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Greetings, One question: If Chuck Baldwin is engaged in the wrong battle, then what is the right battle? Thanks.

Hi Gregory. As Paul said to the early church, he fought the good fight of faith and kept the testimony of Jesus before Pilate when he said…my kingdom is not of this world, if it were my servants would fight. Paul also taught the Philippians our citizenship was in Heaven. Our carnal and religious flesh, inspired by seducing spirits, the fallen angels, always resists this holy call to love one’s enemies, and to hate the evil ways of the fallen angels who rule this world until Jesus Christ returns. Our brother, Chuck, is listening to these militant and proud spirits who come in the name of Jesus, but not his teachings. Your brother in Jesus. Jack

Jack, I’m still awaiting an answer from you on: Were the founding father’s of this country in sin regarding the Revolutionary war against Kind George and England? Is resistance to tyranny a sin against The Lord? Thanks.

Hi Greg. Yes, the founders of this nation were deceived by the fallen angels into thinking rebellion against civil authority was their mission from God. Exposing the sin nature in all of mankind, including the King of England, and calling them to repentance and faith is one thing allowed by God, but taking up arms to overthrow them is not. They clearly did not understand the prophecies of the Gentile nations according to Daniel’s visions. They also refused to acknowledge that Satan and his fallen angels were given, by God, the nations with all of their various political and religious institutions until the second coming of Jesus Christ, just as the Revelation clearly teaches. Jack


Do you believe that we should defend our own homes and families from thieves, rapists and murderers?


Thanks for your email, but I would appreciate it if you would not send me anymore. I know you stole my email from Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s website. You are dead wrong. You are one of those Christians who looked the other way during the rise of Hitler and the destruction and murder of innocent people that came after.

You are also wrong on your view of the timing of the rapture. The church will go through the Great Tribulation. Study the prewrath rapture view. This view is consistent with what the Bible teaches. The pretrib. view makes numerous assumptions that are not biblical.

Pastor Baldwin is correct when he says that laziness is the reason why many Christians don’t do their duties as citizens of our country.


Hi Jack
My name is Tony, I to am from charlie co. I was with C co 2/27 th , out of CuChi . Funny thing about it , I went in country feb13-69 left feb 12-70
Your letter brings tears to my eyes . This year is going to be the first time in 40 years, that I’m going to meet up with some of the guys from Nam.


I read this (Manchus of Charlie Company) with tears in my eyes as it brougth back the pain I have with me from Vietnam. The only contact I have had with any one from this period is with my medic in August of 2008. It had been 40 years and we talked as if we had seen each other the day before.
I believe the thing you said and as you have experience turning my back and heart from God. I am trying now to live as He would want me to. It is very hard and I don’t know if I will make it as I am so tired. I too suffer the result of agent orange(heart desease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and PTSD.
My God bless you,your family, and friends of Manchu. I served with B CO 2/8 Inf 4th Inf Div.(Black Panthers) Please continue you good work.
Sincerely Buddy


Hi, My name is gregory. Btroop 7/17 CAV 1970. I’m not much for reading things but did red some of it. My question is why did you send this to me? I’m not asking in a rude tone, I’m just curriouse as to why you sent it to me????. Also you mentioned you have Diabetes and heart problems… I went to a reunion last year and like myself everyone seems to have diabetes and heart problems like myself. I even had a 4way bypass… Must have been the agent orange. I am happy for you and your friend… Myself, I’m all messed up, put in claims and the VA want’s me to remember names and dates of people and I have put it out of mt head for so long that I can’t remember anything very much. I guess it’s burried deep. I guess the stroke I had when the VA was giving me an angiogram doesn’t help either… Oh well … anyway … God Bless you and I’m glad you have have things and faith to help you. Greg


Hi Jack. I am reading your e-mail and it is very interesting . My wife and I are Jewish and have friends of all colors and religions. We base a person on who he or she is and for no other reason. It would be great if the whole world lived in peace and each religion respected each others. Unfortunately there are those who do not have this attitude and this creates hatred. I am not the most religious person in the world but still know what my religion is. I have many Christian friends also Baptist and you name it. Many are vets who are in my e-mails and I teach others the mistreatment given to them. As for Israel I know they would try to live in peace but take the Hamas they have one purpose in life and that is to destroy Israel and they feel this way about America also. Look what happened to the economy of our country which was caused by greed and not caring about others. There will always be people like that in this world but then there are many that are good and caring. I have met many who are wonderful people and religion and color does not exist in our friendship. It is terrible how the vets are treated by our government and VA Hospitals also the chemicals that are given to our fighting forces protecting our country that causes cancers to flow through the bodies of many. Vets who came back after serving our country and were given no help and then committed suicide rather then suffer and starve. This I have learned from the other vets . It is late at nigh here in Skokie,Illinois so wanted to respond back to you. One of the vets Iron Thunderhorse who won the American Medal of Honor for his service in Nam has really been treated unjustly. If you are not aware of his life and the torture he has gone through do a search under IRON THUNDERHORSE and you will be amazed. Glad to hear from you and look forward to get your response . Mort

Hi Mort,

Thanks for responding to my invitation. It is an honor to meet you and the respect I have for the Jewish people is not measurable. I know what you are saying about some Jews who think Jesus was a good teacher and a devoted Jew, but yet refuse to address his claim to be the Son of God. He was either God in the flesh of a man or he was a lunatic for what he was saying to the Jews of the first century.

You are also correct that men can possess a love for others of other faiths and ethnic groups, for God created us all with a natural love for others. And mankind has the capability to soften or harden his own heart. You seem to have a very soft and open one. But what mankind is incapable of doing is removing the sin nature that dominates all of us to one degree or another, for we all have sinned against God. This can only be done by Jesus, that Son of God who died on the cross for you and me.



Bro Jack:

I’ve written you before; can’t remember when, but am of the same “persuasion” as you seem to be on government vs. BIBLE Christianity (Paul’s is listed in 2 Tim 1:12). I got saved in ’76 at age of 30, a Viet Nam era doper, school teacher/coach, etc. I have been an Independent, Bible believing (King James), Baptist preacher for the last 30 years, have started 3 chruches, kids are in the ministry, etc; ALL glory to God for His grace and the great salvation provided through the Lord Jesus Christ.

My wife and I take an occasional trip from time to time just to “get out of Dodge.” Perhaps, if you don’t mind, you can give me your Phone # and area that you live and we can get together for lunch or something.

God has been so good to us; If we never receive another thing “down here” we should be satisfied with what we’ve already received; His Son and the “abundant life” of which we are the partaker of!!

I love you my good brother



I am a 65 year old degreed and professional registered chemical engineer and I think that the military people are not only brainwashed but screwed up beyond belief. the joos are utterly satanic and you swallow the judeo-Christian puke about Christ being a joo. show me where in the bible it says that. I can show you where Christ cursed the joos John 8:44, where he would not walk among them John 7:1 and where they are part of the synagogue of Satan Rev 2;9 and 3:9 for starters.

I am proud to be a draft evader. I would not to go to Viet Nam. Let the brain washed dummies fight another war for profit for the kikes.
When you talk about culture of death you must be referring to the US and to Its-a-lie. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are good examples of killing innocent people. You have yet to figure out that since HS Truman made Zionism the official religion of the US in 1948 that the US has lost every war that it has been involved in. one does not have to be very smart to figure out how Iraq and Afghanistan will turn out. Iraq defeated Bush and Obama has a thing or two to learn. Ben Laden, if he exists, is right by asking how many decades will the US want to fight a war in Iraq?
Maybe Its-a-lie needs to kill more Palestinians to make you happy or steal some more of their land. Its-a-lie is a lie and NO part of its belongs to the kike anti-christ joos.
It was the kike joos who first poisoned the Middle East with nuclear weapons. They certainly should have no reason to complain. Do as I say not as AI do., hypocrisy is their siren call. I hope that either North Korea, India or Pakistan flies nuclear weapons into Iran so that the non-sense about stopping them will come to an end. I assume that Federal Express or UPS can make over night flights.
None of the prophecies in the bible are from kikes. If I am wrong show me. russell


mr. hook,
if you found out today that everyone you knew had cancer,

the problems for all of you would not be cancer, it would still be the Jew
why do you quote the bible.
Jews follow the book of hatred and have almost never followed the bible.

it is called the Talmud.
you have fallen into the trap of the Jew..

the talmud is tranlated mostly on the internet,
as the Jew knows what they teach each other and will not translate it for you.
Jesus knew they were a Talmud people, and addressed them as so.
no Jesus was God, and he was never a Jew.
God knew that only the Jew hated enough to slaughter him in that manner.

you are a Jew, hiding behind the bible and calling yourself a Christian.

do your homework, and study the Talmud, it is all over the world, through the internet



I liked your paper “Then Comes the Fire”. The only comment I’ll add is that you should have pointed out that all of this HAD to happen. St. Augustine’s “Just War” was just the first significant step, but it HAD to happen… or else the light of the Gospel would have been snuffed out long before it was exported around the earth in British and European sailing vessels a thousand years later. Bible-believing colonists HAD to form a Republic in America, at least for a brief period, so that the world could witness a small sample of the freedom and prosperity that awaits the faithful believers in the Kingdom.

As beautiful as the Constitution of the united states of America was, it is after all just a HUMAN creation. And so, despite all of it’s clever governmental checks and balances… finally, YES, Mystery Babylon MUST eventually seize the reigns of power, both in America and in the NWO… so that the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ can be made manifestly indispensible at His triumphant return. The government shall be upon His shoulders. All the world’s a stage… and CHRIST is the playwright.

Your brother in Christ,


Mr. Hook, I see you believe in a secret rapture, this really surprise me, reading some of your articles, seem to be truth from the word of God. My question is how can people of your knowledge in the word of God, not see that the secret rapture is a lie? I just don’t understand could you help me with this. I see Matt 24 and Thessaloians are the same event. The second coming of Jesus Christ.

Thank you



Jack you are full of it.
In this world, the good doers who hold up the mantle of Christ are the evil dooers and the evil satan you talk about is not real …this is all a fairy tale, wake up brother..
You are out of it.

Why should I care anymore?
I have kept my faith despite the fact that I lost my wife and children to a car wreck. The lawyers, doctors and crooked judges raped me of everything my beloved and I worked our whole lives for. They left me homeless and the only reason I still have access is because I am trying to help someone else.
My parents and siblings are gone and I finally said to HELL with everything else. I used to do charity work but when my life ended everyone forgot about me. My family and I used to give several days every month to charity, MDA, childrens miracle, boy scouts, make a wish, habitats for humanity, our local stuff and much more…..who cares? Nobody…that was my answer. I am ALONE.
I wish HE would hurry up and put an end to this mess. I am give out.


Jack, Well put, brother. I’m re-reading 1776 by David McCullough. I’m reading it partly to gain insight into the loyalists, some of whom may have been believers who took Romans 13 seriously. George Washington is quoted as saying some unloving things about the loyalists. Last October my family and I visited Niagara On the Lake, Ontario, a town settled by loyalists who had to flee across the Niagara River. Perhaps some of them were believers in Jesus and strangers in a strange land. Love, Jim.


Mr. Hook,

I respect your right to express your views to others. I am not offended by your contact, and I am always willing to exchange views. Moreover, I have a few friends that share, I believe, your views. I will forward your letter to them.

However, I am an atheist. I am not proud of, or ashamed of, embracing the status of nonbeliever. That’s just what I am. I am a veteran also (US Army 1959-1962). My two sons both served as Marines during the first Gulf War. I was spared the horror of war, unlike you. I sincerely appreciate your service to this nation, and wish the best to you and to your loved ones.

Thank you for your letter.



JACK D HOOK. As I previously requested I do not want to receive any more of your rubbish emails about the christ-ian Satan you call ‘Jesus Christ’.

“Adam” (Genesis 5:1) was NOT ‘CURSED’ as you christ-ians FALSELY allege.

You and your fellow christ-ians inherited NOTHING from the RIGHTEOUS ADAM.

‘Eve’ is not once mentioned in the Jewish scriptures which you despise and HATE.

So BEGONE Satan.


I would’ve read it all but it seems to be filled with religious bullshit.
Are you trying to sneakily convert me to Jesusfaggery or something?
And where did you get my e-mail exactly?


my dad was in Vietnam i do believe that there are fallen angels i also know in Gen.1 when God created the earth He did not create it void & without form because anything God does is perfect so something must have happen in between verse 1 & 2 i believe it was the (greek word catabolie) casting down of satan then the earth became void & without form & darkness was upon the face of the deep(water) (search the sciptures) i will look at your web site.


mr hook, like you i was in vietnam 1st with the 101st 1/502 infantry and
then with co c 87th infantry. i have white blood, native american blood
mexican indian blood, i thought i was doing the right thing going to
vietnam cause i was no better to serve then the next feller, i had
people who tried to get me to go to canada, i would not do that cause i
did,nt want that label in my records for life, i read alot of american
history and i know this nation is built on lie,s and pride, look at how
the so called christian,s done the people who were here first, lies,
deceit treaty,s they knew they were not going to keep and even germ war
fare, many of these tribes are now gone many lost there tribe indenity,
like me i dont know which tribe i have blood from cherokee or saponi,
dont matter cause if you cant prove your blood lines you are not indian,
yes i belive this country will reap what they have sowed, i dont claim
to be saved, i dont belong to any church, i do belive there is a higher
power we must answer too some day, no man can save me with his sermon,s
on sunday which is not the true holy day god told the human race to set
aside as his day , the days that they say are holy days lie easter,
xmas, are based on pagan religion,s , i dont belive in the pope, that
religion is truly based on lie,s that they have preached for hunreds of
years, they killed more people then hitlern iam thinking . if you didnt
belive as they did or told you too, they would burn you at the stake if
any one teach,s or follows the true christian fath there are but few of
them, i wish i was one of them, but i know in my heart iam not, but if i
feel i have to pray i go out on the mountian by myself, i hope the lord
does hear my prayer and can clean my wicked heart and mind, i see this
country going to hell in a hand basket, greed, drug,s a govt that is
dirty to the corp, not many care about any one but them selves, big
corpertion, that bleed the people for every thing they can get, maybe my
spelling is not to good, i dont have a big degree or much education, but
i can see that this country is headed on the same road that many of the
tribe,s were send on by this so called fair and just and christian
nation, it is not a just and christian nation it is a nation built on
pride and lie,s the end will come for her soon iam thinking, i belive
many of your point,s ex- vietnam vet harold


I was raised as a Methodist , my first tour I was with 1st Recon Bn. 1st Mar Dive . Yes ,I saw action . I saw death . I was wounded. there are No atheists in a foxhole.I cannot subscribe to only the bibles readings ,when there is so much more out there to use for self direction, Confucianism, ZEN, Buddhism.To me it’s like being a republican or a democrat. I believe that if contain yourself in a box,you’re thoughts stay in the box too.On my second tour I was with 2nd Bn.5th mar Reg. 1st Mar .Div. 69-70 No one I know would want to read your story. get a life ……


Hello Jack from here in OKLAHOMA…..
I received your e-mail this afternoon and almost deleted it… a little voice in my heart said to look first… I was very touched by your email and agree…. We are a Christian family as well as my husband being a Vietnam vet… He has a lot of problems because of that conflict. He was there during TET and was bombed and shelled …He was not physically hurt , but he has never been the same …..
Thank you for passing this info to me
Lois H
a Christian wife of a Vet