November 2003 Comments

I agree with you and most of your points, and I ask you to publish this response to your www sermon….but Let me say one thing, there were many Roman soldiers who served Caesar as fighters but only refused to do 2 things, swear worship to Caesar, and to kill the Christians. It is alright to let God use you as an instrument of righteousness against those who rape women and girls at will, hide behind children as shields and send their own out as suicide bombers! Get that straight in your head man! And also to preempt a madman who would rain down death and germs on the innocent of God/Israel and our children is quite all right as well, don’t be so all knowing, you need some balance here!
From a Watchman on the wall…..MB

I find a some
of the things you say to be similar to what I see. America today does
appear to be Babylon, we are a huge influence on all of the world
economically. We are considered the leaders of the free world and we are
full of corruption. But constantly the Bible tells us that all attention
will be drawn to the middle east in the end times. Is it possible that
America will not be Babylon but perhaps we will be the ones to build Babylon
back up? After we bombed Japan we helped make them into a world power, and
I wouldn’t be suprosed if we build Iraq up to a status above us. Not on
purpose I’m sure, but there are a few pieces that don’t quite fit. There
are many qualities that Pres Bush does not posses that the Bible tells us
about the Psuedo-Christ. He is not liked by a majority of the world. Only
the US and GB stand behind him. The rest of the world does not count on him
for peace. We are also forgetting that the Bible states that he will have
had a major “Head Wound”. I am not sure if this is supposed to be a
physical injury, or a political one. One interesting fact I recently heard
at a porphecy class is that the European Parliament today consists of approx
630 members and is about to gain about 40 more. Interesting that there will
soon be a man with the number 666. I do not believe I have seem anything
showing 666 as Pres Bush’s number.

Just some general thoughts to keep you digging. I will take some of what
you said and check it out for myself later this week.
I AM A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!!! I read my Bible, but I have a completely different versions from yours….You had better reread and understand JUST where the anti-christ is to come from.. America is not and has never been a part of the section of the world, where it is to come from.
Very Sincerely,
Ms. Frey
I never subscribed to receive your twisted version of Biblical prophecy. Your version is just as twisted and wrong as much of mainstream “Christianity” today!! Perhaps you do not realize that God uses PEOPLE to fulfill all prophecy-both evil and Godly men!! I read the Word of God for myself and do not blindly follow any person! I follow ONLY the Living GOD who IS ABLE to speak for Himself!! He does not need the basest sort to speak for Him, He does not need “modern day prophets, appostles, etc”. He has already sent all those that He ever needed to-if you will not listen to them, you will not listen to any new servants! In the time that they were sent was when there was NO written Word of God, and most did NOT know Him. Now we do not need a MAN to teach us of Him, His Word is in our hearts. I did nto bother to read the entirety of your babblings. So many of you people want to make the prophecies to be some events of the flesh-ALL flesh WILL die. IT was never meant to endure forever. God is concerned with the spirit of man which came from Him! I will not listen to anyone talking bad about our president regardless of your opinion. He IS a man of God, though I am sure he believes a lot of the false doctrines of today. He is the man God has risen up but He is not alone. The TWO horns are pushing the nations! The two houses of Israel! The antichrist IS soon to appear-but not as a person already existing on this planet or an evil spirit taking ove the body of a man, but he will come in person himself-Satan, Lucifer. He is beautiful and cunning above all creatures which God created, this has not changed. He will convince many (MOST) that he is Jesus Christ-he has ALWAYS tried to take His place-from the very beginning!! This is NOT new! And he will NOT prevail!

I agree with you this war is the blind Christain taking a stand against another who Christ died for and we’re all too arrogant to understand that. But what can I do other then pray to help people understand that? Is that what you are trying to say? We are all Gods people and we can’t go around killing eachother but God has the answer and this is just life as we know it.


Yes, I know Jesus is coming soon, maybe sooner than we think. What ever time, is soon enough for me,as I am ready and waitng. I am seriosly praying for the unsaved loved ones. in fact I will be going to to see my grandson, tomorrow, as God has given me a message for him.
We all have different intrepetations of the Bible, but there is one thing that is common to all, we are in the end time, Christ is ready to call His Church home. The anti-christ is waiting on the side lines , has his plans already made and just waiting for the “peace” arrangement, to be announced. and that is the time…we’ll fly away.I don’t care who he will be, not going to hang around to find out.
I have my Bible and my God and they are all I need. maybe we can discuss this more, when we are over on the “otherside.
Hi – got your email today – thank you.

Don’t remember ever seeing your site before but…I have had grave concerns about this honoring of Bush etc…and romantizing the war & soldiers. I too have recieved these beautiful emails of soldiers with scripture attached.

I have begun to speak out to my Christian friends. That Jesus Christ is the only one to look to for peace and that God allows man to rule man to his injury and that is all that man is capable of doing. Pro-war or Pro peace are looking to man to bring peace. I hear a lot of “yes, but”…

Anyway, I appreciate your thoughts and many of them including the indentity of the anti-christ I have been thinking also because Satan is a master at deception.

So however it is you got my email address – I am grateful.
I will read your articles. I tried to print the Enemy Chart but could only manage to get the left side.

In Him
Dear Jack Hook,

Your interpretation of scripture is sadly wrong. Let scripture
interpret scripture instead of interpreting it in light of your
situation. In other words, scripture is not to fit your view but your
view ought to yield itself to God’s Word.

Thank you,

Pastor Roger

Dear Sir,

I respectfully request that you remove me from your “corrupt” web-mailing list. I did not request to be on it and further more no Bible-believing Christian in their right mind would.

Thanks, but no thanks, you missed the boat on your assessement of our honorable president. You probably think you could do a better job and be a better president, but judging from your letter, I think not. Good day.

Respectfully Yours
I agree with some of what you are saying. The earth must be cleansed of dictators such as Saddam Hussein. The US stands for freedom at all costs. Read the Old Testaments stories and see what God allowed to happen to nations who refused to follow His commandments.

I like what I read resently in an article you wrote, forwarded to me by a
friend. I continue to learn more of God’s word through christian contact. I
was impressed more by what your attitude seemed to be and humbleness to God
than content. As I dialogue with christians on end times material I find a
big gap in knowlegde from what the word says and what commentaters believe
the word says. I read your statment of faith and could agree with almost
everything you wrote. There is always something to be learned from each other
and sharing different views. Benefits to be had from open discussion.
Bless your humble heart,


Hey JDH, I believe that Senator Clinton is the true Anti-Christ. No matter what political arena she is in the American Press makes her look good. By the time it comes to the Presidential elections you can rest assured that “Hollywood” or should I say “Holywood Scientoligist” and the American Press will take G.W.Bush Jr. down. CAIO, “that’s Italian for goodbye or hello”

I found what you had to say as somewhat refreshing.and for the most
part i agree. I’m curious as to how you got my e-mail address? In GODS
ministry which HE has allowed me to be involved in. I’m considered a
throwback, or sometimes refered to as a zealot.
Those of us who take a stand for CHRIST’ must always reember, like
JESUS, we’re not here to please others, or ourselves. But to serve HIM.
In our time, true believers will be hunted down, treated as
criminals against the state, imprisoned and executed, in the name of
religion. Just as JESUS was, so shall we be!

May the SPIRIT of the LIVING GOD, be in touch with your spirit today.
Big Mike
God Bless you for the spiritual food that you have given me ..
Let me recieve more as the Lord allows
I love you. you are my mentor
Yours in Christ
Pastor Albert

Your article has come to me by way of my sister. I am curious where you live? I was under similar teaching when I was living in Charleston, SC and whole heartily believe in what you are saying. I have missed this kind of preaching here in Indianapolis, Indiana and have had a hard time finding similar teachings. Thanks for the uplifting preaching. Keep preaching it correctly so many cater to what people want to hear not what needs to be said!

Praise the Lord…
So what is your take on the President being a christian? He starts off every day with a devotional. He then begins every meeting with prayer. Do you not think that he is aware of the presence of evil in the world and the fact that satan and his demons are munipulating and using people to defy god and cause havoc. I personally believe he is aware of this and is not the anti-christ. But to each is his own don’t try and tell us when revelation will occur because there is no possible way for you to know. No one know’s when Jesus Christ will return again. But may god bless you and guide you in your indulgence of his word and may the truth be shown to you.

God Bless.

I perceive that you are sincere in your thoughts and doctrines…

I perceive further that you are seriously in error and as such

can possibly be of as great or greater danger to people in that you

take on a “loose cannon” quality.

I love the Lord Jesus and love to study His Word in general and the

prophecies of Daniel and Revelation specifically; but not from your

perspective. Please remove my email address from you mailing list.

Thank you.


Well, praise the Lord for you my dear brother for knowing the truth about America being Babylon the Great. With in the last year, this great truth has been revealed to me from the scriptures. I was challenged when I heard a well know prophecy teacher teach that the end time Babylon would be Iraq’s Babylon. I found that had to accept when I began to look into the scriptures. Then while studying I found out that there was only “one” country that fit all of what the bible was saying about this great end time nation, and it could only be the USA. My problem is this: Why are all our so called prophecy teachers teaching otherwise? Are they afraid of loosing money by revealing truth? What are your comments on this? Your brother, and former pastor in Christ, Bill

Dear Sir,

I honestly felt intrigued by the beginning of your letter but was disappointed with the negative statements made about going to war. I really think there is a basis for war. There are plenty of scriptural supports showing God ordering His people to battle…just as there are times God does the battling for them.

I have always thought America was Babylon so I was actually going along with you until the end. I am interested in reading more of your viewpoints as long as you don’t just put down the idea of war because I do feel that there is evidence in the Bible that there is a time this might be necessary and approved by God.

Dear Jack,

I have no idea how I got an email from you but, in reading it, find much of your analysis to be far afield. It always distresses me to see the cause of Christ impacted by such as you. I will assume you are sincere and even that you are a committed believer. Nonetheless, your sense of having an apparent “special revelation” is so faulted by your conclusions that all your words do is provide the enemy more ammo for confusion and discouragement….And please remove me — your “insights” are so ill founded that there is no purpose in a dialogue…Joe

Keep this crap to yourself. I’m not on your mailing list, so don’t send it to me. The days of doomsday religion are over. God is a God of hope, and as a follower of Jesus Christ, I’m more than a conqueror in *this* life. I’m not holding out till the bitter end, I’m living in the fullness of the New Covenant now. This talk about the President being ‘manipulated by Satan’… Believe it or not, God is in control, and takes care of those who trust in him. Fortunately, our President puts his trust in God. Wake up and step into the New Covenant. It’s full of joy, hope and relevance to our daily lives.
Thank you for your polite response. I have visited your site but am not pleased with your statements about healing. Healing is a definite gift and blessing from God for His people and my family and I have benefitted on various occasions from being healed by God. I honestly think that you will only receive part of the wonderful package of blessings God has to offer you if you close your mind on healing and the truth about it. We can do God’s work on this earth longer if we are alive and healthy. We are an excellent example of God’s plan for victorious christian living if we are healthy and alive here on earth. There is work to be done and God is counting on us to do it. Satan will use the health of God’s people to attack God’s plan for our witnessing and spreading the gospel. We need to receive healing when God is giving it to complete His work. I feel that your mother probably was ready to go be with God…I would never think she shortchanged God by going home…but have you considered whether or not her becoming ill was an attack on your and your faith?! Awareness and understanding are key elements in warfare. Do not close your mind to healing.

Hello Jack,

It’s just a quick note from John in Southampton to say “Hi!”

I know it might not seem important, but I just came across your website and felt compelled to drop a line. I hope everything is okay with you and yours, I think you sounded a little down last time I wrote to you.

The bottom line is my friend, I honestly don’t think there’s much time left before the old “chariots of fire” turn up to take us away in style you know? I’ve got an ever growing, almost constant aching in my heart to see Jesus return, and I know I’m not the only one. It’s as though the Holy Sprit Himself is causing it in order to make sure I’m constantly watching for His return. After all, I’m sure that I’ve read in the Word that He will return for those who are looking for Him. I don’t know about you, but I walk around looking up so often I’m bruised from head to foot for bumping into things!!!

Not that I feel able, but I just want to encourage you not to lose heart at this last stretch of the race. I’m sure that you must feel like just giving up sometimes, but believe me when I thank God you never have, and when I get to heaven you are definately on my short list of people I want to meet face to face.

God bless you my brother,


Thank you, It’s true America is the NEW KING it’s not a consciences…..
For such a time as this….it’s right around the corner….The platform for his prophets, his body…it will be as John the Baptist proclaiming Jesus’s return…..3 1/2 years of ministry……The religious will throw stones and we will over through tables in the temple as Jesus did……we are his voice in the earth…..may we have ears to hear…….and forget not the commission…….may the Lord come quickly

In Him, Lisa

Thank you for your letter.
However, I am not inclined to agree with you on certain aspects of this letter. First, let it be known that the temple to be rebuilt as you stated is already built and God the holy Spirit resides there and it is with you. Second, the antichrist is not a human and is Satan himself coming defacto as that is his number in Revelation. Thirdly, I believe that America is an inheritance of the lost tribes of Israel and is also mentioned in Isaiah 18. Satan will retrn to earth and set up his kingdom from May through September 5 months (Rev.9) Christ will come shortly and Satan will be defeated and cast off this earth for a thousand years and then will be loeesed for awhile.
Your intent is sincere I am sure but studying the Bible for over fifty years and knowing the Greek, Hebrew and Chaldee translations as well as the Massorah
that locks in certain scripture, I feel as though you are in error on your interpretation of the scriptures. Let the Bible interpret itself and you will be fine.
I commend you for your sincerety but re-think your research and you will see God’s perfect plan.
Check out the different sites and it just might open your mind to the truth of God’s Word.
Respectfully and in Christian love,
Rev. Claude

I don’t know whether you are a loon or above
board, but these thoughts are very close to mine. Can
you tell me more about yourself? Thanks,
don’t know if you’ll ever get this or not, but who do you think you are? #1. I don’t believe we should ever have gotten in this war, and I don’t like Bush that much. However, to compare him to sinners and/or devils is a bunch of bull.

#2. I already have been born and I don’t need to be “born” again. I can see why you get so much hate mail. Your are a religious fanatic who is trying to push your beliefs onto others who are innocent. We are not responsible for Jesus’ death. I was not born a sinner – I was born an innocent baby. How could I have sinned in my Mother’s womb. Plus there is not “Hell”. I believe that most of the time it’s Hell on Earth. What proof do you have of the burning fires. Have people come and told you about it? I doubt it very much. I believe in Angels; that there is good in everyone. It seems to me that you “bible” quotes Jesus as saying “love thine Enemies”.

#3. People like you shouldn’t even be allowed the “freedom of Speech, trying to scare people who are already worried enough about what the next generation will come to. Wars will continue, as people are greedy and always want more land. They fight in the name of religion, which is the real sin in this world.

#4. Are you anti-semantic? You sure hate Jews. I happen to know some very nice Jewish people and resent your insinuations. They, in this country, also are not responsible for what Israel is doing to Palestinians and vice-versa.

#5. Last, but not least, the bible is fairy tale, that you love to quote. I was written too long ago to be accurate in every sense of the word. Have you ever played the game called “telephone”, and know how screwed up the message gets as it’s passed along? Well, that’s what the bible is based on – word of mouth and also interpretations of people in that era, based on fear. I am a Christian, and I try to live my life being a loving, helpful and compassionate person. That’s what is important. I have 5 grandchildren and I worry about their growing up in such a mixed up world.

If America would stop sticking their nose in everybody’s business and let them fight it out themselves, I believe everyone would be better off. As far as your feelings on praying for the people who are over there “fighting for their country” – they didn’t ask to be called up. Most of them joined to get a better education and hoped they’d never have to be sent someplace to kill innocent people. I had a daughter who was in the Army Reserves at 17 years of age, and she was sent to Germany to the hospital, as she wanted to be a nurse, and was in a hospital unit. She was scared to death, and I was home here protesting.Our biggest mistake was to not destroy the evil dictatorship in Iraq, right then and there.

Anyhow, I think you should take your bible and your writings and hide in a cave and talk to the bears, bats, or whatever creatures in there will listen to you. You are a real “piece of Art”!!
Hi Jack,
I have to admit, at first I was just a tad afraid of opening up the email from you. Now I am thankful unto my Lord that I did. I got onto your web site and was so happy after reading your beliefs. Praise The Lord! Keep up the good work you are now doing. Please do continue to keep me informed of things I need to be aware of. God bless you richly!!

Dear Jack, I was surprised to find your mail on my computor I’m not sure how you got my email address. Thankyou for taking time to write and share your book. For years I have been saying to my husband,”we are watching another page in Revelations turn exactly as phrophesied. I too know that the signs are unmistakable and the Jesus Christ will return to rule the earth. I am sad for all the suffering humans inflict on each other. My husband and I both believe that no wars should ever be fought and furthermore, never, ever be attributed to God. My husband thinks the events happening in the world are frightening, I tell him I am not frightened and he need not be frightened. Jesus is with us, we have angels watching over us and our family. No matter what comes to our lives, we are and will be okay. My husband(he was my boyfriend at the time and I was only 16 then 17) was conscripted and received written notice he was to go to fight in Vietnam. I cried at first and THEN I PRAYED believing he was not meant to go to Vietnam. God is good. God had this situation turned around and his orders were changed. My husband took many years to convince that God had these orders changed. My husband still had to do 2 years national service, but he stayed in Australia. I share this and other situations with others when witnessing. Only God can do such poweful things.
Blessings to you and your family. Love from your sister in Christ,Lynette
My dear brother Jack,

Always a blessing to hear from you and your words of encouragement. I have been adding your website URL to most of my messages that go all around the globe. I’ll be 65 in Sept. and I’m still amazed at this computer age. I only got one last July. Jack I love you to pieces in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I visit your website from time to time. I also read the latest entries in your guestbook. I catch the same flack and occasionally someone believes what we’re preaching. What a time to be saved in the now generation!! Praise Him! When I come to your name when I mail to my list, a flood of joy goes through my mind. I thank God for you Jack. ’til He comes, Jim

Please keep me on your mailing list! Thank you so much for your diligent study and your willingness to share. Love in Christ, Chaplain Carol

Just had to say again, you could of only heard this from spending time with God…..America is not the beautiful.
In Him, Lisa


I just scanned through your email. Though it is true that Christ will reign from Israel with a rod of iron, we will not usher in the kingdom. However, that does not preclude us from applying God’s teaching to every facet of our lives, including the criminal justice system. Ask the typical Christian what the punishment for perjury should be, and they are stumped. By the way, God only authorized three forms of criminal punishment, and prison or counseling was not one of them.

Second, I think you could improve your delivery against democracy by simply asking your readers two simple questions: Are the majority of the people good people who make good choices, or are the majority of the people wicked people who will generally make choices which make sense to them, but will be destructive and evil?

Christ pointed out that the majority are wicked and will make destructive choices and policies, yet so many believers rebel against Christ and herald that a majority rule is the most godly form of rule. Why won’t they submit to the wisdom of Christ?


As I said last month, I don’t know who you are and I don’t care to receive any more of your e-mail. Please remove me permanently. You are leaving something out, as I pointed out to you in my last response “beware of false prophets”…and that would be YOU! How on EARTH do you compare The Statue of Liberty (Lady Liberty) as anything remotely representative of Babylon? What about “Lady of Spain?” “Lady Luck?” “Lay, Lady, Lay?”. Please, just back off! Okay?

I have no idea how an email from you arrived on my computor with mulgara as the address, as this is not my email address.
I have written to you before in response to a letter you sent me. I enjoy very much sharing these truths as I have been seeing the world stage unfold just as Revelations prophecied, I feel sad that our brothers and sisters have not realised the words of President Bush and other world leaders are deceiving them. I first became aware of these prophecies in 1975 as although I was a christian then, I became born again that year. I am longing for Jesus Christ to return to earth and know I am saved by his death on the cross and his resurrection. I find it difficult not to weep when I think of the Love Jesus had and has for us that he laid down his life for us.
I have not been to a church service for about 12 months, so many times I have gone to church and felt like crying out tell the people about Revelations and that we are living in those times. I have seen factions, cliques and disputes happen, these are not what Jesus taught us. I am finding the internet is giving me the oppertunity to contact people who’s eyes and ears see and hear, the signs that babylon is falling. To seek revenge on our enemies is not the way to bring about peace. I do not fear, I will never accept the mark of the beast. I will not allow my family to accept the mark of the beast.
I do not think the traditional churches can see whats happening, maybe a few but I have’t found one.
I am also wary of churches that pray, but don’t seem to do anything to help their fellow brothers and sisters. All the different religions asking God to help them rage war against his children.
Please continue to mail me as it is good to share this time with you.

I read your idolatrous e-mail ! Jesus is your Idol, this supposed being has no more value for salvation that a glob of dung on a stick ! THe N.T. was written probably by the Roman church. It is not in accord with the Law and the testimony of Yahvah’s prophets

The united Sates of America began not as a legislative democracy but rather
a ‘constitutional republic’, the most unique nation of it’s kind ever upon
the face of the earth. Whether those men and women instrumental in that
effort were true believers in Jesus Christ may very well remain to be seen.
Suffice it to say the leaders of the federal united states today may very
well be the “deists” which the founding fathers are often accused of having
been. As for george bush being a Christian, were that true he would surely
be ‘removed’ from office upon a genuine declaration of his faith.
I appreciate the information you provide and thank you for the opportunity
to respond.
Sincerely in Christ,

just got your latest e-mail. i wish you werent so long winded. lol.
when i first got mail from you last year i wanted no part of you and told you so. perhaps it was another e-mail that G/d didnt let get thru. fine with me now and look forward to hear from you
in the future.
in Yeshua; ng.

So, if the US is as evil as you say we are, when is
God going to destroy this country and all the Saints
that have been washed in the Blodd of Jesus Christ
along with it?

It’s a real shame that you actually believe that God
dispises this nation. Only a blind man walking in the
carnality of this world, who cannot see how the
purpose of why this nation came to exist in the first
place, would believe such.

Shouldn’t you be moving to another country and
removing yourself from such an utter, God forsaken
evil place as the United States?

I guess we’ve been whorshipping satan all along, huh?
I can hardly wait until you get to Heaven so you can
learn the error of your beliefs!

God Bless, and see you on the other side!
Dear Jack

Thank you for sending me your article. I totaly agree that only faith in Jesus Christ can save a person and I believe that God does not favour any specific kind of government because He is gathering his harvest for his Kingdom (no matter where you live or in which country you are a citisen).

Thanks Jack,
This was written just about 3 years back. Mercy, the heat I took from good christian folk!

A Nation “Under God?”

Ann Hutchinson was considered a dissenter and banished from the
Massachusetts colony of Puritans. She would advocate that it was
possible to realize the indwelling Christ in the person of the Holy
Spirit. She taught many in her home, mostly women, and this, a
threat toward the authority of the Clergy in the “camp”, driven from
their midst to the neighboring Rhode Island colony. A few years
later her whole family was massacred by Indians. The Puritan Clergy
did not mourn such tragedy. In fact, they deemed it the judgment of
God in light of her “heresy”. A three-years war against the Indians
would follow as many lives would be lost on both sides.

By 1689, the Puritans fled England, migrated to Holland, then
finally to America to establish Massachusetts Bay Colony. They had
forgotten the purpose of their journeys. Religious freedom!!
However, there was no religious freedom at all in the colony, except
to agree with the doctrines set forth by the Puritan church there.
This denial of freedom of religion to others by the Puritans was
ironic in light of the fact that dissenters were merely declining to
conform to the Puritans, as the Puritans had declined to conform to
the Church of England. It had become an oppressive, structured form
of Christianity, members of the church suffering whippings for
speaking a mind of their own, finally banished and excommunicated.
1692 brought the infamous Salem Witchcraft trials, a fully
documented “madness”. By September, of that year, twenty people and two dogs had
been executed as “witches”, while hundreds more had been imprisoned
or banished. Are these Puritans considered our “founding fathers”?

I stand nearly alone as I ponder these things. As I consider the
temptation of Christ and Satan’s offer of the “Kingdoms of this
World” and their splendor. Ownership could not have been only
presumption, for the Nations of this World do indeed lie in darkness,
their government’s interests never toward the Heart of the
Father. It is not the nature of any earthly government and nation
to “Love their Enemies”, for all are self-serving and must defend
their territories, their politics, and their economies. It is
survival of the fittest who will rule and reign, cross national
boundaries with earthly weapons of warfare to impose their will on
others bringing terror and servanthood. Thus is the manner of the
Nations of this world and not one is “Under God”.

One must honestly consider our history, look at it closely. Who are
our founding fathers so many Christians talk about as being Godly
Men? Is it George, Thomas? Is it Benjamin? Who? Can you hear the
cries, the moaning aboard those ships of slavery destined for the
shores of America, sold as cattle to families of privilege……for
George, Thomas or Benjamin? Can you see the women, some light-
skinned and comely, taken as “play things” for these who are
referenced as Godly men, who bore for them malada children? Can you
see the descendants of some of these of color named Washington,
Jefferson, and Franklin? Who, who were our Godly founding fathers?

Can you imagine the plight of those native Americans who for some
1200 years worked and hunted the land and considered it not their
own? In the name of “Manifest Destiny”, the white man brought them
death and disease and dared him to defend himself. Forcing his will
westward, knowing it was “God’s purpose” to establish a nation in His
Name, all the while the motive was clearly greed and gold. A profit
motive disguised in the name of religion is a putrid thing, a stench
in the nostrils of God, just has to be.

They wanted Jesus to restore the Nation. When,
Lord…..when?……to establish again an earthly kingdom Under God.
It cannot be in this age of grace while the ‘KINGDOM’ is found only
in Spirit and Truth. It is not earthly…..oh dear ones, it is not
earthly. While God has his hand on each government, each nation to
fulfill His will, His purpose, OUR citizenship is other-worldly. As
strangers and pilgrims we march to the beat of a different drummer,
we drink from a different well! We pledge our allegiance to an
Heavenly Jerusalem, a nation, a kingdom not of this world. Careful
in our purpose…..we walk “softly” in these things men have
distorted, twisted……his economics, his politics, and above
all……we touch not his religion….for it has become the
habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit. Daily, we
dirty our feet. As we walk, we see the filth, and mourn….but Glory
to His name, he washes our feet, our face and our hands……and
cleanses our walk. The earth will not be cleansed, will not be
restored, it will be destroyed, and with fire, as a NEW HEAVEN and a
NEW EARTH will be established by the Word of His Mouth! “For,
behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall
not be remembered, nor come into mind. “

heading for cover :o)