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I believe Jesus is my Savior and He will one day come for His church, us. Until that time I will forever push forward and lead as many as I can toward the saving grace of the Father and His only begotten Son, Christ Jesus. We are suppose to stand beside Israel and help them in this end time.


That is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard!


Dear Jack,

I don’t focus on the Middle East ! My focus is on the spirirtual jew, not the natural jew ! My focus is on God’ Elect, the true believer in Jesus Christ ! Paul teaches us, he is not a jew which is one outwardly, but he is a jew which is one inwardly ! But very few seem to pay any regard to that verse of scripture ! So your papers miss the point ! You are caught up with the “Natural”, I focus on the “Spiritual” !

Take Care, By Sovereign Grace,


Hello Jack,
I have walked with the Lord for over 50 years. I accepted Christ at a very young age. Sure, I sinned and caused God heartache. However, I always came back and sought His forgiveness.

I have some questions. Where did you get my name and email? What web site?

I went to thebyteshow and listened to bits of two of your times on the radio with Georgeanne Hughes (sp?). Then I went to your web site and looked at a few things. Hmmm.

I have taught Revelations several times. I once used Hal Lindsay’s “Late Great Planet Earth” as a study guide. I have now left it behind and will not teach it because he makes too many assumptions. I have studied and studied the prophecies connected to Revelations for years.

I looked briefly at your Prophecy Timeline. I want to know some things.

1) What scripture do you use that says America is Babylon? I do not see it. Sure, I know America is desperately wicked. I also know that the church in America has harbored serious sin for years. But I do not see the scripture that states America is Babylon.

2) Tied to this is your ‘peace covenant America arranges.’ I know from prophecy that the covenant is mentioned in Daniel. However, there is that ‘missing scripture’ about America.

3) How do you know the temple construction begins on the 220th day? Scripture, please.

4) All of your ‘numbered days’ are a bit too exact. Where did you get that? Sure, I know the two witnesses prophesy for 1260 days. That is specifically stated in Revelations. But 869 days to the beginning of their prophecy? Where? Scripture, please.

5) What is your exact reference that Russia is the one to ‘take away the sacrifice’? Sure, I know the ‘kingdoms of the north’ are the ones that invade Israel. However, ‘north’ could mean Syria and Lebanon! Scripture, please.

6) Antichrist from America? Again, scripture please.

7) There are many more questions that could be asked.

I agree with much of what you said in one of your times on thebyteshow. Much of the church today is walking in sin. However, I want to know how you come to the conclusion that all war is evil. If someone attacks us, do we just let them attack? Should we have ‘bowed to the rule of Japan or Germany’ in WWII? If we had bowed to Germany, we would have lost all capability of freely worshiping here in the US. If we had bowed to the rule of Japan, we would now be worshiping the emperor! Where do you draw the line?

There are a lot of holes here … Jim


Say Hook!
I lost a lot of religion in Nam and after Nam!
I watch the people about me with question as they say
they are religious and I am the sinner because I do
not belong to a church or worship.
I watch these people sin all week get saved on Sunday
and then repeat and this has gone on for years.
I am 57 and I see it daily.
I treat most people better then the religious
fruitcakes I work with. They are (god damming)
everyone and everything daily and still continue
church on Sunday.
I raised five children they had the ups and downs like
all. But they didn’t kill anyone or rape or mame.
They grew up knowing that if they felt they needed
religion they could search it out when they felt they
had the knowledge so as not to be taken in by crooks
they play you for your money.
I don’t see where religion could have made my life
easier as my crutch was my own mind and I didn’t have
to use anyone Else’s.
I have seen death and life but Never have I seen
anyone walk on water, heal the sick or raise the dead.
I have seen MORE people killed in the name of religion
than NOT.
This is just a Short version of one very very small
observation of life that surrounds me over almost 58
Most people I do NOT trust as MOST people are liars
and crooks. From the President on down.
If you think you have a better way for me to look at
life (sing – on)….
Most people that claim to have religion that I have
ever seen are in it for the money and prestige.


You refer in your email to a letter you “wrote to a Jewish friend, one who has not yet recognized the Lord Jesus Christ as the King of Israel.” What a WISE man your Jewish friend is. What Jew in his right mind would ever “recognize the Lord Jesus Christ as the King of Israel” when at least 10 MILLION of his people were slaughtered and mistreated “in the name of their Lord Jesus Christ” in christian crusades, wars, inquisitions and holocausts.


Amen Jack, good to know that there are a few of us out there, I to am a veteran from the first gulf war. (boy was I living in sin!!).. I never understood
why I was over there, but I was quite young then (20 yrs old). The Lord convicted me about 8 years ago and I haven’t been the same since. Lately over the past couple of years, I have been praying for wisdom and understanding and Lord has blessed me with truths that help me understand why I was over in the first gulf war and the who’s who behind almost all of the wars of the ages. Satin has driven it all of course, but truly deceived us in who the players really were. History is being re-written and has been for quite sometime right before our eyes. Good is called evil and Evil called good. There seems to be no doubt as to where we are as it relates to the Last Days.

Really great to hear from a man of Christ who loves Jesus. I will try to visit your site and put you in my prayers during these last days.



Great reading. Yes, we are brother’s in Christ, sent forth to go into all the world and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so prophetic, that scholars are attempting to rewrite history and even deny the stories in God’s word as fable. Morality is almost none existent… thanks in part to a “former” President and his antics. Children don’t see anything wrong with oral sex! After all, it was said, “it is not sex”! But then, one of these days, I do expect to pick up sword in hand and wage war against the enemy. Won’t it be great to get back at some of the demons that tormented us in this life!! *smile*

Keep up the good work of Him who sent you.
Yours in Christ, Ken


I have just skimmed through your site and I am impressed. I do however go for the post trib rapture. I have come to the conclusion that it makes no difference as far as the status of being saved is concerned. There is disagreement on this subject between extremely knowledgeable and godly people on both sides of the issue. I don’t read alot on the web but I will check out your book.

god bless Fred


Hi Jack, I disagree with you about the ten kings being European kings. I believe the earth will be divided up into 10 trading blocks, the first being the European Union and the second is NAFTA, which is destroying the American economy. As the entire world is divided up into 10 economic blocks, the antichrist rules over all the nations, or 10 trading blocks. This will bring about economic peace and security before the sudden destruction that will fall on all mankind. Thanks, Bill


No true Jew will EVER ‘accept’ JC as anything other than a Jew who was badly misinterpreted. Until you figure that out, you are at a bad disadvantage. He is not, was not and never will be king of anything. For 2000 years, you guys have tried to force this down our thoughts. Don’t you ever learn? You tried murdering us; it didn’t work. You tried persuasion, it didn’t work. What now? Try, please try, to think. If we were ‘meant’ to go this route, we have had ample opportunity. All you are doing with these kinds of statements is being insulting.

best regards,

From: Jack Hook
To: Mordechai
Subject: Re: The Lamb is King…Israel’s Awakening

Hi Mordechai. Thanks for responding honestly and openly for I respect and appreciate that attitude. You wrote….”you tried murdering us; it didn’t work”…which proves my whole point when I said that most Jews can only see the “false” Jesus in the Hitlers of this evil world system, and use that as an excuse to reject the real Jesus of Nazareth who gave his life for his chosen people.

I beg you to understand that I am not one of those who you say tried to murder the Jews. People who hate and persecute the Jews are lost and on their way to a Hell that only the blood of Jesus can save them from. They must repent. Jews who hate the Gentiles are just as lost and must come to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The two most important questions all Jews, and even all Gentiles, must answer are…did Jesus shed his blood for the remission of sins required in the Old Testament….and secondly, did he rise from the dead bodily, ascend to Heaven leaving the promise of his second coming to save all of Israel that have trusted in his bloody sacrifice as the Lamb from God?

If you take this message as only an insult means your conscience and heart have been seared by the lies of the fallen angels working through counterfeit Christians, who have created a false Jesus who hates the Jews rather than offering them eternal life in him as the Son of God. Your eternal friend, Jack.

From: Mordechai
to: Jack


All hate is bad. In Judaism, proselytizing is prohibited. What you are doing and saying is abhorrent. Frankly, I never read anything you read. I get as far as the garbage trying so hard to change me and it goes directly into the delete bin. I repeat, you tried murdering us, and it didn’t work. It is time for YOU to wake up and repent. What you are doing and saying is not just wrong, it is sick. I have many very good friends who are real Christians. They NEVER attempt such grossness.

By the way, this is exactly the meaning of the sacrifice of the lamb at Pessah. The lamb was the Egyptian idol, just as it is yours. You need to start thinking.

best regards,


I appreciate your new mail.

I decided not to post on your guest book because of the vitriol there.
I am upset by Christian and Jewish vitriol, and anti-Christian and
anti-Jewish vitriol.

I was thinking last night from 2 AM to 6 AM what should the Jews do?
Fight or pray? I do not have an answer, but I do realize that secular
Israel would have disappeared long ago without them fighting for their
life. They would not be there to receive Messiah if they had not

I used to be a Peacenik, and basically I am against the war in Iraq and
the prez’s mobilization of America to fight for oil and hegemony. I
don’t believe the Far Right war mongers–but then, I am a Democrat, or
Independent, and don’t vote that way anyway! I realize that the new
legislature is corrupt too. That, as you say, all gov’ts are of Satan.

But I would not know what to say to Israel–I would of course say they
should turn to their Messiah. But if not that, then what? It may be
that they will fight. The Bible does show them fighting in the very
old days, i.e. Joshua’s. To fight against unregenerate idolaters has
always been advised by the Lord, at least in the Old Testament.

With you, I long for the Lord to come and be our government, when none
of these questions need be addressed any more. And the lion shall lie
down with the lamb.



Hello Brother Jack

I just read your artical about Isarel, The Lord put them in my heart so many years ago,

I pray for them all the time, Im asking that the Lord would remove the blindness from their minds and give them an eye to see and an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to them.

I plead the Blood of the Lamb of God over them,And that the Lord would draw them unto Him self By the Holy Spirit.

I wont to share a dream I had with you, I dont understand.

I dreamed that armed men, took Presedent Bush to Irac and placed him on a whell,and bound,him to it. then the place where Sadom statue was standing, they had a poll and bound the whell with the Presadent on it and raised it up and it begun to spin around and round, no one could stop it or take him down, The People in arac where not danceing in the street when they saw this, they were all bowed down on,there knees whaling I do not know what.

Pastor I must tell you this dream has bothered,me, I ask the Lord to reveal to me ,what this means.





did you ever consider how there are many anti-christs who will come and deceive the very elect saying Peace Peace but not actually so? reminds me of a kingdomship in the whitehouse and how he has fooled the elect fundamentalists, fooled me too
because i had not done my homework but listened to my father who is a christian and the church who were pushing for a christian president.


By their fruits you shall know them and so far you are saying what I agree with.
God Bless you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Messiah, Yeshua, the only Prince of Peace


I really think that if everybody hated God then People would have a common enemy and not fight each other.

God is BAD! he creates tidal waves. tornados hurricanes and all the other shit! Hate God!



Where did you get my e mail address? I am a Christian Conservative who is extremely interested in my Country and the people who are trying to destroy it from the inside. It is bad enough we have to fight terrorists who just want to kill us because of who we are, but it is another thing to fight those who say they care for our troops and yet every decision they make tries to undermine them. We need to get the grass roots effort out there to take these people out of office because as far as I am concerned some of the tactics they use border on treason. I am a veteran of the Marine Corps during the Vietnam era but never saw action because they were drawing out all of the soldiers in 1974 when I joined. God bless you and your service to this great Country. Buzz


It’s even simpler than that!

When the Jewish High Priest made the official proclamation “We have no King but Caesar”, he willingly placed himself and the people he represented into the venue and jurisdiction of Rome. He ceased representing God to the Chosen people and the people to God. And, understanding his offer, Pilate accepted this final item in the negotiation and delivered Jesus to be crucified.

It was another official pronouncement, this time by Pilate, an authorized representative of the Roman Empire, that established Jesus as “The King of the Jews”. But it wasn’t just some cheap statement made in jest, Jesus was found guilty of this charge in an official Roman legal proceeding and sentenced to death. The official charge was written in the three predominant languages of Judea (Hebrew, Latin and Greek) was “This is Jesus, the King of the Jews”.

In conclusion, the same event that caused the priesthood to fail established Jesus as mediator between God and man.

The same event that Satan intended to establish Caesar’s authority over Jews, resulted in the establishment of Jesus as King of the Jews.

Jesus death was followed by the death of the nation Israel in 70AD.

In our time God has re-gathered Israel from the furthest reaches of the earth and has set them back in the land of promise, and they will be resurrected at the appointed time when they call upon their Prophet of prophets, our great high priest, the resurrected King, Jesus, the Son of the Living God.


Shalom Jack,
Thank you for writing what you did. I am not sure if I told you that I spent six months in Israel with my wife and seven children. We sold our place and used the money to go. We knew we were suppose to do it, and I would do it again …. as a matter of fact, we are working towards that end.
I agree with you that if we only “support Israel”, or “bless Israel”, with physical blessings, then we have not done all that we should. Of course, the physical blessing should give us an inroad, or a platform to speak. We need to build a bridge of trust that can withstand the weight of truth.
Dealing with a religious Jewish person, it is hard to break through the religious spirit that often has hold of them. They filter everything through what their particular rabbi, or sect of rabbis tells them. We need to show them who the true Messiah is. To most of them, Jesus is a fulfillment of the prophecy from Deuteronomy 13:

1If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder,
2And the sign or the wonder come to pass, whereof he spake unto thee, saying, Let us go after other gods, which thou hast not known, and let us serve them;
3Thou shalt not hearken unto the words of that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams: for the LORD your God proveth you, to know whether ye love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul.
4Ye shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and ye shall serve him, and cleave unto him.
5And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death; because he hath spoken to turn you away from the LORD your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed you out of the house of bondage, to thrust thee out of the way which the LORD thy God commanded thee to walk in. So shalt thou put the evil away from the midst of thee.

For many of them, they believe that this is exactly what Jesus did. Tragically, many who call themselves Christians have given the Jewish people good reason to believe it. We have told them that Jesus came to do away with His Father’s Torah; He changed the Sabbath to Sunday: you can eat abominable things now; you can celebrate the Christianized pagan feasts of christmass and easter and all the others; etc. Oh and by the way, if you do not accept this Jesus as your Messiah, we will kill you. Try to put yourself in their shoes … would you accept this version of the Messiah? Of course not. What we would do is tell the people that “Christianity”, as a religious system, has lied to them. But their Rabbis have lied to them also. We would then challenge them to read about Yeshua, and see what he said about himself, along with those who knew him well. Many said that they would. Halleluyah!!! Many have stayed in touch with us and want to ask us more questions. We need to go back to the Land.
Keep up the good work. Shalom to your home, Tom


Dear Jack,

Your views regarding Israel and the end times is very much the same as my pastor’s. He has tried to wake people up to the truth of their need to receive Jesus and His blood sacrifice to cleanse us of sin as other pastors, better known, are saying that God has a different plan to save the Jews. He just wrote his Newsletter, The Flaming Sword. You can read it on our web site, www.eaec.org

I have also sent him your article here and referred him to your web site.

Thanks for your ministry.

God bless and keep you in all ways,



Jack I also are like you I spent multiple tours in Nam. And have carried a feeling of guilt that I was not in combat as much as our fallen brothers and the ones that are walking dead, and living the horrors of that long ago place,
your article was very inspiring to me .
thanks and


Thank you My Brother,
I thought I was the only one out here trying to reach the Lost and dead in Christ. There are alot of people in the church pews that are destined to go to Hell believing in Religion. You do have a new internet friend, and a Real Brother in arms and in Christ. May you be Showered in Blessings from our Saviour Jesus Christ. Your Brother in Christ, Rev. Doc – Former Army Ranger


Thank you for sharing your letter with me.
I had two of my cousins in that war.
I lost my Dad in WW11. My Mother was only twenty four with two young children I was 3 and my brother was only sixteen months old. I saw what this did to her she raised us and never married.
We have had loved ones died in wars as far back as the Civil War.
War is so terrible, there is so much loss of young lives.
God bless you.


Thank you Jack. I am also a VN VET and found Jesus in 1974. I ‘ve never been the same and yes I believe He’s coming soon. I have been to your site and I will look again. I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers

God bless,


Please explain to me how you arrive at America as being the Anti-Christ? I watch Jack VanImpe all of the time and that is not his conclusion. He Says it is someone from the EU. I really would like to know.
Love Always,


So Jack, we should be telling everyone to not be a Soldier?

Or just Christians should refuse nation-state military service and let the unsaved defend us all?

You are now a pacifist, then, right?



Dear Jack;

Did you happen to save any of the letters of debate that was going around
starting with your prayers to your reconstructionist freind? We now have a
long time Independent Baptist member ( he has only been here 2 months, but
has been in large IFB churches all his life) who needs a serious
re-education in this subject. He’s a 20 year marine and a 10 year government
civil service employee. He highly offended one of our baby Christians (to
tears) when he talked about the “ragheads” and going to work in Iraq to
promote our country and aggressively spoke about killing the ragheads. He
really is living in a carnal state of mind, and the Pastor (my husband who
is also former military, but through your email discussion on the subject
now believes in nonviolence) needs some helps to start the conversation. The
man loves to talk and take up all our time and these would be great times
for personal teaching.



I truly enjoyed your e mail and agree wholeheartedly with your beliefs in our lord Jesus .I served 67- 68 at DaNang air Base and I remember that time vividly. We received a lot of people from Saigon and the air base that were evacuated to us during Tet offensive. I heard of the Horors their from some men. I remember praying while we were under attack that fateful morning. I asked Jesus to spare me and my fellow comrades from death many a time. I often wondered why I was allowed to live and felt very quilty about it all. Especially when I saw all the KIA’S. I only sat and cried for God to welcome them all into his arms with special care and I felt their loss and their hurt there. You and I were spared because it was Gods wish for it to be so. Now You know why that you might do his bidding and shine for his Glory in Jesus name. Gary


Welcome Home Jack.

Thanks for the email.
It is good that you reach out to troubled souls.

I want you to accept what I tell you. Do not take it personally.
Your message has no interest for me. I have visited both the links in your email.
I think it is great that we live in a society and culture where we have the freedom of choice.

We have the freedom to be wrong and the freedom to fail.

I am a secular humanist with no belief in any higher power than the spirit of Man.
If that spirit of man is manifest by your god, so be it.

Be well. spread the good news.
Don’t take it personally!
I won’t take your email as an intrusion if you won’t take my email as a rejection.
Best wishes