November 2006 Comments

Hi Jack, I went on your website and enjoyed what I read. I have to admit, I’ve become cautious of where I go on the Internet. You ask interesting questions and I am reminded of the Lady of Fatima and her predictions. “There will be an outbreak of many wars and then there will be a war that will end all wars.” The prophesy of being destroyed by fire. My dad was a veteran of WWII. He died in a veterans hospital at the age of 39 due to that war. I have a respect for veterans, except those like John Kerry. I view him as a traitor. Wishing you much success with your website. I sent one of our Veterans to take a look at your site also.


Jack, you will be joined by veterans. Your site was passed on by one of our veterans to others. Where we are today is not a good place but where we could have been, may have been worse. In the world today there is much evil and these evil people are destroying Christians. Such murders of innocent children just because they are Christian is unforgivable. The crimes against humanity are reaching an epidemic proportion and I’m sure God is to the point of ending this evil and saving the innocent. I went to Parochial school from first grade through high school with the Sisters of St. Joseph. I was a rebel in school but a good one. No saint, I must admit but never in that time was the sadistic murders and hatred that are here today. It is frightening. Now we learn that Russia authorized the death of our Pope. Between, Iran, Russian, China, Korea, and the South American Countries like Chile, Venezuela and Cuba, we have much to worry about. Saudi Arabia, Syria et al are a bed of hatred against Christians, especially Americans.

I wish you well and hope you spread the word but remember we have to protect ourselves and others against those who would destroy us.
God Bless.

Hi Jack. Thank you for the reply. It is ironic that you should mention your views and desires concerning the military. I have no military background except that I was denied enlistment twice due to medical restrictions. However, I am currently working here in Iraq in support of US troops. I must admit that I too have been overwhelmingly in favor of our country’s actions here and in Afganistan. I have spent nearly 2 years here and I am able to frequently interact with the local people. They appear to largely be such good and loyal human beings. They frequently remind me of children regardless of their ages. Yet, they are so firm in their religious beliefs that I am concerned they may never see the truth before it is too late. I pray for them often, but it is still very sad…but I digress.

For what it is worth, your website has opened my eyes to the truth that I have always known, but chose to be deceived into ignoring. The truth that Jesus taught to turn the other cheek and to keep GOD’s commandments…specifically, “thou shalt not kill”, and “love thy neighbor as thyself” regardless of the political ramifications. I find that I really don’t care about the political doings of our government anymore. I mean I pay attention enough that I will hopefully see the signs from GOD as they occur, but I honestly am not concerned what directions events take any longer. I seem content to leave it all in the hands of the lord GOD, and I am anxiously anticipating his coming. My return to Jesus is far more recent than yours appears to have been. I frequently pray that the Holy Spirit might soon fill me with the knowledge and the zeal similar to what you seem to possess. I continue to study the scriptures and pray for guidance daily, but much is still difficult to understand. The last thing I wish to be is lukewarm.

Thank you for the encouragement and for your dilligence in writing your interpretations of the scriptures. It has been a blessing in helping me to decipher some of the more difficult passages into terms I can understand. I read The Revelation again the other night after reading some of your commentary. I’m afraid I still can’t comprehend the cronology of it all. Hopefully I will be able to sometime before it actually occurs. God Bless and guide you. Your friend, Scott

The Catholic Church teaches when Christ comes back it will be for the general judgment and we will all proceed to go either to hell or heaven.
The Jews are no longer God’s people. These are the obstinate Jews in the scheme for the Anti-Christ system. God will give all a last chance to repent before the end.
The Ant-Christ and his system will bring a short period of peace which will give us enough time to convert.
In Christ, Joseph


Greetings in His name Jack,

Just wanted to touch base and say hello again, it’s been awhile but wanted you to know I continue to read your articles which I find well thought out and Biblically based.

As I continue to study and pray, one thing I’ve been having a hard time with of late is excepting my long held belief that Russia will play the role in the end times that most people continue to think. I fully believed it at one point but anymore I’m not that sure. It almost seems to be too obvious. I don’t want to come across as bigoted, but I truly do seem to see more and more that the part in the end times which most attributed to Russia will in fact be played out by different Middle Eastern countries, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordon, ECT. Than again, this is just my understanding. I’m not trying to discredit you or your views.

My biggest concern is the road that America has taken these past eight years or so. Indeed it is hard to look at America anymore and not see the “Great Babylon” rising up. I only wish more of the so called churches could see it and teach the truth. But, ever blind are those who follow the false one. He is after all the master of deception.

Tell me Jack, do you ever feel like “what’s the use?” of trying to go on educating people? Sometimes I do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying, give up, or, stop trying to show the truth, but it sure seems to be getting harder as time goes by and we sure seem to be rushing headlong and faster and faster towards the perils outlined in Scripture.

Well, so be it! All we can do is our best. You my friend have certainly done your best. Be it one year or a hundred more years before His return. Keep looking up! He is coming.

Yours, David

Dear Jack,

I recently received a request to stand with my fellow disabled veterans through the Raralyzed Veterans of America. I’m a life member of this organization and was proud to provide my comments on the new health care initiatives. This is what I wrote for them:

It is intrinsic upon the leaders of this nation to honor and respect those who valiantly gave of themeslves in sevice to this country. As constituents of those who served, we also have a responsibility to them and to ourselves; that this nation so concieved in liberty and dedicated to freedom will, with our support and integrated efforts, overseea a new dawn in healthcare and medical needs for veterans. These efforts must endure if our cause is to sustain.

I believe the government does have a long term responsibility and we should never allow them to neglect that responsibility. I have to admit though, it was my faith in God that sustained me throughout my militart experiences, and not faith in the government. I learned first hand, and quite shockingly, that I was expendable. And I mean just that. I thought of myself a shaving some importance associated with my skills and abilities. I was gravely wrong, and it was show to me on a mission one day. We were stripped of anything American, given clothes and materials of another country, and dropped off in the middle of nowhere. The last thing I remember hearing was somethinmg like “If you are at the extraction point on time we’ll pick you up. If not, you’re on your own…” It was like being in a movie. At first we all laughed, but the truth of those words began to set in and we realized the bare facts of our situation. I’m sure you understand. Anyway, I think your comments would be welcomed by the PVA and other organizations. I know they sure made a resounding impact in my heart. God Bless You.

Through Christ our Lord,
Dr. Ley

please stay in contact with me as I need someone to talk to – 7 months ago my eldest son committed suicide at the age of 41 years and I need to feel that someone is looking over me at this time.


Mr. Hook,

Thank you for your perspective, though I am not in agreement in the content and spirit of your text.
I find that as long as I am a Husband, Father, Grandfather and member of my faith, taking care of those
whom I have stewardship over is what I am supposed to do.

Having been in the regions that you refer to also gives me a more clear understanding and feel for
the content of the hearts of those whom you address. In short, clearly difficult times surround us
and will continue to do so for a while…..the real issue is what are we doing for those whom we are
responsible for within our part of the world ?!!!


I took a peek at your website after doing some research on Revelations 18. I am glad I did. I read the about section and you lifted my spirits. My wife and I are of the same belief and refuse to be deceived by the world. I have been and continue to seek the truth in Gods word.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Dear Jack,

I am honored to hear about these things from you, who have been at war. I
my self was born in 1967, so I never have lived at times of war myself. But I
like to tell you more about mu spiritual life. So you know, how I believe. I
fully respect your faith and I hope, that you will understand mine.

I believe, that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and that Mary was
divine, maybe a Goddess. And they together showed the way of salvation,
which is only in Jesus Christ. And I am also a messianic believer, and I
believe, that in own time, all things will be reconciliated to God the Father.
God is Almighty, so I believe, that everything will be glorious some day.

I donĀ“t love war or fighting, but what do you think of selfdefence? If am
forced to protect myself, I would do it. How do you think about it?

I am very happy to have you as my friend. I am looking forward to hear
from you soon.

Greetings, Sirpa

Hi Jack

We have a lot in common, backgrounds, turning away from Christ, and the loving Holy Spirit thru our mother’s and others’ prayers interceding on our behalf.

I read a good deal of your web site. I formerly believed as you do, and was brought up to believe in a pre-tribulation rapture doctrine. I no longer believe this doctrine and believe it is superfluous to argue it with those steeped in it. Many use extra-biblical extrapolations to make it work, ignoring Jesus’ teachings on the same subject in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and other opinions such as who populates the earth that doesn’t seem to be a big deal for the Creator, except to mention those who will be populating the globe in the Millennium in such places as Isaiah 40 – 48, in which a new Temple with different dimensions will be built different than Solomon’s temple, and other things. I’ve debated the pre-, mid-, and post-tribulation rapture doctrine with retired seminary theology professors, and have more productive things to do with my time. Some are in for a huge surprise. None can claim ignorance, whether it’s about salvation or the tribulation period. Many will give an account for such teachings that are different than Jesus’ own teachings. Those who become a part of the great apostasy, falling away, due to being misled, duped, and deceived won’t know whom to believe.

It is impossible for mystery Babylon to be the Roman Catholic church or any semblance of it. Such suppositions and assumptions are based on biases and human opinion only, and do not match up with scriptural descriptions of that city. For one thing, Rome is not a deep water port where the ships and shipmasters groan about the fall of that great city. Neither does Rome have any control over nations.

If Mystery Babylon is a city, as Scripture says, it is more likely New York City; if it is a nation, it is more likely the United States of America or both.

The only group of nations that meet Revelation 17 about the Antichrist beast, who is of the seven, who himself is also the eighth, is the G-8 Economic nations in the late 20th and 21st centuries. No other group of nations meet any criteria of kings/presidents/prime ministers (not the EU, NATO, OAS, oil cartel, or any other group). The G-8 meets every description in Scripture. The eighth is Russia, currently Vladimir Putin, who has invited Egypt, Israel, and Palestine leaders to Moscow for a peace summit. So far, Mubarik of Egypt and the newly elected Hamas have accepted; PM Ariel Sharon is no longer in the mix, but acting Israeli PM Emud just struck a deal announced today that Russia will be supplying Israel with most of its gasoline in one year, so overtures are being made. If you continue to believe the stuff on your web site, you are in for some huge surprises.

For any doctrine to be valid, one must start with Jesus’ teachings on the subject, first and last. If Jesus’ didn’t teach it, the doctrine is highly suspect, if not false. If it contradicts Jesus, it is a false doctrine. A pre-tribulation rapture doctrine contradicts Jesus’ teachings as recorded by both Matthew and Mark.

Using Rev. 4:1 to base a rapture doctrine is disingenuous and must be reverse-engineered to make it work. It doesn’t agree with Jesus; doesn’t agree with 1 Cor. 15:51, 52; doesn’t agree with 1 or 2 Thessalonians; there is no trumpet at all, much less the “last trumpet” that sounds at Rev. 11:15; there is only a “voice” that sounds like a trumpet at Rev. 4:1; no angels who gather or catch away the saints at 4:1, but one angel who talks to John; the command to “Come up here” as some supposed indicator of the rapture of the church is based primarily on the same command to the two witnesses to “Come up here” when they were resurrected from the dead and taken to heaven.

I could go on and on, but it is superfluous and a waste of time. Just because someone believes something, doesn’t make it true. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and I choose to believe Jesus. It took me about 18 months of prayer and fasting to get over the false teachings, with the realization that so many of my family and loved ones still believe the false thinking, and they now think I’m an traitorous infidel, for changing my beliefs about one doctrine.


Dear brother in Christ,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I hope you and your all congregation will be fine by the Grac of God.
I am Pastor here in the Pakistan and i have seen your book throw the inter net.
I need this book, It can be possible for me. If you will send this book for me i will be highly thankful to you. I can pay for this book. May God bless you.

Rev. Yousaf

Jack, keep praying for me, i know i have a long way to go, but with your help and gods, i know i will make it. I have gotten my bible out and wiped the dust off of it, its been a long time since i have open this book.


Palestinian Israel Jack are false “Jews” put there by
the Rothschilds. This is why God is now gathering all
nations against Jerusalem to Battle. Alex

You’re crazier than George Bush.


Dear Jack:

Thanks for passing along the experience of reaction to evil and your exchange with Sharon regarding the Iraq war issue.

Your response was very well worded. The scenario which Sharon protrayed has been paraded before us in one form or another for months in an attempt to justify our invasion of Iraq, with rhetoric about how evil and brutal S. Hussein was — and of course, much can be documented to verify that he indeed was a brutal dictator.

The question I pose to the president when I write to him on average of once a week or every 10 days is this — why the silence about the brutality in term of the mutilation and murders of thousands of unborn children in the “civilized” USA each week? I have a counter on my web site which keeps a running tally of the total number of abortions, but also how many unborn children have been brutally mutilated and murdered since we invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003 — we are moving toward 4 million! Not a word said — Saddam was an evil, brutal man, but our officials have lock jaw when it comes to brutality and murder within our boundaries! The same holds true for many church leaders as well!

I agree on the issue of many big name “conxervatives” and how they are practically promoting the war in Iraq.

On the basis of Deut. 28 and many statements in prophets such as Jeremiah and Ezekiel, we can see why things are not going well for the United States. I could, but will not elaborate on this right now. You certainly have been dealing extensively with such issues.

Keep on keepin’ on — one of these days Jesus will take control and set this world right side it up, and all politicians will find themselves in the unemployment line — ah, that is, if they survive!


I have seen in my own personal life how easy it is to be “overcome by evil” that is, to respond in kind or in self-protection, rather than overcoming evil with good. Being wise as serpents and harmless as doves is a difficult balance. Most “Christians” are ignorant. But often those who wise, use their knowledge and act in the flesh. It is difficult for me to remember the second part of this verse.

When Bush made his first incursion into Iraq, people asked me whether I was for or against it. I felt like it didn’t matter what I thought, a process was set in motion that would continue until the drama was complete. The world and the worldly church doesn’t see what is going on behind the scenes, in the spiritual realm. They don’t know that all these things must come to pass. God has already written the script before the foundation of the world, and now the actors are waiting for their cues, the stage is set.

My sister-in-law is an Iranian Jew. Did you know that 20,000 Jews still remain in Iran, out of 100,000 who lived there prior to the revolution. Most are in Tehran. Iran has 20,000 hostages. Perhaps all this loud, open discussion of attack is directed at warning Iranian Jews? Perhaps Israel has some covert rescue operation planned. I am told that outside of a few incidents, Jews are not treated badly in Iran now. My sil’s relatives go back and forth. Perhaps it is that they want to keep them there.

You never hear this discussed and most people are not even aware of it.

Good to hear from you.


Dear Brother Jack,

I just had to respond to this letter from Sharon and your response to her.

I admire you Jack as a past commissioned officer being exposed to the violence of war in Vietnam for taking the stance that you took for the Kingdom of God and for our Lord Jesus. You showed to Sharon the truth and I just hope and pray that she and her husband can receive it in the spirit of love as it was given.

I realize there are a lot of mixed emotions in the USA especially after the hijacking of the planes and all the damage and lives lost in New York awhile back. It is so very easy to rare up in defence and somehow feel that we are justified in doing so. However, Jesus came to bring peace and after all, He is the Prince of peace.

It seems difficult for many to understand the way of peace that Jesus taught. His way is so contrary to our natural mind. I am realizing this more and more as I continue along with Him. The Word of God speaks of such times and says, “herein is the patience of the saints – he that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword”. Some of us react like Peter did when he drew his sword and cut off the man’s ear. Peter did not yet understand the way of peace and righteousness, but he did learn afterwhile.

God bless you my brother.

Yours in Christ,

Jack, again your truth confirms my heart and how sad I see the greatest
deception spread among our Christian brethren. As a former US State
Department Diplomat, I had to resign as I could not be a part of this evil
charade. We are truly entering the end of times – we need to strengthen our
collective voices for truth among those willing to hear the truth. Never
more do we need to share the Lord’s voice among all of us… God Bless,

Dear Jack,

Like yourself I believe that America, Babylon the great is falling. The visions given to the Prophet John were not literary devices not to be taken literally as suggested by the Catholic church. Although the bible that I have also admits that whether or not he actually witnessed end time events is an open question. As I talk to people about world events the majority cannot accept this identity as the truth is to painful. Privately a Catholic monsignor that I met with confirmed that America fits the biblical description and is in fact in a state of moral, financial and spiritual decline. You may want to visit Peter Goodgame’s. There is one thing for certain people are scared and looking for guidance. I have consulted with financial experts who say that we are on the verge of economic collapse for many different reasons: a $9 trillion debt, $500 billion budget deficit, 1/3 of public debt held by Chinese investors, foreigners loosing confidence in U.S. currency, countries paying off loans to IMF, Iran and Mexico converting to euro and the list goes on… Pray for America and the whole world that our eyes will be opened. Let us pray that our reaction to evil will be one of calm and faith in the Lord.

In peace,

Daniel, USAF veteran

Jack, we hate to say it, but you sir are blaspheming the Creator and His Son and you’d better stop it and learn the TRUTH and that TRUTH will set you free ……. we love you but are concerned for you !
in LOVE thru Yahshua Messiah

Greetings Jack,

Frankly speaking, I find your disturbing email to be too rude to ignore! Blantly, I should tell you, I don’t entertain aliens!! Are you one of the mutants? Are you hiding your real identity? Or, your name suggest a dangerous hook of the time? Or, maybe you are not true…


Mr. Hook,

I don’t get it. I am a Christian and I support our president. I don’t
get why people like you are against him.

We stand for our values concerning God and democracy. Our president is
not evil. He is a good man in a very difficult situation. Our world is
broken, terribly broken.

I don’t ever want us to turn our backs on Israel.

I am sad that we have lost troops. My Dad fought in the Korea war and
proudly. We have the right to defend ourselves–and to reduce it to oil
is ludicrous. Far more is at stake than our getting oil.

These men and women over in Iraq and other parts of the world are
fighting to protect you and I and our freedoms. You can write what you
want because of them. Can you realize that they are fighting for you and
me…and we don’t even know them? Hw amazing is that?

It seems you don’t care for our President. That is okay…but please
appreciate his concern to protect us.