November 2010 Comments

To Jack:

Knowing truth from error is important.  The following are somewhat warped, disingenuous ways that folks are attempting to label folks of peace, non-violence, as if the political spectrum is the way of heathen pagans.  Further, as indicated by the below articles, if you disagree with the Quaker-Friends, Jehovah’s Witness beliefs of conscientious objector, then you are somehow not a believer in Christ, you somehow do not believe the Bible, and such folks should believe the way of the Cross is the “only way” — then they make some disparaging remarks about “violence” and “not taking up arms” to promote their gospel. 

Jack Hook, a good friend and fellow Vietnam veteran is one of these folks.  I’ve exchanged many emails with Jack, and he profusely and adamantly refuses to discuss the “quoted” Scriptures, but instead, like the below pastor, writes things “about” Scripture and their interpretations about how they “think” they apply. 

Typically, Jack’s articles always point to the same thing — quote, “I hope Rick’s well-written words touch your heart so that you also cry out for friends and family members to escape this latter days delusion that only leads to the coming Antichrist.”  (Note the back-handed slap.)

That is, if you have “truly” allowed the Holy Spirit to “circumcise your heart,” then you’ll believe like Rick Frueh and Jack Hook believes, however convoluted, and however much their views are incorrect.  They refuse to believe that not all of us adopt a “patriotic prosperity gospel” or “prophecy prophets” or that America must “flee from the national idolatry and militancy that has overcome them.”  The consistent conclusion is that if you still support or serve in the military or as a police officer, then you haven’t yet seen the light and need to be delivered from such “violent” activities.  (They evidently have a difficult time separating one’s job with their gospel in actual practice and totally disregard Romans 13 teachings.) 

Translation:  Jack Hook has seen the light.  Jack Hook has had his heart circumcised.  The rest of you are militant folks who don’t believe that it’s by might and power of the Holy Spirit, if you serve as a policeman or soldier!  You folks who think you’re going to win politics by “violence” are all wrong by your practice of “patriotic militancy” and idolatry. 

Personally, I’m not acquainted with anyone who claims to be a Christian and simultaneously thinks the lost are going to be won by violence. 

It’s a perverted gospel, to say the least — the exact mirror image that Jack is “projecting” on everyone else who hasn’t yet seen his light. 

Sorry, Jack.  We have to disagree once again, not about truth, but about your “slant” on truth.  Concerning the gospel and Christianity, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but spiritual. 

Concerning government and politics, our prayers and spiritual weapons are the same, plus there are practical issues such as voting in elections that are both practical and have spiritual implications — voting is not stated anywhere in Scripture either, but not voting can result in taking away your freedom of speech and religion — plus voting is, you will note, NOT an act of violence!  Writing political articles and encouraging folks to vote is NOT making government an idol, nor is is practicing idolatry, as you may directly or indirectly espouse.  (Just because a subject is not mentioned in Scripture doesn’t make it an idol or idolatry.  If it is, then believing in a “Rapture” doctrine is practicing idolatry that is nowhere mentioned in the whole of the entire Bible.)

Did Jesus tell the Centurion to “go get saved first, then I’ll heal your servant”?  No.  Nothing of the sort was done or said by Jesus.  Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant and said the servant was healed by the Centurion’s faith.  Jesus never once condemned the Centurion for serving in the military.  Jesus never once said the Centurion needed to see the light and forsake “violence” as the way to salvation.  Jesus condemned a lot of people in words — lawyers, Pharisees, tax collectors — neither Jesus nor any other NT writer EVER condemned folks serving in the military or as a police officer type position!  Not even once!  (For those who don’t know, a Centurion in the Roman army was a senior military officer.) 

Jack Hook, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Quaker-Friends, conscientious objectors ALL, without exception, skim right over Paul’s teachings in Romans chapter 13:1-7 regarding war, serving in the military or police officer, capital punishment, and reasons Christians SHOULD get out an VOTE! 

If you don’t “forsake” this diabolical delusion, then Jack uses very loving warm-fuzzy words of love to label you a deluded person whom he prays will one day see the light and be circumcised in heart, so you forsake demonic violence and idolatry.  Right out of Quaker or Jehovah’s Witness teachings.  One thing you can give credit to Quakers-Friends and Jehovah’s Witnesses — they never give up, and they are consistent in their message.  Jack is not a Jehovah’s Witness, because Jack believes that God the Son Jesus Christ is God in the flesh and the living Word.  It’s Jack’s religious teachings that I make the comparisons to his beliefs — that “Christians in America need to awaken and FLEE FROM the national idolatry and MILITANCY that has OVERCOME them!” 

One day in this lifetime, I’m hoping and praying that Jack will one day realize and recognize how his gospel is indirectly accusing Almighty God of practicing “idolatry” and “patriotic militancy” from OT times to the present, (quote) “that only leads to the coming Antichrist!”  

To be clear:  Violence is not the way of Jesus, and I don’t know anyone who believes or thinks this is true in any fashion.  Period!  This may be some folks excuse to promote their own gospel and teach things Jesus never once taught or did, but it is a perverted teaching.  Ironically and diabolically, these very same folks don’t have much of a track record of using those “spiritual weapons” to cast out demons as Jesus also commanded.  Hmmmm!  Who is practicing idolatry?  Is not the “anti-violence” message so out of balance (and one’s sole centered ministry) that it’s essentially an idol?  

(About five years ago, Jack’s message was about 95% anti-military and anti-violence, and when I suggested he become more balanced and effective in his web ministry, he should at least include the message of Jesus and the Cross.  Jacks’ message changed a tad, but he’s still on his anti-militancy, anti-military, anti-violence kick in most everything he writes or forwards — thru today.)

Knowing truth from error is important.  (Jack is also guilty, if you read his web site, of claiming that anyone who doesn’t believe in his own beliefs regarding end times tells and writes “damnable lies.”  Jack indirectly accuses Jesus, Paul and John of writing “damnable lies” and accuses the Holy Spirit of inspiring “damnable lies to be written.”  All can be forgiven until one gets to blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.) 


Dear Ron,

Once again, I thank you for responding to one of my letters, and in this case to the one written by Rick Frueh.  As I have told you before, I will always consider you to be my brother in Jesus, and because of our common service in Vietnam my eternal friend.  Your words to me are rather harsh again, as you link me with some rather notorious false Christian groups such as Jehovah Witnesses.  You also make no mention whatsoever about the fallen angels and how our God has allowed them to rule the nations and create various forms of governmental systems to compete and even war against each other, all with the purpose and intent to bring the nations to the final government under the infamous Antichrist.  You seem to keep on mixing the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdoms of Man together.

The truth of the bloody cross of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of his resurrection is the only way to have the power of our sin nature removed, thereby creating a new heart or spirit within us.  When this happens to us we can then, and only then, “begin” to learn and walk as Jesus walked while on this Earth, as he loved and offered forgiveness to all that rejected him, even those who nailed him to the cross.  Paul taught the Philippians that we are to have his mind and attitude in us, that we lower ourselves and become servants even unto our death at the hands of those who hate us, as they hated our Lord.

Paul was not confused when he wrote Romans 13 concerning the governmental powers and his relationship with them.  He was their prisoner much of the time.  And you must not forget that the end of Romans 12 teaches us the power and truth of the cross in that we are not to fight back against evil men who wish to harm or kill us, but as Jesus taught on the Sermon on the Mount, we are to respond to our enemies with love and mercy which allows the Holy Spirit to convict them of the sin they are committing against us.  I believe Paul said it is like pouring coals of fire on their heads.  Soldiers and policemen cannot do this can they?  Then as he writes the next chapter on civil government he calls followers of Jesus to not resist them as well, for God has allowed or ordained them, in spite of their being manipulated by fallen angels, to be a deterrence against evildoers or criminals until the second coming of our Lord.  Otherwise anarchy would rule the world.  We must also remember that all men are free will agents, and Satan and his fallen friends cannot force us to do anything.  But our sin nature is like their evil nature which makes us easy prey for them in their destructive ways.

The nations reject the way of “grace” which is through the resurrected Lord Jesus, and have chosen the way of the “law”.  So God deals with unsaved nations and men one way and those who walk with Jesus another way.  The nations are “under the law” with its blessings and cursings, while the body of Christ is “under grace” which is the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling us to live as Jesus did while on this Earth.  We who live by grace through faith by repentance are commanded by God to honor and obey the civil authorities.  But if they call or order us to do something against the teachings of Jesus, like those in the Sermon on the Mount, then we must respectfully disobey and explain clearly to them why we are the way we are. 

Judging and making war against our personal enemies or those of the nation we are born in clearly is one of those teachings of Jesus.  And I am sure that the Centurion who was just beginning his search of truth in Jesus, would have heard the message and teachings of Christ about the nations, the fallen angels, the sin nature, the Sermon on the Mount, and politely with great conviction informed his superiors that he could no longer serve in the military.  Cornelius in the book of Acts is another fine example. 

Finally, my dear friend and brother, you again falsely accuse me of saying that Christians who do engage in politics and the military are not yet saved or “circumcised” in their hearts.  If you read articles and letters I have written you will have to admit that I am consistently saying that one can be born again, their names written in Heaven, and still not understand these teaching of Jesus you and I are discussing here.  I have confessed many times that while our hearts are pure and washed clean of the old sin nature we were born with, our bodies and carnal minds still exist and the old religious-political teachings of this world system still reside in what Paul calls the old man or flesh.  Romans 6-8 and Galatians 5 addresses this ongoing warfare in the life of truly born again man or woman. 

The truth is, Ron, many of us have at times fallen back into these old ways of life because this is the religious heritage of America and the entire Western Civilization from the time of Constantine and Augustine.  I am saying to all of my friends and family members, and to myself, that when the Spirit of God within us exposes these carnal religious doctrines like militant Christian patriotism, the prosperity gospel, and psycho-babble of the emergent movement, it is our responsibility to be honest with God and turn from these deadly delusions. 

Many of my friends, including you, seem to think these things are just the whims of a foolish old Vietnam veteran who tired of war and fighting for his political right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  I again plead with you, Ron, to seek the counsel of our Lord Jesus on these vital issues which are overcoming and perverting the faith of many who take the name of Jesus.  I assume you sent your reply to Rick and many others, so I am sending this to him as well.  Will you send my reply to your other friends?  I hope Rick has time or takes time to respond!! 

Your eternal friend,


Having read this reply to another brother (Ron) I was moved to commend you and your tone. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know that I aften exhort readers to guard against self righteousness concerning some of these issues, nationalism and violence bing among them. May God continue to speak through you in much power and much humility!
Rick Frueh


Hi Jack
I have been perusing your online book and have some questions;
1 – When was this written?
2 – When was the last time you updated this?
3 – How do you explain Jeremiah 50:3 and other related references to the “nation
of the North”?
4 – Finally, where can one get an extensive reading on Babylon beyond your writings?
Thank for your time and God Bless.

Dear Steve,

Thanks again for responding and the questions.  My online book was written in 1979-1980, with no updates since then.  It was collecting dust in my office library and my wife suggested I put it online just as it was written in the beginning.  The “articles” section on our home page contains all the letters and articles I have written since being online in June of 2001. 

The reference in Jeremiah 50:3 to the northern nation applies to the Medes and Persians who conquered Babylon, but there is a another application for the end times.  As I understand it, the Babylon of Revelation 18 is America and there is no nation on earth that will conquer it, for it will be destroyed by God and his holy angels according to Revelation 18:21.  This coincides with Ezekiel 1:4 where God’s judgment comes out of the “north”.

Lastly, there are several web site ministries I am “linked” to which you can review on our home page.  The Tribulation Network and Alpha and Omega are two that come to mind that also agree that America is the New Testament Babylon of Revelation 18. 

Thanks again, Steve, for you interest and it is good to know that our foundation as brothers is rooted in the person of Jesus Christ, his teachings, and his bloody cross and glorious resurrection to save us from our sin nature and fill us with the Holy Spirit to teach us things to come.  Keep in touch.

Your eternal friend,

Thank you so much for your quick response.   It seems as though each time I read the Head Lines I am looking a biblical fulfillment in action.  For an article (Book) written so long ago, I am amazed at how relevant it is today, even though much has come to pass since.

Only recently has God called me out and back to my first love.   Its a long story with much repentance, but right out of the gate after my conversion I ran right smack dab into religious/spiritual deception that eventually caused bitterness and confusion for almost 30 years.   For many years I wondered if there was any true believers out there.  I kept running into wackos and felt as if something was wrong with me.  What I was hearing from people and churches didn’t square with what I read in the bible.  I finally gave up on trying to find a good church and stuck my head into my career.  Looking back I can see the deception clearly; hoe I erred in not seeking Him and only Him and how God’s hand has been on my life regardless of some “less than good” choices on my part.  The deception you allude to in your book is ever more present…and darker than ever these days.

Maybe 15 years ago the word “Babylon” was put on my heart.   I had traveled extensively for the better part of that time and got a good view of the state of the country.   Maybe it was because I saw so much of the country and how we are living as a people that my spirit grieved.  And so I would read anything I could on Babylon when I got the chance.  Eventually I developed the sense that America has got to have a significant role somewhere in the latter days.  I mean, how could it not with the influence it has had on the entire globe these latter days?

Well at any rate, this past year has been a watershed year in which God has begun to move in my life again.   Deeply held questions are being revealed and prayers are being answered.  Your article seems so relevant for today…probably more so now than 30 years ago.   It is also confirmation of many things I felt in my spirit but couldn’t pull together. 

I feel as though I have wasted so much time pursuing a career.   I even thought it was my calling.   I pray that I can be used for Him even though I dropped my Cross for a time.

God bless you brother…thanks again for the article and being obedient. 



Thank you, Jack. You have made a great analysis here(Synagogue of Satan) …according to the teachings of the Bible(s).    I am finding though, that keeping these “teachings of ancient religious texts” around and then teaching them to the next generation is also a principal cause of war on our beautiful Planet Earth today.  I do believe, that most all present day Religions should review their ancient texts carefully, with the idea of removing those teachings that continue to bring wars down upon us.  Have you done any thinking along these lines ?   So many religions have come to make war against one another down through the centuries.  WHY ???  War is one of the most foolish things that we do, I believe. The war in the middle east is now bankrupting our Nation…for sure…and killing or maiming thousands of innocent people as well.

Always, Nelson


Gday Jack,

                I am a Military Veteran,I served with the 4th Battalion Royal Australian Infantry Regiment. We served in Malaysia and Borneo in 1965-67.We then did two Tours of Duty in South Vietnam in 1968-69 and 1972-73.By the Grace of God I came home safely.I left the Military in 1996 and retired.I am a Baptist and I love the Lord Jesus.Keep up the good work

God Bless you and he will be with you always.




Thank you for the wonderful email,

I was in the service (Navy) during the Korean War, your email request was a reply for those that served, also I am the State of Oregon Korean War veterans Association, but as a Christian in the late 60’s I served at Campus Crusade for Christ in San Bernardino, California, and had the privilege of attending many seminars and classes by Giants in teaching of our Lord Jesus, also I was trained for holding many of those same classes, using the 4 spiritual laws as the foundation.

For 28 years I taught Bible Classes and Sunday School here in Oregon of which I moved my family in 1970. During those years I made a lesson on the 3 W’s, of which I also was the owner of McCain Institutes of which you may go to the website to see what I was active in also. But the three double W’s, as I taught my Construction Management courses with brief statements to help them retain important issues, I also taught my Sunday School classes also a short reminder of the coming signs. W #1 “Whoosh!” which is of course my belief of the Rapture or coming up, W #1 will be us believers time to leave of which if we share with others our Living Christ they will be reminded of where we all went, had they not accepted Christ, of which starts the beginning of the 7 years taught in the Bible, W #2 is WOW! a period of 3 1/2 years of everything looking good as the Anti Christ seems to be to giver of plenty, and until the Anti Christ is killed and returns to life, the closing of the WOW period, it seems the Anti Christ in the Bible is called Satin from that point on, my opinion is that Satin then possesses the Anti Christ Body and making it seem the Anti Christ comes back to life, now of course that is my opinion, but the next part of the W’s is WOE!, those that have decided to be with myself and the other believers now profess to be Christians, as the events (To those that we left the message with) are now obvious the tribulation is in full bloom and they will suffer torment and death.

As I am not the Bible Scholar of my Mentor Bill Bright, but instead an Electrical Contractor that had the opportunity to be exposed to Campus Crusade and then serve there, and was given education and the Holy Spirit. Thought I would share this with you.




God Bless you – Thank you for continuing to OPEN my eyes!!!

How truly AWESOME our GOD is – He has worked many miracles in my life over the summer – most of which I am utterly AMAZED and Never thought HE could bring me to such an Awesome understanding of His TRUE Love & Loyalty for those who seek him daily – I am Blessed!

Many Prayers I pray for your ministry and those that might not recv your message well, I pray the Lord open their hearts to His TRUTH!

Thank you again for keeping me involved in your ministry!!!!

Sincerely, your sister in Christ-




Hey Handsome, I just wanna let you know that I support Israel no matter what. As far as all you wrote in this last article I dont have the attention span to follow it right through to the end. However my support is real simple, ” whoever blesses Israel I will bless, whoever curses Israel I will curse” is good enough for me. Anyone cursing Israel or not supporting them like some christians I know will be real surprised in the end. I did read your article to the end though and will continue to read it till I got it straight. Keep’em coming Jack.

May God Bless you and yours,

Pastor Dennis



 I am so sorry you have so much right but still preach pre trib rapture….

Be Blessed


The reality of life is that the prophesies by those involved in the Third Wave Movement are pathetic, useless and meaningless and their prayers are not heard by God as He doesn’t answer the prayers of deceived ones!


Jack,  Right on Target!  I would also recommend for your perusal “Standing with Israel” by David Brog, Published by FrontLine,
A Strang Company, 600 Rinehart Road, Lake Mary, FL., 32746 . . . from a Jewish perspective, he appears to understand the very points you have made . . . as a “natural” Jew.   Blessings…. barrett


Will you shut up and quit sending this obsession of yours to me.    Jan


Hi Jack-Our church and myself are strong supporters of Israel. In fact, we just had Grant Jeffrey with us this past weekend, who told us the latest in bible prophesy concerning the coming third jewish temple, the coming Israel-Iran war, Shadow Govt and Global Govt. It was fantastic. Blessings, David


hi jack

like you a christian in the catholic faith i to was in viet nam station at pleiku camp holloway with 119th aviation.all what you said in your statment is true.the bile said in revelation there will rumors of wars also earthquakes terrible weather all kinds of things before he come check out the wars going on and the crazy weather earthquakes california was burning awhile back you rember that

the wierd weather patterns.there will be one person to come with numbers 666

and you know who that is dont wont him

thats when the war will stat in israel know one has ever beaten israel since it became a state of its on that is god country goes away back to abraham..

our president is not the answer he dose what congress tell him to do.as far a muslim religion they have crack pots to.

rember god will take care of it anything is possiable with god.

keep in touch

thanks for the E.MAIL it made my day


Dear Roy,

Thanks for responding and sharing your testimony and faith.  As a fellow Vietnam veteran you are my friend and as a Christian my brother forever.  It is an honor to meet you and the respect I have for men like you is not measurable.  I love veterans and want them to know the truth.  I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. 

There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.  Keep in touch, Ron, and you have made my day as well.  For I love to hear from other veterans.

Your eternal friend,



Hello Jack my name is Joe i service in vietnam 68-69 i was in the Navy security P.O.L Marble Mountain Danamg . Thank  the good lord made it back right now i am a disable vet with Agent Orang i lost alot of my friends because of A.O I AM 100% Disable Glad to have E-Mail you U.S.NAVY


Hello Jack,

We have a similar background.  I joined the Navy in 1948, made Chief in 1955 at age 25, went to OCS in 1957 and retired in 1970 as Commander, Supply Corps, so we were both in logistics.  My wartime experience was in Korea, much safer than those of you in the “trenches.”  We were hit by shore batteries, but suffered no casualties.  During Vietnam, my ship was safe as were most of them.  We had it very soft compared to Army and Marines. (WWII was different, as you know, since so many ships were lost or damaged).  Both my brothers were in WWII, one Army and one Navy – fortunately both came home.  I was a bit young, only 11 when WWII started, but lived for every letter from my brothers – with lots of worry especially for the Army Air Corps brothers who was a waist gunner on a B-24, involved in the Ploesti Oil Field raids, served in North Africa, etc, etc, etc.   

I’m a Christian, very close to our Lord and Savior and thank him daily for my many blessings.  It makes no sense to either of us that we have wars.  We had little choice in WWII, and no doubt saved the world from Nazi and Imperialist Japanese domination.   Wars since then have all been TOTALLY  uncalled for – one of the least called for and most ridiculous, Iraq.    

I have little time for emails, but felt compelled to respond to yours.  My avocation is helping veterans get jobs in Federal Civil Service.  I love it, but keep a bit too busy, six days a week!!

You have no reason for guilt!  You should feel no guilt.  You served your country and did what you were told and should be proud of your accomplishments, and so very happy that you are close to God and Jesus Christ.   

All best wishes,


Dear Jim,

Thanks for responding and taking the time to sharing your testimony.  The guilt I felt for almost ten years after returning from Vietnam was lifted and washed away by our Lord Jesus Christ.  He even used it to teach me lessons on walking in his knowledge. 

It is an honor to meet you and the respect I have for men like you is not measurable.  I love veterans and want them to know the truth.  Many of them are professing Christians.  I understand the attitude most of them have which allows for Christians to participate in so-called “just” wars among nations.  There was a day when I would stand shoulder to shoulder with them in defending that position.  Please ask our Lord to confirm from the scriptures that what I am about to tell you is the truth, even though I acknowledge that some of it is a very hard pill to swallow:


“When Adam and Eve fell into rebellion against God through the crafty lies of Satan, all future generations and nations were now under a curse.  Satan now had dominion over mankind and the nations they would later form, including America.  Satan even offered the power and glory of the nations to Jesus if he would worship him and his teachings, Luke 4.  Among these false teaching is the “just war doctrine” introduced into Christendom by Constantine and Augustine in the fourth century Roman Empire (George Washington and the other founders were ignorantly walking in their ancient footsteps).  These two men succeeded in marrying the Kingdom of Heaven with the Kingdoms of Man, thereby creating the lukewarm and militant Great Harlot of Christendom described in Revelation 17.

Until these two Roman men seduced the churches, for over two-hundred years most Christians followed the teachings of Jesus carried forth by the Apostles who wrote the New Testament.  By their “nonviolent” ways they turned the Roman Empire upside down, even during great times of persecution and martyrdom.  This frustrated Satan and his host of fallen angels, so they changed their tactics from persecution to seduction through Constantine and Augustine.  John’s Revelation visions included the warning to the seven churches not to follow these false teachings coming in the likeness of Balaam, Nicolaitans, and Jezebel which produced false Christians even in the first century, Revelation 2-3.

Moreover, we all inherited the sin nature of Adam and Eve filled with the pride of this life (militant patriotism a manifestation), the love of self and money, and only through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus can we be made free from its hypnotic and seductive power.  The doctrines of militant Patriotism, the Prosperity gospel, and the self-esteem foolishness of Psychology, the three P’s or pillars of pollution now taught throughout Christendom have only managed to Christianize the carnal sin nature.  Jesus came to save us from these things, did he not, 1 John 2:16, Ephesians 2:1-7?

The fallen angels under Satan are the unseen rulers of this planet, who are stirring the nations to war to set the stage for the Antichrist, who will bring a satanic peace to the world beginning in Jerusalem, causing all men to worship this man as a Savior.  The day is coming when these fallen angels will appear publicly and convince most of mankind that the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is an invasion of extraterrestrials.  The last President and Pope will agree and lead the nations to Armageddon to make war against the returning Lord Jesus Christ, Revelation 17:14 and 19:19.


As a veteran you are my friend and as a Christian my brother forever.  I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection.  There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.  Please keep in touch, Jim, and I hope you were not offended by what I have written.

Your eternal friend,