men folks could gather together to wash one another’s feet, and the women gather together, either at a different place, or at a different time to wash one another’s feet.

Anyway Jack, I have spoken what is in my heart and I would like to know what your thoughts are regarding this act that Jesus performed and His instructions to His Disciples for them to wash one another’s feet.

Yours in Christ, Del

Hi Jack,

Please do not preach the lie of the rapture happening before the second coming of Jesus which clearly is at the end of the great tribulation.

If you teach that we are raptured before the great tribulation, then when the Antichrist comes(before Jesus’ second coming), then those decieved people will believe the Antichrist to be Jesus’ second coming and follow him into destruction.

You will not be found guiltless of this, now that I have revealed the truth to you.

If you wish, I can clearly and simple explain that the rapture is positvely after the tribulation, as God in His Word has prophesied.
Let he who can hear, hear.


I admire your dedication to spreading the “word” as you understand it. I am sorry however, that you are continuing in a misguided direction. It is true the Bible speaks of the “Fall of Babylon the Great”, but, what you fail to understand is the way in which this will effect us now in the 21st. century.

What you have not noted is that by making false interpretations of this, you are endangering the lives of anyone that reads your articles. The Fall of Babylon the Great symbolizes the beginning of the end of this world as we know it.

Perhaps a thorough study of the New Testament Scriptures along with the prophets of old starting with the writings of Moses would enable you to correctly identify exactly what the symbolism of the prophetic words and how they apply to us at this time. As the Bible says—-“Make sure of all things. Hold fast to what is fine”.

Until such time as you have made this thorough search, do not send any of your polluted writings to me. I do not appreciate them nor am I interested in reading them. I don’t read works of the Devil.

Have a Good Day.

Brother Jack,

Your prophecy is so very carnal, I believe. I love you anyhow. Your prophecy agrees completely with the majority of prophets, which have always been wrong. It sounds impressive though as does all false prophecy. Be careful when you state that the word of God states something. If you are wrong you are declaring God to state something that he has not said! The seventh week of Daniel has come and gone you had better study. I believe that your eyes have been fixed through what others teach.

Dear Jack,

The only real “sin problem” that I see for sure is the one of misleading your readers or followers into believing in your End Time theology. The greatest thing that you can do is to
at lest say that you don’t know . For you to try and say anything for sure about the tribulation period, the last days, or the second coming of the Lord is a Fools game.

It is time for the world to wake up to the false prophets of doom and gloom. Our future is really in the past, the truth of what Jesus has already done for us. The little boy on the hill who hollered “wolf” once too many times Jack is YOU.

We have heard it before and we will hear it again, but.. the Lord has already done everything that was necessary to save mankind. He does not need a rapture or tribulation, or more hurricanes to end the world, So , get off it Jack, and get real . God’s kingdom is here to stay. and our home is in heaven when we pass away from this physical life.

I would love to hear from you, ~ Dean

Jack: Read all the comments from your readers you posted. Some Pro and Some Con. My comments weren’t posted – so I will pose them again:

(1) Where did you get the idea that America is Babylon? Is that a self induced version of your thoughts or a Bibical fact??

(2) You seem to think that Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, John Hagee, Hal Lindsey and others who preach the Gospel of Salvation don’t have it together like you do – is that what you really think?? Read the 12th and 13th Chapter of 1st Corinthians. I am not saying that GOD doesn’t have a call on your life like he does for those whom you seem to disagree with in their Ministry.

(3) You seem not to agree that it takes money to support Ministries and spread the Gospel and Salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ. Where do you
get the finances to support the word you put out??

(4) What ministries are you associated with?? Certainly not those whom you seem to be in Judgement or critical of. Are you the only voice crying in the wilderness???

(5) My Last question is: Do believe in the 9 gifts of the Spirit, 1st Cor 12:7-11?? Or the 7 Spirits of GOD??

Would appreciate your answer in simple terms and see my comments posted on your website.

Thanks, John

Jack D. Hook wrote:

New Radio Interviews

Greetings my friends. I wanted to notify those of you who might be interested in listening to my latest radio interviews. The recordings can be heard on the “The Byte Show” hosted by GeorgeAnne Hughes. Just click on the link provided below and scroll down to my name. She has titled the new recordings, Resurrection Day, The Bowl Judgment and Peter’s Sword. In them we discussed the timing and details of the second coming of Jesus to this Earth. We also talked about how today’s hurricanes and earthquakes are pointing to the coming fullness of God’s wrath written in the Revelation.

Probably the most important thing we talked about in our interview is how we can be freed from the prison of our own sin natures. Those who have received this freedom now understand how to conduct themselves as the war on Islamic terrorism continues to rage around the planet, drawing all nations ever closer to the nuclear nightmare of the final world war. Even with the knowledge of this coming holocaust among the kingdoms of this world, most Christian leaders in America continue to teach the “just” war doctrine that has consumed Christendom since the early days of Emperor Constantine and Augustine seventeen centuries ago. These leaders continue to almost exclusively focus on and use Luke 22:35-53, Matthew 26, Mark 14, and John 18, where Jesus instructed his followers to purchase swords, as justification for them to take up arms against their enemies. I think you will find our conversation about Peter’s Sword extremely relevant.

I have also posted the latest “Your Comments” on my web site. These are interesting emails from many people who have replied to my writings. As you read over them you will see the immense confusion there is among Christians over the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. After listening to the interviews, I encourage you post any comments or questions you might have in my “Guestbook” or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you. Finally, I again encourage you to read my last article “The Pilgrim’s Way…As Judgment Falls” that also addresses these same issues.

Your eternal friend. Jack at: http://www.babylonthegreatisfalling.net/

The Byte Show at: http://www.thebyteshow.com/Library.html

Hi Jack,

I am still getting lovely and very encouraging letters from saints who I have not been in contact with me before through your email or posting my article on your site. Many thanks Brother.

I have just been listening to one of your audio messages Jack, and was blessed by it. I now have heard your voice for the first time and you speak clearly and come across well.

I have just uploaded a guestbook on my site should you want to leave a quick note, which I would really appreciate (I will also jump the queue and send my latest direct SP to you).

Keep up the good heavenly work Brother,

Tom. http://beyondcamp.net

Jack – Thanks for responding and giving your views. Appreciate the time you took to reply to my e-mail. I agree that there are some Ministries, Individuals and Denominations that do teach false doctrines and have their own interpretations of Bibical principles.


Jack, you are seriously mentally ill. Would you
please remove me from your septic tank of bigoted
filth. If you think that the Lord has made a spot for you and your sick ideas you are wrong. Please get help now, you need it.

Regretfully, Sister Mary.

Hi, I am responding to the Vietnam Veteran’s invitation. Yes, I am open to things you have written. I have a Father who was a river rat in Vietnam. He doesn’t tell me a whole lot of what happened. Regardless of if the war was right or wrong, it happened. It is history, and I want to know about it. I was also born and raised growing up most of my life only knowing a Democrat family. I always thought maybe my Father wasn’t in the boat with everyone, but kept quiet not to rock that boat. My Moms side of the family were (are) die hard Democrats. My Grandfather was a Union organizer and helped campaign for Kennedy. (JFK). I just grew up with the knowledge that the Democrats were for the working people and everyone who thought different was a nut. I of course know different now. I feel like I have had the wool pulled over my eyes for so long. I need all the information I can get my hands on. I am concerned for our World and our welfare. I have three kids and a great husband. We all love America and our Military Forces. My ten year old Son prays for them at every meal and every night. So, anything you have to forward, I will gladly read and probably pass on to others to enlighten. Thank you for your time and your website.

Sincerely, Cheryl

Thanks for the invitation- though politics and religion are two subjects I have little intrest for, I respectfully decline. I have though, entered your web site into my favorites list-I will look at it and read what you have to say.
Thank you

I may stop to look at your site from time to time, because of your non-demanding approach and your service to our country (I too served in the military in the 60’s, though my MOS kept me a long way from front lines). In addition I appreciate your recognition of my free will to accept or reject your interpretation of biblical teachings. There are many beliefs which I cannot accept, which are espoused by Christians that consider themselves devout. Maybe we can have some e-dialogue about them.

Dear Brother Jack,
Blessings from India…

Thanks for inviting me to go thru’ your web site…. I have signed your guest book.

Your testimony is awesome….. that’s all the time I had today to read…

Keep the good fight of faith……

Sunshine smiles from my part of this beautiful blue planet….

In HIS Love, Rose


Thanks for the email. I stopped by your site and listened to some of the audio! All that stuff is way too deep for me!

Best of luck with your endeavors, Dave.

Good Afternoon,

I am in the process of listening to your interview as I write this; very interesting stuff, but I have not delved far enough into it
to make a judgment on the doctrine you are espousing, but I am giving it a fair listen. So far (20 minutes along) it sounds pretty good. BTW, who is the lady doing the interview?

Also, I was wondering about the website you said you saw my address on-which one was it? I think I know, but am not entirely sure. I had a good day today, spiritually. Our Associate Pastor and I went door-to-door and had a good witness with a couple of fellows we encountered, giving them the doctrine of Christ, rather than the false one they were propounding. I also went out with a sister (Baptist) church to do some street preaching and tract passing and sign-holding after wards. After that I logged on the web, and found your email and “now you know the rest of the story.”

I will write again to let you know what the Lord shows me following this listen, if not today, than by Monday at the latest. Thank you for your interest, and for sending this along.

Best Regards, Andy

Dear Jack,

THanks so much for the note, I’ve check your site and WOW……that’s an awesome amount of info to process. I’ll do what I can, our ministry keeps us so busy that the amount of minutes I have a day to devote to new research is limited, but if it’s OK I’d also like to pass along the web address to a few others that might be interested as well.

Thanks again,

I received your email and understand exactly where you are coming from since I also served in Vietnam with the 3rd Marine Division. I haven’t taken much time as of yet reading up on what you have stated, but I will. The most and only thing I always take in naturally is John 3:16 and my understanding is that we must forgive all as he has done. Keep in contact.


I thank you for writing. It seems so long ago but yet not that far away that I did what I had to do to stay alive and I am always praying and asking the Lord Jesus to forgive me for what I had to do to stay alive. Continue in prayer. That is our only defense against Satan. War is just that (HELL) and we both know what that means. I always have nitemares pertaining to my experience and then I pray that it would just stop. It never does, but we have a new life with JESUS and he will see us all though it. Continue to pray knowing that their are many out there just like us and together we will overcome until that time of the rapture comes and we will all be taken up to fight the good fight with our Savior……………Alex



As promised I stopped by your website and browsed through your

recommended articles. I appreciate the God-focused commentary. I was

unaware there was so much more to read. I’ll probably come back when I

have more time to take a look at some of the other articles. Again,

thank you for your comments and your invitation. The resources on the

internet are so vast that we will miss many of them unless someone

makes us aware.


I just read your email, also the article, “moved with compassion”. I see your heart in it all, your a special man. I want to comment on some of it, but want to think about it and reread it again and again. I might have not found your aritlce on news with views, I will try to look aback and see where I found you. I get about a hundred emails a day, smile…But I do go toward only real believers who stand with Israel, and not follow the Rick Warren Purpose driven church. It was beautiful to share your heart, thank you..I am married to a Vietnam. vet too. Love Kim


You are Blessed !

I have read a number of items there on your web site .

Who but those who are of their father the Devil would object to your presentation to them of GOD’s Good News ?

It pained me to read the nasty comments made by the satanists , there on your ‘COMMENTS” page.

Keep up the good work.


Sir i recived your e-mail tonight and though that i would answer it.

I am a retired Marine with 33 years service. I was a radio chief when i retired in 1986 i was in viet nam for two tours, i would not change one day of my life as a marine for any thing else in this world. like they say once a marine always a marine till the day you die then you can be called an ex marine..

I’ll look into your web site and look at some of your other info. and let you know about them latter, but i will tell you that i have been a nazarine all my life and i do belive that israel is GOD’S chousen people and any body that is against them are in for a big supprise when this old world comes to and end…


Hi Jack,

I am grateful you saw my name and started writing. I am very fond of the internet and email. They will enable a lot of learning and keeping friends. I make PowerPoints for my class room. I am a teacher. I consider the computer one of the best inventions. The old typewriter just did not do the things that the keyboard enables us to do. Yet it was the best system we had at the time.

I read your email and I have sort of got confused as the last sentence or two that you wrote to me. It said, “I lost many friends in the war, but now I understand just how deceived we all were and how these lies are still being told to young Christian men today”

I do not understand the part where it says that we were deceived and these lies are still being told to young Chrsitian men today. Please explain that sentence to me. I do know there are a lot of lies being told, and I wonder which ones or one you are talking about. I am so shocked as to what is happening now in our world. I want to elaborate on this sentence with you. Please give me more information about what it means. I have my concerns as well and I will let you know how I feel.

I wear my military bracelet that says Support the troops and every time I see it, I am always praying.for them when I see the bracelet. You have to know I have lost friends as well even in the Viet Nam war. It urks me to know that Kerry was responsible for one of my friend’s death. He seems to be wanting to do more harm today as well.

I have students’ parents and students in the Iraq war. I know my prayers help. I also send emails to the troops over there. My emails are clean and funny or they are good food for thoughts that help the troops to become a better person. I was told that they are sharing my emails to each other. When I found this out, I felt like I was doing my part in helping the troops.

I will read your site again and let you know my thoughts.

Your heaven bound friend,