October 2001 Comments

Please do not send me anymore emails. I refuse to equate the USA with Babylon.
All future mail from you will be automatically deleted. I will not see it nor shall I know it exists.
I will not be force fed your perverted view of the scriptures
I´m ready.
And I agree that we are to love our ememies and let us not go out for revenge. Vengence is the Lord´s.
God´s will be done
I did not seek nor do I want communication from you. Stop sending me e-mail. I don´t go to church. Go away.
Hi Jack, I agree with you on everything except equating America with Babylon. I believe in the end we will be an insignificant player in the end
times. I think this country´s doom is now in sight.Patriotism is an idol. Christendom is a rotten whore drunk with Replacement theology and Dominionism.
Thanks, Kyle
Thank you Jack.
I sure needed to hear some words from the Lord that are comforting.I have been feeling this same way about not taking revenge and carrying arms and It hurts me so deep in my spirit that it is tearing me up that almost everyone is ready to attack.The word says that there would be wars though and that it is the sword of the Lord is the reason why they do this but we don´t have to like it do we.The lord will get the revenge in the end even upon those who are a part of it. God be with you friend.
Shalom Jack. Thank you for contacting me with this e-mail…I was fasting and praying with a friend on Thursday, which is our normal day of fasting/prayer…The L-rd, revealed some things to us during our prayer time. It is the mercy of our living G-d, that our eye has been plucked out and our right hand cut off. One week before Rosh Shoshanna on the same exact day. As we were praying my friend was saying “L-rd, show us the root of this evil” As, she prayed that, the L-rd showed me, the love of money…the eye of our country “the petagone” and the thing we have put our trust in “Economics” “The WORLD Trade Center”. I vaugly remember you talking about Washington and NY, in your last e-mail…Could you please send it back to me…The scorned prophets of Israel. I did re-read Revelations 18, which was in that e-mail you sent me.

As we prayed she said L-rd, where are, the so many prophets supposenly called out to prophecy during this time…And my reply was, i did hear some thing about this, the week before, in an e-mali i got from some one i, have no clue how they got my address. I´am sorry now that i deleted it, please tell me you still have it on file…And thank you for sending it to me, even if i can´t figure out how you got my e-mail address.

Shabbat Shalom…Baruch Ha Ba Ba Shem Adoni Sonya

Dear Minister J. Hook
First of all, I want to thank you for e-mailing me as the spirit gives you the leading. I appreciate your including me in your sharing of the word of our God. If you would please, take a little of your most precious time and answer two questions for me.

Since you say that the President of America is the antichrist, do you think that our current President fills those shoes right now or is he just setting the stage for “the” antichrist to come on the scene?

Question two: Is the rapture closer than ever; in other words, do you believe that after what happened on Tues., of this week (Sept.11), it ushered in the beginning of the end and that America as we know it will never be the same from that day forward?

If you cannot answer right away I will understand, but please answer when you can. Please continue to tell what God is revealing to you to the world. We need to hear it, like it or not.

Sincerely yours, Linda
I received your mail, thanks for adding me to your list. I have been thinking long and hard about my spiritual direction. I enjoy reading scripture and commentary books. I also enjoy reading stuff like your web-site and emails. I read your testimony and agree with what you said. I also have been viewing your site when time permits.

I was once stationed in Korea (Kunsan AB). My only entertainment was renting movies on friday and eating hot wings with salt and vineger chips. I didn´t get into what most of the others did, I had a wife and two kids waiting for me in Turkey (Incirlik AB), so wanting to stay clean. Anyway, I saw a movie (about President Nixon), one part of the movie Nixon appoached a girl who said “it´s like an out of control beast” (refering to our country in the movie). That thought still sticks with me. Your web-site adds to the curiousity. You´re the first I´ve encountered that thinks the USA is babylon. I have always concidered it, but always was refuited by the brothers. Hey, you take care sir, and may God Bless your day.
Due to the tragedy of New York, and also my mother in law´s passing away from Cancer, I could not respond. Will reply to your message after Yom Kippur. There is a lot say on the material you sent, and why I cannot believe in Jesus. I hope that we can discuss the issues with an open mind, and with sincerity.
Have a wonderful New Year.
Shalom, Itta
Would you kindly remove my name from your mailing list as I´m not interested in this religious garbage that seems to have taken control of your mind. I was also caught up in the same bondage´s of Christianity that has you captured. I have much more compassion for others since I came out of Christianity than I had when I was in it. With the recent upheaval in New York we have the Americian Christian President seeking revenge. Should not he as a Christian, try telling his people that America should “Turn the Other Cheek” “Love Your Enemy” “Do unto Others etc” and try to find out why some people would want to bring about such devastation. Regards Jim
I discovered your web site today by searching for Babylon The Great. For quite some time I had always wondered in my heart and mind if America was indeed the or a Babylon that the Word of God talks about. I am beginning to believe that she is. I noticed an article that you wrote on the World Trade Center it looks as if the article is old prior to the recent terrorist attacks. If that is so then it may not be far
from prophetic which looks like the end times is closer than most people and christians believe.

Since that incident my eyes started to open and reality hit me that we should take Jesus at his words for it indeed appears that the time is at
hand which is a very happy and rejoiceful time!

Please pray for me for strength to give myself fully over to Jesus and let him dwell in me so that I may live for him please let the Holy
Spirit guide your prayers for me.

Striving to Be His Bondservant Forever, Rich

Greetings in Jesus name my dear heavenly brother, I´m grateful to have received your message it is such a medicine to tired and weary soul, but most of all, I hear Jesus in you all the time. It is the same Jesus I hear everyday. I was glancing through some of the messages in your messageboard, whatever pops up in there, you remember that there are different members in the body of Christ and all are to edification and totally different from each other, your call is this, period. God has heard
my prayer, I can now move on from milk to solid food-yes I indeed intend
to print every single one of your page and read them through.

Now the harvest is more ready than ever, those deceived led by the spirit of nationalism have been created a great hollow in their “religion of the world” as what has happened in US, it affects the whole attitudes of people in the whole world, if the world superpower is so wunerable how about all the other political systems………whether it be communism, capitalism or any of they´re variations, sheeps lead to slaughter by the false shepherd.

I knew these all in spirit what you are saying, before I came accross your text, but now I have the great priviledge to go them through with biblical quotations and more thoroughly, you are God sent. I want to take this matter before God and ask Him, He wants me to translate these in finnish, this is what I will contact you later on again.

Put me to your mailing list and keep me updated
Strength and power in Christ
your sister in Christ
Look around, dear: Maybe Jesus Christ has already return! love Mincka
yes I am terrorized, but I´m NOT going to worry about when the end is coming anymore. I´m living for today….AND I WILL fight back for freedom and to sweep the world of these radicals…Even Jesus does not know the moment of the end, so why should we dwell on it…if i die, i go to heaven…If I live, I fight for what I believe in….you can go right ahead and be peaceful
I don´t know how you got my e-mail address? You put out a great informative article. I do not feel that America is the second Babylon. You are so right on what you said. Our Governments are being taken over. It is no longer a nation by the people. Keep the articles coming. Sincerely Helen
God also created and directed Michael the Archangel to strike down and cast out Lucifer and his evil. Man is made in the image and likeness of God. It is our highest goal as humans to “be like God”. I merely propose that we try to be like God, strike down evil and cast it into hell.

I don´t know how you got my email address, but Thank you for sharing this with me, it is almost comforting to know that true believers in Christ and born again Christians will be at peace soon, I myself am not born again, however my faith is strong….sometimes I don´t think that is enough, and my mother and several of my sisters that are born again tell me that it is not enough, I just don´t know how to get there. Thank you again, God Bless you, and pray for me and my family

Jack, I enjoyed read what you have on your webb site.I like prophecy, always have since a teen ager. We had a minster to come out to the country church when I was about 15 or 16 years old. He taught on revlation then. Thank God for minster like you that aren´t afraid to preach the word like he tell us to do.God Bless you and your wife in the work you were called to do.God Bless, and I pray right now for our Lord jesus to suround you both with angels at home , church, where you may go.I go to pencostal church of God here in Paris, Texas.The name of the church will get you to Heaven, it´s your how your heart is with our Lord Jesus. He is the only way we can make it Heaven according to what His Word say´s. Thank you for sending me your web site, just curious how you got my name, but dosen´t matter, the Lord kne I needed to read what thus saith the Lord through the means of internet. haha. This is a great way to reach people. Keep up the great work, that God has called you to do. Zenobia

I usually don´t write to people like you. You are another old time doom sayer. Have you ever read the Bible where it talks about God helping HIS people fight all the battles that they fought and won. There were thousands and thousands of people that were killed and wiped off the face of the earth. It also tells you there will be wars and rumors of wars, false prophets of all kinds, coming out of the wood work so to speak. You are using scare tactics yourself and God says that in itself is wrong. Use his word to help people to not be afraid and don´t use the Devils advocates to Make Yourself look good. Don´t bother answering this letter because I already know you are someone I will have nothing to do with. You need to pray really hard for yourself and the other idiots out there that are like you.
Dear Jack:
I want to know when you wrote this book? On Wed. September 12, 2001, I read Rev. 17 & 18. My body started shaking. Not because I was afraid of what happened to New York, but because God revealed to me who the modern day Babylon was. These people who have sent you those ugly e-mails need to get out their bibles again and read these chapters. Satan is the biggest deceiver! He had me thinking like everyone else, that Babylon would be in the middle east. WOW!!!! We should not have been so blind. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!

UMMMMMMMM – Babylon iswas Ethiopia, the US wasn´t discovered until LONG AFTER the bible was so called translated…sheesh, you must be another religious fanatic bending the bible to your own ways.. another David Coresh I guess…
I don´t know much about the bible but am a Christian and would die for my Christian principles. As it is, I will die anyway and if it isn´t hastened by
a bunch of your murdererous friends who begrudge my Christian beliefs, it
will be in what we Catholics call a State of Grace. Although I believe in what little I know about the bible, I know it to be largely a work accomplished over a period of centuries. I don´t know what I did last Tuesday, so I don´t understand why people such as you put so much faith in the frail recollections of a lot of well-meaning ancient intellectuals who weren´t even born centuries after Christ died.

I DO know the bible and all my Christian teachings state that in the
Grand priority of things, the “Law of Caesar is to be followed before the Law
of God”. What your stupid writings really reflect is a virulent attitude of
anti-Americanism. I hope a way can be found to withdraw from you the
wonderful and comforting rights we as citizens expect the United States of
America to protect us and our way of life from the murdering motherless
bastards your political soulmates and fellow travelers are trying to steal
from us. May you rot under the rock you came from. Dennis

it´s amazing how people can turn the bible in a way that makes them right above all else,remember relgion is the route of all evil,unless all people take your views they are wrong,at least with me i take people at face value,let people believe what they want to believe, i do not expect an answer but i will pass this message on

I wish I could say that you are wrong, Jack, but as the events keep unfolding I am leaning more and more toward America being the Babylon in Revelation. I pray tho that it be not true…Shalom


Shalom Jack,
Thank you for your email.
We are all made in the image of God, including Jeoshua from Nazareth, a great social democrat leader that brought wisdom and generosity to the poor. Jeoshua (Jesus) from Nazareth was and will remain a son of Israel and an internal issue of the people of Israel. Open your eyes and understand : The people of Israel were, are and will remain the messengers of truth, the messengers of God.Jeoshua (Jesus) from Nazareth was a messenger as well. The people of Israel will always promote the pure and truly belief in God , while using peace love and life to do it. Without persecuting and without hating nobody. God Will bless you and will open your eyes.
Hi Jack
Glad to see you´re still sellin Jesus out there. Tell me: where was Jesus on Sept. 11th, when all those good innocent Christian souls got sent to heaven by some awful Moslem scorners? Oh, and by the way, Jesus, being a good Jew, would be horrified at your teachings, since he believed that God is One and his name One. Happy Attonement Day
Thanks for taking the time to write. Most assuredly the US is Babylon and Israel and this nation are fast approaching on a collision course. It seems the events of the 11th are the prelude to horific things to come. The beginning of a process that will force Israel to sign her “Treaty with Hell and Death” as
spoken of in the prophets, with Babylon. Praise the Lord we are called outside the camp. Sean

Hi Jack I hope all is well with you…I just wanted to tell you that I had a dream the other night and I was shown that this war is not what it appears to be or something is not right with it…Then immediately I saw Israel being bombed ..I don´t know what that dream was trying to tell me except maybe this will BE when Israel gets it bad…God bless you friend and you and your family are in my prayers for sure….
Hello Jack,
Thank you for the continue emails you have been sending me on updates and things to view on your site. I find your site very insperational and I at
first couldn´t see quiet where you where going with some of the things,
mainly America as babayon. Now however, after giving much study into sense you first invited me to view your site and with other sites I view and
things I have read in the Bible it all seems to make much more sense. My
first thoughts of TWC was God just hit us where we deserved it and this is a
wake up call for all Americans. I mean I know it was terrorist who attacked
but I believe that God has taken his convent off of our country to bring us
up to the reality of the rest of the world. I also believe it was a wake up
call for the rest of the world as well. So much has come up out this that it
is almost unbelieveable if you are not a christian or have no knowledge of
God. As far as you saying a comment about our president well guess what it has crossed my mind in many of his recent comments as well. He is playing the ball game for the world at this point while the UN has taken a back seat so it really has my attention and I have not bothered to fear any of this and for me that is a big thing to over come as I am a big worry wort but as far as these current things are going for once I haven´t been. I believe
that is to the thanks of Jesus Christ and his blood shed over me in
protection. Love in Chirst.
Hey there my brother!
Just wanted to share with you that the other day after the terrorism hit
New York, I was telling my husband “the bible says that his people will perish for lack of knowledge” as soon as the words were spoken –
conviction hit ME. I have been attending regularly my church and read and
study – I guess not whole heartedly. Well I grabbed my bible and prayed like I have never prayed before for the Lord to give me discernment and spiritual insight that only the holy spirt can give. I read the whole book of revelations and as I was reading 18 I was saying boy I´m glad that´s not the
United States. We´ll as I got through half of it I had to start over and over and over – I realized it was us! I must have read it 12 times.

As CNN was broadcasting the terrorism it was wild how people were saying who would do this to us, this is the United States of America! No one does that to us, then they should Ellis Island as I was reading and showed the statue of liberty and it was just sooooo obvious. I didn´t want to say anything to anybody at first until I did some research and talked to my pastor – we´ll he just said that they are talking about the catholics – so did every elder that I respect so much. However, it just wouldn´t leave me. I read about Rome and and started studying. I called my friend Robin which has since e-mailed you as well. I told her to pull up babylon on the internet – I found a guy that writes similar to you and she found your website.
To make a long story short – I just wanted to say thank you! – sometimes you feel alone in your thinking which makes you feel like it´s the devil trying to get you off track. I don´t really care what the world says, however you gave me some real stuff to study on which helped. Sorry I´m so long winded -just wanted to say thank you and God bless you!
I just wanted to write you back to let you know that I have read your book
and I think that you need to mark your name out and put written by “THE HOLY SPIRIT”. I cannot begin to tell you how the Holy Spirit has convicted me through reading your book. I am angry, because I thought I knew the bible well enough that I could not be deceived. Everytime I tried to test the
things you wrote, the Holy Spirit would show me the truth. I am a new
creature in Christ Jesus!!! I was raised Babtist, been down the road of
“Once Saved, Always Saved”, until I read the bible and got to know the Lord for myself. I have been to several Charismatic Churches. I am currently
attending a Babtist Church again. I have found through reading your book and knowing backgrounds of other Christian Churches, we all have truth mixed with lies. I know the Lord is starting to awake his “True Church”. My eyes have been opened wide!!. I am going to see to it that everyone I know reads your book. I have already been finding out who the real believers are! I have been surprised and I have also been surprised at the people who are in agreement with us.

It is funny, God can change a non-believer and use him to tell the people who think that they knew so much about the bible the whole meanings to the most mysterious parts of the bible!! I love how he works. I read something that just came to mind that is so true. “God is not interested in our I.Q.s only our I WILLS”.

Again, PRAISE GOD I FOUND YOUR WEB SITE!!!, and by the way, I never told you my name, it is Robin Take care and God Bless You!
Your sister in Christ, Robin

Dear Jack, Your love for the Jewish nation and, in fact, for all people shines through in your writing. God Bless you and all of us during the coming times. With love in Jesus Christ, Joan

by what definition of a messiah could you consider jesus of nazareth to be one? what task assigned to the messiah by the OT has jesus and only jesus verifiably accomplished? waiting for the messiah in ohio, josh

And you sir are part of the down fall! Just because you STUDY AND STUDY the scricptures does not give you the right to say what GOD will do! He is allmighty and surprising as we have seen. Humble yourself sir and know that any religion on this earth that recognizes a spritual being as their guide is a true and just person. But those that flaunt their supiority in the NAME of Christ or not doing his work they are doing his downfall. In essence show you feel A SPIRT no mater what name you call him and keep your mouth shut! AS the revrend Jerry Falwell should of before he stuck his foot in it!

This is by far the worse crap I ever read

Although I received your note, I did not visit your website and am not looking for information about Jesus. Please remove me from any list you might have, as I am already secure in my own faith.
In peace,