October 2012 Comments

Jack, I enjoyed this message very much—Just wanted to say how much it blessed me—I do believe that our Lord and Savior will be coming back very soon—-We have to passed His word to everyone and pray His blessings on America—-This election year plus all these things coming upon the world now shows me that the time is getting closer and closer—–The Bible is right on track and all the Lord’s prophecy is coming before us—Please keep in touch—-In Christ—–Harlene


I got your letter and I am a Christain and so very glad I know Jesus because so many are lost. I own my own business and always wait in anticipation for the chance to witness to those who rely on other things besides Christ for their answers.

God Bless!


I just read your 2012 material on your website.  I agree with it, except I believe those thrown into hell will perish rather than suffer eternally.

You know what suffering is, having been to Vietnam, and I don’t think any living thing will have to go through that eternally.

They will just not raise from the dead.

I know this contradicts the thoughts of those who say we were born eternal.  I can’t work out the inconsistencies.  My head

would break trying.  I just believe God’s justice will finally prevail.  There has been a lot of justice missing lately, and I can

see that there will indeed be a final war to bring justice against the tormentors of mankind.

I am very sick of the battles of the Republicans against one another, and the Democrat-Republican war heating up.  You

are right, it seems, that these people are controlled by Demons.  Demonocracy, one writer put it, in describing the antics of

those who fostered derivatives in the banking and investment industry.

My son thinks we Christians are as bad as the Muslims and won’t have anything to do with it.  He hates all religion.

And I hate having to argue with him, because he won’t let the subject lie.

So I wish I could clear my computer of all the endless stream of letters about the virtues of Navy Seals, the virtues

of our war in Afghanistan, etc., all sent to me either by Christian or Obama supporters.  Yes, Jack, both sides are in

league with the fallen angels.

I do hope this year is the Rapture.  His saints are about worn out, but then that’s been true for a very long time.

Your friend,



Dear Mr. Hook,
I read your article and thought it was very well writen. I’m not a religious man in that I don’t follow an organized religion. However, I am sure of one thing, something is going to happen soon. I have no idea if it’s going to be a man made “something” or natural, but it’s not going to be pretty.

Thanks for your article.


Gosh. Where to begin?

Well, first of all, thank you for writing to me. I have read your 2012 essay carefully, and I find it the work of a man of common sense, true faith, and clear thinking. And that’s a lot!

Second, you will, I hope, forgive me my little joke if, after looking at your name and reading that you are a veteran, I call you “Captain Hook.” That is what I shall call you when we correspond in the future, which I am sure we shall.

Third—just out of idle curiosity—where did you get my name and e-mail address?

Fourth, I must congratulate you for your fine expository writing style. As it happens, I am a linguist, and a professional writer and editor, so you may believe me when I tell you that very few people these days are able to order their “thoughts” (if any!) and to put them into coherent and meaningful English. Your essay was a pleasure to read on that level alone, putting aside the content thereof.

Fifth, thank you for using the King James Bible for your quotations.  It is not the most accurate translation from the Greek, but it is certainly the finest, and the dignity of the diction is, to my mind, entirely appropriate for religious language in a way that other translations simply are not. As earthly creatures, we cannot use earthly language to describe God literally, so we are obliged to rely upon poetry and imagery and dignity of expression when we try to talk about things that are not of this world, which our languages are. Language is, at one and the same time, the best tool we have AND the biggest stumbling block. Reminds me of a quotation of Samuel Adams: “How strangely the tools of the tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words!” That was George Orwell’s main thesis as well. And one has only to look around to see how right they were.

Now…having said all that, may I leave off here, and ask you to scroll down and read my responses to your essay, which I shall post in green?


Am on my way to a Bible study shortly so I don’t have time for a comprehensive reply right now. Wanted to let you know that it seemed like someone was picking my brain because I could have written almost everything you are saying myself even down to who the aliens really are and the new age deception that i was once a part of.    Al

Dear Al,

Thanks for the encouraging response.  Obviously the Holy Spirit is showing us the same thing about the coming end times.  Most of my friends and relatives, even those who profess to be Christians, are blind to the role of the fallen angels (Aliens) in this world system of politics and religion..  I hope my online book written in 1980 and current articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection.  There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.  Keep in touch, Al. 
Your eternal friend, 
Jack D. Hook 

You may know or not know that I was all over the Internet in March and April because of coming forward with information about Obama. I was the mailman for the Thomas Ayers family for a number of years. They are the parents of the domestic terrorist-bomber-Marxist Bill Ayers. In conversations with Mrs. Ayers ( Mary ) I learned about a student they had given financial aid to.  Later I met that student in front of their home and had a revealing conversation with him. It was Barack Obama. I also met Bernadine Dorhn there since she stayed with Bill’s parents for a month or two. If you want more information on this just google my name. Many unkind things were said about me by those that can’t stand the truth but, I truly felt the grace of God toward them and harbor no ill feelings.

When I was about eight or nine years old I began seeing Flying Saucers ( 1952 on ). Most of the time there were other witnesses and once was even reported in the news. For some reason I was drawn very strongly to this and through the literature of the time became heavily involved in Eastern Religions and the occult. I joined the Theosophical Society at age seventeen and attended meetings at their headquarters in Wheaton Il for several years. I also took correspondence lessons from Alice Baily. I acquired advanced kundalini yoga books from the Vedanta Society and practiced breathing techniques, candle gazing, so called meditation, and attempts at astral projection as well as a host of other things. Certain extra sensory abilities began to manifest themselves and I was scaring the Hell out of my mother though she never told me that till years later. After meeting some of the authors, leaders, and so called clairvoyants of the time I began to sense that they were more fraud and plagiarists than anything else, so I began to back away from the heavy stuff. It was about that time that a demon or demons started to attack me and push me out of my body at night (sleep paralysis). You can’t imagine the fear and feeling of helplessness that came over me. Because Jesus was always special to me and I never swallowed the occult view of Him I called on His name in desperation and the attack immediately ceased. the attacks occurred nightly at first, then  further and further apart as time went on, till they ceased altogether. I didn’t realize that I had given permission to a familiar spirit to enter me through these practices and rituals. The paranormal abilities left me when I called upon Jesus. It would be many more years before I came to know Him. I came broken and humbled and blindsided, ambushed by the Holy Spirit, slapped in the face and disciplined. I’m not going into all the details here but, there was a period of about six months leading up to my conversion that included exposure to the Christian faith, prayer,and immorality that had to be delt with.

  I truly believe that The Lord is using all of these experiences and many people that I have met to reveal what is actually going on. As an example, I learned that the Theosophical Society has been the main conduit of new age influence in the world and has had an effect on many leaders and educators.  There are so many things that I haven’t even touched on. I have a lady Friend that I almost married years ago that I have developed a strong spiritual connection to. In a telephone conversation we had recently, she asked how it is that both of us have met well known people, good and bad, and happened to be in the right place at the right time to be on the inside of national events etc. when we both come from such humble backgrounds. I think this is enough, there is so much more.

A brother in Yeshua ( my mother and her family are Hebrew )



An interesting treatise that you have posted here.

I do not completely concur with all that you have said.

For example, you have said that the only war we will have any part of will be the one at the end of the age when Lord Jesus vanquishes His enemies. I submit that we will be merely witnesses of that extermination since Lord Jesus will handle the matter with the Sword that proceeds from his mouth (i.e. the double-edged sword…).

A “just war” is one to which you respond with force because you are attacked without cause; it is the defense against that unwarranted aggression that makes your war-like effort ‘just’ as opposed to a war of conquest for gain. It is true that we have not had such a war in the USA and that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a charade foisted upon the American people for the purpose of drawing them (us) into WW2.

It is time to retire to ‘fortress America’ and let the rest of the world self-destruct while we wait for the Return.

That does not mean that we should rest on our laurels. Quite the contrary: We should re-double our Missionary efforts worldwide. The Harvest is ready it is time to reap.

As for the mysterious Mayan calendar; who knows what really happened. The poor slob might have gone home for lunch and been bitten by a poisonous snake along the way. Or he might have been carried off by a ferocious jungle cat or a python. Or, the Emperor might have taken a look at the project while he was at lunch and decided that December 20, 2012 was more than sufficient since the white god-man Quetzxlcoatl would have come and gone by then. Whatever!

The point is this; it is easy, greasy Grace just to stand by and do nothing for the Kingdom while waiting for the Return of the King. Preaching the Word and Defending the Faith go hand in hand. We are to be meek as sheep and wise as serpents. You forgot to finish the quote. We are to be inoffensive. That does not mean that we are to be indefensible or incapable of warding off our enemies at need.

I suggest that you read the ‘Left Behind’ series for a model of practicality in management of the time remaining to us. If you are a post-millennialist, you will immediately see the need for some sort of model along the lines that the ‘Left Behind’ series suggests. The work to accomplish that model or something like it will be sufficient to keep everyone busy while they wait for the Glorious Returning.

Me, I’m holding out for the Rapture.

In His Service,



I enjoyed the article you wrote and sent to me.  Yes, I would like to get more of your writings as long as it doesn’t overwhelm my inbox.



I am a “would be” writer and for the next several of my efforts will focus on Israel, Jerusalem, and the Jews. I have entitled this serious of articles “A God Ordained Trilogy” I called it a trilogy because each one is a story of its own, and they sing out their own song entitled ” Chosen”.

I am sending you my first article which is only an introduction. I am writing next on Anti Semitism and also the passage that deals with those who say they are Jews but are not but from the Synagogue  of Satan. (Rev. 2:9)

I have just found your website and have only glanced through it but what I have seen looks great. I wish I could only do half of what you are doing -but we work with what we have.

I ask for your prayers as I try to write some of the most strategic writings  I have attempted in preparing the Church for all that awaits them.

May the Lord bless you!


I’ve seen some of these photos before but never the one of nails piercing His wrists.  I was suddenly hit with the realization of the intense pain He took upon Himself for me.  Though I knew that before, that picture really touched me.

Here at work, I have been insulted many times over, “for being a Christian when there’s so much else you could be doing in life and having like way more fun!” 

Despite the years of partying, (born in ’58), despite all the many, many mistakes I’ve made in my lifetime, I still stand amazed at the fact that He did this (let alone anything) for me.  So my way of saying, “Thank you” back to Him is to share Him with everyone who God opens the door for me to speak with.  And I do pray that daily – “Lord, prepare the heart of someone I can share your love with today.  Let them gain some understanding of how much You love them.”  And He is always faithful to answer that prayer.

In Christ,



Jack   I did the same thing about never being ashamed of the my saviour Jesus Christ.   I talk to every one that I see and will listen to what I have to say about him.  So good to hear this from you.

I have seen this same email several times and I always enjoy looking at the pictures   If I could travel again I sure would like to go see this place, Groom, Texas.  Too many health problems heart and lungs are not quite as good as they were at one time but you know I will pray for you.   Brothers in Christ   May the good Lord bless you and yours   Rit


Dear Jack,

Thank you for mailing me Sir.I am delighted to hear from you. Since I heard some of the stories from Vietnam vets, my soul was in anguish. I felt very strongly God wants to reach those guys that served.They need Jesus to get to Heaven just like everybody else. I am praying for the vets,I don’t want one of them to die outside of Christ. Will pray for you too,Jack.