September 2002 Comments

Hi Jack,

You obviously have done quite a bit of research on the prophecies of the Word. You are one of the few people I know with the guts to say America is babylon the great. Every christian I know is in denial and hard of heart, it the pleasures of this nation Jack. I need to know what day on your timeline is the World trade Center burning. I know it is in Revelations 18:9-10, but what day is it when considering the timeline you made. I need to know how close are we to the 869th day. Do you believe the two witnesses wear sackloth because they are repenting for once being inside the apostate church and Babylon the Great? I believe it is because they come out of the whore.
Just keep on writting the newsletter!!
Let the mockers and scoffers carry on==its there loss and our gain!!
In Jesus name,

Understand Jack, that whether or not people believe what you are saying,
the Bible clearly states that there would be scoffers and mockers in the
last days.

2 Peter 3:3-6 (KJV)
Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers,
walking after their own lusts, [4] And saying, Where is the promise of
his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as
they were from the beginning of the creation. [5] For this they willingly
are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the
earth standing out of the water and in the water: [6] Whereby the world
that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

Whether or not I agree with everything you may say, one thing is certain:
Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God is coming again, and whether men are
prepared or not, He is soon to come!

Thanks for the sounding alarm.

Yes, our King is coming! Thank you for your vision/explanation of
revelation. I have a slightly different view in my mind, but you are right
in saying that this is no fairytale or x-files, it is all going to happen.
I’m looking forward to the day our Lord Jesus returns, I invite Him every
day, but there are so many people who are living their own lives, there is
work to do for us for Gods Kingdom. Christ has already won.
Who are you anyway, Jack Hook, and where are you from? How many people did
you send this and how did you get my email adress?


Let the mockers – mock, and the scoffers – scoff. But let the Word of Elohim rise above all of the rhetoric and false prophecy, so that the name of Yahshua Mashiach will be honored, magnified and glorified.

In His service,

You’re not motivated by love. It is fear that drives you. Perfect love casts out fear. All your preaching produces is a bunch of terrified people. Jesus came to save men’s lives, not to destroy them. All your striving and all your works of the flesh in the name of Christ will be burned up. All that is not done through faith working by love will have no heavenly reward. The origin of the word “church” can be traced back to “Circe” who was a greek goddess. She turned men into pigs by her scorcery and made them drink abominations from a golden cup. That word was well known to those who lived at the time when the book of Revelation was written. The “church” is a rich whore and will receive a double judgement from God! Those who are the “called out ones” are not the “church”, they are the “Ekklesia” and they worship God in Spirit and in Truth. The Ekklesia never use fear and blasphemous images of the Creator to try to “win” souls. They have the Spirit of God upon them to bind up the broken hearted, to preach LIBERTY to the captives and to set free those who are bound by “that woman called CHURCH” who is a whore, but thinks she sits as a queen and will not see sorrow.

I beg you, please repent and ask God to open your eyes to what spirit you are following.

Peace –
Dear Mr. Hook;

It is evident from the prophecies found in Isiah, Ezechial and Jeremiah,
the babylon of the last days is in fact the United States. I doubt very
much that many Americans will be alive when HaSatan, the False messiah
and the False prophet are brought to heal by Yeshua in the last days of
the tribulation.


Hi Jack,

I liked your article and would say I agree pretty much ver batim with it. Thanks for sharing it, and I may forward it to my mailing list eventually. Feel free to keep me in your address book to be notified of future works.

Also, I’m glad to see that you’ve posted your book online as well, rather than get sucked into the “health and wealth gospel” merchandising machine. What we freely receive from God for ministry and to bless, warn, encourage and strengthen others must be freely given as well.


Hi Jack, thank you once again for sending me your monthly update of
and warning as well. Praise God that He saw fit to reveal Himself to us
when we
did not deserve anything but God’s wrath ourselves. What a wonderful
Saviour is
Jesus our Lord. Amazing Love how can it be that thou My God did die for me.
our Great God continue to be with you and envcourage you by His Holy Spirit
as you
seek to warn the lost.
Yours because I am His

I’m responding to the message I received the morning of 27 June, 2002. This message made mention of the great american antichrist and aliens and extraterestrials coming from outer space. You also made mention of the president of the US being the Anti-Christ and that he weould be cast into the lake of fire with the Pope. May I ask how you arrived at these conclusions and revelations? I have read the Book of reveleation extensively and it makes no mention of the US in it or any place that could possibly be conceived as the US. It does mention Gog and Magog, which many theologans beleive to be Russia or possible the former Soviet Republics around Russia. I concur with much of what you said about Babylon the great, but some of it seemed like irrational ranting, particularly the part of the President of the US being the Anti-Christ. I’ld like to hear about how you arrived at these conclusions. I too am a born again Chirstian and anxiously await the return of Christ our King, but we must be carefule not to see the antiChrist under every rock or around every corner. Please share with me how you arrived at these conclusions.



I don’t think you are crazy Mr. Hook,,just aware. You send me these letters at the most and least expected times for me. This is a good thing,,.God knows when I should receive these messages,,and they come “right on time”. Thank You Mr. Hook for thinking of me. I am aware as well of all that is happening and yet to come,,I pray the Good Lord will find me fit to partake in everlasting life and all that He has to offer.. Please spread your message Mr. Hook,,and do not forget about me. Brianna


Thank you… my thoughts and prayers continue to tell me that “what is good appears evil, and what appears evil is good” – it is ironic that the recent change in the pledge of allegiance has offended so many by the omission of two words, yet I continue to wonder what God these people are serving in this country… Given the latest war on terror, it contradicts everything Jesus stands for… Keep me in the loop – we must all stay strong in Christ as He will support us and give us Truth… His Truth in a world blind to it… Craig

Hi, Jack–just read your latest, “Wrath of the Lamb”. I liked how you said we can’t love God until we first fear him. When I was a teenager I said once to my ex-minister Uncle that respect was born of fear. I’m glad you agree with me because he sure didn’t! But the more important point here is that what you said is so true, especially concerning our relationship with God. He is the King, the Judge, the All. He is the one and only Authority and without fear of what He can and will do if “we” don’t accept what He has offered, we will act as all “common” people do–we will pretend to have respect and love, while inwardly believing that we can “get around” God and do as we please with no chastisments or punishments. The saying that we are his “children” does not mean we are expected to, or have the right to, ACT like CHILDREN and take no responsibility for our actions because we are under the delusion that our “father” is a pushover and won’t do anything about it. Lack of fear breeds disrespect. If one loves someone, they respect them, but who respects anyone that they can “walk all over” and “push around” and “make a fool out of”?? Jack, I don’t know what’s going to happen “in the end” as far as whether the world will believe it is aliens invading. I do know that the Bible is the Truth and that God does not lie, so therefore I am absolutely positive that the end will come with a horrific battle and that Jesus will return in triumph. I know that the antichrist will turn a lot of people’s heads, so to speak (or maybe literally for all we know!) and I guess that about all Christians can do is to get the message out to beware and also to fortify themselves against being misled. I know this alien thing makes sense in many ways, but that is YOUR interpretation of how it will all go down. The fact that you are declaring that that is the EXACT way it is going to happen scares me a little. I will now ask the question that many have asked you: what makes you so sure that YOU know the truth in EXACT terms??? I think it is a fair question. Take care, Jack

Thanks again for the convicting article. I am guilty. I try to start at square one daily but often fail. I am thankful that His blood is sufficient and ask Him to create in me a clean heart.

Mr. Hook, I don’t remember reading in my Bible that the American President will be the anti-christ, and I have read it from front to back several times. Does God speak to you and tell you things which the Bible fails to mention?

Hello Sir:
How about begin showing and preaching the gospel of love and peace.
All these pseudo religions preach nothing but damnation.Theres enough of
this in the world. How about a break
“The President and Pope who have brought the world to this climax will be taken and cast alive into the Lake of Fire in the sight of all survivors, Revelation 19:20.”

Hello, Jack.
I find it deeply disturbing that you are continuing to name our President and the Pope as the beast and the false prophet mentioned in the book of Revelation. The best Bible scholars I’ve known and also the best Bible commentators from the past would not agree with you. I know that we are in the closing days of time, but Jesus said that we would not know the day nor the hour when He will come again for his own.
It has always seemed dangerous to try to set any time or to name any men who will fulfill the prophecies regarding the end of this dispensation. Many have erred in this way, and the things which they thought God had revealed to them regarding times, nations, or people have not come to pass as they have prophesied. There is great danger of being deceived by a false spirit posing as God when one attempts to make current events fit exactly into the prophecies of Revelation.
There is no question in my mind that God is in control of what will happen during the great tribulation. I’m also certain that He will cast the beast and the false prophet into the lake of fire. But I strongly disagree with the idea of naming certain men as the Scriptural “beast” and the “false prophet. God is the only one who can read the hearts of men and determine who is righteous and who is not.
I may not agree with the teachings of the Pope or with every decision of our president. However, I feel that God was also in control of the past election and answered the prayers of many Christians both in our nation and also in other countries who prayed and fasted, asking God to direct the outcome of the election and to place a worthy person in that important position of leadership. You may not have been aware of such a widespread prayer force during our past election, but I believe God answered all those earnest prayers. Therefore, for you to name this man as the “beast” who is to be cast into the lake of fire seems near to blasphemy.

I am not sure just why I felt so strongly impressed to voice my concerns about the teachings I have read in your notes. For some reason, I felt that I must send you this letter. You have the right to your own opinions, but I felt that I had to register my concerns for you and for the people to whom you send your messages.

Hi Jack, thanks for the E-mail, and please keep ’em coming. I may not agree with all your thoughts ,yet! but it gives me great comfort that somebody agrees with most of what I believe, God bless brother! Ted.

Thank you, brother in Jesus the Messiah for your courage to share your testimony. And thank you for the article on “The Wrath of the Lamb.” we share your vision of Yeshua HaMashiah, Jews and Gentiles alike. He is going to come as the Lion of Judah. Hallelujah for that day as terrible as it will be.


Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,May the
Peace of the Lord Jesus Christ rest upon you today!
I was truly Blessed by your message! Not many want to
hear it,but it is true,”Time is Running out! We Must
Repent today while there still is time!” God

Jesus Christ does not send anyone to hell. They are going to enter on their own accord. My Heavenly Father is a God of Love; so much so, that he gave his Only Begotten Son; Jesus Christ that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but should have everlasting life. And that whosoever shall call upon the Lord Jesus Christ Shall be saved. Now one verse is in John, and one verse is in Romans, and I could go on from there. And in Revelation, and in the last days there will be time and time again, and one chance after another when man kind will have chances just like the Egyptians, when they can repent. When they do not, they will know that the God of all Heaven and Earth and everything in between has a place for those who choose not to receive the only redemption for sin. They will know that by refusing the only sin covering is eternity in hell. But their own choice will always be theirs. So our loving God will never send anyone to hell; they will go by their own choice. It is just so sad that they will not see it, but again it is because they choose not to see it. The Word of God says let them who have ears hear, and let them who have eyes see. If those who are seeking seek with all of their hearts, God is obligated to send the light so they can find the way to Him.

Thanks a bunch Jack…
I had always been taught, and actually bought into what I believed was a pre-trib rapture.
Several years back, when I was doing talk radio, I interviewed Marv Rosenthal about his book, “The Pre-Wrath Rapture of The Church.
I came away from the interview with more questions than answers. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not picking on Marv, He’s a great student of the Word, and I have the utmost respect for him.
Moving on… I see our world and its respective geopolitical systems entering, for lack of a better word; “a convulsion.” Paul called it “perilous times.”
I am a retired airline captain, and I’ve witnessed passengers having seizure. Not a pretty thing. First one I saw, scared me for the passenger’s sake. What I’m driving at is, this world [I believe] is on the verge of a huge grand-mal seizure. When the dust settles, out of the ashes, [wars perhaps, financial upheaval] like the Phoenix Bird, I expect the antichrist to appear.
Main thing is, folk had better heed Matthew 24:44.
Thanks again Jack, I’ll see you brother.

As usual, you have put together a great email, however, as usual, you include scripturally unfounded items (i.e. the American Antichrist and the U.S. President and Roman Catholic Pope as the antichrist and the false prophet). There is absolutely no prooftext in scripture for repeating these items. Either stop repeating them or take me off your mailing list.

I would like to present an alternative for your consideration. The antichrist is scripturally shown to be the “King of the North”. The country representing the “King of the North” is Turkey. I strongly suggest that you do some additional biblical research on this subject. You seem to have everything else placed correctly. Perhaps you are not “rightly dividing” the Word of God. You should attribute Paul’s epistles to the body of Christ and the rest of the bible to the nation of Israel.
Thank you again for sharing your thoughts. It’s almost surreal to explore the possibilities from my limited perspective as a physical human. All the science in the world cannot explain love or the larger than “life” need for connection. Way back when Star Trekk was simply an out of this world fantasy, we watched communication devises we considered with almost blind acceptance as wonderfully imaginative and entertaining. Slowly conditioned, we now have personal computers, the net, the web, numbers identifying us if we like it or not. The idea of democracy and freedom has long been a masterful ploy in my opinion. Certainly when one considers God’s original intention for us, the concept so similiar – yet so deceptive – has lulled the Western world into idealism pretty close to our in-born, yet largely unrecognised yearnings for peace, good will, freedoms, – you know, all the noble things Democracy shoves at us while it wheels and deals behind the little guys backs. It’s pretty specific in Samuel – the consequence of our mutiny I mean. I think people who care to look at the bankers, insurance companies and religion, – just a little bit more closely, rather than just blind acceptance, might see the brilliant simplicity the Bible spoke of so long ago. Now we have mobile phones, stock markets and cars instead of she asses and shiney pebbles in sling shots – and maybe we think we are pretty smart huh? The politicians themselves – even the do-gooder’s (innocently advancing with good intentions for the people at first) have no clue of the deal’s already done. With their hands tied by past deals, they bear the brunt of the pressure the people are under. I’ve said it to you before I read it in the Bible, that independance breeds isolation. People are so busy trying to keep up with mortguages, taxes and petrol costs etc, simply because that is the dependency created in democracy. Dependancy inflicted by the hypocracy even yet on the American Dollar “In God we Trust”. It’s flaunted at the very base level – infront of us everyday in World Trade and how America is “doing”. Yet how noble is it that the rich get richer, and the poor are homeless at the hand of greed? People consider they need leaders. They do. As a child needs parents for guidance and protection, the need for a place to rest our love and loyalty is also within us. Blinded by the social decay, we simply seem to have trouble acknowledging that, looking down upon us, we are like insignificant, single minded, blind creatures. God has given us the Bible, – our guide – our text book if you like, but who reads it? Who has time? We have McDonalds, and KFC – we are killing our-selves with the pace of life, and the escapism of drugs. We either advance within the system and pay for our housing, or lose our jobs and live on the street. It is singular success or failure as conditioned by the “values” of democracy. It must be very frustrating for Jehova I think. Targets for Satan because people cannot grasp their physical mortality. So they reject it. Don’t face it, or the concept that we, as the centre of our own little universe, are alone in our thoughts except for God. Scattered by religious beliefs, by economic circumstance, by convincing advertisements on TV if we have one – or by harsh disciplins within so many varied cultures, we are largely individual without daring to stand apart from the system of things. Most, are afraid of death. Most, are afraid of the things they cannot relate to with their 5 senses. From Medical “dependancies” and the rush on antidotes for chemical and germ warfare, to Space Alien “introduction”, I do not find your theory beyond reason at all. It could be quite logical. Just as people are brought to humility by Mother Nature in big storms, we no longer sense them as animals do. We listen to the meterologists. If the sky goes dark, we rush for the radio to tell us what’s going on and how to deal with it. If we lose electricity, we are helpless. We have been brought to this dependance on this scale, not specifically by the pure hearts leading us into a better life-style, (and huge interest rates) but by our own entrapment within democracy itself. I would ask you to consider the money laundering of the banks, with monies created from credit notes and repaid in real cash – then multiply it beyond the money itself – into power. The money could feed the hungry, ease the suffering. It is with-held however. Money itself is only relative to the little guys. Democracy as an ideal, has had a strangle hold for years. With technology, people are beginning to see the scale, not only of the planet, but of the somewhat incredible features associated, and the magnitude of it. Our imagination has been exercised with science fiction. With conspiracy theories etc. Could I be wrong in believing people are beginning to see the bigger picture of their entrapment? What may have begun as the web, the net, the world-wide tool of covering the globe with propoganda, could well begin provoking more questions by rational people that Satan was prepared for. The wealthy can afford home computers, the ones who play the game of social inclusion by way of keeping their jobs – however entwined in this false economy their jobs might be. The gap is widening again very quickly, but now, we have television coverage of just how much. Fear is Satans hold after greed no longer matters to us. Losing material things is only a wake-up call as to physical insignificance. But fear promotes unison. We are gregarious creatures after all. Finding comfort among each other, and yearning for reassurance. That is the “us against the aliens” you are pointing out I presume. The next trick to distract us? The fact that we have been warned by Jehova, is like how many times do we need to be hit by a Mac Truck before we get out of the way? Before we see we are standing on the wrong road and the lights coming at us are only blinding if we are ignorant. On that road they are destructive. But we didn’t check our map. Didn’t bother listening to the directions for a safe passage to our destinies. It all just seems far too absurd. We are partially numbed by Star Wars, Men in Black etc. We are primed to accept those things of which you spoke. From Roswell NM and the idea that we have been lied to for our own protection – right down to the idea that the earth is not flat – and that God is in churches instead of our hearts. You’re right! Fearing God is a respect long overdue.

Sorry Jack, but the end times will not happen until long after the
colonization of outer space.


Dear Jack,

It will be several centuries before the great time of perplexity.

There have been believers like yourself taken in by deceiving spirits since the start of the Church. And not a century has gone by since then when these have said the time is now. Jesus said:

“Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming ‘. . . The time is near.’ Do not follow them.” Luke 21:8 NIV

Isn’t that what you are doing?

The fact that you believe it so strongly is a sign itself by your practise that you are deceived. Wasn’t Paul that way too in persecuting Christians believing in clear conscience that he was doing the right thing (Acts 23:1). So strongly and actively pursuing the deceit. Until the Lord stepped in.

This is why the Lord has caused you to send stuff to me. So that you may have an opening to your freedom and release. But, only as you now draw near to God in this can He draw near to you and help you further (James 4:8). For He will not impose Himself on you due to His self-control (Galatians 5:22-23) and due to His willingness to yield (James 3:17).

This forcefulnesss you are practising and experiencing in believing this stuff is pressured on you by the lying spirit in your life. It is not God and the Holy Spirit for it is NOT His nature. As those passages show.

Remember Jesus leads His sheep; He does not drive them.

Regards and love,


Recently in talking with some people about the return of Jesus,
specifically the Rapture, I made the following statement which I believe
to be true, “When Jesus comes back He will not be looking for those who
are Catholic, or for those who are Pentecostal, or those who belong to
Kairos (a prison ministry) or for those who have and read the Holy Bible.
He’s not even coming back for Christians. What He will be looking for
is Christians who are looking for His coming. Keep up the good work and
keep pressing on to make sure that His Church will be looking for His
return, that we will “occupy” until He returns, doing the work of our
Heavenly Father in the power of His Holy Spirit.
Take care and God bless.

Hello Jack,

Thank you so much for keeping me informed about events that are to take
place in America (Babylon). I know that most people find this hard to
believe, but no other nation on earth fits all the descriptions given in
the Scriptures. As you have shared information with me, I would also
like to send some information to you that I have discovered and was not
aware of after being a Christian for over 33 years. I hope you will
research and do as the Apostle Paul tells us to do in First
Thessalonians 5:21, and to Prove All Things. As some people find it
hard to believe about America being Babylon, so some of this information
is also hard for some to believe.

Blessings in the Name of our Savior, Yahshua.

Thank you brother Jack, for sharing this with me, I have it printed out and putting copies in my church for others to read, I have been full blessed and I to agree with you, people are still crucifying our Lord, by saying in their hearts away with him, lets pray even more for lost souls. A sister in Jesus, Jo.

jack, months ago i asked to be droped from your list, im glad you didnt listen.look , you and i are brothers in yeshua. not a problem, but i dont believe that america is babalon. [pardon my spelling] america was never mentioned in the bible. so at the time of troubles to come, america will probibly not even exist as a mighty nation, everything that is to be will be from europe ,china, and the middle east. HA SHEM will protect HIS People ISREAL. you and i wont be here and we will be sitting at the great table of G/D discussing this over a cup of new wine. yours in YE SHUA.

You know I was a smartery to you before
but you did not judge me. Thank you.
Until we walk in each others shoes weshould not judge. Thanks for
continuing to send me your pages.
God Bless you.

It is nice to hear from someone who believes as I do,
and I will see you on that great day.

Re: The Wrath of the Lamb

Dear Jack

I would like to say that I very much enjoyed and am in full agreement with what you have too say, I print off your articles for a number of Christian Brothers & Sisters, and they like it very much.

The other thing Jack is on your webpage your list of contents, the 7 full chapters I have also printed off for others, we all enjoy your stuff Jack, and I must admit in Ch 4, The Harlot Church, 09 Once saved always saved, very good agree fully, as do my readers.

Keep sending the stuff Jack.

Praise God.

Love to you and your loved ones.

Ray from England.


Dear Jack,

Thank you for this article. I plan to go to your web site and look at
some of your other articles.

I woke up with Babylon on my mind, and then I got your article about it.
That got my attention.

Your sister in Christ,
Mary Ann


Once again you have predicted future events based on writings that are at least two thousand years old and which are in turn based on earlier writings you would regard as legend i.e. Sumerian/Mesopotamian poems and other script.
The world is messed up because there is a nonsensical system of society based on MARKETS instead of NEED (why do you think that there are millions starving in Africa when there is plenty of food in the world to feed everyone? Because starving Africans do not represent a MARKET!)
Why do you think that many countries are undergoing drought and famine when there is plenty of water on our planet? Because there is no profit in de-salination and transportation of water!
No amount of prayers from smug Christians will change this. Lets face it they’ve been trying for hundreds of years and the world is just as bad as ever.
Get real! Stop reverting to the drug of religion! Fight for World Socialism!