November 2005 Comments

Hi Jack…this is very good. I was wondering earlier today when I would hear from you, especially on the recent news of the Gaza strip.

Jack, I have emailed over 25 of my friends to stop in your website. I just wish that you would STOP pointing the finger at all the other ministers. They all have something good to say and nobody is perfect. I have learned from each and every one of them. It hurts my heart to watch you continually do this. Let our LORD do the chastizing of the ministers.

About 2 years ago, Rod Parsley gave a prophetic sermon concerning exactly what is going on now. Please Jack…let Jesus handle the preachers. It’s not too big of a job for him and it is NOT your place to condemn them each time you send out a message. Just keep doing the great job that you are doing without including that.

I hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for sending me the newsletter. In Christ our Lord, Leslie

From: Jack Hook

To: Leslie

Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 11:29 AM

Subject: Re: Hi Jack

Hi Leslie. Thanks for the encouraging and corrective response. I am so sorry you think I am constantly “pointing the finger” at others who I think have strayed from the faith. Please know my dear sister, that no condemning attitude is in my heart, only love and compassion for their souls.

The men I have listed in the Solomon letter all have “publicly” stated on countless occasions their support for the “just” war doctrine for Christians. This is a most serious lie that needs to be publicly exposed. These men need to return to the first love of Jesus and his teachings. I hold them all as brothers and have looked into the mirror many times to pull the logs out of my own eyes. I am posting below what I wrote about them in this Solomon letter to assure you that I indeed love and care for these men. Your eternal friend. Jack

I love Hal Lindsey and all those who agree with the “just” war doctrine for Christians like Jack Van Impe, Tim LaHaye, Jerry Falwell, John Hagee, Charles Swindoll, Paul Crouch, Marcus Lamb, Jack Hayford, Ted Haggard, Charles Stanley, Billy Graham, Perry Stone, Zola Levitt, Chuck Smith, Grant Jeffrey, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Rod Parsley, Bennie Hinn, James Robison, Pat Robertson, Rick Warren, Bob George, and wish no evil upon them. Neither do I condemn them and give them no hope. However, I am begging and pleading with them to return to the first love of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

As with any sin and holding fast to false doctrine, and contrary to what men like Bob George teach, Godly sorrow (which includes telling God you’re sorry) and repentance is a requirement for professing Christians who happen to sin in the flesh, if they want to avoid the chastening hand of the Lord, Revelation 2, 3. If you hear the words of Jesus in these two chapters of Revelation, it will become crystal clear to you that our Lord said to those who said they knew him…repent or else…and that else was “not” entrance into his Kingdom, but being vomited up at his return! All of these men have been bewitched by at least one of these doctrines of demons. Some of them embrace all three! They have been given time to confess they are teaching doctrines that have their roots in the very sin nature that Jesus Christ died to save us from. Time is running out, and those sons or children of God who have been chastened unto repentance know this to be true!

From: Leslie

To: Jack Hook

Jack…well whatever the reasons…still it would be in the teachings best interest if you would stop mentioning the pastors. This takes away from the entire teaching you are doing. Let Jesus deal with these pastors. He is still on the throne and is more than capable of dealing with it. “Let the first one without sin cast the first stone.” There are a lot of non-christians in my inner circle of friends whom are mostly professionals but they will just “tune out” if they even get an inkling of what this is about. It has taken me a very long time to get up the courage to start sending them your emails as well. Ok, that’s all for now….God Bless You Jack, Sincerely, Leslie

Dear Mr. Hook

Thank you for sending me your articles again…must say some of it is interesting…but with that I must say that I don’t see things quite as you do sir…

Much of what you believe is still Pagan Babylonian Doctrine…..Blood shed for sins is Pagan…..

Yes, YHVH wrath is near…..

I serve YHVH alone and no other…..

People of today are just as deceived as they were in the past…they just don’t understand that Jesus and Satan are pagan idols…we are not to put any one before the father…I am sure you read the Articles out there concerning this….

King David will be risen he is the anointed Messiah……

I continue to study but I am at peace with my journey…

As I am sure you are to Mr. Hook.

We all seek YHVH and an expected end and we will all have Judgment Day to face….

I may be an anti Christ to you ….. But not of the anti Christ that is talked about in the lies of the N.T.

People will make things happen because the N.T. says it…..

But our creator will have the final doing…

My duty is to keep the commandments and serve our father…..

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because thou has rejected knowledge…..

I take it Mr. Hook you are one of those who reject Gen 1:29 and eat flesh? if not wonderful ….. Man’s life span was cut in half for rejecting that piece of knowledge.

Man is too caught up in the false N.T doctrine and too busy spiritulizing everything that they don’t even have any common sense…

Prov 21:21 He that follow after righteousness and MERCY findeth life…

Psalm 85:10 MERCY and TRUTH are met together RIGHTEOUSNESS and PEACE have kissed each other…..

Jer 16:19

Surely our fathers have inherited nothing but lies worth less things in which there is no prophet……

Man has added and taken away from our creators word and they will be judged on it …..

Do your homework I have done mine…..

Blessing Mr. Hook…..Deanne

Brother Jack,

I have the week off from work and never did I ever imagine, turning on MSNBC, to view the very sad and tragic scene in Gaza this morning! It was all I could do (as I suffer from depression) to ask the Lord (Y’shua) to have the chosen ones to accept Him as their Savior and ask Him to intervene on this solemn occasion…….may the King of Kings and Lord of Lords return for His own soon – until then, keep praying for Israel and the rest of the world’s salvation! Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!!!

Your views sound right except that I don’t expect a dead antichrist to
be resurrected in America. Possibly another antichrist, in his
footsteps, one who admired him when he was alive. Connect the dots.
Some I respect think it must be Gog (Russian). I don’t know. I wish
Jesus would come now and simplify our wonderings!

Hal Lindsay has come out against the withdrawal in Gaza. Still
warmongering elsewhere.

I am so glad someone believes in the rapture. Most people I know do
not. I am finding it harder and harder to stand each passing day, and
long for the rapture. Most say we will have to live through the trib.
However, the persons whom you criticize, such as Van Impe, do expect
the rapture. I don’t like the others on your list, those I’m familiar
with, but I like Van Impe. We discussed this before, Jack. I feel
many Catholics are saved, and Van Impe believes this, and for saying
that he’s been accused of secret conversion and plenty else. My
observations are simply this: I know more decent and Christian
Catholics than I know decent and Christian Protestants, and I have not
been a part of the Catholic denomination for many years…these are new
Catholics I’ve met who are OK people. Just because the hierarchy is a
bunch of thieves, doesn’t mean the average Catholic is. And most of
them know the Bible as well as most Protestants. It’s a new world!
(sorry, bad joke).


Jack, your position about some “coming Antichrist” has no Scriptural backing. It was stated during Bible times that many antichrists were already in existence, and operating then throughout the Christian world.

Today most evangelicals have warped the passage of Daniel 9:24-27 to conclude that the 70-week prophecy which resulted in the failure of the Jewish nation AS AN ENTITY “to finish the transgression ……. and to anoint the Most Holy”, is yet to occur. However, all of the 70 weeks have expired, due to the final rejection by the Jewish nation, of Jesus Christ and His message to the world, at the stoning of His representative Stephen, at which point the Gospel was passed on to the Gentiles, subsequently being spread throughout the world.

The only “people of God” since that time are INDIVIDUALS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD who have chosen/now choose/will choose to accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Savior. As for the temple at Jerusalem, once jealously regarded by Jesus as “My Father’s house”, it has now become, BY HIS SPOKEN WORD, “your (the Jews’ ) house, and is now “left unto you desolate” (John 23:38). With the sacrificial/oblations system having become unnecessary and obsolete, due to Jesus’ one-time-for-all sacrifice, there is no more need of the temple in present-day Jerusalem at all, nor will there ever be.

God’s law, a copy of which was formerly kept inside the mercy seat of the Most Holy place within the temple, has evolved, via the New Covenant between God and man, into a heart commitment on the part of His surrendered and dedicated representatives of today (who do NOT reflect the majority of contemporary Christianity!), to walk in loving obedience to ALL that He has commanded, not merely some particularly-chosen parts of it (see Jeremiah 31:31-33, Hebrews 8, and Hebrews 10). Any and all antichristian powers exist solely to cause disruption and rebellion to the pure and perfect will of God, including ALL of His spoken and personally-scribed Ten Commandments.

As for the erroneous conclusions pertaining to Antichrist, all one needs to do is read Daniel 9:26 WITH verse 27, and understand “Grammar 101”, in order to validate the fact that the “he” of verse 27 can be nobody else than the very “Messiah” of verse 26, Jesus Christ, whose death upon the cross of Calvary “cause(d) the sacrifice(s) and oblation(s) to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations”, such as the Jewish rejection of Him during His 3 1/2 years of earthly ministry, from His baptism/ordination/anointing until His death, followed by the similar treatment of His apostles for the NEXT 3 1/2 years, through the stoning of Stephen (Week #70).

These acts, therefore, made the Jewish temple desolate, and according to this very prophecy, it shall remain so “even until the consummation”, that being the destroying fires to cover the earth upon His return. All unrepentant Jews AND GENTILES, at that time, will comprise “the desolate”.

For now, ALL, whether Jew OR Gentile, MUST accept the saving merits of Jesus as their Savior, if they hold eternal life as their ultimate goal.

May God’s Spirit lead you into all truth as you read and consider these words.


It is a fact we live in the times spoken of in The Holy Bible and events are unfolding with rapid regularity that only a blind or deaf person cant see. As I watch the events unfold and know that judgement begins with The House of God I too wonder so what its end will be.

When I watched a news broadcast in the UK yesterday and saw people being forced out of their homes and I heard the haunting call of The Shofar I wept and the sound touched my very soul. Much more God’s I think!

I lean not on my own understanding but The Lord’s and when I read the events that are yet to come I shudder and pray day and night for The Lords intervention. There is more going on than we are being told in the political world.

A few weeks ago I was sent three separate emails from Jerusalem regarding the end time prophecies and telling me how they wait for the rebuilding of The Temple and The Messiah.

I wrote back and told them that the temple is almost complete now and The Messiah Jesus Christ is set to return very soon. Both the physical temple is built there and the spiritual one too. I thank God that many Jewish Christians ( Jews 4 Jesus) work to show this in a campaign called Behold Your God… these people are persecuted by their own people. These Jewish believers together with The Christians of the world that The Lord is gathering together are the end time prophecy. God is no respector of persons and sadly there will be some who call themself Jewish and some who call themselves Christian whom Christ will say ” I never Knew You”. These are they that do not believe or know Jesus Christ as The Son of God and receive His Salvation and invitation. I pray for all those with a hardened heart that The Holy Spirit will wake them from their man made. God has said ” Not by might but by My Spirit”.

I really believe that there are only two types of people in the world.. Those who KNOW Jesus Christ and those who NEED to know him.

Terrible things are coming to The Earth as you well know and we have seen nothing yet. Exteme conditons are coming and spiritual wickness in its death throes will cause fear, mayhem and death. Climatic disaters such as we have never seen before and on a scale that is alarming are beginning now. Perhaps this will turns man’s hearts to their Creator and to the God of their Salvation. I put my trust in Our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ and commend others to do the same. These dreadful days are nearly upon us and are foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago. They are now being confirmed by The Prophets, Science and the manifestations that we witness now all over the world.

Praise God and worship him in the spirit of truth and light and please pray and pray and pray ! Serve The God who is faithful to His every word for His words are faithful and true. When The King speaks you dont have a conference you obey, out of Love, out of awe and because you know He has already won every battle…Me and mine choose Jesus Christ and by His blood we are saved, protected and whole. The day is coming when God will not always strive with man and He says ” He that is not for me is against me ” I think that is the most clear and concise message for us all. Amen

God Bless you and yours

God Bless, Helen

Dear Jack,

First of all, I wish to thank you for including me in your e-mail list.

I cannot agree with you more that “true Christians” need repentance. “Repentance” is the first topic Jesus preached (Matthew 4:17); and the Resurrected Jesus emphasized again the importance of Repentance (in six out of the total seven letters John wrote in Revelation 2 and 3). No one can be made ‘holy’ without Repentance. Without being ‘holy’, no one can see God. In fact, “Repentance” is the ‘key’ to heaven.

I wish also to use this opportunity to share with you a match of two segments of the Holy Bible God showed me regarding how He will send His people to His (Ultimate) Promised Land without anyone being left behind:

“When I bring them home from the lands of their enemies, my holiness will be displayed to the nations. Then my people will know that I am the Lord their God – responsible for sending them away to exile and responsible for bringing them home. I will leave none of my people behind. And I will never again turn my back on them, for I will pour out my Spirit upon them, says the Sovereign Lord.” (Ezekiel 39:27-29 NLT)

“However, those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them. For I have come down from heaven to do the will of God who sent me, not to do what I want. And this is the fill of God, that I should not lose even one of all those he has given me, but that I should raise them to eternal life at the last day. For it is my Father’s will that all who see His Son and believe in him should have eternal life – that I should raise them at the last day.” (John 6:37-40 NLT)

The destination of “true Christians” as well as Jews are in heaven. Canaan is the former promised land. As no one can perfect the law, God chose to save His people the Second Time (Isaiah 11:11, Jeremiah 31:31-34). Jesus explained about this to His disciples very clearly in John 14:2-4. One of the final prayers of Jesus in the night before His cruxificion, He prayed that both His disciples and Himself did not belong to this world (Revelation 17:14, 16). In fact, the Ultimate Promised Land had been prophesied by Isaiah in Isaiah 65:17-18 and 66:22. It is also being described in detail in Revelation 21 – the New Jerusalem.

When God first guided me to read the three segments of the Holy Bible about eight years ago (documented in Chapter One of His own book – ‘God Today’ page 29-30), the Second Segment of the Holy Bible was Jeremiah Chapter 24. The First Segment of the Holy Bible He guided me to read was Matthew 24:32-36 and the Third Segment was Matthew 23:37-39.

Obviously, the former promised land cannot hold all the descendants of Jacob (the descendants of Jacob can well exceed 100 million today, and most of them are now still staying in Asia – not Israel, Europe or the United States).

God wants His people to join Him on top of Jacob’s ladder (Genesis 28:10-15). The Ladder is no other but the Words of God – Jesus Himself (John 1:51 and John 1:1-3). Hebrews 4:1-11 has made a good explanation.

Thank you again for your kind attention.

In God’s Service and by His Instructions, John

Brother Hook,

Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Thanks for the update, just wanted to give you a link to a new page on my site entitled: The Religion of Psychology. All specializations of the ‘psych’s’ employ varrying elements of hypnotism and NLP. This page is actually part of a college English paper I did last Spring after my instructor replied to my asssertion that psychology is a religion: “That just is NOT so.” Well, it IS so. 🙂 After readijng the finished product, he was objective and impartial enough to give me an A on the paper… hehe. There might yet be hope for some liberal professors 🙂

God Bless and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ always rest upon you,

bro. Marty

Dear Jack – I heard you on Georgeanne’s (spelling might be wrong) …..you are a good speaker, and got your point across about to whose Kingdom we are to belong. I am in total agreement with you as to what the scriptures say about Israel, and our position in “this” world, and to wait for our Prince of Peace to come because He promises to straighten out this beautiful earth that is in total chaos.

I recently looked up the Irish Famine, and compared Foxes Book of Martyrs with the history….made me heartsick. The Harlot has been riding the Beast for a very long time….right into Iraq.

Obviously, I don’t trust one thing the churches teach and I only rely on the Bible, and the Holy Spirit to teach me. I have been scoffed at for this, of course!

Anyway, it was good to listen to you and I encourage you to do more internet-radio interviews.

God Bless, Claudine

Dream on, you will perish before what you call us Goyim! Ashes to ashes! Where are the tears for the MANY

Children who were from Palistinethat died? Now you call on the so called psuedo Christian to help, BULL S…!

You have copied what the Ashkenazi has re-written to their benefit!

If I am wrong, see you in HELL with all the Ashkenazi! The psuedo Jew!The real jew is no longer…Ron

Do you know about the HUGE military base in Isreal that is a US base with underground bunkers???? I have an article on it and pictures of it. Its as big as a city. No one can tell anyone what its intended for and no will explain why its there? Just thought you might like to know. Do you get emails from Barry Chamish??? He isthe one who has been following this and actually got on the base and was able to surreptiously take photos.

Sorry for rambling but these reminds of that base.


You see it is this very stuff that I can never say that I will not pick up my rifle again in combat. I fear that one day I will have to against my own Government. I am a Magyar, Catholic in upbringing but I have many friends and brethren that are Jewish. I must stand with my Brothers. We must smite these Arab dogs. Ethnic cleansing indeed clean our world of Muslims now that is progress.

Ya, I remember you asking me if I would ever take lives again in combat. I told you that I could never promise that. Now you shall see why soon. Our leaders are corrupt. The 27th of this very month this very year you shall see the Red Planet in our sky with your naked eye. We have but one Pope left to have. This one is old and it is been written he will do major work and right many wrongs. Our next one is the last. You can count on that. Anything after that will be of Satan. Oh how the Vatican has covered truth for so long. World leaders hide truth. It will come crashing down. I have studied the ancient languages that predate Greek, Roman and Latin. I know Scythian runic. I am a Magyar our runic is directly related to it. Our language is related to it. I can trace my heritage strait to Nimrod there for one back to Adam himself. Oh yes the lies that even the great Church I grew up in put forth. King James omitted much out of his Bible. Lead a number unmentionable astray. Everytime people got so advanced that they thought they were like God. God crushed them. Egypt, Babel, Roman empire, And yes it is time the British, Russia, America, China all perish for their sins. Sin of forcing a false God on the world. Jesus would not have burned people at the stake, buried them alive, pulled them in half for not following him. But that is what many that Call themselves Christians have done. Murder Jews. They have their own price to pay for what they did to Jesus yet they are still God’s beloved people. I dare say it would be very foolish indeed to not support the Jewish land the land the great temple to God will again rise. And those who stand against that will die a horrible death and burn in Hell. And if I can be a part of it I will send as many as possible to meet that place quickly. God call your army I will march with them. Mighty is God, Great is His Power, Harsh is His Punishment. There will be much death, fire and pain. Pity the weak who don’t stand for God. I would rather die fighting for God than to die whimpering in a corner hoping to be spared. Nah, all will and shall die. All. Nothing will be spared. Your soul will be saved yes, maybe. Not your body, it is useless and will rot in time. You bet the closer we get the more excited I get. The more fired up I become.




Jack – thanks for serving in the military for our freedom – I appreciate that and try to always thank Vets for their service – however, I do not associate with or share ministry opportunities with those who try to be watch dogs for the church and naming names and comparing one to another outside our measure of rule or sphere of influence which for me is at least a sin – (2 Cor 10) so I won’t go there – it does not produce faith and it puts people down, which is not Godly, and it offers a critical spirit, which I want no part of – whatever is not done in faith is sin – therefore, please take me off you email list – unless you want to talk about something else that is edifying and a blessing to others – then, you may contact me –

Warmly, Pastor Jay

I just read the latest episode of Babylon. Are there two(2) or three(3) parts of this prediction ( which is what it is) and I whole heartedly agree with every word you have written.I was born into a very religious home ( not a bible banger a true religious background) and I am 84 yrs old and I believe we are headed to all the things you have written about. The problem today is that everybody ( and I mean Everybody) had better slow down and get on their knees and start to pray, instead of worrying about the almighty dollar. In fact this should start at the very top instead of seeing how many more we can send to war to be killed. I hope you don’t think I am on a soap box.I just get a little riled up at times. Sincerely. Ellie

So Jack,

What exactly is the “sin” of these men who teach pre-mill/pre-trib….(Lindsey, vanimmpe lahaye..ect,).? I happen to believe the same not because of them, because I read it in the Word as well as they apparently do. Or are you critiqing them because they support “The road map to peace”….Which I don’t think they really do at all,…? Or because they supported the strike against Iraq…?

Roadmap to peace has more to do with president Bush”s cabinate being “replacement theology” Christians..ie Amillerians..or Covenat Theology, then anything else. I almost hope Bush is bluffing because it is a Terrible plan otherwise.

Please explain. Robert

Hello, Jack–I haven’t written in a couple of years but I appreciate still being on your mailing list!!!!

The prophecies WILL be fulfilled as God has preordained since before the beginning of time–so why are you so angry? Isn’t what all this in the world is leading up to is the Second Coming and isn’t that what all we Christians want? Why are you ragging on Bush, etc. If he IS the one who will lead us into Armageddon, or if it ends up being Hillary Clinton or whoever, it will be done according to God’s will and not by the choice of whoever is President of this country or any other, for the ones who start the ball rolling irreversibly have been predestined to do so–no free will as far as I can see. What say you?


From: “Jack Hook”
To: “Dianne
Subject: Re:
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005

Hi Dianne. Thanks for responding and reading my articles over the last couple of years. I want you to know that the only anger I have is directed toward Satan and all of his fallen angels who have deceived all the world according to Revelation 20. Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning to put him and his evil band into the bottomless pit for one thousand years.

I have only love and prayers for George Bush, and it is not wrong to point out to him and others caught up in his delusions, that they are in desperate need of salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood and glorious return. I respectfully disagree with you that men have no free will…for God created us this way. Your eternal friend. Jack

Hi, Jack–thanks for the email! I don’t know about free-will always. How can one have free-will when it has been predestined that a certain someone will be the anti-christ. How did Judas have free-will when Jesus knew beforehand he would betray him? God obviously has had His hand on heads of states in the past, to do a certain thing at a certain time–Churchill, Hitler, Eisenhower, Patton, etc. For example, we never should have won WWII. That is a fact. Mistakes were made that should have been totally disasterous for us, things were done not planned that worked out fantastically well, etc. I know the Bible says we were created with free-will but I don’t see that that is for 100% of people ever born. I mentioned 2 already. Or, is it that God, being all-knowing, simple has seen history and the world and its people played out as if on video, from Eve to the last one born, and knows who will do what, hence the prophecies?????? What do you think???????? Thanks so much for writing!!!! Di

Hello Jack & Family

Jack I must do as 1 Thessalonians 5 vs. 11. I think that your every word in this latest e-mail is directly from our Lord.

I have cause to check out most of the people you mention in (Solomon, part 4) and can only concur that you are correct with your facts, it seems these men have forgotten their first love, no doubt.

(Part 2)

And Mr Bush and Mr Sharon are doing what is natural to them, sell out, and deceive, this should not come as a shock to most Christians, also seeing the eviction of those Jewish women & children, I was in tears, and wished I could of reached through the TV screen and rescued them, such a sad, but not a surprise.

One last thing Jack do you think that a lot of Mr Bush’s decisions has anything to do with his involvement with the “Skull & Crossbones”?

Just a thought Jack, you see over here in England that particular cult is non-existent, if it is here, it is a very well kept affair.

Well that’s all for now Jack, lots of Christian love to all the hook family.



You have something against all the prophecy ministers. What are they doing that’s so wrong? As I watch world events, I see Israel back in the land, the rise of the European Union, the accumulation of the Muslim enemies of Israel, along with Russia…everything marching forward to Armageddon and the Rapture and the 7 year Tribulation period in which God finishes the gathering and judgment of Israel.

What are these men doing wrong? Roger

From: Jack Hook

To: Roger

Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2005 9:36 AM

Subject: Re: What are they doing wrong?

Hi Roger. Thanks for the response and honest question. I have had to look in the mirror and remove the logs in my own eyes many times over the years. For I had fallen into a mean and evil judgmental spirit, looking down on any who disagreed with me. Thanks to the working of the Holy Spirit, using the precious blood of Jesus, he has given me victory over this evil temptation.

In my last Solomon letter, I am pleading and begging these men to come out of the delusion of the “just” war doctrine that has seduced most of Christendom for centuries. All of these men have proudly and publicly stated over and over again how it is alright for Christians to take up arms to kill the enemies of the nation they were born in. This is a most serious error that only encourages the sin nature (pride of life) that yet resides in our sinful bodies if we have been born again.

I love and care for all of these men, and consider many of them to be my brothers by their confession of faith, as Revelation 2&3 indicates. But our Lord is concerned that we follow his words or teachings as much as we do his name and person, Mark 8:38. Your eternal friend. Jack

From: Roger

To: Jack Hook

Dear Jack:

Thank you for the quick response. Like you, I try to be as discerning as I can with Biblical truth. There is so much apostasy in the world and it’s getting worse every day. I don’t agree with everything those men (that you listed) say, but appreciate their attempt at preaching the truth. As an example of how I question what comes from the pulpit at our church, I’ve attached two short essays on the Communion service and a couple of mistakes that are common to just about every congregation, and the true meaning of 1 John 1:9. Please don’t think that I am giving you an assignment. Only if you have the time.

I have run the gauntlet of false doctrines. I had the Assistant Pastor of Calvary Chapel of San Diego say, “I don’t care what the Bible says about tongues! I’ve had the experience so that proves it’s right!” While he was saying it, he threw his Bible several feet to a desk top. I have gone through a church split and left two churches. One adopted the Promise Keepers’ doctrine of stopping witnessing to Catholics, and the other church adopted the so-called Lordship Salvation of John MacArthur.

If I haven’t told you yet, then write back and ask me for more information on the finding of the true location where God divided the Red Sea for the Hebrew Slaves to walk to freedom, and the true Mount Sinai. Also, the European Union’s “European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument” that sets a 7 year budget period and the agreements to bring in 17 new nations to the EU. Israel is one of the countries. Oh, and if you’ll read Daniel 9:27, Daniel does not call the “covenant with many” a peace treaty. Hal Lindsey has just now found out about the ENPI and should modify his incorrect stand on it being a “Peace Treaty”.

I find it so remarkable that sincere Christians are so easily duped into believing error. Like you, I check it out myself, and if it does not match scripture, then I reject it.

In Christ’s service and looking for His soon return for His Saints, Roger

Dear Dr. Hook;

Did you know that the One World Government is already here? It’s the United Nations.

Think about it. Mike


Glad to hear you believe in the Rapture,as IT WAS taught in the first
Many dont know that,however the gospel was the most important as is taught
by Paul.
The one you dont hear in the babylon (Religious Institutions).
And that is:(Christ in you!) Col 1:26-27/Gal 2:20/ 2Cor 13:5.
Look those up!
They talk some on the cross but they NEVER talk on the new life in him.
This is the final gospel Paul taught.Thats what turned the world upside down
in 1st century.
The brothern are NOT taught this as it would take CONTROL away from the
Institutional Churches. Run by man. And not of the Spirit of our Lord.
But we are also living in the days of great deception,its going on now not
just the future.
An overcomer is one who knows his place in Christ and the shared-life in
A Christ-one. Not being lead by the (IC) into deeper deception.
But rather walking in the Spirit every day,knowing Jesus will do HIS work
in you ,as you,
We live by HIS life in us. He should BE our life. However how many
believers really know this.
Rom 5:9-10. Rom 8 :9-10.
Well brother hope this might help you.

PS. I to am a viet-nam vet. Walk in him! Robert







most puzzling thing is that Jesus died for our sins.

Do you see? Why did Jesus have to go to all the trouble to come to earth and face a horrendous death when all God had to do was forgive the apple thing – eating from the tree of knowledge.

It makes no sense, mankind didn’t recieve any punishment – Jesus did – HE WAS PUNISHED FOR SOMETHING HE DIDN’T DO!!!

All God had to do was forgive, but he sent his son to die?

that is the most extreme case of child abuse I have ever heard of and I will never worship a God that would commit such a hienious act.

From: Steven

To: Jack Hook

Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 12:07 PM

Subject: Re: Solomon is Calling…Israel update

why should I care about some Jews on thwe other side of the world?

I am of German heritage and don’t feel responsible for where Germans live – why would I care about Jews? Besides….the Palestinians were there first!

From: Jack Hook

To: Steven

Hi Steven. Thanks for responding and the question. I once asked the same thing….then started reading the scriptures for myself and found that Jesus Christ was a Jew who claimed to be the Son of God, the promised Messiah for not only Israel, but all of the world. His first coming was to allow himself to be killed, to shed his blood as payment for all the sins of men, like you and me. He loves us that much, my friend.

He rose bodily from the dead and promised his followers he would return at the end of the age in judgment. He would return to Jerusalem, Israel, (not America) to the Jews and Gentiles who love him, and destroy those who hate him. Jerusalem and all of Israel belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ, not the Islamic Palestinians. They need to acknowledge this truth as well. We are now seeing the signs of his promised second coming. I hope you this answers your question. Your eternal friend. Jack

I think it’s great the handful of right wing, arrogant Jews are being thrown off the Palestinian’s legally owned land.

Hi I was just wondering how sure you are that the Rapture will happen
before the Tribulation? I’m not so sure God will take us up just so
we don’t have to go through the hardships of the Tribulation as most
believers today are suffering very much already. Plus better for us
to stay and witness as long as we can. I know that there is no exact
time or place in scriptures for the rapture so all we can make is an
educated guess. I respectfully wonder what in the Bible made you
believe the Rapture happens before the Tribulation?



Appreciate your good feelings in regard to our country Israel. Wish I had such good feelings as the country’s leaders have become corrupt and ruthless. People are being imprisoned merely for wanting to maintain the land that rightfully belongs to us and which our great Sharon bulldozed to the ground.

In addition, we have a grandchild who they are accusing of “attempted murder” of an Arab who instigated attacks against Jews. We are living in topsey turvey land as our country is slowly being taken away from us.

Take care,