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My Randy was born and raised in the 7th Day Aventist Church not to carry arms altho he did carry them.Our military trains our boys to kill and then turns them lose after war and do not deprogram them after they come home.My son asked for help and as far as the paper work shows ho did not get the help he asked for i am trying to get more medical records that took me alomst 2 years to get the ones i do have.i am working with my state rep.I know and have walked with God the day i found my son.I have heard and felt things that day a so called normal person does not fill or even know about.God was there with my son this i know and i also know in my heart thats hes with him to this day.God cried tears that day before i did.I also was lead by God to buy a book that day that normally i would not have bought as i never read them kinds of books then after that i went and found my child.Long story short i read that book after i buried Randy as i knew there was a reason for me to buy it and it told me so much in that book.I thought at firat my son was murdered there is some things that went on that day with what i saw and felt that i know people know more than what they told the police.I had to fight to get my son;s note or i should say a copy of it that i paid for. the police informed me sense it was a close case that the gun i would not get back. today i am asking why it was not theres to keep it was my sons legally bought.they treated my son like s… when he was in jail before he took his life over a child that he did not know for sure was his.so many thing and so many thought go in my mind but i gave it all up to god.i know how Mary mother of Lazarus must have felt when there was no bringing back our sons.if i only knew how to write a book i sure would. thank you for keeping in touch it helps.i know our goverment are not on the up and up.they love to fight wars it makes them richer and us poor people alot poorer.my 1st hubby who was in nam is dead now partly from war.now my son.wonder if they would send their children over there to fight?we know the answer to that one don;t we.Please keep up the good work.give me your site addy again i want to read more of your stuff. alice


Thanks for the e-mail Jack, just not sure how you got my info. Also, thanks for your service in Nam. I am interested in all those things you spoke about in your e-mail, and think about them a lot.


Dear Bro. Hook,

First, I enjoy your site and your articles and love the way you take a stand. I posted a message in your guest book a few days ago and since it has not yet been posted, I was not sure whether or not you have had a chance to read it.

The purpose of this message is this: I have a question. Having heard all the reasons the U.S. is in Iraq and now believing that most of them are not true, could it be for another reason altogether. In Church, we have recently been studying about God’s promises concerning the restoration of Israel, where He promised to restore unto them all the Land given to their ancestors. That includes a lot of territory. Are we in the middle east to help in restoring Israel?? I believe God is going to use someone to do it. The question is who?

Having lived and worked in Israel, I was fully aware that it was not the tiny strip we drove down between the parts the Palestinians now occupy. In searching the Greek and Hebrew texts and the Dead Sea scrolls, I read up on Palestine, but nothing about the Palestinians ever having a homeland, but rather a people left to wonder around in various Arab nations.

It seems to me that many, including many of our own leaders, are trying to create something that may have never existed. I, for one do not have all the answers and I want to understand God’s word far beyond what I do now. I am not even sure the countries pushing Israel to give them their own homeland, know what they are doing! Without God, How could they. We have to stop and realize a fact I came to discover over there first hand. Iran, Syria and several other Arab nations, are nothing more than Satan’s followers, therefore they do exactly what Satan does: They recruit puppets on a string to do what they want done, Wipe Israel off the face of the earth, possibly without the puppets even being aware of it.

I have made a promise to God, that I will keep. I Will stand with Israel, No Matter What.

I would like your thoughts and pray that God will bless you in all you do for Him and others.

In Christ,

Dear Jack,

I first heard your website address mentioned on the short wave a few months ago. I quickly bookmarked it… and then forgot about it. I have just looked it over for the first time, and I just want to thank you for all your efforts. Nobody wants to believe that America is Babylon incarnate, but the facts speak for themselves. I am Canadian (we’re no different), but my ancestors were colonial Americans who first came to New Jersey in 1728. They thought they were building the New Jerusalem, but it seems fate had other plans! I’ve seen graphs showing the massive increase in violent crime, murder, rape, abortion, etc. since the Bible was removed from the public schools. We’ve pulled the plug on our Christian society, and the darkness is growing rapidly. Fact is, I first heard the gospel at the age of 7 from my public school teacher. She had actually sought special permission to continue morning Bible studies back then (1968), after the Ontario Public School boards had dropped it. I thank the Lord almost every day for that dear soldier of Christ.

I want to thank you especially for the piece you posted May 1 entitled “Despising Government”. You have rescued me once and for all from Satan’s clutches. I have been personally convinced, ever since Sept 11, 2001, that all of the world’s leaders are behind the problem-reaction-solution program. They ARE indeed members of secret societies who seek to control the world’s destiny through their own understanding of Biblical prophecy. I have spent massive amounts of time listening to the likes of Alex Jones, The Power Hour. etc. over the short wave. I have also been trying desperately to convince family and friends of these conspiracy theories too. And… while I STILL believe much of this is true… I have NOW, thanks to you, come to the conclusion that a GOOD Christian should NOT attempt to challenge this authority. The Lord wants us to do two things, and two things only; LIVE the gospel the best we can, and TEACH others the gospel as best we can! Nothing more, nothing less. Amen?

God be with you,


Concerning Pres. of US standing on Temple Mt., could it be a woman who
does this? If not, Hillary can’t win. I just can’t see Bush standing
there saying he’s God. He has his faults, but he is not that crazy,
in my opinion. Who is crazy enough to stand there and say he is God?
One has to look for a person who is fundamentally insane and assume
that person will be elected president. This is a tough call.

Please…tell me what you think….does this happen before or after the
rapture? I would gladly forego knowing who stands on the Temple Mt. if
I can just get out of here, jack.

And I agree that the war is against Jesus’ wishes.




Thanks for your reply. On my part, I have taken up the cross and I daily point people to the bloody cross of Christ Jesus. I also believe that satan is the god of this world and he is controlling the world systems. Not everyone can do what I’m doing. Not every Christian have been convicted to leave the army or the parliament where the decisions are made. Maybe some were convicted but they refused to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Whatever it is, I dont know but some of the other deep questions I have, I will direct to the Holy Spirit. You just ignited something in me, to read more, listen more and search more.
I will surely continue to visit your website. Thanks.


Shalom from JERUSALEM

I went to the ministry of interior today and this is what happened

When I first came to Israel the first year I entered into the army
I was 26 and I did basic training for two months.
One of my fellow recruits was a Russian immigrant who became ultra orthodox.
He hated me and once when we were running he fell I gave him my hand and he
hit me with the butt of his M16. I saw this man from time to time and always
said hello and was polite.
One day I was asked to help some believers who had a dispute and I tried to
be as impartial as possible and in the end it did not work out . It
eventually went to court and I was asked to testify. The man who took these
other two brothers to court was a man called Vladimir he had attended our
congregation. When I arrived at the court house I saw Vladimir wearing a
black skull cap yarmulke kippa and his Lawyer was Zeev which means wolf
representing him.

When its was turn to testify Zeev turned to me and said Do I know you from
I said yes from the army and when I tried to help you and you hit me with
your rifle.
You are a Christian and you must forgive me .
Then went on to explain that I lied to the government when I made my
application under the law of return and so whatever I say will be a lie .
The Judge said that I am Jewish even if I believe in Jesus and he gave an
example and that I did not lie . I said to zeev the same law that I used is
the same one that you client used to get into the country . He was read
faced .
Every time I saw him after this he told me to Drop dead and I repayed his
evil with good a blessing for a curse . This lawyer used the transcripts of
the court and went to the interior ministry .
So this morning I arrived at the interior ministry early for a appointment
at nine and so at nine thirty I entered in . I saw two officials Yochi and
zipi, they were very nice to me
And explained that I was called because of the my court appearance and the
transcripts from the court were handed by Zeev to the interior ministry .
I told them the truth and explained about my faith and also my work and they
asked me many questions. I told them that consider myself\f a Jew and that I
believe in the OT and new and there is no contradiction between them both.
They asked me how can Jesus be God and I said read the NT and you will find
out all the answers and they wrote Yeshua instead of Yeshu as the rabbis say
to curse Jesus. They told me of a few options
1 I lose citizenship and get expelled
2. They change my registration from Jewish to Christian
3 or some other status

In the end they told me that I am the most honest person they have ever had
sitting in their office most people lie to them and tell them all kinds of
stories and I can come and speak to them anytime. I told them that I would
pray for them and also others around the world would be praying . I thank
the Lord that I was able to explain the gospel to these two women and pray
that their hearts will be open to receive the truth.

Things are very uncertain for us now but we trust in the Rock, which cannot
Thanks for you many prayers and support


Dear Jack.
I have been reading your articles one b one and have a lot more to
go. They are all wonderful Jack, you are a good writer and
obviously a true Christian.. I intend to read everything on your
web site but it will take quite awhile to do so as i get tons of
email every day and so many require an answeer, as yours did my
friend. Thanks so much for sending me your web page, I’ll be
spending as much time there as I possibly can in the weeks to come.



Dear Mr. Hook,

I am an avid bible reader and I am very educated in the book of Revelation. Even though you may feel that the U.S. is Babylon the Great, you are wrong. Babylon the Great is the entire Empire of False religion. The United States along with all over human governments are referred to in the scriptures as the Wild Beast. The Wild Beast will destroy the Great Harlot, a.k.a. False religion. I hope you understand a little more. Thank you .

D. L.



By the grace of God, I too am a saved man and thereby qualify as one of your
eternal friends, aka saints. Speaking of religious hirelings (a great
expression) have you looked into The Society of Jesus through the eyes of
Malachi Martin et al?
Hopefully, we can share resources and thoughts. Personally, I was in the
Maryknoll Seminary for a year, the Masonic lodge for three, and a Full
Gospil Church for four. Now, I am defrocked from all, and walk a John Bunyon
type road. Soon, not unlike yourself, I will probably be in jail.


Hello, Jack! I will keep your info in a file where I store important web site addresses. One day when I get time to relax and read it in-depth I’ll go back and thoughtfully read the parts I missed. We don’t have Internet in our own home, so I spend a lot of time at the library reading e-mail and fishing for a new publisher. It looks like my best bet is to find a literary agent which doesn’t charge fees. Unless you’re a big celebrity, the big publishing houses won’t even take your inquiries without an agent.

It sounds like your war experience left a lasting impression on you, and any experience of conflict does. My brother Steve went to Viet Nam and served as an m.p. After he got out of the service, his interest in policing continued and now he is captain of a civilian police force.

War is a terrible tragedy. If it’s a case of defending your country or family from danger it might be necessary. But you need to pray long and hard about taking part in it, as it’s no light matter to take human life. I don’t know how long ago it was, there was a story on the news over here that Robert McNamara confessed that the Viet Nam War had been waged for the wrong reasons, and after many years of feeling guilty about it he cleared his conscience. My own suspicion is that the motives of most politicians are less than pure, and that the real ruling powers of the earth are the big multi-national corporations who pull the strings of world leaders. I don’t like the war in Iraq. However, I do think the Muslim quest for domination needs to be stopped. It would be tragic if the world were under sharia law. In countries where it is, there is great persecution against Christian believers. The Muslim faith is well tolerated in Britain, but you just try to start up a church in Saudi Arabia, then see how the officials respond!

About patriotism: You must always seek that which is right and good for your country, but the danger lies in wrong priorities, I think. Some people have put patriotism and the flag on a level with God, and they don’t even realize it. The problem is that God has been demoted in most places and it isn’t “constitutional” to call upon Jesus Christ publicly as a politician to help give guidance. It seems like the most you can get by with is calling upon a politically correct “higher power” which offends no belief system and makes no demands of repentance, etc.

That is really great that you’re ministering to servicemen. It’s not an easy position they’re in and they have burdens most of us don’t have to bear. I can sympathize with those who contend with bad memories, as I was bullied throughout my high school days. Once bullies pick you out, that’s it, and they never change their mind about it. I had been saved as a child (just), and in the churches I attended, I heard nothing about how to live in the power of God victoriously as a believer, so satan took advantage of that. While I was in school, he used the bullying to alienate me from God because I realized most people in my vicinity attended church regularly. Almost no one had the guts to stand up against bullying in that school or admit they loved Jesus. I suffered bad memories of the teasing, the ostracism, the attacks on the school bus. For a long time I was mad at God for the miserable time I went through, and only later when I learned to divorce my concept of God from unloving hypocrites did I want to find out more about getting closer to Him. I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1970 at age 19. My life had its ups and downs and weathered lots of storms, but I have continued to love and trust the Lord. Even some shameful things going on in the televangelist world don’t shake my faith in the real God. Just because you slap a peaches label on a can of peas, it doesn’t turn the peas into peaches. A tree is known by its fruits. If a person is out to manipulate hurting souls to get their money, or lives in the lap of luxury while a poor beggar can’t even get his crumbs, then you have to wonder whether that person really does love Jesus.

I’m sorry to hear you lost some good friends in the war. That must really hurt, and the casualty figure for Viet Nam was so high, 58,000 out of half a million men! No one is exactly the same when they get out of a conflict situation, whether it is bullying or life-threatening war. We can only look unto the Lord to heal the inner scars, and help us go on.

Thanks for writing, Pat


Mr. Hook,
Thank you for your email, I am a Christian and I have ask God to place Christian people in my path. It just amazes me everytime he does. War is not of God. Gods commandment was Thou shalt not kill. We are to love all people but Satan is roaming this earth looking for ways to deceive and make a lie out of the commandments and the fact that we are saved by Grace. People really believe that since we are saved by the gift of grace that the law is null and void. But the law was put in place to show the people their sins. I think you are doing a great thing by spreading the word to the nations as we have been commissioned to do. I will keep in touch.


Contemplating the coming genocide, we may look back in Lev. 26 there was a clear admonition from God as to His recourse should a nation fail to repent. There are 5 cycles of discipline, ending in foreigners shall take over a Godless nation and rule it, enslaving the inhabitants or driving them out of their own land! Over and over and over this scenario repeats itself throughout history until the ultimate showdown between God and Satan.

Now it’s easy to blame governments because we are increasingly made aware of their evil intents. But how did these wicked rulers get into power? Satan has spawned untold numbers through the demonized procreation of fallen races. While this might sound “racist”, it is only because it is easier to propagate through ignorant, primitive, barbaric women who give birth to demonized men. A new generation has come of demon-possessed God haters.

Yet the Bible tells us we wrestle not with ourselves, human flesh and blood, but with THESE powers and principalities and wickedness in HIGH PLACES. The Antichrist will easily come in with a promise of peace while these demonized men continue to wage physical war against themselves. The Antichrist’s promise of peace will be readily received when we behold the devastation to the earth wrought from the hands of man, BY SATAN THROUGH MAN.


Dear Brother Jack;

In your article “Despising government, Part Two” you made the following statement:

“This kind of reminds me of all the stories flying around Christian
ministries on the internet as to how President Bush plotted with Islamic
terrorists who conducted the 9/11 disasters, in order to fulfill the plans
of the New World Order elite to take over the world. Obviously, to their way
of thinking, since President Bush is a member of the elite order of Skull
and Bones, he is part of the murderous conspiracy to take away the
sovereignty of America and make it part of the New World Order, led by the
United Nations organization. Remember, it is acceptable to compassionately
expose the sin nature President Bush and all of us were born with, and how
this may lead to the fulfillment of prophecy, but it is evil speaking when
one despises and then condemns the President with unproven accusations.”

Now my question to you is “if God Almighty told you that President Bush
plotted with the Islamic terrorists who conducted the 9/11 disasters in
order to fulfill the plans of the New World Order elite to take over the
world” would you believe Him? Well, He has told me, and many others I might
add, exactly that! So, seeing how that is God’s Truth, it cannot be
considered “evil speaking when one despises and then condemns the President
with unproven accusations.”

My dear Brother Jack, will you please pray about it? I mean you need to hear
it too so that you can correct the error of your ways that you have just
written about in your article.

You can hear the voice of God, can’t you?

In the Lord Jesus Christ,


Hi Jack,

Dont you know the antichrist is already at hand called GREED.

And Israel will win even if they have to blow away Syria and Iran, maybe with American help.

Never seen the West look so weak.

Even Bush looks washed out. I think Iraq has taken more out of him than we realized.



Dear Jack,

I have not corresponded with you for a time but I have been reading your articles on your website. I want to thank you again for sharing your insight of the Word of Jesus Christ with me and others. I have read the e-mails of Tom in DC and have experienced much of same confusion. Thank God for Jesus and that He has never given up on me! It is a daily hard walk to totally carry the cross. How glad I am that I realize that it is there for me even when my carnal nature tempts me to do otherwise. I am more thankful for the bloody Cross of Jesus when my sin nature does cause me to error….I am quicker to recognize it and seek forgiveness. This would not be possible without the Son of God the Father. Thank you Jesus for your love and grace. I thank Him for leading you write and for leading me to read. I will pray for you for I know you must face great attack from ole slewfoot. However, in the name of Jesus Christ may he be bound from preventing your service to Christ. I will ask that you remember me in your prayers as I glady walk the hard walk.

Jesus Christ Is Lord!





Jack – good to see you’re still flying around there with no sense of reality. It’s guys like you that actually convince me that as crazy as I think I am I’m still quite sane. Just remember, if the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.


I definitely agree with you. Time is short and we must continue to pray for our leaders and for Israel. I do not believe Katrina and the removal of the Jews from the Gaza was coincidence……we are treading on dangerous territory when we help to take away Covenant land.
Blessings, Joyce






Hello Brother Jack,
It is encouraging to hear from you. I remember sending an email quite a
while ago with no response. I hope I did not offend or trouble you. I am
encouraged by your recent email.
I was somewhat involved in a ‘patriot mentality’ a few years ago, but I
have learned that it is futile to expect this nation’s government to be
righteous like it was when I was a child. And today I am frustrated by the
‘4th of July’ mentality in the Christian church.
My heart bears witness with your references to the things that paul and
peter warned us about in their letters. I am convinced all their
instructions are still as true today as when they wrote them.
Sincerely in Christ,


The only good thing about the antichrist coming to power is according to scripture I will not be here.Also I don’t think America is ever mentioned as even being a part of the world scene at this time.


Hello JD,thank you for this,quite interesting! However I must disagree
with you on one point and that is where you said Iran etc. will realize
to come to the American side in the future,I do believe Russian will do
that but not the other countrys you mentioned,they have this grave
hatred for us and always will be adversaries to the U.S.A. We can agree
or disagree, but I admire you for what you say in your site,you tell it
like it is…that is great in my opinion,keep up the good work and
continue to spread it all over the world..Kevin.


Hello, Mr.Hook. Today I get new message about your new article.That’s good I hear something from You again!Had You some vacation or holidays?Very glad to know that You’re alright…Mr.Hook. I wanna ask your permission to translate your articles,one by one,’cause not all the people can speaking and reading English(than You can add these translate-versions to your site).Your opinion is not standart and not like “on TV”,and,I guess,your look on the many things can help to get out the s…. from the minds of the some people,Christians and not only.That’s about time,I think!Waiting for your answer with impatience.Thanks!Your friend from Russia,Paul


Have not read everything on your website. But if you are correct on the idea the anti-christ wil come from america, then to me , Bill Clinton, under the guise of a Hillary presidency would be a real interesting prospect. I feel time is very very short.



Dear Jack,
Thank you for your email.

I am married, and include my husband in everything, so he may be the one to write back & forth to you from now on, simply because I want to avoid the appearance of evil (1 Thess 5:22).

My husband is retired Navy; and my father was a career man in the Navy also.

We once were very much ‘Christian political activists’; being in churches that promoted this kind of thing. Yet my husband & I have had a change of understanding which makes us quite different than the ‘average American Christian’. While we pray for our leaders, pay our taxes & give them due respect as the Bible commands, we do not believe everything America does is right; nor that Christians should hold a “My country right or wrong” ideology.

In fact, we believe many things America does are quite evil; following the path of wicked men who wish to rule the world.

So your belief about America being Babylon does not shock me at all; but is similar to what we believe.

We believe what Jesus said: the Kingdom of God is within you; and that Kingdom is not of this world. (Luke 17:21; John 18:36) We believe that our reason on earth is to be purified in character (1 Peter 1:6-7), to be Christ’s ambassadors (2 Cor 5:20), and raise godly children for the glory of God, which will hopefully be the coming generation for Christ (Eph 6:1-4; 2 Tim 1:5;Titus 2:1-8, etc.).

We will read your site with interest. One way we differ is that we are not Dispensational in our theology.

We do believe in the physical, literal 2nd coming of Jesus Christ, to gather His church and judge the wicked.

We do believe there is an Antichrist (Rome & the Pope); and the Whore is the one-world religion that is even now expanding and joining herself to the globalistic powers that be.

We believe God’s wrath is even now being poured out (the extreme hurricanes, tsunami’s, and the like; as well as people being given over to their depravity, etc.); and that the righteous will continue to be righteous, and the evil even more evil (Rev 22:11) until He comes.

We do believe that all that is happening, though crafted by the evil one, is under the allowance of the Lord Almighty to bring His secret (to man) and obvious (made known in Scripture) wills to pass: for those who will be saved, to be saved; and those who refuse Him, to be damned.

If this difference does not threaten you, perhaps you and my husband can email one another and be mutually edified.

I must say, we are not debaters. We have a great deal of work that the Lord has given us to do, and we feel that generally debating (dialoguing) gets people off-course and sidelined. We’ve rarely seen a debate to be anything other than unfruitful and unedifying. That does not mean we are unwilling to discuss Scripture; it just means we don’t want an endless debate or argument. I hope that makes sense.

I will share your email with my husband when he comes home.

May we all grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Sincerely in the Savior,



Let me personally, as personal as this medium of communication allow me to be, welcome you with a hug from one brother to another! I think it is imperative that we stay as close in contact with each other (all of us in this ‘virtual church fellowship”) as possible during these end times. I available to you as I am to all the others if you have a prayer request or encouragement I want to invite you to feel free to contact me if you have a prayer need.

God has give us to each other and He expects us to lean on each other when needed. After all we are the Body of Christ!

Many Blessings as you minister my brother!


i dont give a crapt don’t send me emails !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jesus died on the and three days latter he arose and i love jesus christ bcause he died for my sins and he died for ur sins !!!!!!!



Your articles are very interesting and give me much food for thought and consideration. However, I feel that America is a blessed nation in spite of many flaws.
I have several degrees in theology & metaphysics and at no time have been informed that America is a falling Babylon. I do hope, on this point, you are incorrect.

Many Blessings for a brighter future…….we CAN change the outcome through pray and Jesus the Christed One.


All I know bro, is that war any war is a fools errand.I almost died in nam, makin rich people, even richer, Da sheep in dis country are easily led, and foolish, and that includes 98% of the so called christians. God gave me a brain and I use it, to think things out for myself, so I guess I am just a warrior in Gods army, not a christian, write anytime….Da Horse

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf,Semper


Hi Jack,
Thanks for your email. Yes I will visit your website and I am interested in what you have to say. It probably won’t be until tomorrow since it’s so late and I have an early appointment at the VA hospital in the morning. I am also interested in your military background concerning VietNam. Will be back in touch later.
My wife was impressed with your website and I’m sure I will be also.


thank you for serving in vietnam!(if you did at all). im sorry i love israel and all its people but i do not neccisarly agree with your views. this is america everyone’s entilted to there opinion but being anti-america is just as bas as being anti-semetic, now you may not like america but for the fact alone millions have died willingly for her should make you forget any idea’s of crossing the line you just crossed on your web site about the government! as far as russia screw russia, i say we should have finished em off years ago myself. sir im sorry but your webiste is too much dribble too little good faith. jesus himself said man will notknow the time nore the hour which you belive since you mention no time but if you forgot he said you will not know who what or even what the anti christ is with. if this has anything to do with religion beyond basic christian teachings not your extremeist views than reply but please dont bicker if you do reply. again thank you for serving in vietnam and i seriously hope you are not a fake vet. god bless you!



Thank you for your reply. I , too, am a Born again Christian, having been saved shortly after I returned home from a 2 year tour in Southeast Asia as a nurse during the Vietnam War.

I know all too well the guilt that so many veterans harbor that prevents them from seeking redemption. You mentioned this in your own bio. The Bible speaks of wars, and I do not think that we can or should try to change the course of Biblical history.

I firmly and unapologetically stand behind President Bush, our Commander in Chief all of the men and women in uniform today . Failure to do this in our generation ruined many lives. ( Remember, also that there was a draft during the Vietnam War.)

In my daily Bible reading, I have just read in 1 Samuel about David slew as God assigned. Veterans are the first to say that they hate war, because they have seen the reality of it. But it is God who sees the big picture.

While I agree with your mission to bring the Gospel to these soldiers and veterans, I know that the military chaplains have a program in place that skillfully addresses the conflict between killing and war. I have a very dear friend who is a military chaplain who has just returned from Iraq with a legion of his men from our city. I am well acquainted with these soldiers and their honor and realities that they face every day.


Hi Jack 🙂

Thanks ever so much for a wonderful e-mail. I am hoping you can give me an answer…..or at least your opinion…..on what we, America, should do about the radical terrorism. It would be one thing if these people thought rationally and could sit down at a table and talk PEACE, but that is obviously impossible…….like trying to talk to rabid dogs 🙁

Within the next couple of years, Iran and several other “mad dog” countries will have a build up of nuclear weapons and they WILL use them without conscience……it’s as if they are eager to blow themselves up along with the rest of us. Do we sit back and allow this build up or do something to prevent it??

I have no answers since diplomacy does not register with these people. My heart goes out to millions of Muslim peoples that just want to live in peace and raise their families……they are the majority I believe. Prophecy can be changed……free will and the Spirit of God can change situations…….the “rapture” of the hearts & souls of peoples can bring about peace. If, in fact, prophecy cannot be changed…….then free will is not a truism……..prayer can be of no assistance……..and we are only puppets on a stage with the outcome already written.

I have always believed that Spiritual minded people CAN make a difference and write a new outcome. If in fact we cannot……..what’s the point in our trying??

I am very concerned and would appreciate your take on the above. I sincerely appreciate having someone with knowledge to correspond with. Please don’t worry about stepping on my paws 🙂 I am asking for your opinion.

Regarding Bush: I would consider myself a Republican……however……I do not agree with all of the Bush plan. I do find it ridiculous that some people consider him the antichrist. The antichrist will have charisma and be popular…..hahaha…….Bush certainly doesn’t fit that description 🙂 I also would NOT want to be president of any country……..no way to please everyone and the task is a heavy one.

Thank you so much for your open heart. Many blessings.


I have had a look at the website and i am sorry to say that I have absolutely no interest in any religeous stuff.
I live my life in a good way but would not call myself a christian, so I am afraid I cannot sign your guestbook.

Good luck with it though.

im sorry about this but you realy must open your eyes i read though your email with intrest until the last paragragh where you denouce gay marriage. Being gay in my opion is not at all a sin it is simply a way of life just liike a religoen.

im surpised shocked and disgusted to find that an well educated man like your self that i have had many a knowledgeable argument with will be so blind to what is goiing on around him. i am straight but i have gay and bisexual friends and can see the happiness that these people have when they are accepted. the way you say its a sin is almost like racism (thinking that one way of thinking is better than the other). the path to peace is acceptance not a man with a beard!!!

surely if god is the ultimate good surly he can see the happiness gay marriaes bring. i think your way of thinking is very old fashioned and should accept that the times have changed and that the bible is wrong in places if not entirly wrong.

to try and get across my point more bluntly i will use a Quote off a cartoon i saw about the de vinici code film “if god was here right now in human form im sure he’d bitch slap you and grab a box of nachoes and watch the film with me” this is very rude but it has a point i reckon if god does exist he couldnt give a monkeys uncle about wether they are gai and married as long as they are happy. im going to cut it short there before i syart ranting cause of religeous peoples igronace and the room is smoving due to the fact that i have just got off a ferry from Norway and it was rather rough

p.s. if i burn in hell for what ive said ill burn with a simle and a sence of being a better than God himself



Dear brother,

What is happening in the world today is already written in the bible,we are nearing to the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, as in Matthew chapter 24, their will be wars and rumors of wars, their will be troubles and tribulations. The prophecies in the book of Daniel will be fulfilled concerning nations and governments, this is the hihest time that man will accept the Lord Jesus as savior and redemer of his life because this days the only hope is in Jesus.

God Bless.

Pastor Ruel