November 2009 Comments

Dear Jack,

I don’t know how you got my e-mail adddress sent to my Gmail acct. For many years I’ve watched Jack Van Empe talk about the prophecy of when Magog (Russia) and a collection of muslim countries attack Israel. No one has ever replied to my query regarding this scenario. My question involves this…the “big brother” “defender” of Israel has always been the superpower, United States. Then, how is it that Magog and these other countries feel they can jump on Israel? I think something good or something bad has happened to our USA. The GOOD would be that the Rapture has occured, 35-40% of the population of the U.S. has gone to heaven and only the brutes, the pagans, the lost are left. The USA would immediately become a 3rd world weak state unable to defend herself much less Israel. The BAD would be this: nuclear devices have exploded in some of our major cities. Millions have died and many will die indirectly. Some areas of the countrywill be contaminated for 100’s of years. These are the only reasons, I can think of why America can no longer fight Israel’s enemies. I am struck by recent news reports how many of the rich elite are jumping ship and moving to other countries and their businesses as well, as if they know something. I understand that VP Chaney has already purchased a multimillion dollar home in Dubai and that Pres Bush and family have bought a huge plantation in South America. If these reports are true, I believe it would be the first time a president and a vice president would no longer live in their own country. I would appreciate any comments you might have. Yours in Christ….



I have to say that for the most part, what you said was “Refreshing”. . . I (like you i’m sure. . . ) speak with the lord daily, but also, I am also “Sure”. . . “Of His Word”. . . it is “Quite” clear on the subject, may I quote: “There shall be fire and pillers of smoke”. . . need I say more? We woun’t be here to see it, but . . . there it is. Its a good thing what is being attempted, but what “Has” to happen , “Will” happen thus sayth the lord. I’m just waiting to go “Home”. . . Your Brother in Christ B.D.




I don’t know about you, but I am so tired of the hype from the false teachers and brethren…
I have developed such contempt for those men..
It is obvious the true meaning of God’s Word has escaped them.. they obviously never read it with the Holy Spirit’s leading… the apostle paul warned us in II Cor. 2:10 about those who would compare themselves with themselves…
I think persecution will once again come to the true church, even in the United States.. I just wish the church in this country, ever how small it may be, will come together in holiness as a pure bride before the day of the Lord…

Sincerely in Christ,


Jack. Whatever happens will involve re-building the temple for Israel’s 70th anniversary in 2018, Imagine the Orthodox Jews wanting the temple rebuilt for sacrifices at the same time the 144,000 Jewish Believers in Jesus are proclaiming His coming Kingdom (this will be just after the rapture) at the same time the “son of perdition” will be rising.


Jack my brother,

As I read this I didn’t give it much credence because I thought everyone knew what it is really about. Wrong! You know as well as I this is but the beginning of lulling your opponent into a sleepiness as the Arabs have been attempting to do to Israel since Ishmael and Esau joined forces. Hatred and jealousy prevails and Islam has but one goal, that is COMPLETE ruler-ship of the planet at any cost. Although I believe they are or seemed to be, in the eyes of the mass populace, smarter than the unbelieving world. They look at time in decades, centuries and millennia. On the other hand we in the West can seem to see no farther than the end of our noses to our deception. A great deception has already taken the world, media and most of the nations and now is attempting to invade the “church”. Peace, we can learn to live with one another, after all we are all from the “Abrahamic” father, RIGHT?, etc, etc,. What happened to the promise that was made to Isaac and Jacob?! Well the “father of lies” is still lying and Edomites are still coming after Israel to their doom. No, Islam is not in reformation but simply in reorganization in collaboration with Gog and Magog to plan their final surge to take Israel and all the infidels of the earth to Allah or lose your head.
But Praise be to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for He is still on His throne and is watching as the “age of the gentiles” come to a close.



Mr Jack Hook

Thank you for the invitation to visit your web site…. and as a result I have read your email.

I must admit that initially I thought you might have something new and interesting to say but like all ‘bible bashers’ you reverted to the well worn and usual path.

You started to lose me when you stated “I am pro-Israel in that I know the Jewish people are still God’s chosen and his promises to them are eternal”.

Jack, Jack!!!! That is a pile of rubbish…… Instead of studying with an open mind you have been studying with a focus of proving a point, and lost your way.

It is my view that the crimes committed and continuing to be committed against humanity by the Jews, with the pretence of security but more focused on revenge, outweighs the actions of the Germans during the 2nd world war.

The fear, the hate, the resentment and total disregard of their neighbours demonstrated by the Jewish people is not an example I want to follow to collect my 100 virgins, or whatever rewards Jewish Religion promise in the afterlife

You are another peddler of propaganda and as such part of the problem. In your email you inadvertedly highlighted the real problem, and that is RELIGION AND RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS, or the case of MY IMAGINARY FRIEND IS BETTER THAN YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND. Education of the masses will eventually eliminate that ignorance.



G’day’ My grandfather’s nickname was Jacky Hook, so I have now taken more
than an interest in you site. I am not into religion, I don’t care about
the Muslims, the Jews, or any other group of people. They want to kill
themselves and others and get thier rocks off, that’s their business. If
the USA wants to invade countries and think they have the blessing of the
rest of the world, their problems are bigger than anyone can imagine. I am
also a Vietnam Vet, served with % Battalion in 1966 and am proud of the
fact that I served, however I am not proud of the fact i was involved in a
senseless and bloody war where the USA lost 50000 good men and we lost 50.
I have been through an incredible time with chronic PTSD, drink too much
and just enjoy my family friends and good music. I play guitar, write
songs and as I said earlier, couldn,t give a rat’s arse about the rest of
the world. I have a very narrow view about all the stuff you have written
about and if I start worrying about that, that’s the end of my life as I
know it. So, you want to continue this contact, tell them all to get
stuffed and focus on life.


How goes it, brother Jack? You may not remember me, but we exchanged
a couple of emails a few years back. I have been on your mailing list
for a long time, and I enjoy reading your messages.

I just had a quick question. It is a sincere question; I’m not asking
to elicit any particular response. I am just truly curious about what
you think on the matter.

You say that the rapture of the church will be seen by the world as an
alien abduction of sorts, correct? This then will be a major reason
that the world’s armies prepare to do battle in Armegeddon.

So the question is, how does this rapture scenario glorify the Lord?
It has been my belief that the great God of Israel will bring
tremendous glory to His name and manifest to all of creation the sons
of God (Romans 8:22-23), thus finally vindicating them, showing the
difference between the sheep and the goats, the the true Faith (once
delivered unto the saints, Jude 1:3) from the false Christianity so
rampant in the earth.

It seems like if the rapture is perceived as an attack from invaders
from another planet, God gets very little glory. He will get some as
a result of unbelievers seeing what the faithful ones told them about
the rapture come to pass. But the masses are deluded, so most will
fail to realize the truth.

Perhaps I am taking this the wrong way. I really look forward to
hearing your thoughts.

Your always-learning brother,


P.S. Keep fighting the good fight!
“The blood of Jesus Christ…cleanseth us from all sin.” 1 John 1:7


Dear Brother: Thanks for sending this great message to me. I printed it off and will study the scriptures. I berlieved that many prophecies are falling into place and we are truly in the latter days, before JESUS time to return to earth will be happening in the near future.

Love and Gods Blessings, Your Sister Anita


I read your testimony on how you met and married your wife, Carol ; your
experience in the Vietnam War and then
how you met your…and my….personal Savior Jesus Christ. I thank your
mother for stating an answer to the question,
why do men fight wars……because they have not come to love Jesus and
they are fighting in their “old nature.”
Could I ask your age? I am age 63 and hated that conflict (I will not
dignify it with the label war) for too many
soldiers..just boys really..died or suffered the loss of limbs. As the
saying goes..if you do not learn from a
terrible situation you are doomed to repeat it…so we are repeating
another war in Iraq/Iran. How long this one
will last only the Good Lord knows. And here in America we are allowing
the sodomites to parade in gay abandon.
We also allow the slaughter of the innocent unborn. If it were shown how
the gays practice having sex…..would
it wake up society and the Christian community to go against them? If an
abortion were shown….would that have
any effect on society? Please email me back and share some things about
Do you have some kind of letter I could get in my in box? Thank you for
sharing “Then Comes the Fire.”
Peace Noreen


Thankyou for the information that you have sent me. I was a bit sceptical at first about what you were saying until you spoke about Chrsit still loving the Jews, and also having to admit that the real Jesus Christ is Lord of lords.

Also, the facts that you spoke about on the freemasons, I have been doing my on research on what is going to happen at the end times. Could you give me some more insite on the other three that you spoke about. I only heard the illuminates when a former rapper Tupac Shakur spoke about them and the film on skulls and bones.

I am open to the information that you will be giving me, and look forward to what you have to say. Thankyou, for this message.

P.S. Christ: “My people parish for the lack of knowledge”… I don’t want to be one of them.

John 3.16


Hello Jack. My husband Joe, read this page you sent. He has one
question for you. You stated in your P.S. — For America and Russia are
the two “Little Horns” of Daniel 7&8.

How do you know this and can you substantiate that the US and Russia
are the two little horns. He states it is NOT in the Bible.

<>>Barb & Joe<<>


Jack, could you explain why Jesus made this
statement.. Luke, 21- 7: And they asked him, saying, Master, but when
shall these things be? and what sign will there be when these things
shall come to pass?
8: And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come
in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not
therefore after them.
I like you also believe Jesus is the Christ,
and the time draws near. Jesus seems to
say avoid people saying this, why?
Your reply…..Bruce





Dear Jack,

Having grown up in a church that emphasized prophecy, I have a natural antipathy toward end-of-times theorizing. It is nothing personal. I went and read your website and appreciate your hard work, but I would prefer to not get too far “into” it.

I am profoundly grateful for your service to our country. It is clear that you love God and country and that we have in common. Wishing you the very best. I hope you will continue to read my website. And I do love the free interchange of ideas on the web. It’s awesome!



hi, jack i have not heard from you for quite some time. iam not a saved
person ,i dont go to church or ant thing, but i do pray. the reason i
dont go to church are many, mostly they say you have to belive along the
lines set down by what ever church you are going too. i dont belive in
them lettin gay,s into the church much lees preaching the gospel. i
reand in the bible that a man shall not lay with a man it never said any
thing about women, but iam sure this means them too. when i pray i do it
alone at home or go to a place on top of a mtn, the best church ever
created by god. i too like you belive we are nearing the end of this
unholy world we live in. i dont wont to post on the guest book. i just
like hearing from a good feller who was my comrade in arms in a dirty
little war in s.e. asia. thank,s jack


In a message, JDHook@cox.net writes:
How can you not see that Jesus Christ is that Messiah you look and long for, who came the first time to offer his blood as the atonement for and the washing away of our sin nature?
I was born of Jewish parents and had a very secular upbringing. I tried all sorts of religions and philosphies.
And then, one day, I had a spiritual experience. It was then that I became a Christian. My paths has been very windy.

Best to you,


My husband and I both know this is the end times; it is so very obvious… I was born Jewish and am still Jewish but in May, 2000, I turned my life over to Jesus Christ…a difficult feat for any Jew. I am now considered a completed Jew. My only prayers are that my grown children would accept the Lord Jesus Christ into their hearts. Because of the way I raised them, they are now blind, and will not listen when I “preach” to them. This hurts me so much, and I worry constantly about their souls. they are such good human beings, but God is not a respecter of persons..and their good deeds are like filthy rags…so stated in the Bible. My eyes have been opened, and I now see so many blind people…and it hurts me so much that I can’t seem on a physical level to make them see the light. We see the end times now…J]
May God Bless You and make his light to shine upon you. Joy


Thank you for the email, very interesting, as to the fact many people do not know the truth of the Bible. I feel there should be more emails sent out , like this one and others like this to fill the peoples minds as to what is going to happen in the last days. so many warning signs and so many people ignore them.


Dear Mr. Hook,

First, I would like you to know that I have much respect for you and anyone who has served this country, past and present. Especially for men of faith.

I am a Christian who believes that all the prophecies written in the Bible have been fulfilled.

After reading your letter I have gained much insight into world politics and the forces the U.S. is facing today, both from within and from outside our borders. We live in a brutal world and I personally believe that these conditions we are facing, both inside this country and the state the world is in, is man’s fault. Today we have governments run by non-Christians. We are not living in a perfect world where all of our world governments are being run by Christian leaders. We are living in an imperfect world where most of our world leaders are faithless with some that are even atheistic. They have their own agendas with some I believe who are working together towards a common goal of world domination ultimately leading to their final goal of a one-world-government.

The U.S.A. was originally intended to be a Republic, not the Social Democracy it is today. I believe the those that have been elected in our government for a long time now are responsible for all the problems we as a nation face today and are also partly responsible for the problems that other nations are facing today. Our elections have been corrupted by these men. We the people no longer have any say in any of the matters. Our Constitution is no longer in effect. It has all but been destroyed. This “Democracy” that we live in today is a result of many years of secretly transforming our country from a Republic into this “Democracy” by men who have no regard for God. This “Democracy” we have today is a tyranny, a dictatorship.

And I believe that all this is the result of man’s doing. I believe that God had nothing to do with it. And I believe that Satan had no influence in these matters because I believe Satan was defeated a long time ago during the days of the Apocalypse and is now, along with his minions, in the lake of burning sulfur and will remain there forever and ever.

I believe Christ’s Kingdom has been established and He has handed it back to His Father. I believe we as individuals have a choice to make: either believe in Him and inherit His Kingdom or not believe in Him and position ourselves for eternal damnation.

I believe these world leaders we have today have been following the plans of their predecessors. And their plans are not God’s plan. Today God’s plan is simply have man come to the realization that He is God and if we all become believers in Him, then there will be world peace. But the world leaders of today and in the past have been following their own plans to bring about world peace. I believe their plans of world domination may come to fruition, if it hasn’t already. But their plans for world peace will never happen.

I believe their day of reckoning is coming. That is the day they die and they stand before their maker and He asks them why they thought their plans were better than His. That will be the day they finally realize Who has the final say.

I appreciate your sending me this letter. I wanted you to know where I am coming from.




It’s a shame for you futurists because you don’t believe the Bible. The end was in AD70… a little Greek and a little Bible study can go along way.


i dont believe in god or the devil so i am neither shocked nor dissapointed by what people do i do believe that there are smart people and then there are stupid ignorant people who are generally behind all the dumb things that go on, and its been that way for centurys but some people still believe theres a boogie man or a santa claus or vampires or what ever. greed and want is what drives people and then of course there are the religious nuts who have killed more people in the name of some bullshit god that does,nt exist and never did. people seem to forget you are only gonna be here just so long and why cut it short over some stupid idea that isnt your own. people should just be glad they are allive that day and that they have enough to eat and some place safe to sleep and be glad that anyone they meet has the same and that they live many days to enjoy seeing not being sick or injured. basicly if people just enjoyed being allive and the company of anyone else just because they are allive the world would be allot better place for all of us. god or the devil dont do bad things to anyone they dont exist but people do and they are why things happen and then try to excuse what ever the do on some non existant being who has about 100 names. personally i believe that drugs and alchohol contributed to the halusinations that are the foundation to what we today call religions. the rest is all based on control formed by men for the control of other men called goverments. anyone who has studied history knows its all crap but try to change the idea and they will kill you. its sort of like create some free and clean power source and dont sell out to the oil or power companys and see how fast you disappear you will be like jimmy hoffa.its all about power those who have it dont want to give it up so we live by their rules!.


Dear Bro. Jack,

Indeed The LORD Jesus Christ will indeed have the love of the Jewish people when He returns to set up rule on earth….as The Word tells us plainly.

As for America, she will likely be gone before the tribulation is played out upon God’s prophetic stage. Judgement from God upon the USA is imminent.

Sincerely in The LORD and ONLY Savior Jesus Christ,


Quick sending me Jesus crap. Keep your beliefs TO YOURSELF. Barry



Have a blessed day! When I received your message,I thought ,you are searching for truth and seeking rest for your soul.Without opening your web site,I immediately shared the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ(which I normally do). Until I was able to browse your web site and your books about Second coming of our Lord,I realised you are an author and a co-believer. I already start reading your book on Fall of the Great Babylon . It shows deeper understanding of the End Times prophesy. It will give us insights on the signs and things to come . It makes a aware and sensitive on whats going-on and what will happen.
In Luke 6:46-49,Jesus told us to practice what He preached. Not only once or occasionally ,but consistently in every oppurtunity.He told us to be holy because He is Holy.We must live a life away from the worldly things and activities. He told us to forgive,so we can be forgiven by the Father . He told us to love our enemies and able to live a life without bitterness and resentment. Overcome evil with good .Be perfect in giving ,for our Father gives gift even to the ingrates and the wicked. If we are able to do all things He had told us,the foundation of our faith is strong,solid ,well built and well grounded on our Lord Jesus Christ.It will not be shaken nor removed by any trials and tribulations that will come. We are overcomers.Those who overcomes to the very end ,will be saved.

God bless you,your family and your ministry in Christ Jesus. I pray.Amen


Dear Jack Hook,

Thanks for your e-mail. You are obviously deeply committed to your beliefs, and I respect you for that and for your exhaustive efforts at scholarly review and interpretation. As for me, I believe that religion is not substantiated by empirical evidence but remains a matter of personal faith and conviction. Belief by faith leaves doors to interpretation ajar and, subsequently, interpretations differ among honorable men.

Jack, I don’t have the answers or even know all the questions pertaining to life’s greatest and universal questions. From that standpoint alone, I envy you. I can tell you this: people should treat others as they wish to be treated. If the world’s population would embrace that one, simple “Golden Rule” tenet, I firmly believe other matters would take care of themselves in a most civilized and humane way.

Finally, if it is your desire to have it, I wish you great wealth, excellent health, and, most of all, happiness.

Yours in the search for truth,



Dear Jack,

I have read many of your articles, and have a few questions. I understand, basically, your stand against making war against one’s enemies. How do you feel about defending the country, in event of invasion? (such as Pearl Harbor).

Also, I think I understand you feel it is wrong to defend oneself if attacked by another (to the point of killing your attacker), but what about defending a family member, especially a child or weaker person unable to flee? I believe I understood you think it wrong to resist; but I remember reading in the Bible that we are to resist evil.

And on a really ugly subject, what about a rapist – surely a woman has a duty to resist a rapist, even to the point of killing him if she is able; otherwise she would be accused of adultery.

In my reading I may have missed some of your statements about this, or misunderstood them. If so I apologize and welcome correction!



Greetings Susan,

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. One thing I would like to clarify. Protecting one’s wife and children against evildoers is much different than joining armies to kill them. Even then, as followers of Jesus we must first understand that nothing happens to us that God has not allowed. We live by faith and grace, not by fear and the flesh. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, a born again man could place himself between evil men who would harm his family, while they fled away to safety. The same Spirit would also provide the time for witnessing to them about Jesus. The same Spirit might have you cast the demons out the intruder. I have experienced this type of situation before. God has placed angels around us to minister to our situations….never forget this. These reactions would apply as well to a woman being threatened by a rapist.

Jesus indeed said not to resist evil men in Matthew. He also told James to resist (spiritually) the devil and he will flee from you. And Paul told the Corinthians that our warfare is not carnal but spiritual. The life and experiences of Jesus while on this Earth give us much insight. Until it was his time to die no harm could overcome him. So it shall be with us. The time of our death and departure to Heaven is in our Lord’s hands, even as we are hated and suffer much persecution. Remember when they attempted to throw Jesus off the cliff? Think also about this…he would take families and cast out demons and heal their diseases, but never lifted a hand to displace the brutal and murderous oppression of the Roman legions that occupied the land God gave to the Jewish people.

Self-defense must always be filtered through the bloody cross of Jesus for true guidance and understanding. Eternal life, not this life, must always be in our thinking in all situations. Remember, that we who are born again have the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) living within us and his angels camped around us. If that does not bring us comfort and confidence then we are still living in our old carnal ways.

Lastly, we must remember, that unsaved people are ruled and manipulated by the fallen angels who Jesus has allowed to have dominion over all nations (including America) with their political and religious institutions, until the second coming of our King. All unsaved people, be they Jewish or Gentile, naturally lean towards the desire to be “under” the law living in their own power. And until one hears the truth of the Kingdom coming in the Lord Jesus Christ proven by his shed blood, glorious resurrection, and second coming, they know nothing of being “under” the power of his grace. Grace is the free gift of the Holy Spirit to give us new hearts, and power over the sin nature we all were born with.

Your new eternal friend,

Dear Jack,

Thank you for your reply; I appreciate very much that you took the time to explain and instruct me. There is much here that I will keep and study. I see Jesus example in your words.

Your friend also, Susan


When one Jew tries to get you to abandon Jesus, the field will be even. Until then, you are butting in on my religion. Barry


Thanks for sharing your love for the Jews, JDH.


Finally my brother, you have shown yourself to me… I have been waiting for a long time to hear from you. Thank you so much…

I have grown so weary of late trying to find those who are not deceived and distracted from our true calling. Thank you for your voice Jack, you could not possibly know how much your words mean to me right now. (Praise be to God The Father)

Be Blessed,



Hello Jack,

I read some of your writings the past year and find I am interpreting the
scriptures in a way quite similar to you.

In your view, why did Jesus mention anything to his disciples about getting

Again in your view, would you elaborate on Romans chapter 13, where Paul
says “… governing authorities that exist have been established by God.” ?
Some may interpret this phrase as meaning that the U.S.A. is indeed ordained
by God …along with other governing authorities in history.

I haven’t read everything on your site. I believe that the gifts of the
Spirit are still in effect for our benefit today. (which you may also

Thanks and God Bless.


Dear Jack,
I’d be interested to know where you found my name. I’d like to know a little about you. I seldom open mail when I don’t know the person who sends it. I wouldn’t have opened this had it not said Vietnam Vet. I worked with the vets through the American Legion. I feel that many of them have been “lost through the cracks”. It’s one thing to give your life for your country, and come home in a pine box. … it’s quite another to suffer from ailments caused by agent orange that affect your family, friends, ability to cope with the stresses of every day living, and fight that battle the rest of your life without compensation. it takes courage to stand and fight.

I’ll never forget one vet that I met in Dallas. He’d been admitted for cancer treatment…his wife left, they reposses his home, and that very morning, the tow truck came for the car he’d driven there in. He had no place to go, no one to help or support him. And another, they called his wife to come get him, and she said, “You keep him, I don’t want him.” Everyone has a story. Everyone has needs. There is strength when others understand where you’re coming from.


I don’t know how you got my email Jack but I feel just the same as you. We are seeing huge changes right now. I think the western world hasn’t yet taken it in.