October 2002 Comments

Thanks Jack,
A couple of thoughts, God said he bless them that blessed Abraham, and curse them that cursed Abraham, I take it to mean that this applies to how the nation of Israel is dealt with by the gentile nations. Although it is by politics and military aid, the USA seems to be the only, maybe the last major power friend that Israel has today. There are many antichrists seen in the world today, yet the Antichrist comes in by deception, I just reckon its a bit difficult to actually name who this one will be. In the meanwhile the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation for every person who truly believes. Like you I am ex Army [Australian] and Vietnam Vet. The Sword of the Holy Spirit is the Word of God…
God bless you and keep Preaching.

Jack Hook,

It is the fear mongers that have brought great destruction to the church. How do you expect someone to come into any kind of effectual ministry if you continually bring age old threats of judgement upon the people of God? Do you know why they do not act as they should? It is because there are those who speak from a first dimension mindset. They have not had their minds renewed in the revelation of Jesus Christ so they put our judgement in the future instead of in the past. I am talking about you and your infantile understanding of biblical truths.

You see Mr. Hook, this is not the greatest hour of the devil, this is the greatest hour of the Lord Jesus Christ! The revelation of Jesus Christ is what brings everything into manifestation. You don´t even understand the simplest of matters. The righteous are not taken, it is the wicked (Proverbs 10:30). The wicked man is the man who lives out of adam and not out of Christ, but you would not understand that. You are not proclaiming the Lord´s death, but the strength of sin, which is the law, which is our own death, and for crying out loud, you are teaching others to do this same damnable thing. The condemnation that you have received in your struggle is deserved. Why don´t you go ahead and emasculate yourself entirely, teacher of the law?

You see Mr. Hook. I am NOT the shameless, rebellious lot that you spoke about. I am the righteousness of Christ Jesus and I have a Father that will defend that to the death. If you want to believe such satanic heresy then go right ahead, but I assure you that you are the one you are preaching against, because unless that you believe that you are righteous, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of God. To say otherwise is to deny the work of the cross and speak blasphemy.

Obviously you have thought that I approve of you and your teaching. I reject your teaching entirely. This dribble is the product of a carnally minded theologian who does not have the Spirit. Revelation is sealed up to those who see through Adam. I doubt that you could tell me where the city of Babylon is, because if you could you would not be warning people but rejoicing with the saints of God! I´ll give you a hint, it isn´t America. I believe I have asked you not to send me your garbage, but you insist on doing so. I have been amazed that you doom and gloomers are so infatic about spreading your woe that you will not even respect the simple requests of others. It is a common trait of those whose consciences have been seared with the teaching of men. Take me off your list. I do not want to receive anything from you. Your words are death and not life and your fortress of pride has left you untouchable by those who have received the Revelation of His death. You have not received a revelation of His death, that is why you speak death. You are looking for something to happen that has already happened. So as you lead into captivity, you will be lead into captivity. This is the patience of the Saints.


Which president are you referring too. We have A Praying President now for the first time in 8 years…..glenn

Dear Jack,

At the end of your first paragraph you say, “If you think I´m crazy, keep
reading.” Why would we keep on reading if we think your crazy? …So, I
stopped reading. Not that I think you´re crazy, I just think you are a fool.
You obviously do not study the Bible chapter by chapter and verse by verse
with understanding, but rather pick and choose certain quotes to help
“support” your bleeding heart liberal, anti-war, anti-Bible agenda.

Thank you! I am glad someone sees what is behind the present conflict. I welcome your advice. As for the comments on wrath and forgiveness, “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”. His, not ours. And we´re not supposed to run from His judgement. I guess that´s more easily said than done.
Regards from Shelagh

And it shall come to pass that the lamb of God shall go forth and smite all those that hath broken God´s covenant, but the lambs route is treacherous as it is laced with mint sauce……….know what I´m sayin……..lamb …………..mint sauce. But God shall openeth the heavens and passeth down the ketchup so that we may noteth be perplexed, anything………. ANYTHING but that Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Paul wrote to the Corinthians, one of their order had received a revelation. Paul told him to speak in the words of men or the message would be lost.
Now, at this time we need strong natural figures to help lead us out of confusion. Figures that have been shown to be messengers of God, those that have been chosen and can pass on given insight.
Excuse me for being blunt Jack Hook, but who the …. are you? And that is not a rhetorical question.

Thanks, Jack. It’s clear that you have the picture. God bless you in sharing His love, because that is what it is all about. The world will go through these trials in order to redeem as many as possible before heading into the 1000-year reign of Christ without the Devil hanging around to confuse folks.

Shalom, Chris

Dear Jack, I am still very curious about why you choose to send me this kind of news? Have ever heard of planetX? They claim the end is coming too, via an asteroid that passed every 3600 years, that is due on May the 3rd 2003! The ultra leftist groups and paranoids of world society believe the political powers that be are going to nuke the planet. The Rapture Folk believe that God is going to strike us all down minus the souls that love him/her. And the list goes on and on, with all of the champions of these different beliefs and philosophies, stepping up to deliver convincing predictions of the end. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christ and God with all my heart and soul, however I think those loving powers have something in store for us all that’s going to surprise even you my friend I guess I am saying it sure would be nice to hear some good news for a change. God Bless. Thomas


Please stop sending me these Christian fantasy writings. Your writings are not real, your religion is not real, and your supposed ´savior´ is not real.

I am wondering what this has to do with my recieving “The Wrath”
My feeling is that a lot of manipulation is taking place to try to coform to the biggest hoax ever, The Bible.

You utter the veriest ordure. I did not request your ignorant & slavish tract which was delivered this day. If you are in such a hurry to submit yourself to a fantasy please do so privately without irritating persons who know better


Its been almost 2000 years since Jesus claimed the end is near….get over it.


Dear Jack, I am trying to send you an e-mail about our president. It was first sent to me from a missionary friend. I consider myself a realist. My profession of conscience is this: I am a patriot of this great nation and a citizen of heaven. I pray for this country and it´s leaders.. BUT..THE one I pray to is WHO I believe IN. (as I do not believe in the leaders of this country per se… I DO seek to determine who they believe in) George Bush is unlike his father in many ways. I do believe he seeks wisdom from God through Jesus Christ His divine son. I felt I needed to relay this to you as I am not at all convinced of your perception of who/where/what “Babylon” is . I do however appreciate your e-mail´s and have read everyone of them. Bless You ..Pam

Thank You for you words of wisdom.
It is so true and people do not understand this is not our war it is God´s war and He is on the throne and in control. We are merely servants to do His will and if we are unsure of what is then we are to fight on our knees. Or stand still and wait upon the Lord. He did not say to take up our sword. He said to pray for our enemies and give to them in love. Yes God controls the double-edged sword He gives us a choice to chose where we will stand and when He comes to judge the world, we will be standing, for we will have God´s favor.


Please remove me from your mailings as I am a Christian and believe in the whole Bible and not just parts of it. I have heard all that you are teaching in these letters and don´t care to read about it from you.

I was raised in the Baptist, Methodist and Congregational Churches and do not believe in Religion, ONLY IN CHRISTIAN BELIEFS.


I don´t want to sound disrespectfull, and I certainly and wholeheartedly agree with the fact that Jesus executes wrath on the earth, (even on His people). But I could not help but be tickled with laughter when you took a LEFT TURN away from Biblical doctrine and invisioned this 21st Century Science Fiction vision of the way events are to unfold in the future… Armies flying through the atmosphere…Ha Ha, and CNN reporting it as Aliens, halirious….ha ha ha,,, boy oh boy, bad pizza last night? ha ha ha… Again I just though you should know that these symbolic things are not to be fullfilled in some kind a literal mystical way… Christians are the “armies of Heaven” and together with the two witnesses “The Word and the Spirit” we “Stand by the Lord of the whole earth”. There is a remnant on the earth today, we came forth from the Natural Israel, but are now “The Israel of God” Gal 6…We have come to Jesus…”The Heavenly Jerusalem” Heb 12…and are not waiting for Jesus to become King of Kings, since he rose again and set on the throne of his father David…Acts 2. Also we have come forth from the 144,000 which was the remnant 2000 years ago, the Jews who were “the first fruits unto God”… they were the then Remnant of Israel (a tithe) that the Lord took for himself… According to Josephus the population in Israel numbered about 1.5 million… a tithe then would be abut 150,000 (144,000).

I hope I have not offended you, but there it is important to do away with all this false teaching of thelast 150 years in the US…it sells lots of books, but it brings no one into righteousness…I propose that the truth is quite more scary than the position proposed in your e-mail.

May Gods grace be with you

Hi Jack,
..and I mean that in the most friendly sense…lol. Your post intrigues me to say the least. Your extensive work and personal experience are parallels to my own. I´d like to ask some questions if you don´t mind. I´m not wanting to dissuade you in any way. I wish to understand how you arrived at some of your numbers. Specifically the 2520 day one.

Here´s where I´m coming from. The Egyptian, Mayan, and Sumerian calendars all end at approximately the last week of December in 2012. Each one of these calendars seem to be the remnants of one, shared with several groups by Beings we may call Angels. I remain without decision as truth is Self-revealing as you know.

I heard the other day that Bush is talking about such a pact in the Middle East, with a new Palestine and Israel side by side in approximately 3 years. That would put us in 2005. According to your numbers, working backwards from the 2012 date, it would put us at about the same timeframe. Just though you´d find that interesting.

I would like to know how you arrived at the numbers, though, as I kinda like to plug all the information into my own cosmic computer…lol. If you haven´t seen it, I have also found a clue to our ascencion process. It has to do with another number. One of knowledge and wisdom that takes understaning to perceive its meaning. I´ve prayed long and hard for this one. Its been in front of our faces for years and we haven´t had the sense to go beyond what we´ve been taught about fearing it. I only ask that you suspend all judgments until you finish reading it. I´m open to any questions as well. Blessings….

Dear Jack,

I happen to read your writing re: the wrath of the Lamb. You must have been trying to learn a lot from the scriptures. It is not for me to figure how much truth there is in the knowledge you share with others. Only hope you got it from the Holy Spirit.

We all need to be ready and occupy till He comes. As far as some isolating Islam as the face of the antiChrist, it is obvious that they are much included being the antiChrist as many others are after Christ death being part of the antiChrist.

Dear Jack:
I read the e-mail you sent. Now it started off well but then I thought
you said that God is going to throw President Bush and the Pope in Hell?
Is this what you are saying?
Also, what religion are you?
Dear Brother Hook,

I´m very much grateful for your mail. Inspite of the fact that I dont know you, I know that the Lord desires to give me an expected end and therefore caused you to drop a mail in my box to keep my love alive so that the wrath of God will not fall upon me and my family. I not only pray for the grace to remain steadfast and unmoveable but also the grace to remind this truth to my family, and the little congregation my husband pastors and also the people I meet day by day.

I once again thank you and please dont forget to remember me in your prayers as the love of many grow cold, that mine will remain hot.

May the Lord increase your wisdom and keep us all alive in Jesus name.




Thank you for this deeply thought provoking message. I subscribe to nearly
all you write. I cannot pretend to understand all the riddles and hidden
meanings of the Bible. Thank God (the same one of Christians, Muslims, and
Jews) that His word has endured for 2000 years.

Today, I see our government leaders wasting valuable time and treasure
investigating what happened at WorldCom. Does greed sound familiar?

Do you feel, as do I, that the flag waving, patriotism, and Pledge of
Allegiance rhetoric are political capital for elections? Each day, I run
through my neighborhood. After 9/11/1, most every house had a flag in a
prominent position. Over the months, I saw fewer and fewer. I also
witnessed some shameful displays of our flag. The ultimate disgrace was
red, white, blue porta-johns.

Listen to our music that young people are listening to. Look at what is on
most TV channels. The bad guys are winning and none of our elected
officials or religious leaders dare to protest. We sweep child molestation
under the covers. Marriage is half gone. Our war on drugs spends $ we do
not have, yet our tobacco farmers are subsidized and legal alcohol is still
the number 1 abused drug. One third of children do not have a father living
with them. Money is the god of America and most of the the youth in the
rest of the world want to mimic the US lifestyle.

I went to Africa, last summer, to visit my daughter who is a Peace Corps
volunteer. I saw families actually living, eating and playing together. No
TV, no pornography, no media advertising. Are they really poor? In our
materialistic view, yes. Spiritually and family wise, we are the poor ones.

There, I feel better.



Thank you Jack!! God bless you for confirming what He has been speaking to me and telling me to share as a trumpet sounding…..
I am being drawn apart more and more in prayer and am strengthened by this message you have sent. As in the days of Noah many will be spiritually asleep and concerned with the mundane things of life when He returns. As for me I want all He has for me to do to come to pass. I have asked Him to continue pruning me and preparing me for the ministry and even Lord willing the office He has for me.

Recently the Lord has drawn me from a lukewarm Christianity and pulled me from the dimly lit place into His incredibly focussed light. I feel well protected but the distinction between His light and the darkness is very sharp and has become close enough for hand to hand combat…. not with flesh and blood which is why any war is not of God. The war we war in is spiritual and and the two edged sword is His word. I understand that the word used for sword actually means a dagger that was used for hand to hand combat. I feel in the sharpness and focus of His light I have become aware of the intensity of darkness close by and yet I am not afraid because His light is stronger.

With His blessings
Your sister in Christ

Dear Mr. Hook.

I enjoyed very much your article The wrath of the Lamb. I was suprised that you classified the American president as the the antichrist. I never thought that it could be because we are “Americans”, and Great Christians, and could never be anti-Christ. Now, with things moving along as they are, my mind has changed, as I watch american events. Some time ago, I made the statement to my wife that the U.S. was moving to a Sodom and Gomorha state. There is so much greed, corruption, lack of respect, and extreme materializm.

As far as the Pope is concerned, I have alway thought he would be the Antichrist.

My question to you is how did you arrive at selecting the president of the U.S. in the position you have delegated him too?

How do we avoid our personal destruction of the 7 seals?

How do we avoid having 666 on our foreheads or wrists. Does believing in Jesus save us from this?

I have enjoyed reading your articles, and thank you for all the wonderful input. It gives us ammo, so that when thing occur, we can be ready. Looking forward to that wonderful day that Jesus returns to us, I remain, John

You sound really credible and you stick to the scriptures and then you go off about aliens and terrestial beings attacking the planet and President Bush being the antichrist.
You did much better when you stuck to the scriptures.

I love reading your stuff!!! Jack if I had only met 1 person like you who
shared my radical thoughts about this country, and about the nature of GOD,
I might still be sane today. It seems I´ve been spouting the same exact
stuff you believe almost all my life. I´ve never believed in war under any
circumstances. And I believe this country has never been united under GOD
THE BEAUTIFUL FATHER. And I think bushy boy is in for a rude awakening about
the power and holiness of JESUS CHRIST! I swear Jack, your giving me a
reason to hang on. Thank you my brother! PEACE BE UPON YOU AND YOUR

Mr. Hook~*~
I don´t know how you acquired my email address, seeing as how I have never heard of you before now. But, I would greatly appreciate it if you were to take me off your emailing list. Since you are preaching to someone who is already converted.
Thank you kindly
A Christian Gnostic woman
Great Prophecy and Future!! We need more people to know about and warn about the King of Kings and Lord of Lords coming with the armies of heaven, in judgment!! Rev: 19. How exciting!!!!! I have a white horse!! And there is not going to be a war…..they will be destroyed by the “breath (Sword) of His mouth and the brightness of His coming”. Just as in the battle of Jericho, the battle is the LORD´s. That will be glorious!! and fearful for them that are not for or with The Faithful and True, as you said.

But, where did you get this idea that the antiChrist and false prophet would be the President and the Pope? I have heard lots of speculation re the antiChrist, but never the President. Predident Bush is a Christian, therefore he cannot be the anti-Christ, and he´s not Jewish.

You are an idiot.


Thanks for the knowledge. Although I am a firm muslim. The qu’ran is the last words of god on this earth. You will be surprised to know that in the qu’ran it prophesizes that issa (jesus) will resurrect and and take back the world from evil. Tanim

Excuse me but I´m a MUSLIM OK. I dont want your crap . I´ll will become christian when hell freezez over OK? So just lay off!!! lwt me repeat what i said IM NOT BECOMEING CHRISTIAN!!!! Rath of the lamb my ass.



I´m new too your site but from what I have read of peoples commentsof your site, you believe that America is Babylon. My husband and I have believed this for some time. If you read in Revelation you can see mention of the great whore Babylon the great has fallen. I don´t know the bible well but I do know this that America is Babylon. Anyone who reads Revelation and ask for understanding will eventually see this also. God Bless


Dear Mr. Hook,

I have started reading your materials on http://www.babylonthegreatisfalling.net . I found answers to a few questions I used to have. One of them, is that I now clearly see what Babylon stands for in Revealation. However, I have more questions and will keep reading the book. For, instance, I do not really understand why rapture will take place before the tribulation.

Anyway, the reason why I am writing you I think you would be interested in reading the following article recently posted by BBC news:


Read this article about Russia. I think we are getting very close to the final events. God bless you!

In Christ,

We know Jesus could return at any time now, So if He returnes in the next year you are saying He will throw George Bush in the Lake of fire????I have heard Putin of Russia could be the Anti Christ…Very deep subject but very interesting….loved your e-mails. Are you a prophet or a preacher??? God Bless

Dennis ……, Pastor

Dude, you´re a nut. Please don´t send any more of this to any
……. .com address. Thanks.

Jack Hook: Hi!

Thank you for your excellent paper on The wrath of the Lamb and for your web site address. I have had a look into your web site and am delighted with what I have been reading so far. Thank You!

I am a Baptist Pastor from Cookstown Northern Ireland and would be delighted to receive more of your material. Please keep in touch.



Dear Jack (can i call you that?) What you are telling me doesnt mean
anything. if this is one of those catchy schemes to scare me or something,
it isnt working. the humanities we live in are always going to hate each
other, and with hate comes death, war, destruction ect., ect., ect. its
inevitable. the end times, if that is what you want to call it, will come,
but you shouldnt dare try to predict it. your predections are as frail as
the 50 cent tabloids at your local thriftway. who are you to tell me what
will happen in “the end” anyway? nobody knows the time or the hour right? so
just quit. if you want to make this hellish enferno like world, why dont you
go to world leaders and discuss with them your prophetic mind?

sincerely, joe.

i bless U in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
thank U Brother for Your article.it catched me in the moment of
weakness and gave me a lot.i did not finished reading it but
tomorrow i will.
then i will let You know what i think.
i thank God for U.
i wonder where did U get my e-mai from?
Yours in Christ.
piotr ;Poznan ;Poland

I neither need, nor do I want to receive any more of your religious
fanaticism. YOu are crowding my email.

Proud to be Pagan. Please remove me from your “convert” list.

Don´t tell me you´re one of those pre-tribulation
rapture believing people? How did you get my e-mail
address? I don´t believe in the rapture or people
speaking in tongues at Sunday sermons…..go away and
don´t bother me anymore. Thank you very much.

Your egotism is unbelievable. You really think that YOU have all the answers. Sorry. Historic Christianity has no need of you. I will stick with Jesus and his Church. As St. Paul taught, “If anyone comes teaching a gospel other than the one you received from me, let him be anathema!” Sorry, sonny. You fit St. Paul´s description. Repent and submit to Christ´s Church before it is too late for there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

Thank you Bro. Hook. Prayers and fastings will offered on your behalf
and for America with a great outpour of his Holy Spirit on our “fly by
night Christians.” Some have no conception who Jesus Christ really is –
some wouldn´t recognize Him in the pulpit and if he were there, they
would walk out on what he had to say.

There are just too many “false prophets” in our pulpits preaching silly
rink a dink sermonettes with no conviction. If they can´t preach the
death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour then they should
take off their robe of self righteousness and let someone who loves the
Lord fill that position. All we are hearing are “feel good sermons”,
the kind that the Crystal Catheral preaches and Vincent Peel and several
I hear over the Trinity B´cast TV Network.

But the people, as the scripture says, only want to hear things that
tickle their ears and the church continues to entertain instead of
preaching convicting sermons by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Your messages, as always are inspirational to me personally.


Yes, religion has caused all the various wars, and
untold suffering. Thats why I say we get rid of them
all – no more Christianity, no more Islam, no more
Judaism, no more Hinduism, no more anything. Then the
world would know peace.

“´God is dead´,
A great man said,
If that be true,
Peace, for me and you.”
-Infidelia Ink

sums it up nicely.

Praise the name of Jesus! I follow you jack. The truth hurts! But
we will preached the truth at all costs. I´m blessed to have made
contact with you and your teachings are just what the Body of Christ
As we partner to fulfill Christ mandate that the gospelof the kingdom
is preached to all nations we are doing our art.

I look foward to seeing you and speaking with you soon. the seminar
this weekend was so enlightening to those in attendance and the best
is yet to come. we will reach the masses with the message of the
kingdom, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I will be downloading your online book and sharing it with the Pastor
from dallas, who has a book publishing company and will be using
it as a vehicle to get the mesage of the kingdom into the eyes and
ears of the lost.

We are in the great end time harvest right now Jack. let´s press
onward Christian Soldier!

I love you Jack

Bishop Hutcherson

Just remember this the email that you wrote will never win a Jewish person to Messiah. I know I´m Jewish.. The only way that one can minister Messiah to a Jewish person is thru the Old Testament and proving that Y´shua/Jesus is the Messiah and that He has fulfilled the Feasts of G-D and the Torah.. Just a little info for you. Because What you wrote means nothing to a Jewish person because about 99% of all Jewish people do not acknowledge the New Testament.

Once again…dear Brother…a profound and stirring message…brutally
honest…(which I also have been told I am..)..:)

The sincerity and your heart cry…is EXACTLY what today´s “Church
People” need to hear…

Once again..I encourage you..to speak out..write from the depths of your
being…as the Holy Spirit…(Ruach Ha Kodesh..)…inspires you to
write…Have no fear of man…fear only God..as I know you already do…

They hated Jesus..(Yahshua)..so they will also hate us…(those who
truly follow the Word of God)…We have not as yet…given our blood
…as our brothers and sisters..in Indonesia, Sudan, and many other parts
of the world..are doing..
Our time will come…the time of sifting and bringing the dross to the
top…is now upon us..

Thank you for including me..on your email list…I am most grateful..to
find a brother…who has tasted the dregs of sin..and is now…speaking
out for our Redeemer…

Blessings…Sister Edwina
Dear Jack,

Greetings, in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour.

It is a pleasure for me to write this note for you. I amazed by the way you hit so hard to your president. Many people and preachers do think that George Bush is a true disciple of Jesus Christ.

Though such a grave mistake does not makes them to be false teachers. They will be false teachers only if they are not truly saved. If they still enjoy a sinful life.

Jack I pray that God will bless and gives you the necessary strength.


Yours in His service,



I agree with you. God placed Pres. Bush in the place he is in and if he proclaims to be a Christian and follower of Christ how can he not speak up. This generation and our political correct hype must turn the stomach of the living God we serve.

I hear more every day that people are believing the day of the Lord´s returning is approaching. It thrills me to see people are looking toward the eastern sky for His return. The Spirit within me gets more excited day after day. It is hard to explain to those that would rather hold to their favorite sin and the moment of pleasure it gives them. They only think I´m to religious and to happy.

I see those that are filling the desires of the flesh becoming more demonic and those that are seeking more of Jesus becoming filled with the fruit of the Spirit. It is truly wonderful yet sad at the same time to see so many giving their souls to the devil. To hear them say God is a forgiving God and he knows my heart as they continue to have affairs and steal,lie, curse and drink and never speak the name of Jesus unless it is as a swear word.

Don´t let the critics detour you even Jesus and the 12 had critics. See you heaven some day soon. God´s blessings.

Your sister in Christ,