October 2003 Comments

Dear Jack!

We are a couple from Germany and have found your articles very interesting! We have many questions to the war in Iraq and when we read statements from various christians, some well known prophetic people like Rick Joyner, who has published the book named THE CALL, we are stunned about his view about that Iraq is Babylon and now Babylon is fallen! My husband and I are Christians since 15 years ago, but we agree with you, that Jesus Kingdom is not from this world and his Kingdom don’t come with wordly power or bombing our enemys! Jesus clearly says, that we shall love our enemys and he says: Whoever takes the swort, will taken by it, and in revelation 14, 8, it says, Babylon is fallen. The american christions say, that Babylon is Iraq. But the word says, that all nations have make fornication with the babylon harlot. Iraq had not this done. Please, excuse my bad English, Jack1 But I’m so hungry, to talk with you, when I read your articles. We are here in Germany very alone. We have no church, because here is too, the religious system at work. My husband and try to understand, what the mystery Babylon is, and the system works, and because of your articles, we have found help and we are thankful for you! You are very bold, to talk about Babylon, and what you think, it is. We have friends on the web in america. One day, a person from the group had a link to a military-side, and we go there. We feel bad, as we see pictures from military bombers and then, over the picture, words from God like: He gives us victory! God needs no Bombs and that is not the real freedom, Jesus talkes about! It is very sad and deceitful, to think, Jesus kingdom comes with military power. Rick Joyner says in end-time prophetic-list, that maybe germany has something to hide in Iraq.Is America so proud of his dealings with terrorism, that all other parts of the world are become Americas enemys, when they don’t see things like America? Maybe, Germany becomes next the badman.. And that They don’t make commerce with germany! This is babylon, we think! You don’t accept her dealings? Then you don’t need her commerce! That tells a christian man! I’m puzzled!! Today, I must total renew, what makes a christian live real? Who is JESUS? Sorry, when my post is a bit confusing! Maybe, you have time and joy, to send back a short mail to us, that we can know, the mail is arrived to you.

Big and thankful greetings to you, our brother in Christ. May Jesus be with you and HIS
love always feed your soul, spirit and body.
Greetings from Susi&Harry

Mr Hook
I find your thoughts to be coming from a prophet? Please don’t be offended but when we point our finger at the USA, as being the Babylon of Rev 18, It seems that way. We all can have our views and thoughts of who Babylon could be, But If you are Dispensation believing, Then the Church won’t be here at that time.It really makes no difference, Since we are to comfort one another. I appreciate all the work you have put into this. I would like to defend my home, not the Wars, But the Body of Christ and our ties to Jerusalem. Because of the USA, there would be no Israel of today, this came about because of the then President Harry Truman,(1948) Because of WW2 there is a Europe, Hitler would of won, and been a Dictator over all of Europe, If your thoughts are otherwise, I cannot see it, Because our founding Fathers came to this country for the Glory of God, to escape the Catholic Church of England we have since ,” Sent Missionaries into the world to evangelize the world, When Spain ruled the seas, everywhere they sent a ship, England placed there Flag, along with the flag of the Vatican, Their last front to end was Hong K(China).
Our Bible tells us that God put George Bush in office. Romans 13, this country has a two party system which is now divided, and I remember the words of Christ, we cannot live in a house divided, we are hated by every country there is worldwide, I remember the words of Christ, Remember they Hated me first. At the time of Christ’s return, the bible states He will destroy them with the Brightness of his coming,(1 Thess 4:18) ” This is the Light of God” it is the Shekinah Glory of God, which will lay the evil doers to the ground, such as the light that came from Christ, La Saul to the ground, and blinded him for 3 days, It is my thoughts that the Babylon of Rev 18 is the One World Government, that the Lord is telling people now to come out of , it is the One world trade that is now in place, and Baghdad could very well be Babylon all over again, who they put there, The USA has never Conquered a Country and put our flag in its land, never have, and Never will, I believe George Bush is a Christian, I don’t care about his replacement theology Background, But we still have our Blessed Hope for the return of Christ in the clouds coming for the Church, Please don’t be offended, We are just swapping notes and thoughts, God Bless.

It appears you don’t know much about the President or those from whom he seeks wise counsel.

From whom do you seek wise counsel?


Dear Mr.HOOK,
Thanks for the email, but I am in doubt as You write that The USA is the Great Babylon. I really don’t agree with this because in this World, only the USA the one who understand and help Israel, thanks to the USA. My question to You, how can you predict that the USA is the Great Babylon, why not Iraq ( as We know today that Iraq keep use the name of Babylon the real Babylon and also very hate Israel) ?

In writing the articel, are you prying first to ask guidance for the God of Israel or just your knowlogde only? I suggest that only the Holyspirit will tell us the truth and the real guidance.


Dear Jack,

Thank you for your communication.

I trust you are well.

I have not taken time to read it properly until now. And even then I had to convert it to be ‘non-bold’ and point 12 in size: for it has always been a strain on one’s eyes to read it in the way you tend to send these things…

I must confess this is one of your better missives, even if there is much I disagree with :0)

As you know from my previous replies I do not see the U.S.A as the leader of the Roman Earth (empire) to come (again). I have thereby attached the immediate article dealing with the extent of the Antichrist’s domain.

Furthermore, as to which I wish to help you with, I also attach a document that will help explain how it is that there are non-Christians who are already born again: entitled Journey into Light.

You are not alone in having a Gandhi like belief and interpretation of the Scriptures in regards to war. And certainly I have never been a combatant as you appear to have. But, I do believe that from the beginning there is a responsibility given by God to man to effect justice upon his fellow man which included killing (not murder since that is one of the 10 commandments) – Genesis 9:5). A ‘just war’ is an extension of that biblical responsibility (Romans 13:4). But, as mentioned I know you presently disagree.

Blessings and love,


Please remove me from your list of people to email…when you said President Bush was being manipulated by satan you lost me…he is listening to the Holy Spirit…if you can’t tell the difference you are sadly mistaken

Dear Jack,
thanks for your email.
I come to think that there are 3 babylons that will be dealt with in the last days. I think you teach the subject somewhere indirectly.
It is Rev 17 – the religious – the system lead by rome
Jer. 50 and 51- the geographical – Iraq
and Rev 18 the financial/political – New York, and, by extension, the USA
The antichrist must come from Europe and Europe must be the 7th head.
Great Britain and the USA, I come to think, fit best the beast with the two horns, rev. 13
Best regards

You have some information which is correct, and you have some information which is not correct. You have done especially well in not trying to incriminate the President. One of the main problems in the “Pseudo-Christian” vs Islamic thing going on these days is the fact that the son of God will not resurrect for another 1,000 years. Now, there is only God. Also, this entire American Continent was verbally established as the Apache Nation over 2,000 years ago. There is no other true Nation here. Michael

Hey Jack!

Have you ever talked to Jehovah’s Wittnesses ? You should! For you are wrong about this. Sorry! Only telling the truth! Jehovah’s Wittnesses all in every country of the Earth preaching the truth! When one comes to your door, invite them in, and learn the truth about what you are talking about, ok Bud.

Yours truly partner,


For the first time I agree with you in that we must, as Christians, put down the weapons of this world and its system. I could not shoot at an Iraqi soldier knowing I would be sending him to Hell. But I would defend my wife or friend if I had a choice between (theoretically speaking) them or an Iraqi soldier…this is the basis of Just War theory, to be able to protect the innocent (“innocent”: those who have not entered a conflict as a belligerent…obviously none are righteous in and of themselves) through just means. It may be that this current conflict is not fitting to a “just war”, but we cannot ignore the age old responsibility of a leader to make decisions based upon their knowledge of the situation, which is no doubt better than our knowledge. therefore we need to stand up for the faith and tell ALL people about the truth and love of Jesus and His awesome mercy for all who put their faith in Him and accept His atonement on the Cross and His awesome resurrection from the dead!

We as Christians must remain sober and full of the love of God in the midst of earthly battles, and we MUST pray for our soldiers AND the Iraqi soldiers and people. It is dangerous to assume that every American Christian that supports our soldiers is in support of the political regimes at odds here. As there was in the book of Isaiah and during the time of Elijah, there is now a remnant of people who’s only King and only “President” is Jesus!

Please be careful when declaring “prophetic” messages when the “remnant” church at large has not had the chance to hold you accountable to the correct context of Scriptural interpretation in the public arena. You can keep airing your opinions in email, but until you choose to allow a more proper accountability, it is just mere opinion and lacks spiritual and truthful validity. Anybody can claim to speak for God and be absolutely WRONG (i.e.// Muslims, Mormonism, etc…) For example, you say that America is Babylon the Great (literal) and that the anti-Christ will rise out of her, but in Revelation 17:9-18 we are told that the beast and 10 nations (horns) will destroy the harlot. How can a house divided against itself stand? The beast would not destroy his own kingdom. So, we have a paradox here that can only be resolved by letting the times tell the reality of the story as God sends His angels to break the seals that will reveal the truth about the end times. Until then you, I, and all other people will only have opinion to go by. Furthermore, Babylon is said to have the blood of the saints within her (Rev. 17:6), but America is not a nation that has martyred the saints, rather the opposite has occurred with freedom of religion, primarily, Christian faith having freedom. I say these things in order to follow Paul’s exhortation to contend for the faith and speak only truth, not mere speculation based upon sensationalism re: Revelation and other mis-quoted and mis-interpreted Scripture passages.

No matter what, may our Lord Jesus be exalted and no other. may every knee bow before the Lamb of God as we His children sing glory and Hallelujah to the Lamb!

Saved by His awesome grace by faith, MW
I can understand studying scripture. And I can understand being a
student of biblical prophecy. But what amazes me is how many people put
so much time and energy into trying to “reveal” God’s plan for Him. As
if they, and only they, have the definitive explanation of what’s in
store for God’s Earth. Jack, don’t you know that no matter what you come
up with, it is going to be flawed? Jesus has already told us it would
be. No one knows the time, day, or hour of His coming. We are to be
ready… period. I wonder if you ARE too heavenly minded to be any
earthly good. Jesus, by His example, suggested what’s important in life.
Obedience to God, loving Him and our neighbors, lifting people up,
caring for the widows and orphans, etc. He met needs. As far as I can
see, even though it’s interesting, what need do your judgemental
“authoritative” presentations meet? Jesus message was very simple. He
said His burden was light. When we stand before God every one of us is
going to find out we were mistaken about something or other that we
thought He meant. Everyone will be wrong about something! That includes
you and me and every denomination that contradicts another (which pretty
much covers all of ’em). I’m convinced there are deep spiritual truths
within every letter of scripture. And I enjoy digging into it to find
those truths. But I’m not about to declare my perception of the
prophetic details of God’s plan as THE BE-ALL, END-ALL explanation that
everyone must follow immediately or be cast into hell… heaping guilt
upon guilt on people’s heads. If I remember correctly, you’re pretty
liberal handing out the tickets to hell. Whether you believe it or not,
there are situations that aren’t so black and white. For example, a
child who is raised to adulthood by a psychotic religious fanatic who
teaches them that, based on John 12:25, to hate themselves to the point
of killing themselves is valid. Eventually, because of all the junk put
into their head by a kook of a parent, they commit suicide. I’m sorry, I
don’t believe that tortured soul is burning in hell for eternity. And
Jesus’ example shows me that he extended mercy sometimes even to the
point of “breaking the rules” scripturally. We should not be
second-guessing His mercy, and damning people based on our perception of
the situation. I was raised Catholic. Being brought up in a guilt-ridden
family, I often asked myself, “If Jesus said ‘love your neighbor as
yourself’, what about someone who hates himself? Which makes that verse
say, in essence, that I should hate my neighbor, because that’s the way
I feel about myself.” I was taught that I am nothing. How do you
reconcile my situation – in black and white – with that verse of
scripture? I’m speaking about the psychological aspect of it, not the
spiritual. That’s not a question needing an answer. I’m battling my own
demons. I don’t need yours too. It reminds me of the line that Jesus
delivered to the pharisees ? (paraphrased)… “You travel halfway
around the world to make a convert, then you teach him to be twice the
hound of hell that you are.” We all waste so much time and energy trying
to be “right” about the details, when, in the end it won’t matter a hill
of beans. It’s our faith and commitment to Jesus as our Saviour. Who’s
suffering have you cared for? How many children do you feed? What kind
words have you given to an emotionally hurting individual?

Dear Jack,

I am not sure who you are, but your agenda appears to be something counter to the love, grace and hope that Jesus asked us to encourage each other with when He asked us to disciple each other with the “Good News”, other-wise known as the “Gospel”. Your news just seems sad at best, bad and wrong at worst. So you can eliminate me from list of people you feel the need to share this message with. One last mental note for you. In all your understanding of the Bible, it is strange to me that you haven’t noticed that the West as we understand it today and as it was explained in the Bible, that being the US, was never mentioned anywhere in the Bible reguarding these or any issues you elude to in your grand assumptions. Other than, of course, that beatiful of all beatiful scriptures, that “God so loved the World” .

You traitorist hypocrit you belong with likes of Saddam Hussein
May you burn in Hell

President Bush is in the Word daily…he prays for guidance. People all over the country are praying for him. How then do you think he is motivated to take the action he does? I admit I didn’t read your whole article…way too long…but from a gallop it seems that you bellieve that his guidance is not coming from the true interpretaion of scripture…how can it be that so many people, myself and our whole church included, have our requests and supplications for Pres. Bush not heard? Does the Lord close his ears to us, but opens them for one such as you that God the Spirit blesses with the gift of interpretation and prophesy? Please reread 2 Peter 1:20-21. The next portion of 2 Peter is also good…I’m not saying that it refers to you of course, but it is a good measure to be mindful of.

All I can say to this is that you are full of S–t!
Our president is a born again Christian. We are in
Iraq to preempt jerks that are bent on destroying us.
We were attacked unprovoked on September 11th by jerks
who wanted to get our attention. Guess what? they got
it. They awoke a sleeping gentle giant and will suffer
the consequences. You and all as—les like you who
propagate this s–t needs to get a life…at least
remove me from your mailing list. I don’t want your
opinion and I certainly did not ask for it!

Regarding your Babylon b.s., here is my take on
it…Babylon the great already fell a long time ago
when the evil one became the president Babylon. Then
comes the righteous one to rid the world of this beast
and his 2 cubs in order set the people of Babylon free
and also prevent future catasrophes of unimaginable

p.s. remove me from your mailing list. If i receive
any other correspondence from you, I will forward it
to the appropriate authorities, and you will be hunted
down like the dog you are!

Thank you for your comments. You are right as Christians we need to spend more time in prayer than writing long e-mails about why we should not go to war. It is unfortunate that in all wars lives are lost. His word tells us any many places in the Old Testament where the Lord commands certain leaders to go to war and destroy everything. The Lord even instructed his leaders to organize armies. Some people don’t believe that Saddam Hussein is responsible for 9-11. We are finding more proof that he was and, from the beginning our government believed it. I guess our President is considered brutal because he declared war on Iraq. We either had to go over there and fight our enemy or let them come here and fight them. In the Old Testament the Lord instructed his leaders to organize armies. You may want to read that the bible.

To Sick-o,
Are you sick, perverted or just plain stupid…. When Saddam goes, I hope people like you will go with him… you are no better then he is… Get a life… better yet seek help


You obviously are one that will use ” private interpretations ” ( II Peter 1:20 ) of the scripture to convey your own beliefs. There can be no doubts that we as Christians need to defend our Christian way of life. Were we not, what would have happened had we not responded to Pearl Harbor? The Bible plainly teaches that there is a time for war in Proverbs and other scriptures. I am a King James believing, fundamental Baptist Preacher, ( which simply means I believe the Bible from cover to cover, with no deviations ), guided by the Holy Spirit. What you are teaching is inaccurate and unscriptural. Please read the entire first chapter of II Peter. I then challenge you to send this out to all your readers. I find no fault with you, but with your private interpretations.

Bro. David

Well, Jack Hook…it looks like you have stirred up a hornets nest in what you have laborously termed Bqbylon the Great. Some day you will hear the truth from two young people who will teach you the right side of Christianity and you may even believe. But right now you do not have the authority to judge as you have, for your interpretation of the scriptures is a private interpretation. You and many others have not been called of God and ordained by the laying on of hands to gather Israel. Seek out those young people from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints…hear them and believe. Jack Hook, you will not hear from me again…but heed what I have said.

Thank you, I am currently reading the scriptures you listed and praying for clarity of mind and readiness to receive the truth in my heart regarding your theory.
Are you an ordained pastor or reverend who has been called by God Himself into the service you are providing?
God Bless you and keep you,
Sister Angela

I know that you believe that homosexuals won’t go to Heaven. But, I do. At least one homosexual I know will. I truly believe it. He is the most beautiful person I have ever met. The most HONEST human being I have ever met. So, why wouldn’t he go to Heaven?
Please do not send me any more of this trash. Bush is no more the antichrist than I am.

Dear Jack — Thank you so much for the e-mail. I have been involved in Bible Study for about the past 5 months. Your words are a joy to see. Please keep me on your list. Thanks again, and may God Bless you and yours. With you in Christ, Juanita


I find your information forwarded to me to be very interesting. I had a friend who was a preacher, who prophesied exactly what you are saying and I also believe that this war is significant and directly related to the book of revelation. I have one question, how did you find me and sendmethis information. I am indeed glad you did,but was wondering how this came to pass. Thanks

There is a way to answer, Jack, and that is to re-think (repenser in French, or “repent” in English) and change your ideas about Christian pacificism. Not so incidentally, if you check back on the Matt.26 verses, you will see that those were given by Jesus in context of his arrest by soldiers prior to the cross. Here he’s saying to Peter (if he’s the guy with the sword), put that away! If you try to save me by it, you’ll die by it at the hands of these tough brutal soldiers. It was not an eternal message to the Church, as Paul later affirms when he writes that the sword is given to men to be used for God’s judgment (Rom.13:1-4). I believe we are now in Iraq as instruments of God’s vengeance against an evil tyrant and his followers. Shalom, my friend, and God’s blessings on your prophetic calls–in His love, David

dear sir,

thank you very much for your mail, it made a
difference atleast i know there are people like you
who are begining to see things from a broader point of

United states was a great nation once, no one can deny
that, American soldiers fought and died liberating the
death camps of europe and protecting the world from
nazi tyranny and japaneese imperialism, american
soldiers, along with british and millions of colonial
soldiers from the british commonwealth, fought side by
side against nazi germany and imperial japan,
defending the world against these two monsters.

galatians 1:8 and 9 clearly say that anyone who speaks
of a different gospel other than what st paul
preached, is accursed.

we see that mohammed the prophet of islam denied Jesus
as christ, and preached a different “gospel” putting
himself as accursed, and whoever denies Jesus is
Christ has a spirit of the antichrist in him.

unfortunately it seems United states is no longer what
it used to be once long ago, satan very well knows
certain “religious ” and “passioned” americans are
there who can use the name of jesus to cause wreck and

a man can clearly rise to power to the throne of
united states to claim world power, US is the only
country that has such a power

now with so much arab anger against United states, it
is not difficult to envision a time when Arabs bribe
and pay russia and they use a “UN EXCUSE” or something
to attack israel for having “violated” something in
future it is about to be seen

now itself ia m hearing people grumbling in the
streets that christians are killing, maiming , people
in the name of “jesus and justice”

i myself have witnessed the anger and been in the
brunt of certain middle aged and old “ladies” of the
church that often scream out in support of “beloved
president” etc

and when i say war is wrong or this is not the way to
approach. i jus get bashed and judged

and more over, saddam hussain was a vain and cruel
dictator, a vain man who put his own statutes, named
his airport after him, put his own picture on his own
currency, used chemical weapons against iranians,
invaded kuwait, he stabbed his own foot with his own
axe, often a sinner’s action reflects back to him in
his end days, bringing down his household and his

but also is United states a “holy and christianized
super power?” then i would say that satan finds it
more easier to rise to power and decieve people from
the very seat of such a power, rather than EU .

EU will beinvolved, yes as i personally belive, EU
will ally itself with US in some form or other in
future, but by themselves EU are not in some position
to bein some world power, the rich fat cats there are
more interested in earning wealth and having ahigh
standard of living and their youths more into
nightclubs and cheese eating, rather than some “active
military service” britain is a exception.

so asking ourselves, wouldnt it be conveniant for
satan to use united states and britain to start
building a final empire?

now since 90% of the muslim world is against United
states it is now very sure, that US will suffer some
sort of attacks again this time as President BUSH said
in speech they can bring “terror to our shores”

yes terror, real terror, with some sort of mass weapon
thatwould give him excuse, bring the sympathy of
European union and ally themselves together. tagging
people down. getting “rid of” this middle
east”violence” that seem to be the “root cause” why
not solve this problem in middle east once and for
all, why not give israel a military protection while
allowing a palestinian state to exist, why not delight
the jews by help rebuilding the temple, and protecting
it , why not someday enter the temple on the pretext
of visiting and declaring himself as god ?

now i ask you all the above i wrote, why cant a
“antichrist in the seat of a super power” do that?

who can make war with the beast? who can conquer him?

as the words of the book of revelation, that is
EXACTLY what i heard in the streets of many asian
nations when i was travelling and also in europe

PRESIDENT OF UNITED STATES? wonder at his military
might and personality

september 11th, two towers, pentagon, all this seems
just too real all taking place in bush’s term, giving
him more and more excuse to change world geopolitics.

i dont say bush is the antichrist, but what he is
doing now, he is definitly using the religious right
wing of america to justify all this as a”JUST war for

as if he is a great messiah saving the “oppressed “
and “librating people” swaying the crowd with sweet


antichrist’s kingdom is not like jesus christ’s
kingdom, there wont be so much “love” and “unity” in

world wide protests against US against their interests
at the same time a uneasy calm and submissive attitude
by many arab governments and china and russia and
europe they are not using so strong words against US
or trying to stop US.

the very fact we see certain “Eastern nations” finally
go to armageddon with everyone squabbling with each
other itself is a fact there wont be a sort of
spiritual or emotional unity but rather a temporariy
physical unity of nations under antichrist, but not a
“PERFECT UNITY” that can be achieved only by true
peace by Christ.

the Jews? they are deluding themselves. the current
israeli soldiers are too trigger happy, shooting down
every pregenant woman or person at times, using too
violent means against palestinians. looking to
“outside elements to make peace” instead of jesus

as Jesus said,
I have come in my Father’s name, and you do not
receive me;
if another comes in his own name, him you will receive

palestinians? most of them deluded into islam,
unfortunate involvement in all this.

SARS virus ? spreading fast accross asia, a
pestilence, or a bioligical weapon in testing? the
islands of far east asia do seem a bit far from the
antichrist, perhaps its a “easy way ” to get rid of a
lot of people and saving time and distance to rule.

the SARs isnt my conclusion, but rather a possibility
what if? ….

i just hope atleast in the very final days, God’s
Lights up candles in hearts of people like you to show
a way out through scripture and experience.


I read your comments on war, ect… I find that as a Christian myself , that you like a lot of other so called profits pick and choose little verses to push their goofy ideas. In Second Timmothy 2:15 The Bible tells you how to know what is right and wrong . Read Gods Word and ask Him for wisdom .

I appreciate you sending your Honor the King article and am in complete agreement. I have a resource you may be interested in. Recently, I was exploring a web site of the enemy the Council on Foreign Relations and I ran across an article which was printed in the March edition of Esquire magazine. The article was entitled The Pentagon’s New Map. This article can be found by searching for Council on Foreign Relations and then accessing their website then going to articles on globalization. It is a treatise on future military activity by America. It is actually chilling to realize what is really going on from the perspective of the enemy. You have nailed it on the head in your writing. We are fairly advanced in the New World Order and the road to the one world economy. I highly recommend this article for your reading. If you have any trouble acquiring it and you want it I can get it to you since I have a copy. Your friend and brother in Jesus Christ Tom

Hello Jack,
Thank you for the article below. I agree with the Word of God which you have wisely and prudently depended on for the position we ought all to take as the ‘living ones’, born again by the Spirit of Christ our Saviour. I too have received similar requests to pray for the service men and women to which I have responded that I pray the leaders of their governments experience strong conviction for their sin and deep repentance and humble themselves before our Great King and receive His forgiveness and salvation, obey Him and order their young men and women to come home.

I truly believe that the Lord is ‘thrusting in the sickle’ to reap a harvest of souls before He comes to take His Body out of the world. There is a mounting intensity to the prayers and activity He has been stirring up among the children of God, especially in recent months. I know that I have been directed to pray for the Body of Christ to awaken from the trance the enemy has cast upon us, to be filled with the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ to see our folly, repent and accept forgiveness, arise to our full stature in Christ, adjust our armour, firm up our grip on the shield of faith, and begin to employ the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God in the might that He has given us to drive the forces of darkness out of the affairs of mankind into the bottomless pit. Thereby the Light and Word of God may spread unobstructed to the hearts and minds of all people bringing them revelation to repentance and to salvation.

I am heartened every time I learn of a believer who is being led in prayer as the Lord has been leading me. I have known that He has raised up others, perhaps many others, to pray in the same or similar manner. But it is good to ‘bump into’ a brother or sister who attests to the same leading.

I am having a hard time finding a church to attend. I have recently been attending a non-denominational Evangelistic church, which has been teaching on the spiritual realm and how we can heal and be healed etc. and walk like Jesus walked and have heaven here on earth. I dont buy it and have decided to find another church and follow Christ’s teaching. What is a good way to find a true Christian Church?


Dear Mr. Hook:

In the future, please spare further propaganda under the guise of Christianity (“Babylon the Great is Falling”) to my email account.

You my friend are a Zionist and ergo, an enemy of Christ and the lofty principles for which he stood. Apparently, you decided to embrace the anti-Christ and reject our Christ with your support of Satanic Israel–a country led by monsters in violation of the Torah (See JewsnotZionists.com). So be it. Please terminate any future correspondence with true Christians such as myself.


So you’re basically saying that Bush might be the Antichrist,
especially if he is the one who brings “peace” between
Israel and Palestine, signs the covenant, and make it possible
for them to rebuild the temple. Then of course the Jews will not
reject him until the midpoint of the Tribulation, when he stands in
the Holy of Holies and demands to be worshipped as God.
(Actually, all that man has to do is show up and speak, arrogantly
and belligerently, as usual.)

Then he will in anger command the armies of the world to
attack Israel, not because of any natural resources they
might have, but out of revenge.

I can certainly buy that. He certainly has deceived the
elect. He certainly is evil, his father before him was
evil, his grandfather… there is a long line of evil done
throughout the 20th century. It can even be proposed
that it was Prescott Bush’s funding of the Nazis in WWII
that made WWII possible, Satan’s first failed attempt
at eradicating the Jewish people off the face of the earth
before they could be returned to their homeland and signal
the end times. Of course this plan backfired, and all WWII
accomplished was actually, the creation of the state of
Israel, because Roosevelt was rabidly anti-semitic as
most Americans at the time and they all felt strongly they
certainly didn’t want any more Jews coming to America.

So I can see Bush evolving into the Antichrist, especially since
he now controls the voting machines and the voting software
completely. If America gets a big enough attack near the
end of his second term, he could easily declare martial law
and suspend elections and effectively rule as long as he saw

The only thing that doesn’t appear to fit at first, is what is
supposed to be the Antichrist’s overwhelming charisma. This
man Bush has absolutely none of it, especially if everyone was
expecting someone along the lines of Clinton. But, this man
does seem to have an extraordinary power over people that
hate, and especially Christians that hate, for whatever reason,
and because they are blinded by that hatred they are also
completely blind to Bush’s complete and total evil. And his
actions to date have certainly not been one of any follower
of Christ; it’s been exactly the opposite.

So I think you might well be on to something. Whether or not
George W. Bush is *the* Antichrist or not, his actions prove
undisputably that he is indeed, *a* antichrist.



hi jack. i thought that i got another spam email but i
was really glad that you sent me an eye opener. thank
you very much for being so bold about your
convictions. i wish there could be more people like
you. thanks and more power to you. your new found
friend rose (from the philippines).

have a nice day!

Your piece is beautiful and educative.
I craves your aquaintance.
May God bless you.
Pastor daniel

Brother Jack Hook.

Thank for your message that has appeared in my box. May God bless as you minister for him in this way.

Your message has inspired me greatly. It is good sometime if you can drop more of this kind.



Thank you for your email. I did forward it on to many other people. I can see how many people will be upset by what you say. Our church too has been teaching for some years about the coming Kingdom of God upon the earth. People do not want to hear it. They prefer to be “caught away” before the tribulation comes. That is an easier gospel to handle. Wether or not it is the truth, makes no difference to them.

I commend your efforts to sound the alarm! I think of you as the watchman in Ezekiel.

God bless you! Barry

Your Jesus died 2000yrs. ago. He could not even save himself–just like any other megalomaniac. Live in a fool’s paradise and delude yourself all you want but leave me alone. I never asked for your email. When you find out who followed Jesus around with a cassette recorder or laptop, taking down word for word everything he said and did, then contact me. So until then get lost.Don’t waste my valuable time. Find someone else to share your crutch.

Dear Jack, I am a Christian. I go to Church regularly. This last days stuff is confusing. It’s even worse if a person has a mild neurological disease such as mine. Please do not put me on your list. I’ll try to keep myself in the way and trust in God.


Your entitled to your opinion, but please do not share it will me further. I am a Christian with proof of holy spirit and I totally disagree with your views and your private interpretation of the Word of God. Take me off your mailing list.

I speak in tongues on a regular basis, support our president and our country. I intend to keep on building up what others seek to spoil.

Let God be the judge, its man’s day, not yours. Our day will come.

In Him,

Dear Brother Jack,
I love you to pieces in our Lord, Jack. You also are a breath of fresh
air to me. Remember Jeremiah 48:10 and Gal. 1:10. I plan to do a short
version of our weapons are not carnal. Our only weapon is the sword of the
Spirit, which is the Word of God (Eph. 6). I truly do appreciate you and
your work. Give ’em heaven Jack. Love in Him, Jim

Thanks for the letter and your understanding of the Word, just don’t forget that you cannot justify all Christian laying down their lives and being killed. Your point of view maybe narrow even biblically. We are responsible to protect our borders and that takes power and determination but I don’t believe we belong fighting off our home.

In Christ,