November 2008 Comments

Dear Jack,
It’s been awhile since you wrote and since I’ve had time to read your document. Sorry for the delay-life can be busy! A widow for three years, I’ve recently remarried. I guess you could say I’ve been honeymooning this past year!

First off, I thank you for the sacrifice you have made for our country. Vets deserve honor and appreciation, more than what they get! How true that all of us were born into this world with a sin nature filled with the pride, love of money, self and carnal pleasures. I couldn’t agree with you more. That you are offering Jesus as the answer is wonderful, and I’m greatly encouraged to learn that many vets are open to your message.

The “blinding spirit of pride that consumes the militant patriots of the right wing religious zealots” is an interesting concept, one to which I have given considerable thought. In Chapter 11 of my second book, I address “Jingoism” under these categories: Rightful Patriotism, Radical Patriotism, and Partiality in the Pew. The idea is to expose, as error, warmongering patriotism smacking of idolatry, but all too often advanced by the church.

I’m sure you agree that it’s not so much about politics or partisan faith, but it is all about Jesus Christ. I perceive that theme throughout your writings, and I love hearing your testimony as to how your eyes (and your wife’s eyes) were opened to the truth! Your written testimony on the web page is heartwarming, articulate, biblically sound and engagingly humble. I am certain that, with all the hits on your site, you’ve touched many lives as a result of it. In fact, I’m very impressed with your entire web site. It is well appointed and full of substance.

Too few link their beliefs with Bible truth. On the other hand, you’ve been very careful to substantiate your theological grid scripturally, and I really respect that. I’m also pleased to see that you have a voice on the radio. What you have to share is vitally important, and you are a credible witness, deserving of a platform. I look forward to exploring your work further.

It seems we have much in common besides our faith in the Lord. Both my parents are from Iowa, and I graduated from the U of IA in 1971. As a teen, I lived at Fort Lee, where my father served as a Colonel in the army. I’m certain that there are very few retired officers, if any, who research and write about the religious-political-military arena, as you. (Moreover, I’m with you in believing that we are at the door to Armageddon.)

My own father had an extraordinary visitation of Jesus Christ while he was in the hospital and on his death bed in 1995. I was exceedingly blessed to have been there with my Mom to witness the radiance on my father’s face as he recounted his experience. For many years, I had been praying for him; and I was so privileged to release him to his heavenly home. Just a few years later, I was granted the joy of offering up my husband to the arms of Jesus. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning!

If you are interested, please feel free to check out my commentaries on www.newswithviews.com/rae/Debra.htm , www.raidersnewsnetwork.com, or www.ediblog.com/rae.htm . I also write “blogs” and commentaries for www.womantalk.us, for which I co-host a radio program with Sharon Hughes. Our third co-host, Audrey Russo, is a Messianic Christian. While I am more comfortable referencing the Bible, Sharon has felt led to drop the “Christianese” and, instead, to reach out to those not privy to our verbiage. Results are encouraging.

God bless you, my friend, and may your ministry establish many a soul to the Kingdom of our Most High God!

In His service,

Debra Rae


Mr. Hook- I feel I must reply to your anti-Catholic rhetoric as i have before. Your biblical qoutations do not impress. Not very Christian of you to cloak yourself in hate. I hope you pray for fogiveness as you must. With all your assertions, you lose any respect you seek. Keep qouting the old testament your religion holds to be sancrosant. As i have told you before, Jesus (a Rabbi)- Forget about burning bushes-you people can’t get it right,so I had to come here. Now let’s go Fishing-anybody bring the bread? Get a hobby!


Jack..I read through your long discourse on war issues and on the future…But, I find considerable disagreement with most of it..especially the ideas as to America and the ideas of fallen angels, some satan dictating to our lives, etc..You are holding to traditional churchy ideas that stem from CI Schofield, et. al, people who simply are led by talmudists into believing as Hagee and crowd do..

Until you begin to realize that YOU are an Israelite, that you too, can find yourself within the folds and pages of the BIble, you will remain un-awakened to the TRuths of the Restoration of Israel when He returns…There is no rapture, but there is a massive destruction or removal of people, and they “ain’t’ the Christians either.>They are the TARES…and Jesus was most clear that they would be removed BEFORE the Harvest…and burned…See Matt.13:27-32 and 38-43 for confirmation…It is THEY who disappear.

But Jesus’ return is to Reestablish the Kingdom that was agreed in Covenant at Mt. Sinai but aborted due to the apostasies of ancient Israel. To be restored at His coming. Until those facts become prominent in your mind, you will flail about talking about fallen angels, and giants and other Talmudic injections done to Christianity…Satan is a proper noun transliterated from the Common Noun, in Hebrew, Sawtawn…IT meant ADVERSARY…Who authorized such change? Similarly, the word Devil is taken from the Greek word Diabolos..which mean, false accuser or adversary…Now why could the translators change a common noun to a proper noun as if they had the authority?

Nope, you are holding to church traditions that have been handed down from a corrupt Catholic church and from the impact of the talmudists on Christianity..>JRN


I am a Vietnam-era vet and a practicing member of the International Church of Religious Science. We do not believe in war, or in the second coming of Christ.


So jack, you are of the opinion that USA is / was fudamentaly wrong in Iraq/ Nam?


Hi John,

It is not a matter or question of America being right or wrong when waging any war. The fundamental question and scriptural fact is that all nations now and all kingdoms in history that wage war amongst themselves are wrong and are only acting and reacting out of their sin nature. We in the Western so-called Christian nations have been seduced into thinking that wars can be justified, just as do other cultures and religions. The only hope for mankind and the nations is the return of Jesus Christ in judgment when he separates the evil from the righteous. We are all born with an evil nature which is why Jesus came the first time to die on the cross and offer us the only way of escape from the sin nature that condemns us all.

Your brother in Jesus,

OK Jack:

Agree with the fact that the sin nature is reason for war.

OK, so we (politicos–Kennedy, Johnson) decide to fight communism and go to work in VN. So one might conclude that ‘fighting communism’ is not reason enough to take up arms. That is something that we were taught as kids. During cold war. Communism is wrong. Capitalism is right. Therefore we are justified in going to war to prevent spread of something that is against USA. I can see that argument. I guess… sorta.

But take today’s situation:

What about 911? What is right?

Or Iran threatening Israel with nukes. Would it be wrong to intervene? Or to help Israel? Would it be wrong for Israel to launch pre emptive?

Thanks for your thoughtful response.



Dear Jack, I had time to read one of your articles just now, Rick Warren: Religious Babylon Revealed

Good job on calling out Warren. Somehow it would be great to figure out a way to reach his followers, who must number in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

Best regards,



Thanks Jack I always enjoy reading your articles . I am retired and dont have a lot to do and it is always nice to have something nice to read especially from a fellow Vietnam vet. Hope you are doing good in all your projects. Good to hear from you again . Good luck in all your endeavors. Say hi to all your family for me and the verry best in everything you. From a friend and a fellow Vietnam vet. Mack


Jack: I hope that I am a pilgrim pacifist whose citizenship is in heaven, but who wants to keep occupied until Jesus returns. There are two statements regarding Babylon that never leave me: “she made the whole world drunk with her madness’ and “Babylon says, I will not suffer”. This fits America more than any other nation.


Greeting Jack:

This is pretty good, but as you say there are just wars.

Problem with the Vietnam war was that the communist U. N. and the Communistic pope Paul VI boycotted this war and sold out our Christian brothers. That’s why we lost the war.

God of Israel should be God of Christians.

Every disorder in the world is a reflection on Mortal Sin.

Hitler wasn’t a practicing Christian and was on drugs.

When Christ comes back it will be for the general judgment and all will go to either to Heaven or Hell,,,,,end of this world.

Armageddon, just means ” the last battle between good & evil.
It’s not necessarily physical and if anything, it’s more spiritual.

The Jews are no longer God’s people but God is going to give them a second chance to repent before the end as He will with all the world.

Your views on the Bible are Protestant and need fine tuning.

Send for my booklets if you really want to help or work for Jesus Christ.

In Christ, the Prophet, Joseph


Wow! Good to meet you. Fascinating story. How did you come by my e-mail address?



For one that appears to have a relatively clear view of the absurdity of political and religious hypocrisy it is difficult for me to understand why you then go on to advocate a second coming (of Jesus). Religion (in any form) is lunacy.



Hi J.D. I am a Vietnam vet having served there from dec. of 67 until oct. 29 of 68 .I am glad to read that you have found Jesus ,since I know what that is like because I came to the Lord and was born again on Easter Sunday 1971.I would hate to go through the trials of life without knowing Jesus as my Lord and savior .God bless you . Louie


My brother in Christ: Brothers like you are very hard to find. Allow me please to give you an example.I get together with a few “Christians” twice a week, Thursday and Saturdays. One, a Lutheran pastor who has been preaching the Word of God for over 50 years and others have been around the Word for a long time as well. I am the youngest one, having been a Christian for only 13 years.This meetings are not about building each other up, encouraging and praying for one to another. This is about making the guy sitting next to you as guilty, and inadequate as possible. Years back, as I was making an observation to the pastor quoting a verse from the Bible, he turned around and said to me:” Don’t follow that book, that book is outdated”. I was shocked. This so called man of God, was referring to the Word Of God. He was married, divorced his wife to marry his secretary and now, once again, he is doing the same. They are ALL involved in some serious lust of the flesh:”Money, women, recognition, sex”. Lately, I truly experienced first hand, how “fake” they are. I needed some help paying my rent. Business has declined a great deal. They ALL turned their backs on me. Now that they know, I am having financial difficulties, my phone hardly EVER rings. Why is Our Father putting me through such dry dessert at a point when I lost everything else?

Blessings brother


Are you close to any family members? Who don’t believe what you believe? I am having an impossible time communicating with people who refuse to come out of the Babylonian system. Family members are becoming extremely difficult to work with. Even the ones who
profess they have come out and have forsaken the system……still seem to want to be connected to it. Lynn


Jack, you will be pleased to know that I am the Veteran of five wars/conflicts and I have seen more death than I would like to remember, however, I serve Jesus Christ also. I am a Minister and I teach love and try to encourage men and women to avoid the military in order to maintain their faith without compromise. God bless and if you want help writing I am a literature major. I was with the 4/9 Manchus in Alaska, “Charlie Airborne” we faught in the Hunduras and Panama in the 80’s. Keep up the fire but Keep the Faith.


Jack, Thanks for your e-mail. I have a million things going on today trying to leave town tomorrow for a week. But I am curious as to who your friend/Hoc Mon survivor is. The Manchu Association Larry James who is a writer by profession just published the book “Unfortunate Son’s” which is about Hoc Mon so you might be interested in that too. Plus I want to make sure your friend knows about the Manchu website www.manchu.org & that they began having an annual reunion in Sept. year. This yr. it’s in Memphis, TN. Look forward to hearing back from you. Rita


Hi Jack
I met Larry Ward at a Manchu Reunion, I had friends that was lost in Charlie Company. I ask God that if He would keep me alive and let me make it home safe that I would live the rest of my life for him, and like you I had to live with the guilt of making it home and so many of my friends didn’t. I was wonderful save and filled with the Holy spirit in 1982 and have been living for our Lord every since, and every day with my God is sweeter than the day before.

Your Brother in Christ



As a former member of the 25th Inf Div I’m
looking forward to reading things on your web site.
I’m super busy right now but hope to get to it soon
and see what’s on there. I work at a power plant in
the corner where Indiana, Ohio & Kentucky meet and
have been working way too many hours this year. I
hope to retire next year and catch up on some things.
I’ll let you know what I think of the web site as soon
as I’m able to look it over. I remember the ambush
at Hoc Mon very well and have read a lot of material
about it. I was thru Hoc Mon several times in my tour
at Cu Chi.


Dear Jack,

I am a middle-aged woman in the heart of Kansas. I used to attend a church that really started going off on the wrong track. I couldn’t really put my finger on the problem, and am sorry to say, I even participated in the problem for a time. But Jesus kept prodding me more and more to really look at what was happening in this church. It bothered me very much, even to the point where I would dread going to church every Sunday.

My husband had been raised in this church, (his father was the former pastor) and was not willing to leave for many years. Every time I went there, my soul would rise up in anger. I felt guilty all the time for thinking this church was wrong and I thought I was right. You see, they were practicing the “Purpose Driven Junk” and the humanistic psychology that was being ushered in by people like Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer and even Beth Moore. I have to admit, I liked Joyce and Beth at first, but then they seemed to veer off the wrong way.

Finally I had to tell my husband that I would no longer attend church there. I told him that I could not, in good faith, sit there and let my children hear things from the pulpit that were totally against scripture. He admitted he could see the same problems, but didn’t want to leave due to sentiment.

I asked him to pray about it, (I didn’t want to go against my husband), and he finally decided to give another church a try.
At the same time, I began to listen to Jimmy Swaggart. He was someone I never had listened to because of his past. God showed me very quick that he can restore anyone after any sin. Jimmy preaches the importance of the Cross of Christ. He teaches the Blood, and the Holy Spirit. I finally realized that these were the three most important topics in the Bible. The church I left NEVER mentioned any of these!

I read your article today and went to your web site. There I found articles about Rick Warren, (included in that article was Joyce Meyers’ name) and wanted to write and thank you. Now I have some articles to send to family and friends.

I would like your opinion of “The Message Bible”, (if you want to call it a Bible.) I think it has fooled many a sincere believer.
Also, I heard Rick Warren in an interview one time. The interviewer asked him, “What do you want put on your grave when you die?”
Rick answered, “I want, ‘At least I tried’.”

I thought that said it all! He was giving himself glory, not Jesus for any “good” he might do in this world.
I would much rather have the words, “Because of the Cross, The Blood, the Holy Spirit, and the Resurrection… I’ll be back!”

Thank you for your ministry.


I’d like to tell you nicely one time, and one time only, then I get nasty. Please DO NOT send me any more Jesus stuff. I do not believe Jesus, I am Jewish, thank you. Jon


Sounds like some scary stuff Jack. Never heard the prophecy in such a manner that America was the antichrist. Thought Russia was the anti-Christ, or Iran.

Sincerely, Rick

Greetings Rick.

Thanks for the reply to my invitation. Iraq is the land of Old Testament Babylon. America is the land of New Testament Babylon, the birthplace of the final New World Order in 1776. It is the final Gentile Empire that will seduce Israel and the Jewish people. As I understand current events, this Holy War with Islam will continue to escalate until the world is at the brink…..then Russia and America will unite to stop the madness. Russia will plot with Iran and Syria to make a peace treaty with Israel and America, but only to seduce them into laying down their guard. For they will continue to hate the Jewish people and their American allies.

Christendom, Judaism, and Islam will work together to bring religious moderation and compromise. The Temple Mount will see the plans for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple right next to the Dome of the Rock. The world will celebrate this as the coming Kingdom of God. Within three years the treacherous Russian and Arab leaders will turn on Israel and invade like a cloud that covers the Land. A nuclear inferno will begin. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming in judgment to separate out the evil from the good and today we can still choose to follow him. There’s more to the story if you are interested. Keep in touch, Rick.


Jack D Hook


I’ve been hearing prophecies since the late 70’s, and they all seem to be coming within 6 months, and it scares the heck out of people when they hear this stuff. I was Baptist from birth to 17 years old, and became Pentecostal until I was about 26. I still believe the way the Pentecostals teach the bible, but do not practice my beliefs in church. I do talk to God daily. I do want to hear more of what you are saying.

Sincerely, Rick


Please remove me from your mailing list. You sound like a sincere person but your strange, idiosyncratic and subjective pseudointerpretation of scripture and Christian tradition is way off. It in no way reflects a healthy concept of God or history.
I’m sorry you were caught up in war and violence and I hope you have experienced healing. Please let God be God and live your life in humility and trust.


Hi Jack–

Eric here. It’s funny. I read much of what you send. I agree with quite a bit of what you share. Some . . . well . . . . . not so much. I’m probably not smart enough or just don’t take the time to figure it out.

Even in this email these variables are present. I’m sure I could parse things out and we could debate about certain people or approaches to Christianity that you criticize. We’d find things on which we agree and things on which we do not.

But that’s not the point of my email. I guess I just wanted to say that I appreciate your willingness, in Christ, to put it out there and enage the debate, to take Christ seriously and be willing to stand against the storm that sometimes comes with following Jesus.

Thanks, Jack, for passionately following Jesus. May the Lord grant you great grace as you continue, with joy and fervor, to share the truth of Christ and His Word with others.

I can’t imagine Sandy touching base with me but thanks for sharing your insights. They draw me to the cross and isn’t that really the point?