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Dear Jack Hook

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior.. How are you doing? my husband and I do appreciate your emails and your straightforwardness about the end times and the things of the Lord.. Can you help us to understand what you have stated below what you have stated in this sentence.

“The prophecies are clear that Jerusalem will become the world’s capitol (even America ’s) towards the mid-point of this seven year period as the Antichrist President will come from Washington D.C. to stand in the newly rebuilt Jewish Temple declaring himself to be the Messiah of the nations, including Israel .  The Jews who were back in their Temple will be cast out and scattered to the four winds.  Many of them will become born again Christians through the ministry of two Jewish prophets who have been calling the President the Antichrist.  The enraged President will make war on these Jews, especially these mighty prophets sent from God.” 

Please respond when you can thank you

God bless you
Ford & Cotia

Dear Ford and Cotia,

Thank you for responding and your question.  The nations of this fallen angelic world system are struggling to find peace and stability.  The fallen angels are masters of deception as they have stirred conflict and wars, including the great World Wars, and now are planning to offer the political-religious leaders of these nations a “covenant of peace” that will once and for all establish a new world order of among men.  This is called “order out of chaos” by many who have studied these things.

Of course, this is all a lie and distortion of biblical prophecy which tells us that an Antichrist is coming to counterfeit what our Lord Jesus will do at his second coming.  Israel , Jerusalem , the Temple , and the Jewish people are center stage in all of this.  America is the Little Horn of Daniel 7 and the Great Babylon of Revelation 18 which will guide the nations to this peace covenant of Daniel 9:27. 

A worldly calm will then overcome the masses of people for a time as the nations grow in the faith that war among men is now a thing of the past.  The peacemaking Antichrist from the White House will be heralded as the Messiah by some and by the mid-point in this seven year prophecy will actually think he is the Messiah.  Of course, no Messiah can really rule the world unless he rules over and from Jerusalem .  Thus he will go to the Temple site in Jerusalem and make his claim.  This results in the unleashing of God’s judgments upon the earth that are found in Revelation 6-18. 

I hope this helps you my friends.  Please read my article “The Judgment Chronicles” found in our website for the details,  but most of all read the scriptures and pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit who lives in all who are born again.

Your eternal friend,


Dear Jack,
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
thank you for responding to our question, we will go to your site and read more about this subject.  We appreciate your help in this matter and bringing the word of God to the forefront in these last and evil days.
God Bless you
Ford and Cotia


 Jack, Interesting words and thanks so much.

Actually we hope to see Jesus on the earth renewed since he is coming back here— not a drive through event but a return to the earth to occupy the throne of David.

Just a thought,




I’m not sure how I stumbled on to your page, but it was a breath of fresh air to say the least. You seem to be right on point with everything I’ve been trying to share for the last couple of years.

There arent many people out there, that I’ve come across personaly, who’ve been open minded and supportive when approached with these beliefs and ideas. I’ve been critisized by family, friends and just about anyone else I’ve come into contact with in regards to these matters. Still, my wife and I try to preach the good word, along with a friend and brother in Christ who is also a veteran, much like yourself. It truely helps to know that there are others in this world who God has blessed with the ability to see through the thick smog that is our religious/political/global system. I will pray for you and your efforts, and I hope you will do the same in return. With this kind of knowledge, people like you and I are at the top of the spiritual “hit list”so to speak. May God watch over you and your family.

Your fellow brother in Christ, Edgar




Excellent message Brother. Sadly, far too many people think that the situation is salvageable. It is not, it is far too late. Our only hope is the Lord Jesus and His Kingdom.

God bless you.



Jack, I thank you so much for this message in email—-God has his word to send to our nation and it is great to be able to write this and also forward this message to many people—-Please continue to do this and proclaim His word and love to all—-Our time is soon coming to an end to work in His vineyard—-I truly believe Jesus is coming for His people very soon—-God Bless America—-God Bless your work—–Harlene


Hello Jack,

     Well said, it is near the time for God to rent the skies and come down. Even so Lord Jesus, come!

     A question many Christians and conservatives have is, should we vote for Mitt, write in a better choice or not mark a box for president at all? I’ve been on several webb radio programs recently and they ask my opinions about the political situation, and other things. I’m just an ordinary citizen who tries to be informed and act on my Christian world view. These are Christian oriented talk radio programs that can get seduced into looking for a world oriented approach without realizing it. Our work is to save the lost speaking the truth in all matters, spiritual and secular, I believe. The last interview I did was on the Hagmann and Hagmann show at www.HomelandSecurityUS.com if you have a spare two hours somewhere.

     Christian brother,



Jack, I don’t always agree with you but on this one (God Gave Them Up:  The Days of Noah, Lot, Romney, and Obama).  110% right on!


Hello Jack.  Here I am again hoping to share a little different point of view with you (even though you did not acknowledge my last e-mail to you).  I would like to direct you to the internet where you might do a search for “The Anti-Christ and a Cup of Tea” by Tim Cohen.  There is a lecture there by Tim with an explanation of his title.  I did order the whole book, and we did not agree with some of his other doctrines but as far as this, you will find it Biblical and eye-opening.  (Washington DC does not fit.) 

Speaking of the days of Noah, you would also enjoy reading JR Church’s “Daniel Reveals the Blood Line of the Anti-Christ.”  Or perhaps you are in the camp that says, “I’m not looking for the anti-christ, I’m looking for Jesus Christ.”  Unfortunately, that sounds good but is not Biblical.  Christians are going to suffer the persecution and wrath of satan before we are raptured and I don’t know one person in the pre-trib camp who is preparing.  Corrie tenBoom and others who went through what she and her sister went through have tried to warn but her warning has fallen on deaf ears.  I am still praying that God will give you “ears to hear” so that you can encompass the “whole” counsel of God.

I have resisted reading Tom Horn’s “Petrus Romanus” because the history of the catholic church is so defiling.  However, I did get the book and have just finished it.  It’s quite long and I got bogged down in the beginning and was going to return it.  I did press through, though, based on the scripture that God revealed his plans to Nebuchadnezzar and to Cyrus and then couldn’t put the book down.  Events are happening so fast these days.  We are racing headlong into the final “battle of the ages” and God is revealing His plan for those who are watching day and night! 

I told you in my last e-mail, I think we are very close in the Spirit, but apart on some crucial information.  Cathy.


Jack, you said:

“While Mitt Romney has said he opposes gay marriage, he has yet to stand up and say homosexual behavior is immoral, against nature itself, and a grievous sin against God.” 

Even though Romney opposes gay marriage, he has condoned gay couples as parents raising children!

To me, this is far worse than having two gay adults be married.  When you endanger a child by

putting them, while in their formative years, into a destructive environment called ‘home’ is reprehensible.  Children being raised by two gay adults should have Child Protective Services come and save the children by removing them from that toxic living situtation.



As always thank you Jack. Your emails are always encouraging to me and helps me stay focused. You are right in what you say referring to the scriptures. I could not believe it when someone told me Obama was supporting the homosexual agenda. I had not heard his comments personally. Satan is really having a field day with Obama and Mitt Romney.I don’t want to vote for either of them, but God can get His Will done even using  corrupt individuals that have been elected by the people.



Thank you brother Jack  for speaking the truth,

I have passed this on to others




Jack, Instead of great fear,I think Christians should praise God that His plan is nearing its completion.  So much evil right now, it is beyond my comprehension.  I must hold tightly to the gift of salvation that Jesus gave me by His blood and remember to praise Him in all circumstances and claim His promise:  “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

Thanks for all you do for Him.  Leta


(God Gave Them Up:  The Days of Noah, Lot, Romney, and Obama) Fascinating! Thanks for remembering me. It is fascinating to watch events unfold, as the parallels with the various prophecies are hard to overlook—and at times they can be downright breath-taking! It is certainly good to know that we can watch events unfold without fear. It’s like having a front-row seat at some great drama. As I have told you before, I have never been much interested in the “how” of the Return of Christ to Judgment because I believe, and have always believed, quite simply, that “He shall come again with glory to judge both the quick and the dead: [His] kingdom shall have no end” as we say in the Nicene Creed. So my faith has always centered on the fact that Christ would come again rather than how He would come again. But events taking place all over the world are beginning to capture my attention and imagination, so I am beginning to watch things more closely. Please keep me posted on your observations. And again, thanks for remembering me. Great essay!


I agree, that Romney will not slow  or stop  the race towards judgment. I do believe that Romney will win it but have no faith whatsoever in his ability to turn us around even a modicum towards Jesus Christ our only salvation.  Thus I do believe in the prophesies but cannot accept that anyone could believe that Obama could even come close to being the anti-Christ.  He is not a Christian, he is a Muslim and as such is the enemy of all Christians and Jews. I do believe in the coming Armageddon and if I am so fortunate as to be called to the battle, I will gladly serve in whatever capacity our Lord Jesus Christ chooses for me.  I am not a saint, neither am I pure, but I know that what you speak is true. So Semper Fidelis my friend and thank you for sending this to me.  As an aside, I first really learned what it all meant from an Army Captain back in the 60’s, a

West Point Graduate who was being deployed to Viet Nam but whose wife was having a baby and was suffering from psychotic post partum trauma to severe that he was the only one left to care for their newborn.  I do not remember his name now, although I recall something like Jack Martin.  We had many hours of discussion and although he viewed it as my training, I was a willing student. Thank you for remembering me in this. 



Thanks Jack good read and I have tried in my own family and often frustrate or upset some of my extended family and immediate family. But if I was before Him, he would know I spoke my heart and not to hurt.