October 2005 Comments

America is the Anti-Christ? What prophets & saints have they killed? The battle of Armageddon is after the 1,000 years of peace! The Holy Spirit hinders Unity? The Holy Spirit tries to being in Unity through Christians! Kings of the west, America? Kings is plural, therefore demanding more than one and America does not have a king or kings! Peace agreement signed after Rapture? Christ is only coming back once more! Rapture is on the last day, read John, Chapter 6, verses 39, 40, 44 & 54. John, chapter 11, verse 24. Chapter 12, verse 48. There is no multi-stage Rapture! Knowing that the United States has had the Bible distributed well over 400 years so far, how could we come to believe, knowing all the prophecies, that God, Jesus or the Angels are Aliens? There is no Mystery of Babylon, the verse reads “Mystery, Babylon” The Anti-Christ will not control all those except those led by the Holy Spirit, there will be those who will not bow to either!

That’s enough, this is false doctrine and you are false teachers. You are representative of those who have, are & will contribute to the great falling away through your false teachings as once people realize the truth, that people like you have covered up, they will turn their backs and return to the world looking for answers when all mighty hell actually breaks loose on the earth.

Pastor Jerry

We will pray that some of this information will allow you to see the true light and get back to evangelizing the true word of God & his Christ and bring others, and yourselves to know the truth and the true God & his Christ. God Bless you & keep you.

Hi Jack
Have you heard from Greg? I keep thinking about how you told me that
Jesus said I am not of this world and that we should beware of
preachers who give us their views and not that of the Lord. Well myself
and some friends went to see Joel Osteen and we were very disappointed
but it was our own fault. We should not have put our faith in him. I
should of put it to Jesus. Joel made me fell like he may be running for
President of the United States. He is really trying to appeal to the
masses. I just wanted to share this with you. I hope you and your
family are well and god bless you!


I’m sorry to say but i do and will always think ( beg me pardon) that all
that religous stuff is a load of crap!! I beleive we came from the
monkey/ape race. I hope i dont in fend you in any way, my mum always said
not to say that because she is sortof christian. sorry again…Maddy

Hello Jack,
Very nice website. I have prayed that God give me the strength, guidance, grace, and wisdom to resist the temptations and evils of Lucifer. For the most part, with God’s help, we have destroyed most evil but there stil remains the temptations as I am a 15 year old, you know how it is, tempted to watch pornography and stuff like that. I know its wrong but sometimes struggle with it, as I am still waging war within myself. I am allied with God and have no doubt in my mind He will deliver me to victory over satan and his fallen angels. Also, slowly but surely i have realized the evils in this world. I am a Catholic, but if there is ever a time when someone says, “Worship me I’m God” I will never follow him. To me the pope is just another person. He is not superior in any way to us. On that note my friend and I had a conversation awhile back about the end times and how things seem to be falling right into place. He started talking about a prediction by a saint whom i cannot recall the name of that said something about pope john paul II dies, then benedict the XVI is pope for only like 2, 3,or 4 years i cannot remmber the number, and then the antichrist follows. I totally think that the false prophet would most likely be the pope, and the antichrist a president.

Oh great, it seems i have gone off on a rant let me get back on track here… Anyway I am close to victory and your website has brought me closer. I have been trying to warn my friends to be ready for the end, especially my girlfriend, whom I love so so so much and wish for us to be together always, but communication his hard because we met online and we only get to talk maybe once or twice a month because we cannot tell our parents. If we did they would break us up on the fact that we met online, you should have seen how angry my mom got when she caught us on the phone… She is the one who I try and want warn the most we havent spoken in a couple weeks and I want to tell her just to be ready to let go of everything, to not get too attached to this earth. I also want to tell her since we don’t live near each other if the rapture occurs in our lifetime to not worry about me and just go, as I will do the same trusting she goes also and i she does not I will be deeply saddened even though I know I am going to be in salvation, but I have trouble seeing perfect salvation without the one and only girl I love and wish to marry someday. I would still want to be with God more than anything even if i cannot be with J….., but I would be very very saddened. I cannot allow satan to take control of her, I think she is a good person. She believes in God and recognizes Jesus as Savior. But for some reason she is terrified of the end, this is why i must warn her not to get too attached to this earth. And I tell her even if we all die tomorrow, to just think, if you do really believe in God and Jesus that we will live together, with God and all the angels in Heaven in eternal happiness.

I guess I am fighting two wars at once… I just want to ask you something before I go, can you please pray for us? That we both receive the grace and guidance to defeat Lucifer in his evil game, I am 100% allied with God and would gladly die for Him if I must… and I would die for J….. too. God, I love her so much I wouldn’t be able to stand it if anything bad happened to her or if she fell which is why I am trying my hardest to help her not to fall, but its hard because of the distance and the parents. But please, pray for us.
Your friend

Dear Mr. Hook:

I pray for the fervency that you have in getting out the gospel!

I have committed my life to Christ and have decided to go into full time ministry. I know time is short, but sometimes I live like we have a whole lot of time.

I ask you this question? How do you keep your fervency and the fire that you have in your heart. Sometimes I feel so lukewarm and let the entanglements of this world weigh me down. I need to lay aside the things that so easily beset me. I am pecking away at what I need to do, but seem so far away.

Thank you for your person letter to me and your time.

Your sister in Christ.

P.S. Please pray for me and my family God bless you in all you do



Bush betrayed the Afrikaner farmers as well.

Israel could have been erected in Argentina or Uganda as suggested at the
Zionist Congress … there will never be peace no matter what … it is a
crazy situation.

The world is out of control and will be judged with fire, as such we must
prepare spiritually whether we are in Antarctica or the North Pole. The land
is polluted with abortion, GE foods, child molestation … yes, even Israel
… all of the nations …


Hey Jack,

Your article, once again, is right on target. My earnest prayer right now is ,” Lord, open their eyes”. Our “christian” brothers are going down a road of great deception. “Those who live by the sword, by the sword must they be killed”. “Love your enemies” , “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” and “our kingdom is not of this world”. These verses are not being seen by those in apostate christianity.

I hear your desparate call to these brothers to come out before it is too late. But, unfortunately most will not heed your warning. Only the “elect” of God will hear. So it is for those that we MUST contend.

You are right about judgement coming b/c of Gaza. I feel it will come very soon. But even as Gaza is “stripped” from the Jews, God is using it to get to His remnant in that nation. He is shaking them just like He is shaking the remnant here in the church. I have the feeling there is a parallel shaking going on. I think they feel towards their land like christians feel towards the church as an institution. God has stripped many of us out of the “church” and caused us to return to Him. I’ll be willing to bet that is what He is beginning to do over in Israel with the land. But something is going to cause the remnant of Jews to see the Messiah. PRAISE GOD

All this with the “church” is so difficult to watch. My heart is broken. It is no different, though, than when Jesus walked the earth. He came in the midst of apostate Judaism, and called His desciples out of that ages “harlot”. “Everything that has been, will be. There is nothing new under the sun”, as Solomon said.

Keep doing what you are doing. Some will hear the call and be saved.

Take care,

Dear Jack:

Please consider the Word of God at Obadiah, verses 15-18. It says that the descendants of Esau (the Palestinians) will be destroyed – all of them! If the removal of the Jews in Gaza fit within this scenario, then it is very possible that PM Sharon caused this with the later destruction of the Palestinians in mind. We know from Obadiah, verses 15-18 that this will take place in the future, and it will definitely happen – just when is not known. I have read too, that the Egyptians plan on arming the Palestinians once they move into Gaza. So I believe the scenario might be that once the Palestinians are in Gaza they will create a lot of terror by attacking the Jews in Israel. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Of course PM Sharon isn’t going to broadcast to the world his future plans for the Palestinians.

Sharon is no dummy having been a general in the IDF – and I’m sure he has other plans as it has to do with the Palestinians. Right now, it looks bad for Sharon because of the mass empathy for the Jews of Gaza being thrown out of their homes.

God bless you.

From: Jack
To: Bob
Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: Gaza & what comes thereafter

Hi Bob. Thanks for the response and reference article. The prophets of Israel wrote of these last days and all of their words will be fulfilled. The rebirth of Israel in 1948 was the beginning of those days according to Matthew 24. Events in Israel since 1948 have intensified as birth pangs, just like our Lord Jesus said.

I agree with you about the destruction of the Palestinians, but think it will happen during the 70th week of Daniel, as Russian and the Arabs break the covenant and invade a sleeping Israel. The two prophets will first create quite a “breaking news” event by calling the entire world to repentance. Their message and power will cause the nations to turn on the Jews around the world. It could very well be God’s angels who do the killing of entire Islamic populations, after the Lord allows Israel to be defeated and scattered one last time. Thanks again my eternal friend. Jack

Hi Jack:

Yes, I agree with you – the destruction of the Palestinians no doubt will occur in the Tribulation Period. I got a little ahead of myself on that one…..What we are seeing today is the stage setting. I just keep hoping that the Lord Jesus Christ will appear soon and take us up in the Rapture.

In the meantime, all the neo-evangelicals are cuddling up to the Roman Catholic Church. No need to name names, you already know who they are.

It is such a pleasure to run into someone like you who believes in the Word of God in it’s entirety. Thankfully, we have a few of us left who cry out.

Many blessings to you brother….have a wonderful day.


Thank you Jack for reminding us to reread the articles.
I am deeply grieved in my spirit to see President Bush betraying Israel.
There will not be “peace” but only more pressure from the Palestinians to “corner” God’s chosen people. I have not heard any Christian leaders speaking on behalf of the Jews who are being forced to lead Gaza. They were told over two decades ago to go buy dwellings there and that
they would be protected by 30,000 soldiers. This is a dark day indeed. We must remember them in our prayers
without ceasing. Thank you again. Charlotte

Hi Jack,

I received and read your very interesting articles concerning Israel, the USA and the Arab nation. I am not a biblical scholar and do not pretend to fully understand all the prophecies in scripture and which prophecies relate specifically to the end time. However, I feel that you know what you are talking about.

You mentioned a number of well known teachers, preachers, evangelists, etc. of our time and mentioned the fact that they believe at least one of three doctrines of demons. Would you please elaborate on the three specific doctrines you refer to. I know in my heart that the doctrine of prosperity is a false doctrine contrived out of a lust and greed for this world’s goods. I take a firm stand against all those who teach such a doctrine and have made many enemies in the Pentecostal circles because of it. It matters not to me what man thinks of me – I have been called to follow Christ, not man. Anyway I am curious to know which other doctrines you mean.

As I said, I don’t know much regarding end time prophecy. All I know is what God reveals to me. He has revealed to me that two things are soon coming. One is that judgment is coming to the house of God (the church). It will be a time of hearts being revealed and folk’s given an opportunity to repent. If they refuse to repent, many will fall dead as Ananias and Saphira did. The other thing that God showed me that’s coming soon is that He is going to do a work in the Jewish nation. I don’t know if this involves Israel only, or if it will be in more than one of the countries in the east.

Anyway Jack, God bless and please take time to let me know what the other two doctrines are you referred to as doctrines of demons. Keep on keeping on Jack and keep your eyes on our Lord and Saviour and follow Him only.

God bless,


Please explain why you group the likes of Billy Graham, Zola Levitt, and Bob George with the others mentioned in the email sent to me. Several I consider to be false teachers, or so full of themselves that their own importance has taken them over. I don’t understand what you are making reference to in this article.

Br. Al

Jack, the list of pastors below (Solomon is Calling, Part 4) are a “Who’s Who” of notable teachers. However, it is amazing to note how many of them are anti-Israel, pro-disengagement, replacement theologists. No wonder the members of the World Council of Churches works so hard to find ways to hurt Israel. With these kinds of people in the pulpits Israel doesn’t stand a chance except for HaShem.

Mr. Hook: I am wondering how and why you would me send me this material. Let me cut to the chase. You are being deluded by the most treacherous, powerful and deceitful people on the planet. The people that you call Jews are not who you think they are. They are not Hebrews. They are not Israelis. And, they are not Judeans. In short they are not “God’s Chosen People. ” You have been lied to. If you want information on this subject let me know. Also, you have been deluded into believing that we are in the “end times.” The primary instrument for this delusion is the so-called Schofield Bible. It is not what you think it is. Bombing for Jesus and Killing for Christ is like screwing for virginity. What would Jesus do????? He would not make war on our fellow man for any reason let alone religious reasons. Let me know if you are interested in learning more. Thanks for writing. Tom

If peace is that which tolls the bell for the end of the world as we know it
so be it. The Arab/Istaeli crisis was begun by the Jews who seized control
of Palestine through violence including significant terrorist tactics that
led to the deaths of numerous innocents including a number of British
subjects. If you choose to ignore the bombing of the King David Hotel and
other terrorist attacks initiated by the Jewish people then you are no less
a terrorist than those who are committing suicides with bombs tied to their
bodies. In fact, you don’t have the courage of those people, though I feel
that they condemn themselves to eternal damnation by their acts. I am a
Christian but I am no blind fool.

If you want to find evil that is counter to everything that God has taught
you need look no further than the White House. George W. Bush and those who
represent the power behind him are the real evil with which we need be
concerned. He is an evil man. He is surrounded by evil men. He is
sponsored by evil men. He is given power by evil men. One of those men is
the true anti-Christ. In point of fact they have put forth that man who
they desire to be King of America. George W. Bush is indeed the man who
would be king. He is a man of no moral of physical courage. He is a man
who sends young people to Iraq to die needlessly. There were no weapons of
mass destruction. There was no threat to this nation from Iraq, the seat of
the fertile crescent and of the Garden of Eden. This was the area where God
first chose to reveal himself to those creatures of intelligence that he
created. When he cast out that evil sprit Lucifer it embodied itself in the
bodies of man. We are the real demon. In our ignorance we have not found
that truth. Everything that is truly evil in this world is the creation of
man. We are the only animal that kills for pleasure. We are the only
animal that kills for self enrichment. We are the evil that was loosed on
this earth by God.

We become so entangled in our obsession with our beliefs that we lose sight
of those truths that should guide our lives. You have become so obsessed
with the idea that you have solved the mysteries hidden in the Bible that
you have buried your head in the sand and deny the truth of the world. I
read and listen to the ramblings of the misguided on a daily basis. The
would be true believers are stuck in a self-created rut and cannot climb out
because if they do they must first admit that they have been misled and
misguided. The truth is that it is the demon within that leads all of you
down the path. He draws the fog of triviality over your eyes. God said to
Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply.” Yet modern Christians have
accorded a sinful status to sex. How can man procreate without having sex.
I believe you know the answer. Christians have placed the status of stem
cells above the lives of extant men, women, and children throughout the
world. It is time to take the money we alot to war and preparations for war
and begin the process of feeding starving and otherwise caring for needy
people throughout the world.

It is also time for the nation of Israel to stand or fall on its own merits
and on its own ability to survive as a nation. It is also time for you to
broaden your horizons and acquaint yourself with that third religion of the
One God. That religion is Islam. Islam worships the same God as Judaism
and Christianity. Though they do not embrace Jesus as the son of God they
do, in fact, revere him as a great prophet born of a virgin at the behest of
God and sent by God to bring a message of love and unity to all mankind.
Tlhe Koran refers to Jews and Christians as “Brothers in the Book” and
accord them that status. When they speak of infidels they refer to those
who have not yet found and embraced the one true God. Those muslims who are
engaged in killing and terrorism are not practicing that which is taught by
the Koran. They are practicing that old evil that has hounded mankind for
many millenium, the evil of POLITICS.

Ones ego can be that which deals the cruelest blow. It can sentence you to
eternal damnation. For if you decide to counter the trues of God, the
demands of God, the laws of God you will not dwell with God. By the way,
God and Jesus are two separate entities. One cannot sit at the right hand
of God and also be God. You are very selective about those things you
choose to believe and not believe from the scripture. You should know that
God gave only ten laws and if you are praying to Jesus you are violating the
one that says that you should have no other God before him and that includes
his son Jesus. I sense from afar that you are one who should drop to his
knees and ask the one, the only, the almighty God for forgiveness for having
stayed from the LAW.

Jack, your soul is at risk. Take a step outside that aura of perfect
knowledge that envelopes you and observe that which you attempt to do. That
is the demon’s work. You are in the process of trying to mislead the flock
just as Saul of Tarsus mislead the flock. Jesus said that Peter would be
the rock upon which the church would be built. Christianity has built its
church on the quicksand that is Paul. You are wrong my friend.


PS: I know that this message will do no good. You are locked in the
mirage. You will also never admit, just as many other arrogant Christians
will never admit, that you are wrong. I KNOW YOU ARE AND THAT IS THE
Dear Jack,

Thank you for your e-mails. It is distressing, to say the least to watch the deportation process. I have followed the writing on your website for some time now. I have read it all more than once and I look forward to your insights. Web teaching seems to be the only resource for me as I have abandoned the church system. I have been looking for like minded christians. Where are they??

Thanks again,

In a message dated 8/17/2005 2:12:57 PM Eastern Standard Time, jdhook@cox.net writes:

I have written many articles and letters concerning this and other prophecies regarding Israel and her relationship to the United States, because the scriptures clearly indicate that Jerusalem’s peace will be the issue that unveils the coming Antichrist.

There are no such prophecies. Your doctrine is a fantastic combination of science fiction and bad hermeneutics. The easiest evidence of your complete ignorance of the Bible is seen in your reference to the fictitious “antichrist” In the Bible, it is describes the beliefs of those who oppose New Testament Doctrine. In others words, it describes people like you. Mr. Hook, would you care to debate?

Hey Jack,
I was just thinking about this today, the removing of the Jews from those settlements. And I was thinking to myself, “Can this really be the treaty that is the beginning of the end?” Seems that way if everything falls through. I am also very sad… a close friend of mine Stacy, is an athiest. I was talking to her today and in a conversation I mentioned God, not preaching just saying “Thank God” and she lashed back and said “F*** God.” When she said that i felt a terrible pain like a I lost a loved one. I don’t love her as I love J….., I love her as a good friend which is what we are. If I try to save her she won’t listen. How can someone curse the Almighty… it hurts me to see her fall… I lost a great friend to Lucifer and for that… he will pay dearly.

you know man, i have seen over 50+ years every conceivable Judeo-christian
sect disect our holy scriptures for their exclusive opinion. As if any one human

can know the will of God. Sure the middle-east is a mess that has ingnited Islam

around the world. Ishmeal also is the father of a great nation of the book as is

Isaak. Personally I think mohamed on Solomons temple is a political lie to claim

the Jordan valley as arabia’s northern oasis…but where is the proof…That Islam

has the nerve to disbelieve Jeruselam as the holy font of judeo-christian belief

is laughable. At this time ,like it or not the land has to be shared. You cant kill

em. Cant toss em cause the neighbor hood doesnot want to assimilate their kin.

Dont tell me about bush he is transparent…the old guard’s last hoorah. Isreal

is a sticking point to world peace…again and again…so what else is new?

If you express your opinion without the bible thumpin and muckraking i may just

agree with you