October 2009 Comments

I agree with what you have said. But I have a few questions. #1 Are you in favor of unlimited passive response to personal aggression? I am not. There is a time when we or some innocent is attacked that violent response is warranted. There may be a time when yearling your physical life will be used by God to bring some one to Yeshua and there are times when the wicked will have to forfeit there life with Hell becoming there eternal destination. We can not put this in to a nice little martyrs doctrinal box. God may give us the grace to die as a testimony to His grace or He may give us the grace to kill as a testimony to His justice.

I know from reading what you have written that you have seen real death in the Vietnam war. So you have had your fill of killing and death. But still to sit back and watch an innocent life taken and do nothing to stop it would be the act of a great coward. This would be in keeping with the wimpy Jesus that is proclaimed from some of the other pulpits not preaching the kingdom now idolatrous patriotism that you have exposed in your article. #2 Have you considered that it is actually because of our rejection of ALL of the Word of God that we are in the fix we are in? I strongly expect that the first words that will pop in to your mind will be “Jewdiser”as you read what will follow. The battle has always ben over the Word of God. Remember Satan attacked in the garden over the Word of God. And he tried to pry Yeshua away from the Word of God in the wilderness temptation. But remember that Yeshua told Satan that man shall not live by bread alone but by EVREY Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. So why do we reject the true Shabbat and feasts that are the Word of God proceeding from His mouth? Why do we participate in pagan Sunday morning sun worship, eat foods considered an abomination by the Word of God. Why do we pick and choose what part of the Word of God we will follow and what we will reject. Remember Yeshua sad every Word. But you will say “how about you do you obey every Word of the Word of God.My answer is NO! I am guilty.

So I call out to my Yeshua and ask for mercy. I do not say,lower your Torah standard so that I can boast in my own righteousness in meeting a lower standard. No the standard is the standard. Yeshua died and rose again because of my sin and His Torah standard is the goal I set my eyes on. Yeshua is the giver of Torah standard He is the living Torah standard. Yeshua and His Torah are one because He is the Word of God. There is no war between Yeshua and His Word as the church has proclaimed for 2000 years. It is the rejection of God’s whole Word that has brought us to this discussing pig sty we now live in.
Shalom B’Yeshua.

Greetings Peter,

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. One thing I would like to clarify. Protecting one’s wife and children against evildoers is much different than joining armies to kill them. As followers of Jesus we must first understand that nothing happens to us that God has not allowed. We live by faith and grace, not fear and the flesh. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, a born again man could place himself between evil men who would harm his family, while they fled away to safety. The same Spirit would also provide the time for witnessing to them about Jesus. The same Spirit might have you cast the demons out the intruder. I have experienced this type of situation before. God has placed angels around us to minister to our situations….never forget this.

The life and experiences of Jesus while on this Earth give us much insight. Until it was his time to die no harm could overcome him. So it shall be with us. The time of our death and departure to Heaven is in our Lord’s hands, even as we are hated and suffer much persecution. Remember when they attempted to throw Jesus off the cliff? Think also about this…he would take families and cast out demons and heal their diseases, but never lifted a hand to displace the brutal and murderous oppression of the Roman legions that occupied the land God gave to the Jewish people.

Self-defense must always be filtered through the bloody cross of Jesus for true guidance and understanding. Eternal life, not this life, must always be in our thinking in all situations. Remember, that we who are born again have the Godhead (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) living within us and his angels camped around us. If that does not bring us comfort and confidence then we are still living in our old carnal ways.

Lastly, we must remember, that unsaved people are ruled and manipulated by the fallen angels who Jesus has allowed to have dominion over all nations with their political and religious institutions, until the second coming of our King. All unsaved people, be they Jewish or Gentile, naturally lean towards the desire to be “under” the law living in their own power, and until one hears the truth of the Kingdom coming in the Lord Jesus Christ proven by his shed blood, glorious resurrection, and second coming, they know nothing of being “under” the power of his grace which is the free gift of the Holy Spirit to give us new hearts, and power over the sin nature we all were born with.

Your eternal friend,

Thank you for taking the time to respond Jack. #1 Good, I am glad that you see the need to resist when evil people intend harm against the innocent. #2 Bad, I figured that you would respond with the common “under the law’ statement that I here so often. Oh well, I tried. The things that you have written were so good that I thought that it was worth a try to communicate the truth about the inseparable relationship of Yeshua and His Torah. So that is that. No more to say.

Greetings Peter,

Please understand that when I referred to natural unsaved men desiring to be “under” the law, I did not mean that God’s law, or even laws of nations, are somehow made void. As Paul said, “God forbid, for by faith is the law established”, Romans 3:31. This clearly teaches that when we are born of the Holy Spirit who has washed away the sin nature that rules our hearts by the blood of Jesus, this same Spirit establishes the commandments of God in our new hearts and is the power we join with in obeying such commandments or teachings of Jesus. I agree that far too many Christians ignore or change this simple teaching of “obedience to the law by grace” in order to keep walking in the pleasures and pursuits of this world. The purpose of the law is to expose sin and drive us to the power of his grace on that bloody cross.

As for the first question of self defense, know that as Jesus was on this earth, so are we until he comes again. Even when standing before one’s enemies as they attempt to destroy us, we never resort to deadly violence but pick up our own cross asking God to forgive those who wish us dead. This was the teaching followed by the churches for the first several hundred years until the time of Constantine and Augustine.

Your brother in Jesus,

Thanks Jack. You do have a better grasp on my question #2 than I understood. And as for #1 I guess that I will have to cross that bridge when and if I come to it.
Shalom B’ Yeshua,


Jack I want to thank you for the e-mail with information you sent out. It was very helpfull to me. Me to like you am a viet nam veteran with1 1/2 tours in Danang as a doorgunner. In the last few months I have been reading articles about God and have that urgency to be the man he wants me to be. I want very much to be in his Army.However I keep stumbling before I know it. But I am going to try harder from now on. I will read all the articles in your website in time. I fear that Mr. Obama has the 666 because I counted the letters in his full name and they add up to 18, 6×3=18=666. Thats the way I am thinking. May God Bless you and keep you safe, your brother in Christ, Bill Rodriquez. I hope to here from you with more info, it interests me.


Jack, you are such an excellent writer. And I sure do not wish to offend you, but rather to allow you what may be another view.

There is a small faction of Islam who would like nothing more than to see the whole world united under Allah, however, brother Jack, the Zionists have made it appear that Islam is, in fact, at war with all the peoples of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN, I use all caps because the US is not a country, but rather, is a corporation, and has been since 1871, however, it is not us Christians who they are fighting against, but rather, the dark forces controlling “the land of the serpent” that we call America.

Jack, until the 1950s Jew and Mu slum had learned to live in harmony together, that is until the Zionists snuck in, threw sand in one of the brother’s eyes, blaming it on the other brother, now the Zionists, not the Jew, are performing genocide on Abraham’s children.

Jack I thank you for your service to this country, it is people like you who I admire. When I am allowed to place my hand on my heart and give my allegiance, I still get a tear thinking about men like you who fought and died, so I mean you no disrespect, but Jack, please view some evidence I have discovered.

AND PLEASE don’t be offended.


Sir, You write: “For several years now, I have been daily sending out to people around the world an invitation to visit our website, which is rooted and grounded upon the person and political-religious teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have always encouraged people to test and prove what is written on our website with the scriptures.”

But still you do not live by the Scriptures, which say to “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh is the Sabbath of they Lord your God.” And Jesus says: “If you love me, keep my commandments”.

Please love Jesus with all your heart, soul, and might, and your neighbor as yourself,


Hi Jack I read your article and it was great. You know MAN does not
know the way of peace. Jesus said (Matt. 10:34. Think not that I am come
to send peace on earth; I came not to send peace, but a sword.
your friend Connie


Hi Jack,

I am about to release an article on Dominion Theology or “Kingdom Dominion” and was wondering what other information you have on who the major leaders are in this. You didn’t mention Peter Wagner and his organization. In his new book he so states that he is a Mild Preterist and Dominionist, and I know by what they teach that a number of other prominent Charismatic leaders are also into this (in my opinion) heresy. Can you give me some names and documentation?




I read, with great interest, every one of your missives. However, I do not always agree with your conclusions as, you may remember, we once before had a dispute on the use of the physical power of Christians.

Once again, I feel that I must respectfully disagree with some of your conclusions in the enclosed letter of yours. I feel that you are dismissing the prophecies of Daniel, chapters 9 through 12, and of Revelation, chapters 6 through 18. I am reminded of a passage from the Rubyiat of Omar Khyam that closely approximates the following: “The moving finger writes and, having writ, moves on, and all your piety and wit can change not a word of it.” Daniel describes that type of occurrance in chapter 5. Absolutely nothing that was foretold did not come to pass, and very quickly indeed. Belshazzar did not live to see the next dawn after his future was written on the wall.

Similarly, in the 13 chapters of Revelation to which I referred above, the scenario has been spelled out, omitting only the specific dates of the unfolding happenings, and the actual names of the participants. The Saudi king sees what is about to transpire, and is panic-stricken, so he is trying to forestall the inevitable that is being prodded along by Iran’s Ahmadinejad. That causal factor is so eager to bring on the Twelfth Imam that he is willing to start a nuclear war to help it happen sooner, rather than later. Just as we Christians anticipate our Jesus to return and begin the beautiful 1,000 years, the radical Muslims are looking forward to Mister #12, with some remarkably similar results: their Leader will ultimately rule the whole world, with the loyal Muslims in attendance, and the rest of us will have to learn how to serve.

The biggest difference between our two philosophies is that we are not willing to destroy this planet to achieve our goal; they are. Even if ONLY 10% of all Muslims are the wild-eyed fanatics, that still means there are 110,000,000 of them willing to lay down their lives to achieve their goal – at the present time. I doubt that you could raise 10% of THAT number of Christians willing to die to prevent that from happening; 11 million. I think we have now entered the phase where the “vehicle has been pushed over the edge of the cliff” and we can do nothing now but watch it go crashing to the pit below – unfortunately, with us in it.

Jesus spoke of the end times in His Olivet discourse, and mentions that the generation that sees these things will not pass away until all these things have happened (Mt 24:34 NIV). In the Scriptures, a generation is 70 years (Ps 90:10, King David’s lifespan, et al). Isaiah asks if a country can be brought forth in a day, or a nation in a moment (Isa 66:8). The nation Israel was brought forth 60 years and 4 weeks ago (by our calendar; nearly a week longer by theirs), so, technically, the generation that began then has 4 (or 5) weeks less than 10 more years for “all these things to be fulfilled”(KJV).

Look at the rapidity in the increase of moral decay that is rampant in many of the (once) Christian countries. Look back ten or twenty years, and see the difference between then and now. The increase of the last 20 years will be minor, when compared to the increase of the next 10 years; such is the promise of a geometric progression. I am not eagerly predicting this, as I already have 3 generations of offspring following me at the present time, but I feel that I am being pragmatic about the situation, and selfishly am glad that, at least, they ALL know the Lord at this time – even down to the youngest one.

One possible scenario that has been bothering me since the beginning of the Democratic debacle called their Primaries is this: looking at the background and history of Obama, should this smooth-tongued orator be elected President of this country and take office in January, 2009, three-and-one-half years (forty-two months) from then would be about the time when campaigning for the following presidential election would begin. Do a little substitution of names in Revelation, chapter 13, and see the connection that has been bothering me for the last nearly year-and-a-half.

As always, I look forward to your next letter – whether to the public or to myself.



Dear Jack;

Thank you for your email of concern, but the religion of Islam actually has been reformed.

Read a copy of the “Korana of Mother Goddess” a feminist version of the Koran that is all peace and love. You can get in on Lulu.com, Amazon.com and on ebay (cheapest).

I really love the book and read it quite frequently.

I wouldn’t worry about anyone else, just spread peace and love every day and you can make the world a much better place.




Hi Jack, I am agreeing with you on the SOON coming events. Jesus said it would be as a ‘snare’ on ALL the world so I believe that the rapture will be simultanious with a worldwide cataclysm (any limited nuclear attack would also qualify).
I’m not sure from what I read on you site if you are a person who believes there will be a rapture, really does not matter because what I am seeing is a person who wants to warn souls and help the church to make herself ready (Rev 19:7).
I have a new book out on the site (don’t think I will put it out on Amazon or anything) that I am hoping the Church will embrace from the viewpoint of ALL Christians doing three things:
1. Loving and treating other believers (Just as Noah gently brings the Dove into the Ark).
2. Spreading the Light of His gospel (10 Virgins parable).
3. Acts of service out of Love (parable of the Talents).

Jesus talks about all 3 of these things around the point of saying some will be taken some will be left.
Just want to encourage you in these last years to keep working to warn the Bride to be ready, bring in the lost and praise God for all He has done for us.

Just want to leave you with these words from Keith Green.

When I hear the praises start, my child
I want to rain upon you,
Blessing that will fill your heart,
I see no stain upon you
Because YOU ARE my child and you know ME.
To me, your only Holy,
nothing that You Do remains,
Only what you do in ME.

Blessings – Gary.


How can any inroads be made until all agree on whose God is real….Allah is not the same.

The Saudi King is laying on his death bed in another Country ??????

We in America have to get our priorities straight 1st. What do we believe and who.

I see so much wrong abounding….people running to and fro to find the Word of God.

The Bible is the only thing correct and man is not infallible. We need to keep our eyes on the Lord and leave everything else alone !!!!!


Jack as always you have made me start thinking!
I am not the thinker that you are. But you get the
gears turning. Again thank You for your notes and be
assured they just don’t get deleted.
Your fellow Nam Brother Jimmy G. TET/68 PhuBai


Dear Brother Jack,

Thanks for your work for our Lord’s Kingdom! Here’s my question…
In the e-mail I just received from you re: reformation of islam…
You included a long list of “Christian” leaders, most of whom I believe teach various heresies and/or are actually preparing the church for the Antichrist’s kingdom! Were you intentionally listing a variety of false leaders? If so, may I ask… You included Chuck Smith on the list. If there’s anything wrong with his teaching you know of, could you please inform me (or direct to appropriate web page)? I do know I heard he gave one false prophecy (about “the end”?) back in the 70’s(?) But other than that most of his teaching seems pretty good…

Thanks so much for your time! God bless, Val

Hi Val,

Thanks for responding. I purposely listed men from different sects and professions of Christendom for they are representative of the leaders who will have to make a decision if and when this “interfaith dialogue” is announced by the Saudi King. It is my hope and prayer that all of these men will experience an awakening with our Lord Jesus Christ and tell the truth to the American people about the coming of Jesus and the coming of the Antichrist, as you said.

Even men of great renown in Evangelical circles, like Chuck Smith, have been seduced by the doctrine of Augustine’s “just” war and walk in the pride of militant patriotism which blinds them from the truth about America being Babylon. Back in 1991, just before America went to war against Sadam Hussein the first time, Chuck Smith and Hal Lindsey were hosting the TBN show for Paul Crouch and were discussing the coming war. Both of these men declared their support for using nuclear weapons on Iraq if it was necessary to win the battle. As I listened to this my heart sank into a deep heaviness, and then I knew that our Lord Jesus was grieving over men he loved who had fallen into Satan’s trap. They are still bound today by these lies. Keep in touch.

Your brother in Jesus,


Here you go again, do you not realize that it is Christianities fragmentations, cults that are the true problem in the world? That it is you Christians who have to be set straight before the world up and makes you and your corporate partners the future lepers? Respect is earned not automatic; Christianity has fallen very short of following the philosophy of Jesus Christ, the “Prince of Peace”. Christianity today is a cult filled with contempt and rage against those who will not adhere to Christianities fables. It is no wonder their are no scholars among you, you defy reason, logic and science while ignoring the very simple dictates boldly state in all of the ancients texts you bastardize with you constant dogmatic approach to the rest of the worlds people.

In India they have most Christians tied up on the coast, as they know the deviousness of your cult and only allow Christians to stay there to humor the anti democratic leadership presently and illegally occupying the white house, as a mere gesture. While the Chinese will have none of your meddling nonsense and throw any of the cult in jail at the drop of a hat, something that is eventually I feel going to happen here if you do not back off your unworldly mumblings about correcting others. Especially when it is so obvious by the world it is you who need to change before you bring on your own end. I believe Armageddon is only for your extremist cult, much like that cult that desided that when Hayley’s comet passed the last time if they killed themselves they could join the crew of what they thought was a supernatural ship of bliss.

While I realize sending you constant e-mails in response to your distorted cherry picking of the old texts to justify your outlooks rhetoric, if in fact the Prince of Peace were a vengeful entity you would all disappear in the blink of an eye like the old fables about the people in story of the flood. I will stop my communications with this, even in your distortion of events Jesus Christ died rather then use violence against the governments of earth, rememeber his response to Pilot? He asked where is your kingdom? To which he reply not of this world, and finished with saying he believed the people should give onto Cesar what was Cesar’s! Most who have studied this believe that statement supports a separation of church and state. It might help if at least one of you read Jon Locke’s treaty on Tolerance, like all of our revolutionary fathers did at least.

X-AF Medic Joseph H.


Dear Jack

Seems somewhat hypocritical of the Saudi King. Here we have a regime that beheads people, amputates limbs, practices slavery and is misogynistic. Saudis are forbidden to have Bibles, the practice of Christianity is outlawed. Much of the money that funds the spread of Islam (in all its forms-“peaceful””Jihadist””building of Mosques””Terror”) comes out of Saudi Arabia.

Whatever peace deal is struck between Israel and the Arabs can only be one that will bring about the final days of man’s corrupt rule on Earth, and the return of Christ. Reformation of Islam?–The Qu’ran’s teachings are unreformable!



Hi Jack
Thank you for your e-mail. Everything you’ve written is so true. We are definitely living in the very last moments just before the rapture!! Every aspect of prophecy concerning the end-times are falling into place…the last pieces of the puzzle to be completed. The preperation for the anti-christ with his false peace is taking place right now!!
This is why we KNOW Jesus is coming!! Praise His Wonderful Name!! All the signs are there: nature, economics, spirit of lawlessness,…name it, it is there!!
Thank you my brother for sharing your watchful thoughts.
Yours in Christ,


hello jack

vietnam combat marine veteran(1965-1966)

reply with your tour duty year or years.

i find your msg interesting, how can i help?



Let’s see. It took 160,000 coalition troops to conquer Iraq with a population of 25 million. We have 1 billion Muslims on the planet, which divided by 25 million equals 40. forty times 160,000 equals 6,400,000 troops. Since the US will have to go this alone, or perhaps with 400,000 from Israel, this leaves the US share at 6,000,000. To build new army/navy divisions from scratch takes one year. So lets subract the 2,400,000 active duty/ready reserve drill status personnel, and that leaves “only” a shortfall of 3,600,000. All volunteers? hardly. At least 2,400,000 will be draftees, or 200,000 per month. This compares to 25,000 per month during the Vietnam war. Do you have any idea of the social unrest in this country, if this policy were put into effect?-Kenneth M., US Army Vietnam, 1968-1969.


As the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, I was raised to have great pride in my country and be very grateful to all men and women who fought / fight for my freedom. I am appalled that you have ‘found’ my email address and used it as blind access to send me your propaganda. I would have welcomed an email from a Vet who knew my father, fought with my father or served with my father in the Air Force or Army. My father, grandfather and uncle have fought for your freedom of speech to spread your opinions. However, the sweet thing about email and my freedom is that I have the power to block you from sending me another advertisement for your twisted views and website.



Hmmm, devastating floods, severe droughts, catastrophic tornadoes, extreme heat waves, wildfires, water supply dwindling, crops ruined, food shortages, wars and rumore of wars, 100,000 dead from earthquakes, more earthquakes, cyclone kills 100,000 in Myanmar, millions threatend to die from disease and starvation, economic collapse, fuel costs skyrocketing, food prices skyrocketing, food riots, terrorism on the rise, pestilences superbug resistant to antibiotics, foods contaminated, political unrest, gay marriage, poligamy tolerated, apostasy rampant, angel worship accepted in mainstream churches, paranormal phenomena, and the list goes on. And some think this is just a cycle of weather and shifting geopolitical powers. Uh, think twice about that. The Bible, yeah that long forgotten book with dust on it with dead relatives names in it, clearly fortold us these things will take place with great intensity. It’s all there folks, so please read it because when death comes knocking at your door or a clamity comes your way you may need to know who Jesus is. Isn’t it amazing how all of a sudden when these traumatic things take place we get real spiritual ( I hate religiousness). Sadly for most they soon return to living a self absorbed life and ignoring the reality of death and the eternal ramifications it holds. For most think they can wait it out till the “party” is over. If we could only talk to the 9/11 victims, the100,000 Chinese or Burmese or how about the tornado victims. I am not being crass about the loss of life. How tragic and devastating to see such great human suffering. But we who are comfy cozy in our American dream are living;, no need to ponder such things. Have I offended you? Rather be offended than caught dead with no hope and no Saviour. With one last point, when your comfy cozy world is turned upside down please don’t shake your fist at God and say “How could a loving God allow this to happen? ” John 10:10 says “For the thief (satan) cometh to steal, kill and destroy but I’ve (Jesus) come to give you life and life more abundant.” 3:16 “For God so loved YOU (the world) that He gave His only begotten SON (Jesus) that whosoever believeth in him (Jesus) shall not perish but have everlasting LIFE.” Romans 10: 9-10, :that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and beleive in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation,” Hey, I’m not trying to be super religionator, I just see the obvious signs. If we continue to ignore them we will certainly fall into that deep pit laying just ahead in the road. If I don’t take a stand for something(Jesus Christ) then I will fall for anything. I pray dear friends that we all will do a heart check. I only wrote this out of a passionate plea for all of to see that we are at the apex of history, how desperately we need to reexamine our heart and see that only a Saviour who died on a bloody cross, arose on the third day triumphed over sin and death, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is coming back!!! When, only God knows but there will be a day for all of us when life will escape our body and I pray you will be seated at the right hand of the Father with Jesus Christ. My prayers are with you…


Give it up amigo. Religion has been the downfall of most civilizations. There has never been proof of a son of a god that will save mankind from it’s own demise. Any time someone states that the only way to salvation is through him he/she is just trying to make history. There is no proof that this is a fact. What does that matter? Those who think they make history will not even be remembered by a species that is dead and gone in the long run. Don’t even think that it matters. Humans are just another parasite in the universe. All things strive toward death and in the long run they are just recycled. Give it a rest and just enjoy the short time you have.



Dear Jack,
your e-newsletter should be taken as a loud warning to those in Christianity who are either naive or opportunists to hear the “mermaid-song” of so-called Islam “reformists” and trust them.
Unluckily most of the religious leaders and common believers will fall in this mousetrapp since they are professing Christians but don’t show the evidences of actually being born again, and a few pay attention to the prophecies and to the end-times signs.
Love in Christ,


Dear Jack, thanks for the latest story; gesture appreciated. I do understand your prophetic predicament as you analyse the Middle East conflict. The area is moving into an extremely dangerous time, the crude’s price included too.

It is one way or another “Armageddon” raising its spectre in the horizon.

And yet, how can you in the name of good sense imagine that Jehovah is going to resolve the “eternal” problem of man’s anger and religious prejudice, now when the solution is only imagined as a violent INCINERATION of millions of innocent people?

I asked you already several times, and you refuse to answer: Wasn’t before a much simpler solution, at a time when the problem was small and easier to resolve? Do you imagine that a COMPETENT God would wait thousands of years to resolve the situation the way you “prophecy” it?

I would like to find that god you follow and ask the impertinent question as if there wasn’t a better way to give credit to his power to manage difficult situations.

Sorry, friend, but Christian Fundamentalism is as dangerous as the Islamic counterpart. Both preach a final INCINERATION of millions of innocent people to satisfy their gods’ sense of holiness. Crazy!

Have LIGHT in you, and you will evolve spiritually forever (1 John 1:5).



Hi, brother Jack!

I’ve been recording MP3’s from The Byte Show for quite some time now. I drive 3 hours (100 miles) a day, so I have TONS of time to listen to audios, and have an MP3 player in my car. I didn’t realize, though, that you have been in interviews with GeorgeAnn… fascinating! I will have to download some and listen to them! Thanks for your article on Reformation of Islam. I’m going to place it on my Sharing | New World Order | Possible Antichrist page!

Be blessed!

Your sister in Yahshua!


Hi Jack,

I stumbled across your website just tonight and have been reading through your excellent articles. I have much to read and enjoying it so far but, there is one thing I would like to shed light on. In your article ‘Babylon’s final fall’ you mention the ‘fire’ that falls from Heaven is Angelic. I do agree with you but not entirely:

Please consider this scripture:

Revelation 17:16

“And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

The ten horns (nations of the antichrist end time world system) will turn on the harlot/babylon and “eat her flesh and burn her with fire”.

Although this judgment is influenced by the Angles, the fire is actually man made. (Most of the men who perpetrate this judgment will not know that they are following a delusion chosen by God)

Revelation 17:17

“For God hath put in their hearts to fulfill his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the words of God shall be fulfilled.”

If I misunderstood the context of what you wrote please let me know.

Best regards.


Hi Kenneth,

Thanks for responding and it is an honor to meet you. As I understand John’s visions recorded in the Revelation, elements of the Great Harlot religious system or institutions will be rejected by the Last President and ten kings from Europe. This rejection is due to some false Christians in the Harlot refusing to worship the President as the Messiah. The last Pope, who heads up the Great Harlot will follow the President and encourage everyone to worship him. A great division in this apostate system will unfold beginning at the middle of the 70th week. The ten kings will literally burn the buildings of those who refuse to the ground. Revelation 18 details the burning of the entire nation of America, and this will be done by God’s angels. Remember, Babylon is comprised of three distinct institutional systems…political (President)-religious (Pope)-economic (Corporations) and all three will be judged and destroyed by God.

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook


Thank you very much for responding, I appreciate it very much. I definitely have much to read and understand, still a bit confused but getting there. I’ll chew on your response but it looks like Babylon is going to be burned by both men and Angels? Looks like when the Angels get done there will not be anything else to burn. Frightening reality.

One scripture in Revelation that REALLY burns in my heart is is 18:23

“And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

Great men of the earth who are merchants.. (corporations).. nations being deceived by their sorceries, wow.. that is happening as we speak. We are becoming more and more a corporatist run state. Amazing.

I do have a another question for you, this is getting a little off track but it’s the absolute most important issue for me at the moment and I’m trying to get a solid position on this.
What is your perspective on OSAS or Once saved always saved? There are many scriptures in the Bible to go over but the two I want to ask you about are Hebrews 6:6 and Revelation 3:5. (Particularly Revelation 3:5)

“He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.”

How can Jesus blot your name out of the Book of Life if it wasn’t in there to begin with? I was taught that once you believed and accepted Jesus as your Savior that you were sealed and nothing could snatch you out of the Lords hand. There seems to be a plethora of angles on this and I admit to being very confused. Your input on this would be greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I will continue to read read read!

Yours in Christ,


I am very interested in your story. My late husband was a Vietnam Vet and a POW for 8 months. We tried while he was alive to get his VA benefits but the government “lost” all of his records. The way I even found out that he had been a POW was through the VA Hospital here in Charleston, SC. I was told that it had been verified. The VA Administration had no such records and after much searching, everytime something was found it would “disappear” and come back not verified. Ray got real sick and passed away on January 23, 2007, so all of the memories went with him. It took me years to get him to open up and talk about some of his experiences over there. Yes, he was a born-again Christian and I know that he is in Heaven with Jesus. He was a good, caring and loving man. Ray and his brother Charlie joined the Army together under the buddy system. They were sent into the demilitarized zone to seek out POW camps when they were captured along with 10 other men. During the escape, Ray was shot twice and Charlie was killed. Like you, Ray lived with guilt for many years blaming himself for Charile’s death. If you can give me any help or direct me in a direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


I believe as you do and I also am a viet nam vet having seved with 1st Marine Div. 3rd battalion, stationed with a artillery unit of 105’s south/west of Da Nang 1968-1969. Dale


Thank you Jack Hook. I pray for this country and our military. I want to say “Thank You” for severving so bravely and being a Believer. From someone who believes in Our Lord and Jesus Christ.


JD, I also was a Viet -Nam Vet, and lost my brother in 1966 in chu chi , he was 19, one month later June, I graduated and was called up in the draft . I was able to join the U.S.A.F., BUT HAD TO PUT 6 YRS INSTEAD OF TWO,so I served and then after returning home to accept his medals and see his face in that coffin, I will never forget any of our vets I later joined the Army and became a CW4 and flew 800 hrs in huey’s h ,c, b, models, as a test flight engineer and co pilot. I then was discharged again and became a civilian sp. agent , top seceret/special access, so I am not able to discuss what I did for the next 24 years, but , I saved 1,000’s of lives in sp.ops and r/d ,working with every one from the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Seceret Service, CIA, FBI, AND ALLIES, AS WELL AS LOCAL, STATE,FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIALS to keep the UNINTED STATES and All Americans and Allies safer and provide them with only the best we can offer them to cut the death tolls down from 200,000 WWII,250,000 WWI,80,000 KOREA, AND 68,000+ Viet – Nam, to 4,000 + in Iraq, so they are much better equiped than we were then !!! Even one life is too many , but they have to realise, we lost so many more and gained NOTHING FOR IT !!!!! William A. Crissey CW4 ,U.S.A.F.,U.S.A.,U.S.D.O.D., PRESIDENTIAL SP.OPS, Ret.{35 years} I am now half dead and old, but I still remember Viet – Nam, and Always Will !!! God Bless. Bill


Did you, by chance, begin OCS at Fort Knox & after 12 weeks transfer to Fort Lee? I was the first Tac Officer assigned to the Brigade in 66 & was the Senior Tac for the first OCS Co., A Co. Your name seems to ring a bell, let me know. By the way, both my wife & I are born again Christians & I read your comments with tears in my eyes. Haven’t had time to read all on your site, but will soon. May God bless you & Carol. Cam