November 2002 Comments

From Rodger:


EVERYONE will be saved from sin and hell by the blood of Christ. There is no such a thing as “too late” for this to happen. Everyone who enters the lake of fire which is the second death will be saved out of it.
i agree. so then if iam demon possessed i dont need hands on healing and
“human” prayers or deliverance from a church…ive asked this a couple of
times. no direct anser…iam not upset with you.. more with the sleeple and
the fact i want to repent…yet i dont seem to be ableto do it alone…i
love the Savior and i do believe all this platoE socialism order etc..i
just cant get past the anger and guilt to go to a church and repent…i
mentiond that before…anger tongue lust beer etc..

.i only ask these serious questions to folks who i think are lagit and
might be ableto steer me to a honest=church….i need to act on my own
instead of counting on others i sapose….i do appreciate the letters
though…plato the homo is a influence for the new world odor…sure is a
decadant country anymore..just like the brotherhood set up.

Yahwah´s blessings to you.

Thank you so much for the email! I couldn´t agree more with your opinion of so-called Christian leaders who are involved with Politics.
Whenever God allowed men to be involved eg Joseph, Daniel etc, they still put Him first and He elevated them to those positions for His plans and purposes to be fulfilled.
I trust that people reading your letters will do some intensive Bible study and understand the difference between the two Kingdoms.
The world today offers so much so called pleasure and it is so easy to listen to a gospel that isn´t the truth and get sucked into the vortex of no return. We have been warned of the apostasy and I see it more and more, mainly because most people are too lazy to study for themselves.
Keep up the good work.
God bless

Hey, you are spreading the same message that thanks be to God I am also sending, in different ways of course. Same as you, I am from a church that hasn´t a clue what it means to be born-again. Sad to say I have not been able to open the eyes of the rest of my family. I have to leave it in God´s hands through prayer. They think I´ve gone totally nuts since being born-again, especially since God choose to open Isaiah 47 to me that it is the USA and much, much more. I will send you the 13 page handout but it only goes by regular mail so I will need a snail mail address. God made it clear He wants this sent on paper. Here, below, is a quick little email I´m sending to all who send me junk mail. At the bottom is something about John 14:1-27. It was one of the ways I tried to open the eyes of those I love.

September 11 was clearly predicted 2700 years ago! See Isaiah 47 in the Bible. Look at verses 9 and 11 which accurately describe the events of 9/11. Isaiah 47 is full of references to the USA. ISAIAH 47=USA! With just a little research you will see why 9/11 happened and why there is much worse to come. You don´t have to worry if you are baptized with the Holy Spirit as John the Baptist foretold and Jesus promised. Read the gospel of John, especially chapters 3, 4 and 14 and you will know what it means to be a true believer and be saved. A true believer is born-again, one who believes and obeys everything Jesus taught in word and deed. Pray to God and ask Him to open your eyes and help those you love before its too late.

Jack, how do you know your personal interpretation of the Bible is the True
God Bless you,
Dear Brother:

Your´s is one of the “quality” Sites available. Keep it up. The critics are deceived, no doubt the products of the effective “brainwashing” of “success oriented Ministries” so popular today. The Bible is the Text Book, and you do a good job letting it dictate the Truth. The Authority of The Scriptures is what is missing today, especially with TV Preachers.

One thing that must be exposed:

Many of today´s “successful” Ministries that seem to be winning many to the Lord, yet at the same time embrace a “one world” and unifying agenda are clearly being funded by those who created and now support this Agenda. I recommend that Bible Believing Christians begin a Study of Cecil Rhodes, The Federal Reserve System and it´s Historical Support for “One Worlders” such as have been in many Pulpits since about 1890. This will be found the “root” cause of today´s Apostacy (a corrupted Currency with it´s Corrupted Results).

You will recall, the Apostle warns us: “The Love of money, is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL.” 1 Tim. 6:10. This is it. After many years of struggling with questions like, “WHY are some so successful, and other Ministries always struggling?” I believe the answer is so simple (without naming again the Preachers which you have mentioned on your Site); when we follow the money trail! It goes right straight to the Federal Reservists, the CFR, Rhodes Financed Scholarships, and our leading Political Figures. A Tree is known by it´s Fruit. These Bible Denying Ministries now are lined up “PUBLICALLY” with the NWO, and the Antichrist Powers in charge of today´s “Usury” based Economics of Babylon. They are being paid to say the One Worlder “Lines” in a major Last Days Political Effort to control the fate of The West and the entire world. These Financiers are also responsible for the introduction of Evolution, Socialism, Abortion, Liberal Public School Text Books, and the War against True Christianity. Anyone willing to do a real Study will not only find evidence, they will be astonished at the real Truth! Yet, some will cry out like “a hit dog” against this Email. That is because they are “part of the pack.”

Bless you, my Brother, you have done a great job in exposing the error in the Church today.

May God help us “bear The Cross” and suffer the shame of those holding true to the Authority of The Scriptures – The Word Of God.
In Him,
You´re too obsessed with sin. Jesus has never spoken
to me of sin.

He has a positive religion – love one another.

As for Bush, the spirit came upon me election night
and said, “If Bush wins, it´s a fascist coup.”

He DOES talk about Christianity, morality and all
that, but he´s a liar.

Dear Mr. Hook:

I wanted to commend you for an excellent piece on the “Pleasure of Sin.” How refreshing it is that someone finally comes to the forefront and says it how it is. I have been saying for a while that President Bush, who I like, should not separate his work and his faith. To try and set up a Palestinian state and look for peace should be a warning sign to him that Jesus is just about to return. He should be cautious and aware of the dangers that lie before him. Instead, he moves forward in his “politicalness,” forging right into the arms of Satan. Thank you so much for your truth and willingness to step forward and tell the world exactly what Jesus would say. You are a true warrior for christ. May Jesus bless you, your family, and your ministry. You have already been such a blessing to me.

In Christ,
Dear Jack

This article is right on. I have sent it to some who will understand what it
is saying. Thank you so much for your loyalty to truth.

Send more!!

Your brother in the Lord

You are right , it is a naion which subscribes to a changing doctrine so
it can be popular an correct. Churches are changing their doctrine also
an it is a very sad comment on church leaders who are called to spread
His gospel and so I pray that this time is at an end for hatred rules in
mens hearts an minds and love is distorted.

Dear Jack,
This is EXCELLENT!!! So well written. I agree with every word you have put down by inspiration of God´s Holy Spirit.


Love in Christ our LORD,

I say ,a hearty “THUMBS UP” to your exhortation! I too ,was a Prodigal
Son ,who experienced the rejuvenating,unrelenting force of God´s forgiveness
Through the Ransom sacrifice of His only-begotten Son,Christ Jesus.As the
Bible admonishes,let us continue to pray for our Leaders{who claim to be
Christian},hoping some may submit to Christ´s Rulership-NOW in KINGDOM
POWER,Agape Jeff
Brother Jack: I was raised in church, attended a Christian college for a year and made a huge mess out of things. I joined the Navy and only went to church to find a date. I did not know it, but I was an alcoholic. I lived as I chose in Mexicali and San Louis. Navy stationed me in El Centro Ca. and Yuma Az. I was married when I got out of the Navy. Went to College for another year, did better, but had to go to work. Got a good job, blue collar for the next nearly 10 years. As I finished my BA at Long Beach State, I was promoted to management in Labor Relations. On November 18, 1975, I was introduced to AA. In Dec. 1984 I finished law school and took the CA Bar Exam. Passed and became a lawyer in June, 1985. During that time God was working on me. Finally, Late January, 1986 I went to Church and in March of that year I gave me heart to the Lord. I have been walking with Jesus ever since. Somehow, as a kid, I never heard how much Jesus loved me. Today I am a Family Law attorney in Glendora, CA. I do my best to share the love of Jesus, every time I get a chance with clients.

Sorry to bend your ear so long. I just know the Lord´s return is near. As our world gives in to alternate life styles, etc., it can not be long until he returns.
I agree with you, I do not know how a person can be elected to president of the US and walk a straight road. Politics is the game of compromise.

Take care, I will keep you in my prayers.


no one named hey soos lived his name was Yahshua. GOAD is a pagan deity. what GOAD should we believe in? ther are many goads. He said his name is Yahweh FOR ALL GENERATIONS EX.3:14-15 as did His son in John 17. when you rewrite your stuff with the true names then ill read it not before

Dear Jack,

It was interesting hearing your testimony. I think that television is a hard one, but Christ gave us a conscious to be able to judge. One person mightbe uncomfortable with violence another not so, one person might have caught a sexual inuendo, and another one didn´t. Pornography I would say is obvious. If your heart is crying out for the salvation of Jews, Muslims and Hindus who do not know the Lord, I think that you are seeing things truly through his eyes. I can´t agree with you on when the time of the tribulation and the rapture take place, but I agree there is too much hypocisy in the Church and too many who think we are good American citizens, therefore we go to Church. That in my opinion was a bigger problem thirty to forty years ago where everyone went to Church. Now I think chances are that there are more believers in the Church because of people´s downlook on Christians. But I am not foolish, I know there are still many nominal Christians and often too many weak ones.
Thanks for your testimony, and God bless.



I truly am happy if you have left your former lifestyle of sin as you claim.
But these aren´t qualifications to be a teacher of our Father´s Word. You
were obviously not ordained by our Father to teach. You are way off base in
your misinterpretation of the limited scripture that you quote. Did you know
that teachers (especially false teachers) get judged first? Why not study
before you try to teach? I´ve been studying hard every day for years now and
still don´t feel qualified. But if it´s between people with your knowledge
vs. my knowledge of the Word, I will teach.

Jack, did you really go to Vietnam or were you a draft dodger? Because if you
were a draft dodger, it explains a lot. It explains why you try to write your
own anti-war, anti-USA agenda into the Word. It is to ease your conscience
about not being very brave. The bible gives many instances of God telling His
peolpe to kill the enemy. Are you the enemy Jack? Because you will die the
second death if you don´t clean up your act (in a spiritual sense). The
arogance you talk about below is not in your past but in your present. You
really think you know His Word but you aren´t close. Or is your agenda simply
to add confusion to the world?


Thanks for the mail Jack, it is good to hear from a friend that is on the same page ! Keep up the good work. Robert

Dear Jack,

Guarding yourself against a fat head of Pride, this is an excellent article and very well written and put. I just read this article this morning. Last night i finally called, at the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT, and old Calvert Hall (Catholic) High school classmate (1960) and felt led to prepare and witness to him the Salvation message of JESUS CHRIST. I will be meeting with him today hopefully to give him what our LORD wants to speak to him. I will e-mail this article to him and to other Catholics on my list as the LORD leads.

Thank You for listening to the HOLY SPIRIT and writing this article for I am sure it will impact many to stop and think where they stand with GOD and hopefully cause them to repent.

Blessings, ed

Well, Jack, you have certainly managed to convince me! Your writing may be impassioned, but it is also clear and concise, and eminently easy to understand. You have the courage of your convictions! I know your message may be hard for some of us to hear because you´re RIGHT: There IS pleasure in sin. And as long as we keep our eyes closed to the fact that it IS sin in which we are taking such guilty pleasure, we´ll keep pulling the wool over those eyes. Frequently, I´ve found that, if I react with anger to something I´ve heard or read or just learned, as if I´d just been stung, then it must be that the sting comes from a truth I don´t want to accept. Keep up your Crusade, Jack! More power to you!

Interestingly, when I first started to read St. Paul´s writings, I thought he was an odd duck; I didn´t like him; I thought he just might have a burr stuck up his tail. Now I LOVE his writings! Since the man has been dead for many years now, who do you think did the changing of the ways? Thank GOD for “opening the eyes of my understanding.” But I still have a long way to go!

No flesh will be saved. You are on the right track. If we allow God to purify our hearts then the “pleasures of sin” won´t be an issue. We need the infilling of the Holy Spirit as sent on the Day of Pentecost….not some emotional orgasm that has been incorrectly called the baptism. The emotional gospel has to go.

God Bless,


I am not am American even though I was born there. I see your love for America. It is like the prophets of old calling out to their leaders to turn the nation back to God. You know many of the prophetic voices of the past were persecuted. With all your critics you are in an enviable position for scripture says rewards are piling up for you in heaven. “For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you…” I know you have no thought of reward.Your motivation is clear: love of God and love of country.

I just wanted to write and bless you in the name of God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I bless you with grace and peace as you continue to fulfill your calling.

In Christ


I couldn´t agree with you more. Whenever I get into a conversation with someone about America´s supposed “Christian” origins and foundations, I ask them if they thought that the Apostle Paul, if he were alive then, would have supported or gotten involved in the American revolution. Would Paul, who admonished slaves to remain as slaves and honor their masters, have stood shoulder to shoulder with Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, et al? I doubt it.

You are WRONG about George W. Bush. You must have enough oil in your lamp to hear what the Father says about him. Opinions from the mind of man don´t measure up to what the Father SAYS.
Prophet of the Father

1) I do not care if you went from atheism to
Christianity – I went from ´born again´ Christianity
to atheism. You´ll have to do better than just say you
were converted if you hope to convert others.

2) I am not an american, and do not care in the least
what you think about how america´s government should
conduct itself, as that is no concern of mine.

Why are you sending me this stuff?

Dear Mr. Hook,
I am not sure, how you got my name or my e-mail addy, or why you
have chosen to single me out, to send your message to.
I am not familiar with your name or your e-mail address, and do not
appreciate mail sent to me by person, or persons unknown to me.
I must tell you, I do not like to be preached at, and your e-mail
in my opinion was a Sermon. I have a very strong faith in God myself,
and have a very strong belief in the Uniity of Our Great Nation. If you
want to spread your thoughts and beliefs to others. that is great.
Everyone, should have something to believe, and have Faith in, but DO
NOT, try to force your beliefs on others.
I am not an Atheist by any means. I also believe we were ALL
created in God´s Image as Brothers and Sisters, and much of your letter
and your Web-Site, tries to spread, a much different message.
I agree there are many problems with our soceity, and our
lifestyles. But, I believe that with Faith, Hope, Patience, and love
for our Fellow Man, we will all be united someday.
I also believe that when you try to force your opinions, on other
people, they will shut their eyes, cover their ears, and fight against
you. But……if you sit back, and let your actions with the way you
live, be your Testimony…many will come to respect and admire your
thoughts and opinions. Eventually, without you having to force anything
on them, they will come to believe in your thoughts and opinions.
A small piece of advice, from “someone” who does “truly care” about
what is happening in our lives and in our World……Back Off from
forcing your opinion down peoples throats, who do not ask for your
opinion, or your beliefs. Let them who want your advice or help…come
to you, not the other way around. You may be very, surprised and the

Nice job, anyone that challenges you on these points
hasn´t read the bible thoroughly. I hope that many
will come out of the Americanized christian system but
I fear not many will. Soon we will experience the
great tribulation and our faith will be tested. I
pray that many will realize before it is to late.

Peace to you brother and Glory be to Jehovah and his
Son Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever.

hello ,thanks for your email ,Iread every word and agree with you ,we must
let Jesus be Lord of all or he wont be our Lord at all .I dont go for those
hollywood fools eather ,and so much of todays so called music is inspired by
satan ,Idont listen to it eather ,for me its southern gospel or none ,Ithink
a lot of our leaders are trying to live with one foot in the world and one in
the church . some of them may not know what all the things are leading up to
,but I wonder if they would try to change anything if they did .I believe
that the coming of the Lord is very close , just to many things happening
every day for it not to be close to the rapture ,. so we must keep prayed up
.and press toward the mark ,for the high calling of God . I know about the
pernography thing ,how it can take over a persons life ,its addictive as any
drug can be ,things heard and seen will try to dominate thoughts .that is
what has happened to these people like ted bundy and these men who are
kidnapping these kids ,pictures become not enough ,so they go after the real
, and once someone has seen and heard it ,it stays in the mind to come out at
odd moments ,it sneaks in .eyes are indeed the window to the soul ,we have to
be careful what we look at .back years ago men would blush and look away if a
woman accidently showed her ankle ,today they hardly blush even if she has
nothing on ,and women parade around in skimpy bathing suits boldly , but if
they were caught in their undies they would act embarrased , its a crazy
world we live in ,I better get off here i guess ,take care and God bless

Yes I agree with you. This nation will see judgement soon.
The abortion mills and Gays will have there day in court.
Not to mention the rulers of this world.
Isaiah;66 is close to being fulfilled. Would you agree with that ??

my belief in atheism gets stronger everyday.if there is a god then he is one
sorry bastard.


I don´t know where you got my address, I suppose it tagged along from where I had just ventured, but, what a trippy thing to say (The Pleasures of Sin). I will search your site some more but I have to say now; In my heart I have been wondering about all this “patriotic” business going on nowadays… “that even the elect would be fooled.”



I don´t know who you are or where you are from, but somehow I got your email, which included an exciting testimony and a condemation of our national leaders.

I have to agree with you about the problems with materialism and worldliness. Christians here have been caught up with trusting things and riches rather than trusting God. Hopes are set not on being with Jesus and fulfilling His mission, but on having stuff.

However, I´m a little confused about your views on politics. Is it a theocracy you want? I don´t think so, because you (rightly) criticize what Constantine did. You seem to promote non-involvement is politics. But is that loving mankind? If we are not involved at all, the wicked will oppress.

Brother Tony

> The nations of this world system are soon to enter
> into the time of “The Great Perplexity”

seems you already entered the Big Confusion!


farewell with your ´god´ of weakness

Ramaira – No One´s Servant – No One´s Master

Thanks for your response. Your testimony is a blessing to us. Praise God the Lord Jesus came to you and revealed Himself in truth. So few today really know Him in truth. You´re so right about the ´American´ version of Christianity. The ´do nothing´ professing Christian, ready to condemn you for viewing porno while they play violent video games and watch Hollywood movies.
We will post your testimony on our web site under the osas link for others to read, if that meets your approval. God Bless and remember 1Cor15:58

In Christ,
Mike D

The Pleasure of Sin, so right about the despair, destruction and death. So we very few is aware of the coming of the LORD JESUS, being born again, turning away from
sin and prays. You right on the mark of this whole nation and the President would be better off if he tends his business and be a born again christain…Maybe, we would be in a better world today. I was born again 1988 and have the HOLY GHOST. I never felt better in my life..Something has led me along this way and wish that I could convince my family and friends the way you explain it to the point. So happy about my self…Mary

This is one of the best written things I have been privileged to read in a long while. You are right on the money. Most of this nations clergy can´t see it all climaxing, or refuse to see it. But the Lord Jesus Christ IS on His way back to earth to redeeme His own. A few years ago He gave me a dream of His return, and told me to tell the world,

Rev. 22:12. And, behold I come “quickly”; and My reward IS with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

I have been proclaming this in our church, others we visit, and at singing events, at our campgrounds, and on our Message Board, and any other place that I can. His return is imminent.

Your testimony is very powerful, would you mind putting it on the Message Board? The Atheists probably won´t listen, they will just try to debunk it, but the word of God doesn´t return void, it will accomplish what it is sent to do. Praise God. All we can do is pray for the and interceed for them, so that maybe God will bring them to repentance, and salvation. As only He can do.

We see as you do, that most of Christianity, as well as our nation´s leaders, is heading in the direction that you see also. There is a great apostacy in the world today, the darkness is truly getting darker and the evil is increasing, the delusion is powerful, but the blood of Jesus Christ is more powerful! There is nothing that you can do except pray, pray, pray. And keep telling them. (As in the days of Noah, and Lot) The end IS near, closer than we think. But it will all work out in the way that the Lord wills it to. Praise God, we will all be in heaven with our Lord sooner than we thought.

Thank you for writing, we will keep you and yours up in prayer. Keep up the good work, and keep on telling them all whether they listen or not. Just keep giving them the word of God, it won´t return void.

May God bless you and yours,

Dear Brother in Christ,

Jack, it was so refreshing to come to your site and see one unashamedly
preach the Truth. Times are so deceiving and the depth of delusion
incredibly frustrating when it is our brothers and sisters that are stuck in
the enemy´s camp.

attached vision//understanding earlier on this year regarding the
foundations of America. This makes sense for the Babylonian covering when
the foundations are corrupt. Since the time of the releasing of above
article the Lord has revealed much more, particularly regarding USA and
really, just concur with the knowledge released on your site.

keep it brother !! continue to sound the alarm. continue to expose and
challenge. keep up the advance – it will produce fruit for the Kingdom.

I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ, who was and is and is to come, will
increase His protection around you and your own; that He will open many
doors for your word to go thru and that He will release more of Himself to
you. For His Kingdom Come, His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Blessings, Ann
I don´t know how we got in your address book, but you´ve just said what I´ve
been thinking since the US declared war on terrorism. God bless you in your
ministry. CT


wish you would fall with Babylon!!! Dont send me any more of this crap, i did not ask for it.
I don´t know you, but God bless you. If you don´t mind I will use your testimony in my message tomorrow. I am in deep depression because of baby church members flirting with the world. I n 22 years of pastoring,I have never witnessed anything like what goes on in church today. And there is no remorse or repentance.
Pray for me. This depression is terrible.
Still preaching the true gospel!
Bro. Rusty


Hi Jack —
Yeah, I also find a lot of opposition to the notion of America being the nation of the beast. Actually, I do not see how anything could be plainer in the Scriptures. A lot of the opposition comes from those who say that America is not named in Daniel. My response is that neither is Rome. And truly, I think that the reason Rome is not named is because that fourth beast is a composite beast (former and latter – Rome and the U.S.). In any case, it is interesting to watch the world stage develop, and it is very revealing to see who exactly it is that is serving as chief broker to the Middle East peace process. And yes, we are to love those who oppose us, and pray for them, which I am careful to do. Let us keep the faith as we await that Day when we shall hear the trumpet and the shout!

I don´t know who you are and have never heard of you. However, I am very impressed with and agree with your assessment of President Bush´s responsiblilty as a Christian. He has failed and is failing miserably in his responsibility as a Christian who has been given the greatest platform in the world. If he fails to proclaim the only hope for all people ( Jesus Christ), I believe he will be held more accountable than almost any other Christian. (To whom much is given much is required).

In His Service,

´Get a grip,´ turkey! Your biblical know-
ledge could fit into a peanut hull!
Interesting but I think your claims for Jesus are as baseless as the arguments that spew from the ignorant masses of the church you spoke of in the first paragraph. I´m glad you turned your life around but I think that has more to do with your inner divine voice than an external power.
Amen !!! I´ll be praying for you & your Ministry !!! More people need to stop playing around with GOD & HIS WORD & Face the TRUTH !!!
Well I just got finished looking over you site.
And some of the things you put in it are very interesting.
But I do not believe that America is the Great Babylon!!
And as far as the anitchrist is concern,
He will be from the mid east
But all in all you do have a nice site
God Bless

I´m not interested in this self-righteous mumbo jumbo

Mr Hook,
Thank you for that great email – it was an encouragement to me. Even though I´ve been raised in a Christian home, I´ve never even doubted that there was a God, but lately Satan has been tempting me to think about the “different possibilities.” So thank you for confirming that there is a God in heaven, and He hears and will hear when we call upon Him.
God Bless!

For starters why do I want to know this? I have enough junk mail coming in a day that I just delete, I just happened to open your email hoping it was not another email virus! Second how the Heck did you get my email address? you guys are amazing I don´t care about anybody elses problems and storys they might want to tell. Any way read your story for some reason and found it quite intresting, well done mr Jack Hook! I will save this one for a wile and refer back to it when I have no problems to worry about.

Yours Sincerly
Corpral Cameron
Royal New Zealand Air Force, Air Traing Corps.
I am a buddhist and I really resent your misguided evangelism. Don´t bother me with this crap!


With all due respect Mr. Hook, I am afraid that equating the Catholic Church with the harlot and the Papacy with the beast is much in the realm of fairy tales. Please, do you not know that you got the very scriptures you use from the Catholic Church. To go deep in history is to cease to be Protestant. Do not get me wrong though, your book has a lot of good, but why tarnish it and other of your works by taking a swipe against the Church founded by Jesus Christ with these immemorial words “upon this rock, I shall build my Church.” Please put end to this anticatholic bigotary which I am sure and I hope is not willful on your part but comes from ignorance and deepseated traditions passed down since the so-called Reformation. I sincerely hope that you begin the journey home, a home that was denied to millions when Dr. Martin Luther and others created their own churches and all their attendant counterfeit doctrines.


I don´t know how these ravings got in my mail but REMOVE me from your mailing list.

You were better off. It seems that you now think the christian myth is true.
The bible is full of faulse hoods that promotes fear and and explorts
women.I was a christian for 15 years. I ´m glad that I woke up. History
tells us that Jesus was a product to rape. I urge you to face reality before
christianity makes you loose your mind, and it is too late.

You´re nuts!


What a great web site! I have recently just read
almost the entire thing! It is “right on”! Sometimes
it is hard to find the people who truly hear from God!

I also read your testimony, and can really relate to
it in my personal walk with the Lord. I learned
something from it as well, and that is that we are not
fighting a war in the flesh, but in the spirit! I
have known that for years, but when my son was taken
away from me, because I reported the sexual abuse that
had occurred to him. The system has made me the
criminal, so I have not been able to see my son alone
for over a year now. I have spent 30,000 in attorneys
and plane fares to no avail! I have been fighting
this in the flesh and not the spirit! And because I
have been fighting this in the flesh the door keeps
smacking me in the face! I have been persecuted by
all, the system, the church that I used to go to, my
friends that I thought were friends, etc! My loving
husband stands with me though, and I thank the Lord
for that! He is a wonderful man, my husband! I
believe that this will end prayerfully soon rather
than later! Your testimony really gave me insight
into my situation, and for that I am greatful! May
God Bless you!