November 2007 Comments

Dear Jack,

I have read your articles, and hear your views. I understand your deep desire is to please our Father. I’m not entirely sure what your sentiments are when you talk about “militant patriotism” but I have a feeling I disagree. I don’t know what your views are regarding the fundamental teachings of Jesus Christ; however, I wonder if perhaps in your eagerness to seek the truth, you have uncovered a misrepresentation.

Jesus emphatically states in Matt 10:34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. If he only meant that this “sword” was to turn the other cheek he would have used another noun or adjective instead of the word sword-in this case to mean machaira or in the Greek where the word sword in this passage means a weapon powerful enough to slice open a bronze helmet.

Perhaps America is Babylon the Great. Only time shall tell. In the mean time it’s not for us to gather republicans together or democrats together…it’s time for us to collect souls for Christ, not to further our own thoughts and ideals. I would love to tell people that Demonic presences are going to come to earth in the form of aliens (because I believe that) but people would think I were insane, and what furtherance would it do to the Kingdom of Christ?!

Please hear me, as I know you want to be heard, there is no reason to argue semantics with fellow Christians, unless a sin against the commandments of God is occurring. The Word says “MY Grace is sufficient for thee” We’re not perfect who love The Lord, we are redeemed into perfection. Yes we all have sentiments and ideals that perhaps might be incorrect, but what does it further the kingdom to argue over it?

In Christ Name

Hey Jack, Kindly take me off your list. I think a lot of people misunderstand the nature of apocalyptic literature, Revelation esp., and make way too much of it as literal prophecy. I used to be a Hal Lindsey guy when first saved, but as I studied history, I realized he distorted Gog and Magog and morphed them into Russia, which isn’t true. Also, in Revelation, the war of Armageddon takes place AFTER the 1000 year reign of Christ, not before. That means that either the reign of Christ is spiritual and 1000 is a symbolic number rather than a literal one, or that Paul is wrong about the nature of the resurrection and the slaying of the Anti-Christ.

The reason, I ask you to take me off the list is that I don’t see you in accountability with other believers about your conclusions about the end times. Not that you do not provide a good corrective to militant patriotism, but I find your conclusions not making an adequate distinction between the role of national governments and the role of individual Christians. One of my favorite lines on this matter is from Henry V by Shakespeare. Traitors who sought to kill the king are caught and ask for forgiveness, and the king says something to the effect, as far as my person is concerned I do forgive you, but as far as the state is concerned, you must pay for your crimes.

Paul speaks of the Roman Government, corrupt as it was with all its injustice, as the means by which God suppressed evil. It was “appointed” by God for that purpose, and even Jesus acknowledges that Pilate, and the Roman State, had no power except what had been allowed by God. He has left these governments in place until the time when he takes over and the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. Jesus even said there will be wars until the time of the end, but that is not the end; only the birth pangs.

It is my belief that the Lord will use war of Muslim against Muslim to break the yoke of Islam off their backs so that they may hear the Gospel. Since God loves the Muslims and desires their salvation, he must shake their faith in their covenant with death and annul it, so that they may be open to the Gospel. God used the Peace of Rome to allow the Gospel to spread throughout the Mediterranean world unimpeded in short order. As unjust as it was, it was used by God for good, and so Paul said so in Romans 13. In the same way, he may use the mistakes of the United States to make the Eastern world ready for the one and only true Hope of mankind.

In Christ,

Dear Sir,

While reading your E-mail I could not help but see that you are all worshippers of Zues, Hesus, Jesus (the false messiah). You are so far in Babylon that you cannot see the trees for the forest. Go ahead read the bible and see if you can find the name that you profess as the name of the creator in the old testement. Please do not decieve any more people.
Isn’t it interesting that the number of religons in North America are the same number as was the prophets of BAAL (LORDS) 450 in EliYAHS time. Proclaim the magnificent name of the Almighty Creator. Psalm 68:4.



Hi Jack,

I havent been able to keep up with all what is being said on your site, but this latest e-mail you sent me is really disturbing. How can anyone call themselves a christian and advocate putting people to death!!!!!! Jesus says judge not lest you be judged, accroding to the same measure you judge, will you be judged also. Jesus says he didnt come to judge because there is one who judges and that is the Word. How can we ask for people to be executed and to go to hell because they dont understand the truth of the gospel?

How can anyone say that they would have people die and go to hell, when Jesus says in His word He would have “NONE” perish!!!!!!!!!

Instead of trying to be tools of Satan’s kingdom, “christians” should ask themselves “Who do they really serve?’

Jesus says pray for your enemies and for those that persecute you, He didn’t say go and kill in my name all those who are ignorant of the truth.

Who are they to judge? when Jesus Himself says He didn’t come to judge. Are these people God?!!!! do they have the right to life and death in the power of their right hand? “Christians” should spend more time reading what Jesus wrote and doing what He asks of them!!!!!!!!

The bible says “PRAY” for those who persecute you. How many of you guys are praying and how many of you are judging??????

Are you God that you can judge, are you perfect and have “all” the truth. I say you do not. To say you are perfect without fault or blemish is a lie from the pit of hell and unless you can say you are righteous above reproach which is to be God!!!!!!!! you are sinning in asking people to go to hell without a chance of knowing the truth.

You should be on your knees in prayer and not on your feet in judgement.

Satan came to kill, steal and destroy.

So my question to you, those who say we should kill others is:


because clearly you don’t serve the same Father I serve, who says love one another as “I” have loved you. Do you realise that even in the worlds state of sin. The Father loves every single person born our of His creation, regardless of their knowledge of truth or not, every single one and would have none perish but receive eternal life.

In other words Jesus came for this very purpose to save people from eternal death!!!!!! and here you are saying you advocate people, not want people to go to hell. Who are you people and look at the God you serve, because its not Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you actually are of your Father Devil.

In distress over the gospel of Jesus not being taught.



Dear Jack,

I am new at this Christian thing, so forgive me for my lack of understanding or my feeble attempt at understanding what is really going on here.

Are you saying that we should not have invaded Iraq? That we should lay down our swards and let this ugly situation in the East go? Surely God wants us to protect ourselves and to not let terrorists rule our lives. Also, that God has given us such a prosperous land and mindful people, to not help those that are oppressed would be a sin. Personally, I learn better when not being made to do so with the bomb-strapped child next to me. How can anyone learn of God’s pure love for all His children if we are not given the opportunity to do so?

Isn’t there a passage in the bible that says something about a time for war and a time for peace? How can we as a Christian nation share our Lord and share the good news about salvation if we cease to exists? That being said, even if the war was a bad idea, what can be done now? We can’t just leave that nation the mess that it is now. We must finish what we started and have faith that God will make good come from evil.

I believe that you are right, that the only true lasting peace will come after the return of our Lord. But what do you do meanwhile? What about tomorrow?

Thanks for listening.

Your baby-step friend,


Hi Jack, I had to send you another email to tell you how I can relate to your military-political writings. I was born and raised in England, so I grew up hearing about my parents stories of the second world war defending Britain against Hitlers war machine. I grew up during the Ireland conflict and being in London we faced the terrorist bombings of the IRA in London, so I am not a foreigner to conflict. My grandparents survived the blitz in London, my fathers family were bombed out when there was a direct hit in their back yard, miraculously they all survived although the back of the house was blown away and the top floor collapsed to the ground. My uncle was a japanese prisoner of war in Burma on the “Burma railroad” he is still alive today as are both my parents. So although I was never in the armed forces myself, I know about the horrors of war. I believe you are doing some very important work, God bless you, Ian


For me you are so right in many ways. First off Rick warren doesn’t have the gospel of Christ. Second anyone who tries to tell the churches who have been sucked in by him and his new ager’s are called divider’s. Apostasy is rampid in these last days. So many do not read G-d’s word as it is our strength and if they did the Holy Spirit promises to lead us who do into all truth. The church today take scripture of of context so they don’t get a clear picture of what G-d is telling them. Or they skip words etc. One of them is they put the word church in where it really says Israel or Jews.

Concerning Israel , the scripture tells us that G-d says smite the enemy. If you look at all the people G-d killed in wars , but some get wars mixed up with neighbor. Of course we are to go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every one the Jew First. But the church walks into Israel and right into the PLO area to help the enemy. G-d talks of double punishment on those who go against the brethren. One of the words they overlook is the word SEPERATE PEOPLE…why? because they think they replaced them. And yes, our G-d of Israel said, MY KINGDOM is not of this world. He also told us , Satan runs the governments..Yet if one has a R in front of their name , they are considered good…the blind is leading the blind.

As far as the US being Babylon..The book of Rev has a description of Babylon, that falls..The description has to be completely correct . Never has Iraq had a port that sent imports and exports to the world. That to me is a big one. And I remember that G-d says the spirit of Babylon will move back. In the meantime Bush has built a city in Baghdad the size of Vatican City and its self contained, and is rebuilding old Babylon which is one leg of the OLD Rome……

It is sad that so much splits us all. For me, I do not go to any assembly, nor am I under the law. I see the law as my loving instruction. For me I was born again into the family of G-d, not replace them…Israel will always own the Olive Tree. Isa makes it plain that He is Coming to the MT of OLIVE , not NYC. And remember , we are told to tell them three times. You have done that. We are not to be a part of this world ,or love the things in it , we are here to win souls for Christ. Now Satan is bringing the apostasy and Paul warned us of the other Christ..yet the church has fallen for it. The L-rd said they would hate you as they hated me..so don’t worry if anyone hates you Jake. G-d loves you. And as we see the real church will be going home. He is coming and I know where I will spend eternity. soon as the church leaves G-d’s eyes will turn to the Jews and Jerusalem…watch Love, Kim


I’m sorry but i am not interested about religions and wars. I do hope 2 join
the british army though and like that sorta stuff.

my dear, mr hook;

i read your mail. and i am thinking like you and supporting you. not to bother about muslims belief. i love jesus like mohammed. i believe him. he is gonna come and save us. all the love jesus and i know he is love me so much. i feel it. i know mohammad an jesus are to unhappy about the world. they are waiting for the true time. 3 religion are same as theirselves. so fallen angels you said, they are jinns in our religion. they are going to come in armageddon, and war with us. jesus come and command all the peoples. we’ve allready believe that.

and about bush and ahmadinejad. iran is our neigbour. iran is have a wonderful history. they are son of babylons and persians. now usa want to destroy them. we are always be an enemy with iran. they first in our list. but we ar tired from war mr hook. maybe you heard. about pkk. we are in war against kurdish militans for 20 years. and usa our biggest ally. they are allways attacking our neigbours. iran, ýrak, russia. we are tired. my peoples are really just wants to peace. we turks fighting for tausens of years. china, iran, byzantine, austuria, france, england, greece ex. and we are still fighting. so we can’t wait the greatist war. turkish peoples are hate from usa. and if usa and iran going to fight, there is going to be a disaster. usa going to lost their strongest ally of turkey. do something about that. if a battle against to usa-iran turks are going to support iran. our best ally in middle east that is israel. our people starting to hate them to. that means 3. world war.

in the and, i respect your religion and your belief. but i expecting, you must respect my belief to. there is only one god we had, and he is creat all of us.

onur from turkey


Thank you for the email – but also, thank you for not sending any more. The questions you present I find quite irrelevant, actually. As a practicing Christian (Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod) I read the Bible regularly, and know that all the answers I might ever need are to be found between its covers. So, as I say, thank you, but no thanks. I am a forgiven sinner and know that my place in Heaven is all ready reserved for me. And I am ready to go when called. Are you? In His Peace. Ken (also a veteran of Viet Nam – ’67 & ’68/’69)


Hey Jack, I wanted to know if you believe that Babylon is only
specifically the United States or the whole wicked/antichrist system in
place that includes the United States? I agree with you that it is sad to
see “patriotic Christians” going the way of destruction. So many don’t
even see it because they are caught up in the ways of this world.

Thanks and take care.


You are not wrong … we all fall short and when we stop listening to and hearing God’s word we begin listening to satans… he blinds the eyes and stops the ears of those who stray off the road where God alone dwells.
God Bless, Joyce


Dear Jack,
I haven’t emailed you in a while, but I do read
your articles, I know America is Babylon, I also know
that your friends, unfortunately, are listening to the
wolves in sheeps clothing, being deluted by these
wolves that are only interested in building their own
kingdom, instead of building God’s kingdom. Jesus is
the only one that is worthy to be praised! God is
Soveriegn and only he knows what is coming down on
America, and yes it is in the scriptures, if you have
eyes to see and ears to hear. Because of their
rebellious spirit God cause them to suddenly blind
them deafen their ears, see God knew what they would
do, but if they turn from their wicked ways, repent
and seek his face, then he will hear them.
What you are doing is telling the truth and the
truth will set you free, free indeed. We are to love
one another in Jesus. May God bless you and your
family and I plead the blood of Jesus on your ministry
and family.

In Jesus be blessed,



I concur fully with you on Salvation for the Jews. It is the same as for Gentiles. When that Veil of the Temple was torn from top to bottom, that broke down the wall of separation between Jew and Gentile, and everyone came under the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, which is the new heart that was written about in the Old Testament/Covenant. Jews from that time onward had to be saved one at a time, just like the Gentiles.

Praise God that He chose to graft in the Gentiles to His Chosen, the Jews, through the new birth that both Jew and Gentile had to partake of in order to inherit the Kingdom of God. There is only one way into the sheepfold, Jesus Christ, our great High Priest, our Messiah. Through His blood sacrifice, he paid the debt of sin for all mankind, Jew and Gentile, free and bond, absolutely everyone. However, it appears that only a few will walk the narrow way to find life. Jesus said not everyone that saith Lord, Lord, shall enter in, but only those that do the will of the Father. It is the will of the Father that we know the Son.

Brother, this is a very close watch. i.e. kiss the Son that ye not perish from the earth. That is close. We shall find the Son when we search for the Son with all of our strength and might.

Seeking, Finding, and knowing the Son are all key parts of True Salvation that is blatantly absent from the doctrine of salvation from the whited selpurchures that is called the Modern Church of today. It is the spiritually blind leading the spiritually blind, and their end is the pit!

For many shall say unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, in your name we cast out devils, in your name we healed the sick, and in your name we did many wonderful things. Then will I say unto them, depart from me, ye that worketh iniquity (lawlessness), I never knew you.

How sad it will be for the vast majority of professing Christians to hear those awful words and to understand that they had bought into the Modern Church’s false gospel, brought into the Churches long ago by infiltration by Romes Jesuit Priests into Seminarys and the Church. (Read Jude 4) It does appear that Jesus rejects them because they bought into an “easy” Salvation Message that does not include the personal cross and the narrow way that leadeth unto life. Therefore, they reject the true way, because the true way is “evil spoken of” by the false prophets of Babylon America.

Jack, all we can do today is cry out to the lost, the true Gospel of Jesus Christ which does include and must include the bloody cross that you talk about so much. I want to encourage you to continue to spread the true gospel, a gospel that is “evil spoken of” by todays Modern Church’s and todays pseudo Christians.

Thank the Lord for those whom God has called out and chosen in these last of the last days. Thank the Lord for men of God, like you, that boldly proclaim God’s Truth, in the face of all the opposition to the World’s Church, the Mighty Babylonian Church whose end is eternal death!

I could go on and on, but you understand. Thank your for your steadfastness to the old paths that lead to eternal life.

Your brother in Jesus Christ,



Again, I concur with you. I believe that the King of Babylon/America will be the Anti-christ that will step onto the world stage one day soon after a terrible conflagration, with millions lying dead and dying, to declare himself “President of the whole world”.

We are truly living in perilous times. The massive deception is beyond comprehension of the average American citizen. All Americans from birth and forward has been taught that America is the greatest of the great empires to ever have existed. The truth is the opposite. America’s role in the end times is one of infamy. Apparently, American’s do not ever recover from their “blindness” as to America’s true identity from God’s Word, the Bible, as “Babylon the Great”. It is truly heart breaking for those of us that know the end of America as described in Revelation 18 & 19.

Jack, I encourage you to continue to tell the truth. Sometimes the truth is not real pretty, but it is still the real truth. You are saying exactly what Jesus Christ showed John the Apostle on the Isle of Patmos. Jesus didn’t call America by it’s name. He called it by the name of that most rebellious of nations – Babylon! Many of Jesus’s sayings are hard sayings for mankind to digest. But, digest it/accept it we must, because it is the truth. My admonishment to you is to continue in the Truth of Jesus Christ and tell the people the real truth.

Yours in Christ Jesus Service,



Dear Jack

I’m standing behind you in this and I walked away from that type of religion too. I wasn’t aware that Jesus Believing Jews were taking such a militant stance but it doesn’t surprise me. I believe most of the same way you do. Jesus walked the walk of Peace, Love, and Kindness and he expects us to turn the other cheek, give up our cloak, or walk away from the fight if we are able-bless those that curse us, revenge is the Lord’s, Blessed are the Peacemakers, etc.

I am concerned that the current “yes men” mentality in the militant doctrines are the blind leading the blind. No one is allowed to stand up and say differently in those churches out of fear and playing group politics like any social group does. I did stand up and say they were wrong and was made an example. I don’t know if it’s my living in a democracy influencing my stand but God didn’t create”yes people” to follow those leaders that are blind and falling into the ditch. If they were truly sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s voice, they would have the nature of God looking back at them with all the fruits listed in Galations 5 in the mirror. Plus they would be putting on the righteous armor of God

Those “Christians” have such a wrong attitude about the teachings of Jesus that I am beginning to see the rising of a new “Hitler” type regime. It scares me to see that everyone is afraid of challenging the wrongs like they did with Hitler. It was seen as treason and was quickly dealt with by death. Only this time it will be the pacifist Christians who will be tortured and killed. I’ve already gone through a lot of persecution because of it already but this is just the beginning I think. Let’s hope that God has mercy on us in the USA and corrects the problems by these elections today and in the near future. I pray that God reveals the truth to their hardened hearts and release them from their deception. In the past month or so even Time magazine did an article on the prosperity gospel and listed the pro and con bible verses. This week there is a new article about the Christian religion in Time again that I haven’t read yet. It’s a twisted doctrine straight from the devil–his formula is always to mix a little truth with a whole lot of lie.

As we grow in the Lord, it is hard to move on in Him and leave friends behind. I have lost some over to old dead doctrines and some over to the prosperity doctrines. It hurts for awhile but it is part of our lessons from God to depend on him and not on anyone else for our walk with him. Have you ever read Piligrim’s Progress? Babes in the Lord do eventually grow up and move on. Keep praying for them. Paul had the same problems.

I have sat at table with Jews and celebrated the Passover in Jerusalem. I have also discussed nationality with Arabs. The Jews liked me because I was interested in their religious roots and their democracy. The Arabs told me of their roots and only liked me because of my German ancester’s heritage and the important people I knew. Big difference.
God Bless you Brother in Christ Jesus



Dear Jack,

Thanks for your uplifting words. I do believe that God
is bringing us all to face him alone and account for
ourselves directly. He has given us free willso we can
look for right and truth within ourselves through
struggle. So there are no answers you can give me or
me give you. We must each face his own faith as we
face our struggles with sin. God gives us
encouragement through the mystical mysteries of
life…But he does not give us a simple recepie to
goodness…He has put us in this universe to struggle
for goodness and redeem our place in His holy
presence. That is why several wars have left me
seeking my own guilt for the suffering of others by
resisting as well as by permitting….Either way I
live in a moral quandry helped here and there in my
quest for truth by a merciful God who might chose to
send me an angel or an inspiration; I am mere mortal
and know not what.

God bless you

Hi Jack, and all the Hook family.

Jack I have been interested by the e-mails you have been receiving from people who think they are Christians.

When I say “think” I do not mean it in a judgemental or derogatory way, but some of the excuses and the wording of their e-mails speak of their own judgement on themselves.

I like you Jack have and still am, having a week after week battle with people on the far side of so called militant patriotic chistainity, please note the small c I use in this so called christianity.

It is a battle that I wish I was not involved with, or have to be involved with, considering these people who I thought were my brother/sisters In Christ.

But dear Jack there is no justification for what people are thinking about yourself, nor is there any real doctrinal scripture to back up what these people believe in, other than the darkness of the world has it’s grip on these people, and the sad thing is, they don’t even know this.

So Jack I will leave you with these last few words of scripture of which you will be familiar with, if only just to build you up, they are:-

With Christian love to you Jack, and all the Hook family.

Ray K.
England UK.

2 Peter 2
False Teachers and Their Destruction

1But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them-bringing swift destruction on themselves.


Thank you. I believe God sends who we need when we need them. You will have important information that I need as well as I may have something important from God for you as well. Never know how God works but He does nonetheless. I don’t question Him anymore, I just know He is always working in our behalf even when things seem at their worst or darkest hours. Through all my trials and tribulations, I trust in Him for all things. So now He has sent you. I have already read a few things on your website. I’m almost overwhelmed at the content. There is alot. It must have taken you quite some time putting this one together. Job well done I must say. Well, blessings my brother in Christ Jesus. Good day to you. In Christ, Shirley


Dear Jack:

I have to protest. You continually refer to your converted friends as “Jewish”. As converts, they renounced their Jewish faith for Christianity. They are now Christians. They are no longer ‘Jews’
I have no issue with their conversion as religion is a highly personal choice but you can be either a Christian or you can be a Jew – not both. As for ‘Messianic Jew” – never! To me, this is a person who doesn’t have the courage of his convictions and is constantly seeking others to convert to validate that which he espouses.

The rest is as before. You promote passive response to those that would do you harm because you feel secure that your wrathful G-d will do away with your enemies in the most vengeful acts that could be imagined. There are many, many Christians that unequivocally renounce your views as being unfaithful to the real meaning of the texts. I won’t presume to enter this discussion as I simply don’t have enough background in Scripture to be credible. I will say however, that the G-d I was taught to revere would never treat even the most horrid sinner in the ways described by those that embrace the Rapture.

I’ll stick with my version.

As ever, Nancy


Thank you Jack for sending the good website! You had a very wise mother!

My husband died last year from blood/bone cancer. Many people told us to seek
healing. My husband was as firm in his believes as your mother
and always said: the Lord decides whát and whén He wants me to go home!

My personal situation is not easy. I have at the moment less fellowship with other christians,
I have for instance no church where I can go to, (here in the Netherlands is also great apostate).
Rick Warren’purpose driven church is favorit, but not for me! I want only the bible and live
according the Scriptures. Not according Rick Warren’s book!

I think you and your wife are about the same age as I am! I am almost 59 years old.
My husband should have been this year 70. I miss him every day.

Jack thank you for writing and will you also pray for your christian friend on the other
side of the ocean? That the Lord will provide in every need. God bless you and your wife
and your friend Sandy.

Shalom Jack


Hello Again Bro. Jack,
I just went through your table of contents and I can see you have put a lot into the searching of the scriptures. A tremendous package of information for the end times. I can tell that you’ve been lead by the spirit of God. Only the spirit could of gave you the line up of all that you’ve written. Praise God. Jesus is coming soon! Good preaching, Jack.
Your friend, Clayton


Hi Jack,
First of all I want to thank you for sending this to me, I have not read the whole thing yet because it’s lots of info,,,
but I’ll get to it very soon. I do like what I read, you just took every thing I have been longing to say too’ so many things you already stated
are right ON.
The book of Daniel has lots of answers about this present situtions. If people just read the Bible, that will be more than enough to understand
what is going on, but we know that salvation needs to take place in peoples lives first, to be able to understand the book of God, because it just will be a nonsense withouth the Holy Spirit!
Yes I’m a Christian for many years and also I’m 62 years old and I’m from Peru.
So maybe my english is a bit diferent, but the spirit is the same as yours.
I do wish that some body will translate your writing to many diferent languages, so people can understand what is going ON.

I used to minister at Church On The Way of California, my pastor is Jack Hayford.
The deliverance ministry was my calling and still is thank God, my whole Peruvian family became saved and now in my inmediate family we also have pastors, worshipers, evangelist,,etc.
Just to let you know that it’s okay to talk to me because I do understand this present darkness, bound and full of bondage we also were there, before we knew the Lord, but Jesus has the power!AMEN.
Blessings to you Jack and I will pray that more people are touch by your writings and I’m also praying against the enemy of this age, to not bring confusion among us.