October 2008 Comments

Dear Jack

Greetings in our Lord.

I enjoy reading your articles. They are always thought provoking. I basically agree with most of what you say. Please keep me on your list.




Overall good article (Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim) although there are parts of it I have to disagree with. I have taught for some years that the United States is yoked to the New World Order and is the economic, commercial, and military arm of Mystery Babylon.

About this time in 1967, our outfit (1/1- First Marine Division) was operating south of Da Nang and were soon to be suddenly moved without any warning (the entire battalion) to Quang Tri Province in I Corps. A Marine Battalion (I think 9th Marines) was wiped out (1500 men with only a few survivors). I ran into one of them in 1995 in Tyler, Texas by accident. When we shared our accounts of that battle, we both realized that we were giving accounts of the same place – our battalion was rushed to replace his that had been wiped out. His unit had camped in an unprotected valley during the night and in the midst of heavy fog, two divisions of NVA surrounded and attacked his unit. The American public never knew about this battle as it would have been disastrous for Johnson if the news of a Marine Battalion completed wiped out by the NVA had reached the media. It was a shock to us and we were never told why we were suddenly moved over 100 miles to the north. We learned about it when we got there. By the time we arrived, all the dead and wounded had been moved and the only evidence of a battle was the smell of gun powder, spent cartridges, and scarred earth. We were moved to Con Thien shortly afterward and spent one miserable month on that muddy hill (It was during the northern monsoon).

Well, glad those days are behind me.
God bless.


Men in every war are nothing more than cannon fodder for the elite!


Thanks for your long letter. I read all of it and the
article link. I appreciate the spirit with which you
sent it. I do not subscribe to pacifism. I have many
reasons why. Perhaps if we should meet and discuss it
sometime, it would become clear. A study of the Roman
Centurian who caused Christ himslef to marvel due to
his faith might serve as a starting point.

I also think that it is important to not subscribe
things in Revelation beyond what is clear in scripture
for its own interpretation. As a Sunday School
teacher, I am currently teaching Revelation and have
done so three other times. Verse by verse. I am a
bit familiar with it like you. But I think we must
not add things that are not answered by other
scripture. America as Babylon and the President as
the anti-christ or some such is very much a stretch.

Babylon is geographically located where Iraq is. I
agree that we will see a rapture and resurrection and
a milleniel reign of Christ. But all of our endeavors
will further His ultimate will over Satan’s design to
destroy God’s creation and created beings.

Christ never commanded us to not take up the sword.
But He warned that those who do are also subject to
perish by it.

Steve Phil 3.13


Jack – once again I am blessed to both read and hear of your fervent love for Jesus and your relentless pursuit of alerting God’s people to their high calling in Christ! I really enjoyed this piece, Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim – from top to bottom (maybe it’s because of my own military involvement during Nam) – may the Lord embolden us all the more as we see the day approaching. Jack, our eyes are on the Savior – but we are not ignorant of his devices. Now, there’s a group of “evangelical leaders” who have written to the President that Israel’s land must be divided and that peace in our time can be achieved this way – just what is their agenda? Well, they are the “peace and justice” crowd determined to collaborate with the Prince of Darkness in orchestrating the infamous Covenant with Death, Agreement with Hell and, sad to say, they have many (bless God, not all) in Israel who, as in the days of Antiochus IV wholly agreed with the one who took both the kingship and the priesthood (the infamouse “Prince of the Covenant”) away from Israel and hellenized the land – but, again, bless the Lord, there will be they who know their God and will do exploits!

The next weeks ahead of us shall be most pivitol – we’re close – let us hold one another up in prayer before Him who takes our prayers and offers them up before the Father as sweet incense because these prayers are borne by the Lamb Himself Who alone is worthy and righteous before Him with Whom we have to do.

The Lord sustain you and yours as we press the battle, embracing the TESTIMONY OF JESUS – for it will be the Holy City vs. that Great City and all humankind will find themselves in one or the other on that day.

Toward full sonship – Bro. Doug


Hello sir,

I read your article, and something stood out to me particularly.

You wrote, ” . . . there is coming a day when Jesus will return in the clouds or atmosphere and resurrect the living and dead believers, then take us to Heaven to prepare us for the Battle of Armageddon seven years later . . . “

I’m not familiar with the teaching that says Jesus will ‘take us to Heaven to prepare us for the Battle of Armageddon seven years later.’ Where can I read that for myself in my Bible?

Thank you,


Thank heavens we had religions. Without them we might not have wars that allowed me to fly P-40’s, P-47’s and P-51’s. What fun!

It was religion that allowed me to kill the enemy with a clear conscience. I never enjoyed doing it because I was not a really good Christian. I was a back slider, maybe even an agnostic or heaven forbid, an atheist. But I did what I felt I had to do. When a higher rank told me to go out an be a good Christian soldier and do my duty. I did it. I was not old enough or smart enough to have misgivings. All I wanted to do at the time was live through it.

Thank goodness there was religion to relieve me of my guilt. In 94 missions strafing and dive bombing I suspect I hurt some people but I don’t need to feel guilty about. Because I was right!

Wasn’t I????????? —Chas—


Thanks for the article. Though we differ in our eschatology, I deeply
respect your commitment to reveal Babylon to the American people. I will be
traveling to Uganda this year, on the heels of Hinn, Dollar, Hagee,
and others. These American False Prophets have ravaged Africa with the
Prosperity Doctrine, and the War Mongering of Hagee and others. I am taking
dvd’s, and what ever I can find on the subject. I will be teaching Bible
Prophecy, and New Testament Christianity in the churches. Kato Mivule will
be my host.

Again, I really appreciate your grit, hang in there. Danny



As always, I enjoyed reading your article, I too, the more I see what is transpiring and research the events that have taken place such as The Civil War, World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, The London Bombings and 911, agree that America is Babylon. The deceptions that have been bombarded on the America people both personally and through the events listed above are the works of evil men, and as you suggest, fallen angels. Your stories brought back the memories of my tour in Vietnam. I am sending, as an attachment, that partial story for your review. If I have previously sent this account, forgive my repetition. May God, in his wisdom and through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, continue to bless your efforts and those of your friend according to the good pleasure of his will. Thanks for sharing your accounts.

Your brother in Christ,


Brother Jack,

As always, your articles are very interesting and right on scripturally. God help those who are seeking the truth to find your website. We are truly living in perilous times for Christians. Most have bought into a false salvation message that will lead them down a broad road to desruction. Your articles points out historically how this came about, the militant style of Christianity that has been with us from the time of Constantine.
Satan knew how to seduce the vast majority of mankind. Mix a little patriotism with Christianity and plan wars and then have militant patriotic pastors preach to their congregation about their civic duty to fight these wars for the rich men. A very famous US General said after world war II was finished: “It is a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.” In reality, this is very true. The plan of Satan was always to plan wars, and thru modernization of war machinery and materials, a progressive society would eventually emerge that would have technology that would be considered borderline miraculous. Well, look at our technology today with computers and the computer chip technology that is used profusely by the worlds military. Amazingly, America controls this incredible technology though, just as prophesied in the Bible, as Babylon the Great.

However, America has really been in a state of slow decline economically and politically since the late 1960,s as planned by her controllers, the illuminati elite. She will fulfill every parameter laid out for Babylon the Great in Revelation and Jeremiah. There are more than 140 parameters that mark the United States of America as Babylon the Great. The American Christians have bought into the idea that “America sits a Queen and shall see no sorrow”. Yet shall her sorrow all come in one day according to the Bible, and she shall be utterly burned.

Brother, we must pray for our loved ones, friends, and acquainteneces, that they will come into the sheepfold before this all occurs. There literally is no other reason to live, than to spread the Gospel of the Good Shepherd, the eternal Saviour, our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

I want to encourage you to continue in your ministry of spreading the truth of God’s Word, and warning about the apostacy that has overtaken the Modern Church today. The vast majority are so taken in by the false militant Gospel that is spewed from the pulpits of today’s Church’s, that they have no idea who America really is in prophecy. One would think that, just Americ’s supremecy in the world would be a wakeup call to the Christians. But, it is not to be. The American Christians, and Christians all over the world remain in their sad state of slumber, and their eyes see not and their ears hear not, and thus they shall die in the fires. Keep up the good work. It is possible that a few will be won to the Kingdom of God, while there is still yet a little time.

In Christ’s love,


Dear Jack,

Thank you very much for your article, Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim. I now have a better understanding of how the devil is working in our world. I listen to a preacher almost every night and he explains these these things very much like you do, but your viewpoint makes it very clear and I agree with you ten thousand percent. When I look at how our veterans are being treated on TV plus in jail, and how Paris Hilton and the other, so called, stars are treated, I realize that it’s just a matter of time. It’s not if, it’s when. Now I know why the preacher is saying that you can’t save the world, it’s because the devil loves war and the world is controlled by the devil.

I sure did a lot of reading tonight, I actually had to wear my glasses to read for such a long time. I’m a disabled veteran and I’ve been very close to death too many times, but one time a loud voice came to me, not to my ears, and said, “There’s a reason that your’re alive.” I was laying on the bottom of a cliff at that time, bleeding and in a lot of pain. I was an athiest then too and remained an athiest for many years afterward, but I have found the Lord about twenty years ago and his presence has grown stronger in me every day. When you pick up the newspaper and then pick up the Bible, the say the same thing, except the Bible is more accurate and not biased.

Jack, I live in a garage, I have no money, and I many times have to lay down for two years at a time, and yet I go places that only the rich can afford and these trips have been chosen for me, not by me. This is why I am writing, “Why God Sent Me to the North Pole.”

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

I have placed your letter on my website and have many links to your site.

Thanks again,



I too have memories of dear Navy friends lost during the war in Vietnam but I have no regrets because I know they were carrying out God’ s will whether it was His perfect or His permissive will. I do not trouble myself with distinguishing between God’ s perfect or His permissive will nor with such things as “just war doctrines”.
I am confident and happy in knowing that God is carrying out His good will and plan for earth and that He allows me and my friends to participate it. If some of us should die, we have the hope and confidence that we will soon be resurrected into God’ s kingdom on earth just as Jesus was resurrected.



Thanks. Jack. for your Service in Vietnam so many years ago. I was a nobody until by God Grace He alowed me to Serve in the USMC . Like You Sir I wound up in Vietnam in the Spring of 1965.As soon as I got there I was in serious trouble and sent back to the States to be Dischared less then an Honorable.To My suprise ,I found out some Office Pog changed my fitness reportes and I got an Honorable DD-214, and Got the Blank out of Doge.It took me a couple of years to Meet and Marry a Young Jewish Lady and settle down to the Great American Dream.My Wife Marge who is also a Veteran of Desert Storm have decided to convert to become Catholic after over 39 years being abused in many BLANK AU DEE BLANK CHURCHES all across this Wounderful Country we live in.God Bless You Sir. Semper Fi; Woody



This is one hell of an article (Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim). I read it over twice and the link twice. I know the feeling you had about TET. I was at Plekiu with the 4th ID. My Grandaughter is a Journalist with the Oregonian and I am forwarding this to her.

Take care Brother

We will meet on the big prade field some day. We have news of one of our young men from Monroe to day who paid the ultimate price.



Hello Brother Jack

It is Richard T. and I just had to write you. I am the one who spoke to
you on the phone and I am so glad for you…It is all true Brother. I am
going to call you Jack the Giant killer because you are just like me and we
will stand for the lord and receive the crown of life. I was also told by
the lord the same thing and now you confirm the truth…This has been in my
life ever since I was a little boy of three and at seven the lord called
me…But it was a very different way then most people are called. I was also
chosen to know just as you and the Devil has a very short time before the
great GOD and lord Jesus who became sin for me so as I would not have to see
GODS wrath..Keep up the fight Jack and be strong….See you in the true
fight and that is the love of GOD perfected in all who truly care for the


Hello Jack,

I just read Isa 13 and this chapter seems to contradict your view that the USA is Babylon.

I agree with you that the US is corrupt and will be judged but in your view how does the USA fit into Isa 13, which is clearly going to happen during the tribulation.

Take Care


Dear brother Jack;

This is one incredible article and took me (the Encephalitis survivor) quite a while to read and comprehend correctly via the Holy Spirit. I too am a Vietnam vet that never went there and by the grace of God was saved @ 1st Baptist in Altus, OK (after escaping a horrible childhood back east). Reading on, I found your incredible words to be amazingly true and follow several other of my minister friend’s point of view and belief. There is no doubt that we are truly in the Last Days so I try my best with what’s left of me, to serve and obey, for there’s no other way!!! With the memory part of this 53 year old brain severely damaged and continuing, I have no regrets now and wait on God for my next step.

brother Greg


Read it (Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim) and I do believe every word of it – keep up the good work – Another Viet Nam Veteran from from Down Under and all as true here as there – By the way what part of the States do you live in. I have relatives abd friends in Texas, California and Oregan and look forward to another visit soon I hope! At the moment I am involved in a project with two other like minded souls – We have built a replica Stagecoach from the ground up (known here as a Cobb & Co Coach) and we are traversing the Cobb Highway in October to raise money for Breast Cancer research . It has been and indeed still is a lot of work, but a labor of love, including getting the horses going (in the right direction – forward) . All the best to you Jack



Hello Jack,

Thank you for sending me this information. I haven’t gone to
your site yet, but plan to. I just have to tell you I lost my dear
brother Roddie Perry in Viet Nam on June 3, 1969. Roddie earned a silver
star for his heroic efforts in Feb. 1969. Because of losing him I have a
very special place in my heart for all veterans and try to do as much as
I can for them. I just wanted you to know this.
Thank you so much




Shame on you!

Shame Shame Shame. If ever there was a Sky Pilot, you are that person.

While I support your right to your opinion, How dare you use the Vietnam war to advance you evangelical cause.

If the Christian right had not highjacked our government, we would not be having our brothers and sisters in uniform dying for no good purpose.

Vietnam was wrong, but this war is worse in every way.

There used to be a bumper sticker that asked, What if Vietnam had oil?

Well , Here we are, a Vietnam with oil. and you know what, the outcome will not be any different.

I can’t support any supestitious belief system (religion) that asks its congregation to go to war and martyr them self for the faith.

Rather than war for god, I would rather have peace for atheism.

Self defense or the defense of your home land. perhaps the only reason for war.
Religion is not a valid reason to go to war.

Jack, I wish you and everyone else health wealth and happiness.
I wish you peace.

Please stop using the tortured emotions of war vets to advance your cause.
I respect your right to freedom of superstitious belief. don’t abuse your freedom by twisting the patriotic anguish of veterans to support your missionary goals.

A pacifist patriot born of the Vietnam war.


NOTICE: the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection. Remember, this is the same government that brought you Watergate, Iran Contra, Ruby Ridge ID. and Waco TX. FEMA and the Patriot Act. and of course the war in Iraq, All in the name of National Security.


F…. you. Just because I believe jesus wanted us to understand his teachings of the spirit within instead of going around calling him god’s son and lord bullshit. Jesus was just like buddha. Trying tell people the true power of the spirit. Sin is ignorance.

The whole thing about ufos and our ancient religions are true. If you emailed me this because of my post of the gospel of mary or the talmud of jmmanuel then screw you!

I’m str8, I’m not worshipping the devil, and I wish you would leave me alone and stop trying to save me. Just because we have different views on what ‘being saved’ really is, doesn’t mean I follow a false doctrine. I think the bible is the most falsified doctrine ever. Doesn’t make jesus any least of a prophet however, but the majority of christians follow the wrong doctrine created by the ‘evil powers that be’.

Don’t email me falsified quotes of jesus again

“What I know is, is that if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come.” — Oprah Winfrey



Dear Jack,

From one pilgrim to another, thank you very much for the article. I’m not sure I fully understand or agree with all of your eschatology (perhaps I should look over your website again), but I fully agree with your identification of Babylon and your exposé of Western politics. I’ll leave it to the Lord to fill in the blanks.

Phil’s story sounds like the screenplay for “Apocalypse Now”; Hell on earth.

Strange as it may seem, it was on or about the VERY DAY when Phil first arrived in Vietnam (Sept 28, 1968) that I personally accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I was a young boy of 7, and fighting in my own jungle at the time. I was living in a small town just outside of Toronto, and my parents had divorced the previous year. My father was the adulterer. The divorce shook my mother up bad, and she turned to drink for comfort. I used to wake up late in the night to the sound of her weeping in her bedroom. One night I found her passed out on the kitchen floor, her chair tipped over and an empty bottle of rum still on the table. I couldn’t wake her so I just got her pillow from her room and shoved it under her head. This went on for months. Then, in September of 1968 I started Grade 2 at the local public school. My room that year was in the school’s original century-old one-room schoolhouse. My teacher was a young lady from England. She told us that she had been born in the middle of an air raid during the London Blitz.

Our local school board had discontinued morning Bible studies two years previously (I had never seen a Bible), but this courageous soldier of the Lord had petitioned the Principal to allow her to continue them in her classroom. She was a teacher who was well-loved by fellow teachers and students alike, and so the Principal had given her the permission she sought. She had us take turns each morning reading from a huge KJV Bible parked on a lectern at the front of the schoolhouse. We went in alphabetical order, and so my turn didn’t come until towards the end of September (my last name being “Search”). As the day approached, I became terrified. I hated standing up in front of the class, and most of the kids so far were having trouble with the King James English.

I told my mother. She simply said “Don’t be afraid of the Bible… and don’t be afraid of God, because God is just your conscience!” (she was a luke-warm Unitarian). After having her explain to me what a “conscience” was, I returned to school the next morning… still fearful. When the teacher called me up to read, I refused. In those days, that still meant corporal punishment. I closed my eyes and winced when she asked “Why not?”. I blurted out the only words that came to mind “God is just your conscience!”. The whole class fell silent. Then she asked “Whoever told you THAT?”. “My mother” I replied, wondering how she knew someone else had told me so. More silence. “Well, tell me this… did your conscience create this whole world?”. The entire class broke out laughing. I felt humiliated.

The teacher came to my rescue. She silenced them with a wave of her hand. She got up from her desk and came over to mine. She whispered in my ear “Wouldn’t you like to learn something from the God who made you, and this world, and everything else?”. Without waiting for an answer, she took me by the hand and led me up to the lectern at the front of the schoolhouse. She had me read out loud what I now know to be Acts 12:1-11. When I took my seat, she went over the events described again with the class (I had stumbled though it terribly). She concluded the lesson by saying “So always remember, whenever you are in trouble, alone or afraid, turn to Jesus and He will help you!”. Her eyes had swept the room, but when she got to the word “you” she locked eyes with me and smiled. My heart was immediately filled with a sense of love, peace and joy. I know now that that was when I first received the Holy Spirit.

At the end of the day, when everyone else had gone home, I stayed after class to ask my teacher a private question. “Did Jesus say anything about Divorce?”. There were tears welling up in my eyes, and she sensed my situation. When she showed me the answer in the Bible, I knew at that moment that there WAS a God, and that He made me, and that He loved me. Divorce was wrong. She hugged me and told me, as I drank in her perfume, that as long as I stayed close to Jesus I never had to be afraid of anyone or anything again. I walked home that day knowing that God was wiser than anyone else in the whole world. That sage advice has stayed with me all my life, kept me through the trials of adolescence, and has made me the happy Christian husband and father I am today.

And to think, at precisely the same moment when I was learning this… the “wise” and “powerful” men of this world had just thrown you and Phil into the jungles of Vietnam…

Your brother in Christ,



Jack, have read the artical about Vietnam, and agee with you, mere man does not want what God can do when a person joins the army of the Lord, and the power available thereof, so lets go all out like we did in the nam, served with the Rangers 2nd tour.

Yours through the power of Jesus Christ

Brother Bob,


Hello again Jack,

I don’t mean to bother you but I am still reading some of your literature. In the one article you said, “How are we to fight, if at all”, and also, ” Are the extreme pacifists right”? Mine is not at all an argument, simply a point, the bible says, “that our fight is not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities and rulers of darkness”. It say, “our fight” and we do have spiritual armor and weapons so, if God says it’s our fight and we have, God given weapons and armor, then yes, I believe we are supposed to fight in the spiritual war that is taking place in the heavenlies.

I would just like to know what you believe about that.



Dear brother Jack,

I just finished reading your email, and thank you, once again, for reminding me of these things. I was much encouraged by your letter. We are truly living in a deceptive world, and our only hope is the Lord Jesus Christ. I am looking for His soon return.

God bless,


Hello Jack,

It’s been a long time we haven’t got in touch, but I do check your website and appreciate very much your articles. In your article, you talked about the emerging antichrist who will be the last American president. I know that Islam is the opposite of Christianism, and while we christians are waiting for Jesus, our Messiah, the muslims also, are waiting for their messiah which I think will be the antichrist the Bible talks about in Revelation. My question is that: will the last American president be the muslims’ messiah? if not, what part will this last one play in the end times.

thanks, your brother in Christ


Dear Brother Jack:

I have some concerns about your post,Pacifist, Patriot, or Pilgrim. You seem to suggest that, at some point, believers will pick up swords and kill non-believers, at Armageddon, you say, and not now. However, nowhere in Scripture is there any indication that resurrected believers have such a role, either then or now. In particular, this is a belief that could be misused to brainwash people into going in to such an attack, perhaps through drugging them in to believing that they are dead (Hashishim of the Middle Ages).

Then, Christians and Torah Followers could then be labelled as “terrorists”. Surely you see the danger of such a position?

Your friend always,


Hi Jack,

Enjoyed reading the articles. I was in BanMeThuot for two years, including during the 1968 TET Offensive. As intelligence officer, I predicted the offensive two months before it happened, then 30 days before the offensive began, I predicted the day and hour it would start. Everyone thought I had lost it — a loonie. Senior officers would look the other way and pretend I wasn’t there when I would salute them — enlisted and junior officers would ignore me and not salute — until the offensive began. Senior officers would run me off when I tried to sit at their tables in the mess hall. THEN they all began to salute me first, even a full hundred yards away, even though they didn’t have to do so — senior officers saluted ME first — AFTER the offensive began — and they invited me to sit with them at their tables. Afterwards, others said that my actions to get our senior advisors to put a regiment of APCs with 90mm recoilless rifles and loaded with infantry on holiday the night before TET, then having them “on duty” the night of TET, saved our bacon. We had no U.S. units in Darlac Province, and Darlac was a target for an entire NVA division plus two or three regiments plus two or more independent battalions to capture and hold hostage in TET 1968 as well as in a later offensive. Interrogations of POWs confirmed this both times.

I’ve written a lengthy email to a couple of officers with whom I served in Ban Me Thuot, asking them if they had recollections of events that might have been the basis for three silver stars that one of my senior officers later said he endorsed for me (never received or awarded). I’ll send you a copy, if you’re interested in reading some of the actions of my two years.

Besides the possible three silver star recommendations, Darlac Province was the only province that reportedly did not receive the Presidential Unit Citation that all other advisory teams reportedly received. I think I may have (somewhere) the only existing “After-Action Report” of the 1968 TET Offensive of Advisory Team 33 and other advisory units in Darlac Province — I should probably submit the report and ask that our units be awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. We fought heavy battles day and night for over two weeks. About 1/3 to half of the city of 80,000 was burned or destroyed and hundreds were killed.

I agree with you that the U.S. is the only nation on earth who fits all the biblical descriptions of mystery Babylon, especially Revelation 18:1 thru 19:5. For folks who don’t know this and don’t make the association, most will put their patriotism above biblical descriptions and possibly be on the wrong side of right and wrong. (I encountered this exact scenario during the past two weeks, when talking to a Catholic friend who was also a marine — he hears from the Holy Spirit on occasion and heeds His voice. He gets angry when anyone suggests that America will ever be destroyed or attacked by outside forces of any nature, and says he’ll kill all of them he can. Of course, he is thinking of terrorists, primarily Muslim extremists, and he doesn’t read the Bible very much.)

But if one reads about the angels and heaven exalting over the fall of mystery Babylon, it puts things in a totally different light about how we should view our beloved country for which we served and could have died. When God tells His people, “Come out of her My people lest you share in her sins and receive of her plagues” (Rev. 18:4), this tells me that we should probably pull out of voting for CFR folks holding national office and pray for our leaders and those in authority over us, as commanded. The recognition that the USA is mystery Babylon is a difficult pill to swallow for military patriots and one that was agonizing for me to accept.

I just heard on FOX News this morning, interview with retired admiral Nash, that intel agencies are noting more and more Russian military flights over American soil, and there is nothing we can do about it, according to his report. His sources indicate these flights are for recon as well as simulated bombing runs to attack America. Vladimir Putin denies the reports and says they are mere routine training flights being reported as scare tactics. (Others inside Russia suspect that some of the so-called terrorist attacks in Russia are actually being done by the army and former KGB agents as a ruse and to give the world the impression that Russia is also a target, when in fact, Russia is the best ally Arab Muslim extremists have on the globe. Russia is the number one supplier of arms and ammunition for America’s enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq, second only to Iran in IEDs. Admiral Nash and others have indicated that Russia has sold its nuclear technologies and materials to Arab states that are known terrorist nations. Russian advisors are also reported helping Iran and other terrorist nations, similar to what the U.S. did when the then Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The Cold War has not ended. Every nation on the globe either resents America or they hate America and want her destroyed — the lone exception is Israel. When America is under severe attack, Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies, according to Luke 21 — most assume Jerusalem will be surrounded ONLY at the battle of Armageddon, but they should read and understand the events of Luke 21:20, which is the exact same period of time Jesus described at Matthew 24:15 and Mark 13:14, which is the near mid-point of the tribulation period. Jerusalem will be surrounded at or near the same time the Antichrist sits/stands in the temple claiming to be God, which is at the near mid-point, when he breaks the “covenant with many” of Daniel 9:27.)

Judgment is coming. On America. 1 Peter 4:17 says, “For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God, and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?” Not just on America, but on the church. On the church FIRST! That judgment is described in detail in the trumpet judgments until the “last trumpet” sounds at Revelation 11:15, in compliance with 1 Corinthians 15:51, 52. God’s “wrath” begins at Revelation 16 “for His wrath has come” — the entire 7-year period is not God’s wrath — the first part of Revelation through the seven seals and seven trumpets is God’s judgment, not God’s wrath.

1 Corinthians 15:51, 52 says the resurrection happens at the “last trumpet” and those alive will be “caught up together” near simultaneous with dead saints (in the twinkling of an eye difference in time). Revelation 20:4-6 says the “first resurrection” (singular) is the resurrection of dead saints, those who shall be priests of God and shall reign with Christ for 1000 years — the second resurrection is of the wicked dead and happens at the end of the 1000 years — it’s impossible for there to be two or more resurrections/raptures of believers — there is only one resurrection/only one rapture, only one more “coming” singular, and it is at the last trumpet, Revelation 11:15. The vial/bowl judgments are God’s “wrath”. It will still be possible to accept Christ during the trumpet judgments, but impossible after the trumpet judgments and impossible during God’s wrath/bowl/vial judgments.

We are evidently living in a period of apostasy. As the restraining force of 2 Thessalonians 2 is removed (which has been a gradual removal that is about to be completely removed so that lawlessness and apostasy will be worse than anything we’ve seen), more professing Christians will renounce Christ than anytime in history. Thankfully, it will also be a time when the greatest of all revivals of souls happens — primarily those who want to know truth. Revival won’t happen with lukewarm professing Christians nor those who have an incorrect view of end times — they’ll be so disillusioned and angry at being deceived by their trusted shepherds and leaders that they won’t know whom to believe — the majority of them may fall away and become apostate also. (Contrary to popular beliefs in some denominations, the “eternal security” doctrine, once-saved-always-saved, won’t be any more than a false belief at such a time. The majority of such believers may also become apostate. It’s good to remember that one can’t “fall away from” or become apostate unless one once believed — one can’t “fall away” from something one never had in the first place. The eternal security doctrine is a deceiving doctrine that will cost many their eternal hope. Likewise with Catholics who erroneously believe they go to heaven if they are water baptized — they base this doctrine on Mark 16:16, “he who believes and is baptized shall be saved.” They don’t understand that this means baptized in the Holy Spirit, not water, and other conditions for salvation and eternal life, which includes faithfulness and obedience to God and His Word.)

Regarding the subject of your article and the pacifist question, Revelation 14:12 says, “Here is the patience (steadfastness, perseverance) of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” One may have every right by state or local or federal laws to defend self with arms during this period of time, but one can expect to die physically in the same manner — “he who kills with the sword (military weapon) must die by the sword (military weapon),” Rev. 13:10.

Let me know if you’d like to receive the Vietnam experiences. Again, thanks for sharing.



Dear Jack Hook,

May the Lord bless you for this wonderful article. For sure we are blessed and thank the Lord for the message of hope that he gave to you. We know taht this world is coming to an end and needs a message like this. This is the message of the end time, a message that my people in Africa need, a mesasge that even all people in te world need.

Please, can you in the name of our Lord Jesus let us know which church do you attend? I will be happy if you can answer positivelly to this note.

Yours in Christ,
Missionary John