May 2012 Comments

Dear Jack, I took the time today to read all your message.  I praise God for your committment to the True Gospel.  We must all remain focused on God’s Holy Word as revealed in the Bible and pray that the Holy Spirit will guard us from wandering into the errors that are continuing to be brought into our present day organized churches by its self-styled leaders.

We are blood-bought children of our Blessed Redeemer.  Only daily infilling of the Holy Spirit can keep us aware of who we are.  What a gift.  Human intellect is truly amazing and our enemy the Devil always at work, but the promises of God are sure and powerful.  Our journey through our alloted time on earth is a wonderful adventure, but we must never think of ourselves more highly than we ought.  Pride is still the great destroyer of our witness.  May the Lord keep you near the cross as we watch and wait for Christ’s glorious return. 

Great is His faithfulness. Live in peace.  Your Vietnam widow friend, Leta


Greetings Mr. Hook;
                I recently read a email newsletter from you, that really helped me see the light on many levels. My question is, may I use your words of insight and understanding on blogs, facebook posts and such?




Thank you for sharing this with me, yes I am happy to read the things you have written any time

I have read this and agree with you.   In Christ Jesus, Jo


Herr Hook
I can’t understand where you obtained my details as I am a very private. Like you I served as a soldier, but that was a very long time ago and I’m very old now. I had the honour to serve in the waffen SS and fought against the Russians on the Ost front as well as fighting the English in the west. I was wounded 5 times and lost an eye. I think the world would have been a better place if we had won….
Heil Hitler
Heinz Odo Knoake (Dresden) 


Would you please delete me from your mailing list-I cannot take any more of this drivel. Thankyou in anticipation. Geoff


Jack it has always amazed me how anyone who says they believe in Jesus Christ can harbor hatred towards His (Jewish) people. I will never understand that. Don’t they realize that they are worshipping a Jewish God? If they hate the Jews they hate Messiah and there’s no getting around it.


Hello Jack:  Many of the secular Jews in and out of Israel are involved in humanism, the new age movement, and the new world order, but so are whites, blacks, hispanic, etc.   As you rightfully said, we can not broad brush any group of people because of some who do evil.  If that were the case we could condemn all Germany more rightfully so than any other modern day people.  That nation caused the deaths of more than 60 million people alone in World War2, and millions more in World War 1.  I find it interesting that seldom are the Germans condemned or criticized for the great evil that occurred in the world during those wars, yet some how the Jews are vilified more, even after the holocaust.  We know that that is the result of satanic hate, and deception in the minds of those he controls.

God Bless, David


Hi Jack,

I came across an email from you that was sent to an address I don’t use any more, so I copied it over to one of the addresses I do use these days and will try to write a line to you all.  Thanks for sharing that letter with me.

You really caught my eye where you said: the false gospel of Roman Catholicism, the pride of militant patriotism, the love of money found in the prosperity gospel, the love of self taught in psychology, and the New Age heresies of the Emergent and Contemplative movements.

That is sooooooo right on!  Lora and I do a lot of research and warn about these things a lot in our writings.

Jack, I meet so many people, please tell me how we met again.  I am embarrassed to say I forgot.

We wish you and Carol a happy new year.




It is amazing how people that hate Jews will go to any extreme to blame them for every evil in the world.  Romans 1:22, 25 all over again.   Jim


I’m a Jew that put my trust in Yeshua as my Messiah and God in 1975. I’ve heard all of the “Hate Jews” talk my whole life and it always amazes me how Gentiles (non-Jews) can hate the very God they say the love and worship. I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again, you’d better fall in love very quickly with the Jewish Messiah from Nazareth and surrender your life to Him before time runs out! That’s right, the Jewish God called Jesus Christ. You know, The One who did not give up His Jewishness after the resurrection!

Heaven will be tough on those of you who have a hard time loving God and His people. In fact, come to think about it, if you hate your brother, and Jews are your brothers, how can you love God who you can’t see?



Excellent Post!  As a Vietnam veteran, I too have the same thoughts about war and the inhumanity of it all.  I don’t blame the soldiers who have to fight these needless wars.  I blame their leadership.  They have bought into a very evil set of values with the people of the NWO pulling the strings.  e.g.  Obama.  In my opinion, Obama is just a puppet who is leading this country further into a chaotic situation that will result in our once Godly country into a pagan, anything goes, 3rd world country.  

It is sad to see our nation becoming so wicked and falling away from our Savior, but it is just a plain fact.  Yes… there are many good Christians still around, but we have such an uphill battle until our Lord returns.  If these are not the “last days”, then I don’t know how much further we can fall as a nation until the “last days” are here.  

Because I was reared in the 1950s, I have seen this country of ours deteriorate because of our top leadership in congress and the POTUS himself.  It appears that anything goes these days, and morality has been replaced by an attitude of “whatever”.  

Thanks for your email.  Hope to hear from you every time you post something new.  




I have no idea what website gave you my email, but I have NO interest whatever in the subject and certainly will NOT forward any of this crap.


We, as Christians have learned from history that we are not to start wars like the Crusades. The public knows this about us now. So when the religions take over our streets and bow to their gods the officials fear the response they might get to clearing the streets. A riot or war maybe? The Christians will not act this way but the enemy will. We should just keep showing our true heart for Christ and his kingdom, no matter who is looking or listening in.