October 2004 Comments

Greetings in the name of Jesus….I have come across your website before (small world) and am always appreciative of those in the Body of Christ who see and hear. It is quite a responsibility to live in these days apart from the status quo of modern ‘churchianity’ much less to live in the very heart of Babylon USA…Be blessed in Jesus’name…Thanks for stopping by….Looking forward to hearing more from you…Joe

Hey Bro Jack,

Thanks for checking out HippieChristian.org. I took a quick look at your
web site, looks like you have some interesting points. I will take some
more time soon to read more fully.

Seems that pride has blinded folks to the possibility that we just might be
Babylon. The church needs to dump their programs for growth and awaken to the heart of the Great Comission.

Be A Blessing & Be Blessed!

Peace, Love, and Light through Jesus the Christ! (John 14:6)


Your information is overwhelming! Please remove me from your contact list. I am happy and content in my walk (or trying to walk) with the Lord, reading articles such as yours just confuse and take to much time from that walk!

The United States is not Mama Babylon. We may have
accepted her ways (with help from the Jesuits. I
believe without a doubt the America is Manassas and
England is Ephraim. We have the God of Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob as no other nation has ever had. We started
with 13 colony’s and the list goes on. The Great Seal
with the arrows and olive branches may very well be
divine providence. The real Babylon which is Satan’s
system, would like nothing more that to stamp Babylon
on God’s people Israel. The Jews are not the only
tribe of Israel.

I believe the Catholic Church with her Vatican, the
real mama Babylon is going to receive her power back
again and CAUSE God’s saints to be martyred one again.
(Rev 17:6 KJV). (Rev 6:9 KJV) (Rev 6:10 KJV), (Rev
6:11 KJV)

(2 Th 2:11 KJV) And for this cause God shall send
them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

What you are saying is The United States is Babylon
the great and is falling, I believe the United States
will fall perhaps in just one day! Like Sodom and the
flood. This is just my opinion. The real Babylon will
be sure to point to that Fall and say let us now usher
in the Kingdom of god. Only he will be Beast who
claims to be God and is worshiped as God. Jesus tells
us many will come in his name and will deceive the
many. The 1st Seal riding a white horse is false
Christianity. The Catholic Church is anti-Christian,
anti-word of God and Protestants are Catholic’s
protesting. The Word Jesus tells us to keep the
commandments. Including the Sabbath and Holy Day
commandments (Lev23) (Rev14:12). Anti-Christ tells us
to Keep the 1st day Sunday and Christmass, Easter
Halloween etc etc. Jesus kept the Seventh Day Sabbath,
He kept the Last Great Day command, Jesus is the
Passover for the 1st born remember that first Passover
only saved the 1st born for the death angle and
Atonement COVERS all others at the 2nd resurrection.

I ask you Jack who do you obey? The Pope Or the Word
of God. God gave a sign and that is the Seventh Day,
the mark is the First Day Sun worship….
The Church of God
Thank you for your e-mail which i received at my e-mail address.
but don’t u think we are wasting our time discussing about religions.
it might look strange to u but once upon a time even i was a religious fanatic but today i am a total agnostic. frankly speaking mr.jack , hoplessness & frustration is what has led to my turning into an agnostic but definitely now i feel that the truth about religion is it is atleast 99% man-made if not 100%

I stay in india & probably u are from a developed society (usa or europe). so u very well know what type of a life we are living here. we are always taught to believe in something or the other .we have millions of gods & thousands of religions but our basic necessities are not met by our belief in all these gods put together.

will try to have more discussions with u in the future. Mr.jack, all biblical as well as other religions preach that man is superior to others animals & plants but if i were god i would have the following heirarchy of superiority : animate objects(rock, sand etc.) > plants > animals > man.

Brother Jack,
One of the benfits of NOT! genuflecting at the
alter of the Electoral College is seeing the true
spirit of politics. And not only that, but the ability
to perceive the inevitable waxing of evil that spawns
the desire to be president.
In my desire to better understand how an
American president could become an anti-Christ, I read
an article that espoused the possibility that Bill
Clinton could match that description. Now, when he was
lying before a Grand Jury, and even before that he was
“feeling our pain”, I was moved to see how that
charisma could easily mask a demon[“YE SHALL NOT
Not being one who readily speaks in absolutes
about any prophecy fulfillment that isn’t yet
revealed[I confess to being a babe in End Time
Prophecy],I have wondered if the inevitable scenario
of Hillary Clinton being elected in ’08 wouldn’t match
with the possibility of “Slick Willie” being sent to
Syria as an emmisary. Imagine that concrete evidence
surfaces during the next four years that WMD’s did
make their way to Syria. And imagine that our “warrior
politicians” would find it necessary to “do something
about it”. If war were threatened or had already begun
with Syria during a Bush second term, then a Hillary
Clinton Administration would of necessity as leftist
socialists have to strive to put an end to it. With
her husband as a former president and the “first”
First Husband, the possible action would be to send
one of the greatest liars satan ever rose up to power
to end the conflict. Now, I am seldom an absolutist
about these things and I am just thinking out loud to
my Brother In Christ Jesus. Praise Him Always…Sal
Hello Jack Hook:

This e-mail is in response to your visit to the Anti Occult Ministry site. Thank you for visiting our site. We have just begun and we are adding new things to it everyday, so we invite you to keep checking back on it if you desire. We are trying to get the word out to humanity of the manipulation, deception and seduction that the Nephilim holds in the lives of all those who walk in unrighteousness before God; and we are even more so speaking about the saving grace of Christ. Michael and I came out of great darkness; we understand and have clearly seen the Fallen Angels at work in the hearts and lives of humanity. I am sure from where you stand, you see it as well. I took you up on your invitation and visited your site. I am well pleased. It is certainly quite informative and interesting. If you would like for me to set up a link to your site, please let us know. We are just beginning. I am sure as soon as we are out on the search engines traffic will greatly increase. Again we are adding much more to the site. We welcome articles if you are interested.
If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask of us.
In Christ Jesus
Minister Lori

Thank you for visiting our site and contacting us. I’m certain we share many common views, particularly those concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ. After visiting your site, however, it is quite clear that we do not share the same perspectives when it comes to eschatology. While I don’t like to automatically pigeon-hole anyone into one interpretive camp or another, it would seem that most of your views reflect typical Dispensational thinking – an approach to end times thinking that we do not share. I did not have the time to fully analyze your views about “today’s political-religious events,” but you should also know that we do not support the various manifestations of “political activism” that form the agendas for many on the “religious right” (eg., Falwell, Kennedy, Robertson, et al.). We believe very strongly that our responsibility as believers is not to try to force “moral reform” or alleged “Judeo-Christian” principles on an unbelieving society through political processes, but to bear faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you have any further questions about our convictions, please write again. I would be privileged to reply.

In Jesus’ Name, Cliff
It is so good to see the people that God uses to reach his other children. Satan and his has half the nations struggling for basic survival while the other half is reaping his rewards and filling their pocket. With everyone so preoccupied …. they are missing the message you are trying to show thru God’s words of His Holy Bible on your site. Everyone is truly not seeing the evil that is lurking all around ~they are focused on self preservation and greed and NOT GOD’s TRUTH (JESUS) People are being led to slaughter. “Like father, like son~only multiplied” Can’t even listen to Christian radio stations without “its” interference. The war between the RIGHTEOUS & JUST vs. unrighteous and unjust. PRAISE GOD that we already know Our CREATOR is in control and has been gathering HIS warriors. It is a pleasure meeting you (God’s Warrior) and it proves again, God brings us together for His purpose…:))) Amen. Thank you Jack for hearing God’s will and helping us learn to listen and share :)))

I’m glad you enjoyed our web-site. It is a new venture for us and a work in progress.

I looked through part of your web-site as well. I enjoy eschatology, but I’m not quite as dogmatic about my understanding of it, as you seem to be. However, I enjoyed the reading. At one place you stated President Bush had said the God of Islam and the God of Christianity is the same. Do you have the source/reference for that. I’m not doubting it, but would like to further document it.

There seemed to be a renewed spiritual interest immediately after 9/11, but it didn’t last too long. I wish that as a country we could be more committed to Christian values and morals, but I don’t think it will happen very easily, if at all.

However, that doesn’t keep us from trying to be the light that Jesus would have us to be in our community. We have a good group of Christians here with a willingness to grow, so I feel blessed to be here.

God Bless,
Pastor Mel
Dear Brother Jack,

Just so you know, Jesus saved me November 18, 1983; my life has had many ups
and downs since then, but He is faithful and never lets me stray too far.
Praise Him! Praise Him! All ye little children.

I have gotten as far as “Back from the Sword of War”, in your articles and
have found things mostly in order as far as I understand them.

I have been doing some research on the “Alpha” course and “The Purpose
Driven Life/Church” and have found that these two courses are probably the
biggest movements toward the one world religious and possibly social system
of our day. Social and prosperity gospels are an abomination to our Holy
Father God and Savior Jesus Christ, and blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
You speak about half-truths in your articles; now there is a prime example.

My Lord has called me out to be separate from those who welcome these kinds
of studies, and so I am not attending any local church. I find that God’s
Word is sufficient. The only sad part is that it would be nice to be able
to share face to face with other Christians the blessings bestowed by just
reading and heading His Word. I have not found in our community one church
that isn’t involved in these two courses and movements and it truly breaks
my heart; I cannot imagine how it makes our LORD feel!

I have been blessed by God concerning my job, and there is a testimony
behind this, and that is He presents opportunities for me to witness to
people from time to time. I never know when it is going to happen until
after the fact and then I kind of feel like Sarah when she got pregnant with
Isaac. (giddy) And of course then I am singing the rest of the shift and
praising God for His faithfulness and opportunities.

In light of this information, I did discover a wonderful Bible teacher on
the radio and now log onto the web site daily and study the Holy Scriptures
along with the teachings he presents. I have been blessed beyond measure
and the LORD has been answering prayer and guiding me in my understanding of
His Word. It is just amazing what I have learned and how God has used this
other ministry to not only increase my faith (I don’t deserve it), but my
walk with him and as I have to go about in this world is much stronger.

I would like you to check out the teacher and the way he expounds on the
Word. www.hopefortoday.org
Dr. David Hocking is the teacher and there are many good studies there as
well as his video classes on the “History and Authenticity of the
Scriptures”. What I have read so far on your site compares to most of what
David teaches, but he is a Jewish believer and so teaches it from a wholly
Jewish perspective. He believes in teaching the whole Bible and nothing but
the Bible. Please check out the site and listen to some of his lessons; I
know you will be so blessed. I praise and thank the Lord God our Savior
Jesus Christ that He has given us a teacher such as David. I wish there
were more like you and he around.

Sincerely in Christ Jesus,

thank you for writting. i have seen some of your site
and have printed off some articles for review.
i do hav to say however, in my understanding babylon
the great (though it has been many cities in many
times) is the city jerusalem.
In The Name,
Hello Jack:
Thank you for your note and kind words. I have taken a brief look at your website. Very nicely done. Though your message is a bit too Christian oriented for my taste and worldview, I do respect your personal “truth” and opinions. We each have our own and in the big scheme of things, “All truths are true.” It just takes acknowledging this and allowing all our spiritual brothers their right to grow in whatever way suits them, for the time being. Anyway I admire your openness to new perspectives. Best to you and yours and thanks again.

Very truly yours,
As I read your new article the scripture “my people perish for lack of knowledge” comes to mind! So far I agree with you 100%. I know that it is wrong to be afraid but I fear I have so much to learn! I don’t want to be deceived. I know that my heart is right though, so I trust in my Lord to give me the wisdom He has promised me!

When you say…
“Have you forgotten that the scriptures teach us this world and the heavens above are infested with fallen angels that have been given temporary control of this world’s political-religious system? It is these hideous creatures that are fueling the sinful hearts of this world’s leaders to kill babies, enable homosexuality, and engage in religious wars.”

Can you give me scripture for this or send me a link to your site that explains it more? (I know how much time this can take up so I understand if you don’t have the time.) I want to be able to back up my words with His Words!! I find this very interesting. I just sent my mom and email a few days ago asking her how these people can be human!

Also, I understand what you are saying about President Bush. What do we do though? He truly is the “lesser of two evils” don’t you think? We have to vote for someone….. What’s a follower of Jesus to do? I pray more for our nation and leaders than ever before….

I have much more to read. So far, I like what I see and would like to link to your site. Can I quote you? I promise I will always acknowledge you and put a link to every quote. Would you like me to inform you when I do this?

In Him,
Hi Jack
I just looked over your site. To be honest I have to read this type of info a little at a time. it scares me to death. Both of my daughters are married to Jewish men so my granchildren are half Jewish.

It seems thatevery day something more that the Bible has stated comes out. The lastest thing is the so called gay marriages. That makes me sick to my stomach just to realize that people are living by live and let live! Yuk.
am I the only one that feels like that do you suppose?
hallo Jack, it’s jesca ( the ugandan haa!! )
i have read your testimony and it’s so touching.
sometimes when you are surrounded with blood shed, cries of agony and pain all arround you, your heart becomes so hard and your ears get so deaf. yet you keep on asking alot of demmanding,complaining and critising questions to GOD wanting him to answer you immediatly. as i also was back in the years in my country, because of Idi Amin’s regime, it would have been so hard to hear God speak if i where a christian by then.as a young girl of 9 i did not find it fare to kill my dad and left with no one. and grow up strugling by myself.
but, praise be to the name of the lord that he takes us in the situations, hold our hands through it all, and brings us out as victors, that we may testify of his goodness and power.
which leads us to always seek the mind of God to and through all our steps in life.
GOD made me realise that iam so special in his site . bringing me this far yet,he preserved me for such a great work,
i give him glory.
sometime we forget mostly when we have alot of things we are going through but, on reading your testimonywhile iam writing to you ,even if things are tough, i realise that i have a reason to say thank you Lord for who you are to me.
let me stop here and have a time of appreciation
GOd bless you for your testimony.
Dear Brother Jack
I feel I already know you! I have only read the first chapter on your web site and am very, very impressed! The church as a whole is slumbering and preaching the peace you have spoken of. As we know the only time there will be true peace is when Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior returns!! Thank you for contacting me by way of my e-mail address for have been blessed thus far and know this will continue! I know God is using you to bring true light to a dark and dieing world. I will continue to read all that your web site has to offer and if you do not mind send it on to family and friends? Let us praise our Lord and Savior for the wisdom He has give us to know the truth the way and the life! (John 14:6) Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. I pray that the Lord has used some of the poetry I have placed on the net to touch lives! It is only to Him I give all praise, honor and glory! As one of the old hymns state Amazing Grace! It is by His grace alone we have drawn the breath we take each second of each and every day!! My prayer is the Lord continues to work in and through you and I to touch the hearts of the lost! Let us plant the seed, let someone else water, and God will give the increase!

God Blessings upon you and your family!
Love in Christ

Hi Jack,

I briefly browsed your site, briefly because I have a
lot on my plate at the moment. But I do want to take a
moment to note on my immediate thoughts. I am aware
that we are instructed by the Lord to watch and see
the signs. Bush is certainly saying “peace and safety”
with the roadmap to peace and homeland security. But I
don’t beleive that he is the antichrist, although he
could be.

Do you believe that this is the ministry he has called
you to? I ask this because many people do “biblical”
things but with the wrong motives. I don’t know what
your case is, especially since I haven’t read your
book, but I do suspect that your doing this on your
own. It’s just something to really humble yourself and
pray about. Don’t be angry or hurt, but be faithful in
the One God who is three dimensional in the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.

Personally and honestly, Babylon might be the US and
it might not. I really don’t care enough about it to
read your book. I’m focusing more on developing
relationships with people who are not saved and
helping those who are to share their faith with them.

Sometimes I’m tempted to get religious and try things
on my own. But God is faithful to humble me and
restore me to a right relationship with him to be used
for his perfect will rather than my imperfect one.

If that is your case, I pray God to do an awesome work
in you. If not, I pray God continue the awesome work
he is doing in you.

I’m just filled with joy to meet another that has
received the forgiveness of God in the name of Jesus
Christ. Praise the Holy One of Israel!

Hi there Brother Jack,

Just to say thank you for inviting me to visit your site. I found it awesome and very in-depth, there is some that I am not fully aware of but I have found it exciting and interesting to say the least.

I also read the comments and I see alot of pride, fear, anger, and lots of other things, but I believe, take out what speaks to your spirit and leave what does not. On the whole I found it fascinating and have read quite a few of your articles and encourage you to continue to write what God speaks to your heart. May Our Beloved Jesus continue to open up the scriptures and show you His marvels. Blessing in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for sending me such blessings.

Your friend in Christ Js

Hello again Jack,
I have been reading some of your writings. I especially liked your article
on ‘once saved always saved’.

I would appreciate it if you would pray for my husband. He is more
‘Calvinist’ than John Calvin ever was and has really perverted the gospel.
He believes that nothing can cause him to loose his salvation. He was a
minister who used to preach powerful biblical sermons. He left the
Presbyterian church and has been angry at God, the church and me
ever since. In the last year I have learned that he is involved in
pornography and is unfaithful to me. When I confront him he says it is none
of my business. God has enabled me to love and forgive my husband but I am hurting badly.

He believes that God is in control and if he is living a certain way it is
all part of God’s plan and that he is exactly where God wants him to be. He
seems to have no sense of the devil’s influence or any belief that he has
choices and choices come with consequences. He has not opened a Bible for many years but I have read to him the scriptures you have in your article
and others of the same message. He merely says, “I am going to heaven, I’m a Calvinist!” Would you please pray for us Jack. I hope one day when I feel he is ready to show him your chapter on this subject.

Thank you dear brother in Christ.
Well, Jack, I did have a look at your site. I am afraid I don’t agree
with any of it but I wish you well all the same.
Jack- Thank you for contacting me, but I am extremely busy. I am Jewish as well.

Hi Jack. I normally delete any email from strangers. But for some reason I sensed that it was safe to respond to your email and visit your web site. When I read your testimony I knew that it was of God. I didn’t get a chance to read from the book but will return and check it out. I just had to write this letter first. I have a brother who returned from Viet Nam an atheist as you did. I am 59 and he is 2 years younger than I. He is still a prodigal. My Mom died 2 years ago, broken hearted because he had not as yet surrendered his life back to the Lord. But her faith was such a testimony to him. She was healed so many times from terminal and serious conditions, including Cancer in 1992. She wanted to live to see him come back to the Lord, but it didn’t go that way. I don’t know what it will take for my brother to recognize that there truly is a God in heaven Who is in control and loves him. I would appreciate your prayers for him as you have a similar background. His name is Richard. My husband and I also have Jewish friends that are from Russia. They haven’t accepted Christ yet as Saviour but have been asking many questions. My husband has great favor with them. I look forward to reading your writing and will comment later. In Christ’s Love, Barbara