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Greetings Brother Jack:

     It has been some time that I have said any thing. I work for the IN Army National Guard for 22 years and had as my Boss a man who came from Germany and was not a believer and I prayed for 19 long years for his salvation and after he retired ahead of me. One year later I got a evening call on the phone and His last name was Harms and he called to let me know that he gave his life to JESUS CHRIST that night at Church and then let me know it was because I never gave up on HIM.  What a big turn around in that man life and we are very close friends now never give in to our enemy!!


Hey there Brother Jack,

Great response to your German friend Heinz! Thanks for passing this along.



Here is a little historic clarification what happened 162 days before WWII began. And there is much more about what really took place. But that is not taught in US history classes. It is better to continue the never ending lies about Germany’s history. We can now learn who the true criminals that planned, financed, and then had both World Wars started are, as more and more archives being opened, particularly in Eastern Europe, and England. High time to set the records straight, Mr. Hook, because you have been fed one lie after another, and still believe everything about those evil Germans. Well, the boomerang is coming back your way. As the old saying says,…” What goes around, comes around”…..

Freifrau Gabriele


Do not send me another one of these emails. I am Jewish and you have no right to challenge my beliefs .



Nicely put, dear Jack…

That b.s. line the Jesuit-Illuminati puppeted Roosevelt uttered still makes my hair stand on-end. I’m assuming you know that Pearl Harbor was fully orchestrated to arouse and rally the U.S. people into supporting the US involvement in WW II. 

Also Hitler did NOT commit SUICIDE and lived for many, many years post war…

I daily praise the Lord that I am no longer a nun nor remotely connected with any part of the satanic Vatican. What an evil horror they are!

Ever read an excellent book called FROM MY SIDE OF THE ALTAR by aNUNymous (eBay or Amazon) short-sweet and to the point and funny.

Blessings sent to you, dear brother!



Jack, have you read Ray Comfort’s God, Hitler and the Bible? It is small but it is excellent and I didn’t know until he wrote about it that the NAzi’s succeeded by replacing the icons of the  unsaved churches over there with the icons of the swastika and rewrote a bible where Hitler was the messiah- much like Kim Jong Il did in N Korea. This is what happens when people respect the icons instead of having Jesus as Saviour in their hearts. It is all a meaningless excercise to them. We have people like that in our church and I don’t know how to get through to them. It is a social club for them. My husband is the Pastor and he teaches deeper and more meaningful stuff than I have heard at many other churches before I joined his and still, it is like pulling teeth to get these folks to read their bibles or to break their hearts before Christ. It is a  heart condition. It seems crazy to me that Hitler could come into churches that have been there for centuries and change them without the people just throwing the bums out, but it happened. I know there had been argmumnets from the JW’s and others that the Catholic church supported Hitler, etc, but the Hitler was his own God.



Thank you for your wisdom and faith.




Hi everyone,

Did you know that we are the New Atlantis?  Do your research.  Find out for yourself.  Did you know that the ones who planned for America to be the New Atlantis have a horrible end planned for America?  Do your own research.  God does not recognize America as the New Atlantis, but does recognize America becoming the EndTime Babylon the Great.  Again, do your own research.  See if these things be true.  Above is an interesting article with many pictures that describe this subject entirely.
Hope all are keeping warm in this incredibly cold and dangerous winter.

Your Brother in Christ Jesus’ Service,



Thank you for caring and sharing. May God Bless you brother. Keep the word coming, soon the Lord will appear..Amen 


Hi Jack…well what does the bible say? We will be taken up…those that believe. Then anarchy…then gov’t control for a time…u know the story.  With each shocking thing we are witnessing…we wonder what’s next before we are raptured….Our only job is to tell the lost about Jesus until He comes for us. Hope all is well and your enjoying your grandkids.    In Christ, Leslie


Hi Jack!

Thanks for including me here and (I hope) giving some thought to my response. I am sort of surprised that this German man openly adores Hitler. However, he is living in a FREE country, thanks to the Allies, where a person can express their opinions FREELY. If Hitler had won, that would not be the case, I am most sure.

I agree with on some important points you made. But, if WW 2 was not a clearly Good vs Evil war, I don’t know what is. Because of American military members (and Allies) who participated and some died in that war, many nations are free republics with free elections today who might have been under Nazi domination, including Merry ol’ England and the good ol’ USA.

Because we drew the line in Korea, an entire nation has heard the gospel. I was in Korea in 1989 for almost a year. I got to know the people and see the Christian influence everywhere I went. People on the street came up to groups of Americans and thanked us for saving their nation from Communism. I’m not sure what happened in Viet Nam — there were so many various theories and blamed splattered around. It was for sure a political war just like the various mini-wars of late. Those I cannot justify. We were evidently loathe to do to North Viet Nam and North Korea what we did to Japan, which saved many lives. My own Daddy, having survived the landing on Normandy Beach on D-Day and fought the Germans in France, was returned to the U.S. after VE Day and sent from the West Coast to participate in the invasion of Japan. The big bombs were dropped, and his ship was turned around in Mid-Pacific to return to California. I was about 15 months old at that time. I have every idea that I would not have had my Daddy the rest of my life if not for those bombs.

I agree that our politicians foul up just about everything they put their hands on. I also wonder: “When Jesus returns will he find America to be led by liberals like Obama, conservatives like Bush, or a madman like Hitler?”   

You said “the ‘just war’ doctrine [was] introduced into Christendom by Constantine and Augustine in the fourth century.”  It seems to me that the idea of a just war was first presented in the Bible when God told His people who to kill and who to spare, at times passing the death sentence from men on to women, children and even their livestock.

I’m one of those ‘crazies’ who thinks Jesus didn’t negate the God nor the message, of the Old Testament. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah?  Annihilated with extreme prejudice. I think we should defend ourselves against enemies. Especially ones like Hitler. I also think that we should live our lives in our nation under its laws, even if we don’t agree with them, unless it is a matter of conscience. We can’t go out and kill homosexuals, bomb abortion clinics or shoot the doctors, or act like vigilantes when ‘due process’ seems too slow or too broken (the rights of the criminal are more important than the rights of the victims.)

It’s a fine line to walk for all of us, no matter which side we come down on. But I do not see “pacifist” as synonymous with “Christian”.  If I am wrong, I am continually growing and evolving in the Lord, so maybe in time, I will see it your way. But not now. And, I am glad we live in one of those countries where, so far, we can both say what we think without being arrested.