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Dear Jack,

Have read your article and absorbed as much as I could. What is your take on dispensationalist and the one and only Baptism. Which does our Lord Jesus Christ deal about?



Dear Jim,

Thanks for responding with your questions.  Dispensations or sets of time, or as Paul said the “fullness of time”, as I see things has to do primarily with the coming of Jesus Christ to the Jewish people offering them salvation from their inherent sin nature.  It also has to do with the literal Kingdom which our Lord Jesus will establish on this earth at his second coming.

Again, his two comings are as the “early and latter” rain of the Holy Spirit which is first directed or offered to the Jewish people and then to the Gentiles.  The Jewish nation is now back in its prophetic place since 1948, which in the “fullness of time” will see the second coming of its King.

The one and only baptism that I understand is that of the Holy Spirit when a lost soul comes to Godly sorrow for sin that produces repentance unto life eternal.  This is called being born again.

I hope my online book written in 1980 and current articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection.  There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead.  Keep in touch, Jim.

Your eternal friend,

Jack D. Hook


 Dear Jack,

Thanks so much for your rapid response. It’s refreshing. I will pray Gods blessings on the Truth in your Ministry.

Long ago I was with the Jesus Movement,and saw a lot of prophetic mumbo jumbo..and it turned, many away from the unity. We were told that astronomers saw the New Jerusalem in the sky..and then the materials to build the New Temple were already in place. This was in 1971.

And predictions our money would fail in 10 years..along with the banks. Unity in the truth distorted.

Others predicted dates in 10-15 years of the Lords coming.

More false prophecy…you can see why the body of true believers gets discouraged ….



Dear Jack,

I received your Email a couple of year ago, but was unable to answer, do to physical problems. I read your Son the Son and I also was a Vietnam Vet in 65-69.  I don’t want you to think that I don’t believe in the Lord and his Son as many of nights while in Vietnam I would talk to God to ask why. So to let you know I also do not have many friends and I am sending my reply back to you as requested.



As far as picking up arms. I am 75 and was Baptised at 71. I have read that there is a time when you are justified in picking up arms.  Curtiss


Don’t worry about the “second coming” it’s not going to happen.  Don’t worry about war, because we will all come eventually to the same understanding that peace and love is truly the only way.
People who die in war are “victims” so we can see that war is wrong.

At the “end of time” we will all be lovingly taken back to glory on the arms of the saints and angels and Mother and Father God wait patiently and teach us lessons–as long as it takes–through our many lives.

There is no judgement.  Only love, peace and glory.

When people understand this, it will all get a lot easier.

And Jack, you don’t need fancy philosophies or long letters or anything to contradict anyone.  The only way is peace and love and kindness, compassion and patience.
Everything you need to know is already written on your heart.  Pray for truth, peace and love everyway and every day.

Ask God/dess at the beginning of the day “where do you want me to go, who do you want me to talk to and what do you want me to say to them when I get there?”

This makes everything a whole lot easier.
Peace, my friend.


PS–I strongly recommend everyone read A Course in Miracles. It explains all we really need to know.



While a applaud your sill and effort, I follow Christian values without the need for editorials regardless of our agreement.  I will not be reading them and would appreciate my removal from your mailing list.  May God always Bless you in His love.


I failed to follow up on your original question.  I served in the Army for 6 years entering into the Warrant Officer Flight Program.  I served a tour in RVN with A Co. 229th Assault Helicopter Bn., 1st Cav. Based in An Khe, LZ Hammond, LZ English, LZ Winchester (Dak To).  I returned to Contact Division and instructed in Hueys for a year and a half at Rucker, entering the 1st class of OH-58A Instructor training.  Returning to RVN, I served a year as an SIP at 23rd Arty Gp., flying the DEPCOM of IIFF Arty..  Followed by promotions and a DEROS to Ft. Sill where I instructed in Arty OCS.  I left the service as a junior captain.



Thank you for the website Brother, and the work entrusted upon you. Geoffrey


Hey Jack,  

I praise the Lord Jesus for your stand against evil.  I praise the Lord that He has opened your eyes to the truth concerning Christians using violence to bring about good.  How satan is brain washing everyone on American Patriotism or using Fear to lead people into sin.  If people will just clear their minds and read God’s Word they could see for themselves also if they allow the Holy Spirit work in their heart and minds.  It just kills me that people cannot see they are being used by the anti christ system.  I think this subject is the number one issue we need to get out to folks since they are trying to stir up another civil war in this country.  Christians do not realize they give their Salvation away if they do violence for any reason.  If they seek to save their life they will loose their soul!  Matt. 10:38-39  And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.  He that findeth his life shall lose it; and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.   We are not to love the things of this world.  God’s word is 100 percent clear on this issue so no debate is necessary just submission!

Blessings to you,  Kel


God bless. Your understandings are correct as the spirit has also revealed to me. I have recently repented of some lingering sins, thank God, and am learning more and more. I agree with your understanding and am going to mention something else revealed to me by the spirit in 1980: ‘when you see Iraq and Iran join together, the world’s time is up.’ I have been watching events ever since. Based upon the vision, I expect that Iraq and Iran will become allies.

Glad I was led to investigate your writings.

Sincerely in the Lord,


Dear Jack,

Oh Wow..

What an email story!!!

I would very much like to know where you got my email add and on what site?????Would you please let me know..

I thought I would send you my photo from last year at 84 and also some of my works..


Betty Jane

I’m not a veteran,,,but I’m an artist who paints in oils and I’m mostly self taught..

I love your Newsletter to me..

I’m very open to what you write.

I feel very fortunate that our Lord gave me this talent to paint  late in my life..

I accepted him into my life at the age of 16,,and he Guides me in everything that I do evn down to the last detail




Great letter, Jack.  You have really been thinking deeply about these issues.  

Thank you. 



Pastor Hook,

I agree and I disagree.  I agree that militant patriotism goes to a form of idolatry, even that of the US and Israel which have greater Biblical orientations than other nations.  In particular, the idea that God and conservative politics form one in the same thing is ominous be it here or in Israel.

However, I disagree in that I do not believe pacifism is possible at this time.  Only the Good will listen to such a doctrine, emasculating the Good in the face of Evil.  We have to stand up to bad guys.  I disagree with the idea that the President can declare a country an enemy (Venezuela, Iraq, Libya, Syria, et al) and then the media lies for his sake.  But, the idea that we allow genuinely evil entities such as Al Qeada, Iran or North Korea to roll over us would only embolden the bad principle.  The difference between the former and the latter is that the former are not ideologically monolithic and can be reasoned with.  All attempts to deny that distinction would be war-mongering for the sake of powerful corporations with hidden agendas.  

I oppose the neo-cons and those who push war.  But, at the same time, I believe that there are times that evil must be opposed.  It is a delicate balance.  A more trust-worthy set of politicians would be the only way to really achieve that balance.  Sadly, such politicians as those who tell the truth do not seem to get elected.  C’est la vie