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Hello Jack,
Israel must be destroyed, for it is not even close to being “Israel.” What Israel really is, is New Khazaria, which thirteen centuries ago, was to be found in what is today the country of Georgia, when King Bulan converted to Judaism, ordered his subjects to do the same, and became what is today “World Jewry,” by a preponderance of ninety-two percent. These Edomites, who are the descendants of Japheth, one of Noah’s three sons and their wives, are not the blood of Abraham, not one helix of his DNA, which, by definition, precludes them from ever being Semites, which, also, by definition, means the DNA of Shem, the second son of Noah. Therefore, the Edomites are the “fraudulent Jews, referred to in Revelations 2:9; 3: 9-10; which will be exposed and killed in the end time. They are the “The Synagogue of Satan. I am a Baptist, not a Muslim, but the true Christians, and the true Sons of Mohammed must remain steadfast, and bring forth the destruction of New Khazaria, The Synagogue of Satan, and the Anti-Christ, for the sake of the entire world. “As it is written, so shall it be.”


Mr. Hook,

Although we differ in other areas, you are right about Jeremiah 25 and Hosea 4. Jehovah “has a controversy with the nations”. There is no stopping it. We will be mere onlookers. Thank you for the effort you are making in warning individuals for the scriptures warn us “a watchman I have made you”.



Dear Jack

You must be kidding the Arabs never wanted Israel or Jerusalem. At least not until Israel won the 1967 War and took control of Jerusalem and the West Bank. For 20 years (1948 until 1967) Jerusalem the West Bank and Gaza was under the control of Jordan a Country that is Ruled by a king that represents only 25 % of its population, the rest of which is Palestinian. For 20 years there was no such thing as a Palestian People noe was Jerusalem ever considered a Holy city to Moslems. .
I could go on But its probably a waste of time. Either your stupid peace-nick who thinks you can buy peace with someone else’s life or you are an anti-Jewish maskarading as only being interested in peace.

Wake Up and Learn the Facts before you continue making a fool of yourself

Dr. Aubie


very good ,but the president or future president of the USA will not be the antichrist, a secretary of the united nations will fulfil this role, God bless you, rick



thank you for writing. i have been looking at your site and it is very interesting.

in fact i have put it on my favorites!:)

my husband of 36 years is also a vietnam vet.

we have been saved and baptised and go to a baptist church here on the coast.

thank you again for sharing your site with us.




My spirit agrees with everything you just said. Praise be to our Lord and Savier Jesus Christ. I’ve been enlightened by the spirit, and tasted the gift, yet I am far from where God wants me to be due to my own personal rebellion. Please pray that the Lord has mercy on me to bring me back to the repentance he once allowed me…..In Jesus name.
Thank you

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the honest response. I know about rebellion as a born again follower of our Lord Jesus. I shamefully must admit that I have walked in the flesh or rebellion far too many times. As Paul taught in Romans 6-8, and Galatians 5, our new heart created by the Holy Spirit when we repented in Godly sorrow is pure and surrounded by the indwelling Spirit of God. But our carnal mind and body still functions in the remnants of the sin nature. As we grow in the love, knowledge, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, our carnal minds are renewed and kept that way day by day, even hour by hour.

Our remaining sin nature is very deceptive and can be very religious as it loves to distort and twist the teachings of Jesus allowing us to walk in the flesh thinking this is God’s will because we can’t help but sin. Our religious flesh always excuses, rationalizes, and justifies sin in our lives. You at least know you are in rebellion and therefore are not lukewarm, but cold in your carnal mind. The question is, how long can we remain walking in the flesh before the sin enters into our new born again spirit or heart? Remember, Jesus loves us and is chastising or correcting us from within, but we must repent and trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to renew our minds as we wait for the resurrection of our bodies at the second coming. Know this my brother and friend, the Lord has already brought you back to a point of decision, all he is waiting for is you.

Your brother in Jesus,



Jesus said we are conquerers and overcomers, and I see why. When I litterally get on my knees in submission and seek him like a man who cant breath is seeking air, thats when I recieve power from on high to stand against the wiles of the devil. Have you ever noticed that when you are at your strongest, thats when Satan launches his most vicious attacks on us? I have a neat testimony, if you ever have time I will write it. There is alot of churches very content with John 3:16 but they deny the rest of the word. Im having a hard time finding a church that preaches repentance and faith. Way too many sermans about junk, and things that are superficial, while the flock starves to death spiritually. Satan is about to send the beast with wrath brother, thanks for taking the time to put in the work, for me, it is not returning void.


Hi Mark. Both us seem to have a desire to be closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings. As the Lord draws closer to us and gives us his wisdom, we then instinctively see our own fleshly weaknesses as he shines his light of truth in our new hearts. You plea to be more free from the sometimes overwhelming impulses of our flesh, often stirred by fallen angels, is the same cry in my heart. It is with great sadness that I must confess with you how sick those Christians are who only want a free pass to escape Hell, but have no desire to be free from sin. It is indeed hard to find a pastor or congregation which is not infiltrated by all the false doctrines of Warren, Hagee, Schuler, Dobson, Robertson, and most TV preachers. They are in for a tremendous shock when they stand in judgment before our King and he says… “I know you not, depart from me you worker of iniquity!” When he first confronted me with the warning that I was not yet born again and was on my way to Hell because of sin and my rejection of his teachings, I felt his love and the desire from him to have fellowship with me. What a wonderful Savior and Lord we have!!! Jack


What city are you in? I would love to meet you someday. Thanks for responding brother. We must come out and be seperate from the world. Would you like to spend $5.000 on a Hagee cruise while we have missionaries starving to death, and being persecuted in other countries? Im so sick…..You are a boat rocker my friend, and so is God. Keep an eye on Iran, somethings coming.
Thanks Jack


Dear brother Jack,

I read today your article! A long one, and some words I must look up (I am Dutch) but

everything you say or mention is so true. It is good to hear those things time after time

because the days are very evil.

In the Netherlands abortion and gay parades are become very normal. Hardly nobody

is shocked. Openly they provoke people and show their sinns.

We have laws that forbid us to say anything against this, they will call that discrimination. But ‘we’

– the christians – are discriminated. Euthanism is been practiced for decades,

people have the ‘right’ to end their

own lives if they want to. It is all so very very bad.

Nobody can be certain about her/his life anylonger. Isnot that horrible?

I am since 4 years widow, 61 years of age, without a christian community. I am also not in a position to travel

around the country to see if there is somewhere a good christian community. My daughter and her husband,

my son and myself listen to some ‘good’ pastors via internet.

One of them is even from the USA, pastor Mike Hoggard.

He sends me DVD’s with great studies.

This is the site of Mike Hoggard

The other pastor is Pastor Koekkoek

He has great studies and is a true believer of the Lord Jesus and believes the Scriptures from A – Z.

Dear brother Jack I hope the Lord will return sóón to get His children home!

I am looking forward to HIM. Meanwhile I am studying the word of God and do the things that

are necessary.

I wish you all the best and God’s blessing. Untill we meet with HIM!

Shalom Jack

Your sister in the Lord Jesus Christ



Dear Brother Jack,

Please put me on your mailing list…

It is true, no man is our enemy, and few there are indeed who understand this… only in the light of the life of Jesus Christ can this be even comprehended.

The light does shine in the darkness, and the whosoever wills, by the saving grace of God, do long for loving-kindness, judgment and righteousness….Through the blood of the Lamb, through his indwelling Holy Spirit, he overcomes our sin nature, moment to moment, as you well know.

Our love of God runs ever deeper, and sweeter, more abundantly, in virtue, joy, and understanding by his presence within us.

Like you have shared, I as well have been to the wood shed with our Lord, once was enough…

Thanks be to God Almighty, through our Lord Jesus Christ.

your brother,



Hi hello Jack,
Warm greetings from the Philippines ..! You teaching and warning are great and precious like gold and silver I personally value it very much..! How I wish that you can visit my country and share your wisdom to our brother here .Thanks more power, revelation and insight to your ministry,

In Christ Love,
Pastor Rey


Hello Jack

Thanks for your thought-provoking writing.

Would you direct me to an article that explains why you believe that the Antichrist will be the last President of the US?

I presume that your opinion is that Obama is not necessarily the last President; but that he could be, but that we don’t know for sure.

Thanks again,




Always a JOY to hear from you.

Wanted to know if you are familiar with this man – Dave Reavor—goes teaching in high schools was a Seal in Nam who had a phosphorous grenade explode point blank from him

A friend of mine, whom I share YOUR emails with, was curious if you ever met this man.

On another note . . . this is fascinating even if I am knowledgeable on biblical history (somewhat) I am a;ways looking forward to any NEW email you share with me, and I am grateful for the friendship and the INSIGHT, Thank you Lord JESUS for putting Jack in my life!

On a sad note my homeless friend, Vietnam Vet, I wrote to you about, has passed away . . . . I don’t know exactly what happend or the details, however he was ailing, sick, feet and legs were to be amputated by VA yet he would not let them, maybe he passed from that, but it saddens me deeply that I could not reach him on a deeper more profound level to share with him the JOY of Salvation, I pray the Lord have mercy on him because only the LORD knows his heart.

Have a Blessed evening friend!




Dearest Jack…

I took the liberty of copying parts of your last email for my blog entry “In The Beginning” on, Heaven’s For Those Who Pray…Daily.

If you have any objections, please let me know so I can make the necessary changes. I have no followers as yet so there really is little fear that anyone will accuse me of plagiarism other than yourself. I am trying to do my part in making people aware of the problems involved with this New Age Spirituality and the emerging church. It is frightening to say the least. I am still ironing out details of my blog site…but it is coming along. I do little editing as the words simply seem to flow from our heavenly source above.

Your last email was absolutely magnificent. I enjoyed it so much…you put the entire bible into an easy-to-understand format giving the public access to life-saving information. Most readers find links to bible verses a bother and often feel illiterate if they are not well versed in bible knowledge…which is a put off. The “S’s” were an inspiration allowing persons to have a healthy look at what God has to say without necessarily having to look up each verse or have a bible in your lap or on your laptop. Nice job! I wish I had your talent and knowledge of the bible.

Yours in Christ, friendship, and love…

David K. Irwin

Dear David and friends,

Thanks again for posting my article on your blog, and as I said it is an honor to be your friend and brother. Please know the following for it will comfort you. It has been my experience for over seven years now on the internet that most people, whether they be friends, family, or strangers, who are sent things on the internet, do not reply very often. That doesn’t mean they are angry or reject us personally for what we have written and sent them. At first the lack of response I got from my articles and invitations to visit my web site made me think no one was listening or really cared about eternal matters.

I was wounded and hurt, but our gracious Lord Jesus within made me aware that my carnal self-pity was keeping me from the joy of sharing the Lord with others. He reminded me that this internet ministry sending out his words and teachings would not return void as the scriptures teach, and that what I was sowing would reap a blessing. Now seven years later with thousands of people receiving my writings each month, I become ashamed at how I almost gave up in the beginning. Nothing has changed, however, when it comes to replies from those who I send out emails or visit my web site. Maybe one out of a hundred people, including my closest friends and relatives, take the time to write a response, but the Lord has shown me in the spirit that many are reading the emails and his seeds are planted in the hearts and minds of the people by the Holy Spirit. As Paul said to the Corinthians, one man plants seeds, another waters that seed, but it is God who provides the increase.

Your brother in Jesus,


Dearest friend Jack…

Thank you so very much for your kind words of encouragement. I guess I had not looked at it quite that way. I had a counselor/staff member at the U. of South Dakota when I was studying Drug & Alcohol Abuse Counseling and Psychology who told me a story about the campfire. He said, “The next time you are sitting around a campfire and someone is telling a story…take the time to walk around the outside of the group while observing each persons perspective. As you observe, be sure to take a good look at how each person is responding to what is being told. It is not until you have been completely around the campfire that you fully understand each persons perspective.” Good advice in my book. You brought it back into perspective for me and I thank you.

I had another blog, which I started on Spaces, and had very little response to it either. I decided to try Google for the free advertising benefits in hopes I might gather a following. I know it is just beginning and the Lord has a great deal in store for this work. I just have high expectations and am still struggling a bit with patience…truly a virtue. I have followed your works since about 1997 and have an enormous amount of respect for you and just to know that you took time to visit with me is inspiring beyond my wildest dreams. It is my dear family that I will miss the most in the hereafter…they are not of our faithfulness. Can you tell me…are children saved no matter what? At what age is the cutoff? Adolescence?

Are you familiar with Warren Smith? I have been reading his books since his return to fundamentalism and the Truth. I have no problems reading his works whereas I began to read “Purpose Driven Life” and the Lord would not allow it. My Holy Spirit kept yelling in my ear not to pollute His world…if you know what I mean. I got as far as chapter two and put it down and never did pick it up again.

I will be eagerly looking forward to your next addition to your website. Your works always amaze me with their accuracy and timeliness pertaining to life in general and, strangely enough, with what I am personally involved with.

Yours in Christ, friendship, and love…



Hi Jack,

Great incite. Great writings.

We are definitely at the ‘threshold’ of his coming to take his children home.

I have said way back before this election that I thought that Obama was/is possibly the antichrist.

I have also said that he will be the last president that the US will ever have. I stated this months before his election.

He slipped into the office of presidency without true credentials. He IS false.