September 2001 Comments

Let me guess – Jehova´s Witness, right?

Don´t agree with either your theology nor your eschatology.

God Bless,


Dear Jack,
sorry it took me so long to reply to you, but things have been coming
my way on a roll and moreover, I wanted to visit your site before replying.
This I have done today. I read your testimony and it is touching and
brings memories of my own mother who prayed for years and years for me,
lost in Hollywood, in a sex, drugs and rock´n´roll world.

How precious are our mothers. I believe that mothers have the strongest
bond of love possible for a human being.

Compliments on your site. I went through most articles and I can see
you have done your homework. Prophecy is certainly the most interesting
aspect of the Word (one third of the Bible is of prophetic nature). This
also should temper us to be careful on what we spread forth, and to leave
the appropriate open possibilities where no certain explanation can be
made. But as we get closer to the end, all pieces will fall into their
proper place, and so the picture is becoming increasingly clear, day
by day.
God bless your efforts for the Kingdom.
Dear Mr.Hook,

Thanks for your mail. I have read your web site It is interesting indeed. Good work. I belong to an ancient Orthodox Church of Kerala, India. Kerala is known as God´s own country. It is beautiful and lovable. Its environment and topography (till three decades ago) resembles that of Canan, the promised land of Israelites.
I have read some of the Revelation related literature. Can you please elucidate me the events mentioned in your web site to that of the current period vis-a-vis happenings in the world. I shall be grateful.

Hello Jack, I reply to your letter to me as I see that from “Man´s beliefs” you are as yet not mentally free. However, your dear sweet mother was right and today stands in God´s pure Light, that is what Mother God says to me and a “nod” from Father confirms that it so be.

I got your e-mail alittle while ago.I was just wondering, where did you find my address? I´m not angry to you for sending me the site,just wondering. Many christians don´t take seriously of facts about Babylon. For most of them it´s just part of history in the Bible or just mysterious symbols, without no reality. And sometimes it seems, the christianity has come so earthly, so dull, just go to church. listen some speech, pray a little and like it´s today, it will be tomorrow. We need to weak up!Jesus is really coming soon.
I can tell you, how much we pray in our church, that people would wake. Escpecially who are God´s children, to get ready for the wedding and NOT for the Babylon! It´s so important for every christian, (I speak also for myself,too) to check the direction of your way. And ask the Lord for help, that He would lead us on His way.You are doing a good work, you tell facts about Babylon,etc. And we know, that her jugdement day is near. If you got some news to tell me, please e-mail them to me. Yours, Sirpa.

Father God, Forgive these people who condemn your Church and your Vicar to hell. They know not what they are saying. Their minds have been clouded by satan. In the Name of Jesus, I smash satan´s worm eaten skull into the fires of everlasting hell!!! Amen!!! Glory to God!!! Alleluia!!!
Father God, I pray that you would Bapize these people in Your Holy
Spirit. Remove the scales from their eyes, as you removed the scales
from Sauls´ Eyes. Show them the truth. Show them that in Christ, there is no Condemnation!!! In the Almighty, Loving Name of Your most Blessed Son Jesus. Who lives and Reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, Forever and Ever!!! Amen!!!!
Hi. Thanks for emailing me your website on the Rapture Report mailing list. I read it and I find it very interesting and edifying. i have accepted Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. Right now i am 18 and I find myself being the only Christian in my family. My parents say the bible is for old people. But I in no way believe that. i don´t know anybody personally that i am sure have Christ in their lives. My mother´s religion(not Christian) pretty much dominates the whole family. I read the bible very often. Ever since I have accepted Jesus as my savior i have never went to her temple which worships idols. I am definitly in an odd situation. Usually the child goes along with the same religion as their parents. it´s different for me. I´m planning to go away to college in the summer and also I´d like to get involved in Christian activities. I´d rather go to Heaven more than anything! I will continue to read your website, well done

Stop badmouthing the Catholic Church. What is the matter with you to have so much rage. Jesus is alive in the The Catholic Church. They do not teach their members to worship Mary. If you believe this then you are mislead you need to read Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating. If you are one who wants to know the truth then you should take the time to research as opposed to making such horrible claims which are not true. Jesus will hold us accountable for every idle word!!!!!!!! You need to repent and ask Jesus to forgive you for such slander

Dear Jack.

Thank you for your e-mail. It is always interesting to see how others in
the Faith are going about their service of the LORD.

I haven´t had time to look in any depth at your website as there is a
great deal of information on it but I admire your stand against the
embraced paganism found in so many of the world´s churches today. I am
very new to the ministry and remain completely independant of any
denominational church after finally coming out of my Roman prison cell.
Oh the glorious freedom a Christian has when he has cut loose the
fetters of popery!

I can appreciate your view concerning the Kingdom of God; however, Jesus gave Himself for all people, even those who serve our beloved country in the US Military. Consequently, our men and women in uniform deserve and need individuals called of God to bring the love of God to them. In so doing, many of them are brought into the family of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

I do not know who you are, nor do I know how you received my email address. I have neither the time nor the energy to debate our theological differences. There are more important areas of ministry with which I am involved. Consequently, please remove me from your mailing address. Thank you

Hey Hook. What´s gonna happen when we´re all offed by solar radiation, global warming or an asteroid. Is the Big Boy on the Lord´s Right Hand gonna change his itinerary from Earth to Alpha Centauri?

So what is the answer to your question? Can a Christian in good conscience kill another human being? In Viet Nam I, too, had a problem reconciling “Thou shalt not kill” with what we were doing. It´s a question I´ve wrestled with since the war and I can´t help feeling that the doctrine of turning the other cheek is not compatable with war. I appreciate your view. Thanks, Marc
Well Jack Hook, I consider this syberspace bible thumping an intrusion to my privacy. If I need to be preached to I will go to the church of my choice. Looks like the Pentagon requires a firewall to keep people like you off of their system. Don´t ever send me an E-Mail again.

You´re pretty far gone. In the slim hopes that you
can return to rationality, I encourage you to read
“The Age of Reason” by the great American Founding
Father, Thomas Paine. If your local library doesn´t
have it (no surprise) an inexpensive copy can be
purchased from Wet Water Publications, RR 1 Box 62,
Rushville, PA 18839 for only $5 postpaid. Ask and
receive a supplementary 19-page report: “The
Fundamentals Revisited”. You need to have your eyes
opened, or rather, your mind.

Who did you get my e-mail? Please delete it from your mailing list at once.For your knowledge, missionary acts are illegal in Israel.
You´ve probably forgotten that the G-d of Israel is the father of your JesuPlease don´t bother writing to me anymore!

Hello Jack.
Thank you for inviting me to your website. I am not able to visit it today but I want to soon. Your questions are valid but the answers are not always as apparent as you think. The question of America´s politicians being genuinely concerned over Israel is a concern of mine as well, as it is my sister´s. Prayer is the most powerful resource we have. It brings us so much closer to God. Satan is the ruler over this earth and has a grip on too many people because we let Atheists rule over us in regards to prayer and discipline. Pray for the world, not just Israel. If the world would come together in God´s name, Israel will triumph—-if not, then we, the world is doomed to starvation and destruction.
Keep the Faith and God Bless

Israel has been at war continuously since her conception, so what is
happening now is not an unusual occurence. Sorry, but you´re wrong. Everytime someone over in the Middle East gets ticked off, all the
doomsayers have a field day with it and peddle their news of Armageddon. It´s a big industry, generating millions of dollars by playing off of mass naive paranoia that is directly linked to the mind control initiated by the media and force-fed to the millions of zombies that they´ve created. Sorry, but the bible isn´t leaving behind any clues that indicate a specific time for man´s demise. It is vague. It says it will come “like a thief at night” and that´s exactly the way it will happen. It didn´t happen at Y2k, it didn´t happen during the war between Egypt and Israel, it didn´t happen during the holocost, and frankly, I don´t see it happening now. So, go find some lost sheep to follow your flock, because my eyes are wide open brother, and I´m not gonna live my life in fear……rapture or no rapture. Let it end tomorrow…..we all have to die sometime. When you die, that will be
your own Armageddon. Are these preachers of doom going to heaven any faster than the rest of us? Not when they try to make a fast buck in the name of Jesus.

G-D is not doing this to his chosen people. christian haters of G-D are giving weapons and logistics to the moslem infidels to kill G-D´S chosen people. The day will come when G-D will exact his vengance on the christian nations for helping to kill G-D´S chosen people. Repent before it is too late.
Hello, just got word of your web site and have been reading it, say, can you fill me in on why you think the anti-christ comes from America, i too believe America is Babylon-thanks–ron

Are you saying in your news letter that sinse we (Christians) are only IN this world and not OF this world that to fight and die as a patriot of the U.S. is wrong? Jesus reprimanded Peter for using a sword on Malcus, but he did say that there would come a time to use the sword.

Jesus at that time did not need anyone to defend him because it would deter his Salvation mission. Please respond to this. I´m a bit confused about your position. It is NOT obvious in your news letter as you seem to think it is. Thanks.
How about this you ignorant christian Hillbilly- Isreal sucks. It´s a
religious center for three of the worlds biggest groups of illogical war
mongers. Instead of going there, you can go to tbns.net/devonlake and read some of the rants on what I think of christianity. You can get ……..armies of thugs armed with holy books written by neanderthals out of Palistine, and leave it´s people alone. My freind is an heir to a quantity of Palestinian soil, which your Jews and Christians are trying to rob him of. He is a good Athiest and doesn´t deserve to have thieves steal his land because of some crack-head hebrews Halucinations from hundreds of years ago

Hi Jack,

First could you tell me how you got my name? maybe you think I am some one else with this name? Just wondering.Secondly, I do not believe in war, there is never a reason to kill our brothers, sisters and the children that always die , you know the collateral as they are so nicely called. Makes it easier for public to accept, than, murdered. I do believe that there are humans on this planet that deserve to be eradicated for the good of all, human, animals and the planet. But that is just my thinking. I went to your site, found it very interesting and informative. You do have a way with words. that is a compliment! It is great that you finally saw the light Jack, sometimes it takes some of us a little longer to realize what is right and truth. Jehovah Bless you and your wife.

Thanks for the email even though I think it was meant for another. Good Luck in Life and the hear after. Oh, by the way, your lovely mom sounds just like mine and my grandma……..so full of belief and goodness.



I can totally understand your need to make such a website. When I was younger I wanted to join the WACS as a nurse, my father forbid me. I corresponded many months with a favorite cousin stationed in Vietnam, the year was 1968. The questions you raise are also the questions many of us hear in our own heart and mind.

I applaud you for taking the courage to greet the questions that bring us all to our knees in question of what we feel is right.
God Bless.

I appreciate your sacrifice in fighting in a very unpopular war, just as my Pastor did. But please don´t give up your patriotism for the United States. All of our founding fathers were commited to Christ, and yet they never gave up their commitment to this nation. They fought against tyranny and made great sacrifices, in which most of us can never imagine. And because of the freedom that they fought for, and many died for, we now have the freedom to worship our God more than any other country on the face of this earth

Boring! I don´t want to receive rubbish like this from people who are still
living in the past. Get a life!

hi went to your site a little wondered where u got my email? i want to really sit down abnd go thru your site well, so far i believe it to be very well put together read in your guest book the guy who didnt believe in jesus blew my mind i will pray for him. thanks for sending me your site however u
got my addy im glad u did

I hope for your sake, you find peace in the belief that the Messianic era will be upon us. But please remove my address from further evangelic email. I believe in one G-d, and none else like him. I do not believe in Christianity not any of it´s tennants. The one religionis the Jewish faith, and all the Christian, and Moslem attempts to eliminate us have not, and will not succeed.

Your name is familiar, but I cannot place it. I visited your website, and found it interesting. Salvation has a very narrow definition, and even more rigid parameters. But thanks be to God for that, there is room for a lot of different personalities in the kingdom of Heaven. The way I see
it, all I have to believe in order to be saved is what Saint Paul said: confess with my lips that Jesus is Lord, and believe in my heart that God raised Him from the dead. I don´t have to agree with your stand on patriotism, and you don´t have to agree with mine. God bless you.


Never mind answering my email. I just read about you and your false claim America is the Babylon. Ha, read your Bible. Babylon is in the middle east, and I was healed of cancer, after 4 1/2 years, not by doctors, but speaking the Word of God healing scriptures, every day until I received them into my spirit and out into my body. God doesn´t take us out of this world, using
satan´s methods of sickness, murder, drugs, etc. I am now a healthy 77 year old without Rx´s in my body. God said I could live 70 and if strong 80. remove me from your list and you need not answer this email thanks Nancy
Dear friend,

You have quoted the bible terrifically, however, I see no other documentation in your findings. How can you be sure that 600 million people have died in wars in the last 2,000 years? How can you be sure that 300 million have been killed in the last 70 years? And if your findings are true, (although I highly doubt that figure is remotely close to the real number and I also highly doubt that any sort of records could have been kept with any sort of accuracy) how many of those millions of deaths were as a result of the raping and pillaging done by the “Christian” crusades. I applaud you for your ideas, but do not agree with them. I suppose I will burn eternally along with the Ghandi and the entire cast of Seinfeld. All praise be to God (your´s and mine).

I don´t know where you got my address from, but you wrote the wrong
Christian. I believe in God and country. I remember also that God had his children defend their country(Israel). I live in this country under God, AND I will die for either one!! Your heart is in the right place need to re-examine your theology. Besides we all reap the harvest of our sins, that explains Isreals current and past problem.

Dear Mr. Hook,

Thanks for sending the email for me to visit your website. How did you get my email? I think you have an awesome website! I have not read it all yet, but plan to. You have a powerful testimony and I was really inspired by your experience with your heart surgery. Incidentally, my little girl was born the same day of your surgery and year of your surgery! I, too, have struggled with the “double mind” and when I read about your struggles, I was in awe at the thought of someone else going through what I have struggled with. Your article on “Wolves in Sheep´s Clothing” really hit home for me because my husband and I had the unfortunate experience of spending 6 years in a cultic church. You are so correct in what you have written and it is good to see someone with a website to help others to avoid being mislead as we were. I just wanted to encourage you and let you know to keep up the excellent work for God. Don´t let others come against what God has called you to do. You are impacting lives for God and I am truly thankful for having been introduced to your website. May the Lord bless you with peace and abundant blessings as you continue to labor for him.