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I’m a believer JD, and a POLK survivor. How do you think I survived the place. No Vietnam.  Weren’t you stationed at Polk also? Thank you for your writing and your concern. Wish more were as committed as you are.




USMC ’73-’76

Perris Island

1st MAW, Iwakuni, Japan

4th MarDiv, Camp Pendleton

Thanks for the Newsletter, those of us who know Jesus personally have been given the wisdom and knowledge of the events unfolding in this world.

I have friends who have had visions of America being destroyed by massive earth quakes. 

Personally I have had 2 visions; one was talking to families behind fences obviously imprisoned by this gov’t, the other I saw myself in a major fire fight. Since I did not serve on any battlefield I would say this one is in the very near future. Other Christian friends of mine have had this same vision and they are states away.



So glad to get this message–thank you so much—I rest each day in knowing our Savior and Lord will be coming back for his Saints—So much evil in the world—So much going on especially in the Middle East—The Bible tells it so plain and more so in the 38th Chaper of Ezekiel—Have a blessed Christmas and New Year—-In Christ—Harlene


So true but I would go further to those who agree with you but do not accept the fact that the New Covenant was made with Israel as a nation and includes their forgiveness and restoration , [Isaiah 62,Ezekiel 36-39,Zechariah 11-14, Romans 11].  Following Christ’s teaching means accepting the God of Israel and Jerusalem and not Reformed Theology that makes themselves the exclusive benefactors of the 2nd Advent!


Add to those that are false prophets, International House Of Prayer (IHOP) and The New Apostolic Reformation. I had been involved in the occult- so called new age movement, heavily, from 1959 till Jesus saved me in 1976. Never did I imagine that even the so-called Evangelical churches would be spewing this garbage along with Dominion-ism and a host of other heresies. I have had to confront church leaders and pastors on numerous occasions.



Dear Mr. Hook

Thank you for sending this article.  I am getting ready to send to a few people who will agree with what you wrote here as I do as well.  May the Lord continue to use you to bring HIS truth to those whom believe “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS”.

Blessings in Jesus/Yeshua.  



Shalom Brother Jack,

Thank you for sharing. There are so many in the western church who “play” church. They are lost “thinking” and/or “believing” they are saved and going to heaven. This is sad!

Yahweh has always had a “true” remnant of believers all through the ages. Some were martyred.

I foresee Yahweh bringing a remnant through the tribulation and many more not of the remnant being martyred who are in the church.

Thanks brother for sharing and have a blessed day in Yeshua.




Hello Jack
I only have one comment regarding the sending of your email and that is you appear to be raising yourself up which means you are doing the works out of your own source of strength rather than allowing God to raise you up in His way and in His timing (sometimes the hardest thing for a strong minded person to do). Even though we are in desperate times God is still in control.


Amen brother Jack,

I greet you in The Mighty name of The LORD Jesus Christ.

Thanks for the very wonderful article you sent me, I will check your website too.

Feel free to forward to me any article for the glory and honour of The LORD.

May The LORD bless you.




Jack do you think that The Christians that  fought England for freedom were wrong ?  How about The Christians that fought hitler were they wrong ?  i could  bring up outhers but i will not.   Sincerly  Chaplain  Bender


Brother Jack,

You engage many people with such important discussions. You have a love for people that is a great example and blessing.

Thank you,



It’s so easy to be deceived with so much of this kind of stuff out there.

Thanks again for your time and thoughts Jack.

God Bless you 



Dude do not preach to me I’ve been to hell and. Back. Nam vet 66-67 Good bye