September 2003 Comments

You are forgetting on thing, Mr. Hook.

President Bush honors and loves the King, too.

President Bush is a Christian.

Thank God. Praise God.

You are one of the only two people I know who sees who america really
is and what is going on. I stand with you even though it makes me a
very unpopular person, nevertheless, when I speak about it (in careful
terms) I see in faces a kind of mistrustful feeling toward government
and what is going on. Funny thing is, the people that I see this in
are unbelievers, and the ones I would think would have a higher
perspective, fellow believers, get really upset with me!!! Is this
part of the apostacy of the last days that “even the elect, if it were
possible, would be decieved”?
Your fellow servant of the most high God because of Jesus Christ,
Dear sir,

I happened to read your website and article. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a indian citizen in my twenties, i came to worship the living God of
Israel by finding a old torn bible in a dustbin, i
left the hindu darkness of pagan gods, and accepted
the Lord God of Abraham, Jacob, Moses and Elijah as
myLord, the one true Yahweh of Israel who came as
Christ Jesus.

things were not easy for me yes, i lost my family, my
home everything in it, it just brought me closer , as
the years passed, i read more the scriptures and also
watched israeli-palestinian situation closely and i
knew that the Jews are about the face the worst music
ever, since the holocaust.

I used to read a lot about the Holocaust and was even
preparing to do some work on it that would explain to
the people of eastern nations such as india, pakistan,
china, korea, vietnam, malaysia, and singapore the
truth of holocaust, the reality is many people in
these far eastern nations dont know the truth about
the Holocaust.

I also was watching closely, many prophetic events,
that were about to come, as i wanted Jesus to return
,i wanted a home, i wanted revelations 21:4 to pass, i
wanted it so much in my life now, and i was watching

now traditionaly most of the born again world seem to
point fingers at vatican and european union as center
of antichrist, now thats what i used to belive too at

but slowly i began to notice the aggressive policies
of certain elementsin United states, using the name of
Jesus. to justify killing, revenge, wars, etc.

i also loved someone deeply, and we were about to be
married too, but she supported strongly the policies
of United states, it often grieved me, the Jesus that
suffered and walked among the poor, cared , preached
love, how can this Jesus wreck hate through “american

there is a difference between unhealthy nationalism
and HEALTHY PATRIOTISM, and i was shocked to see the
name of jesus beign used,

and as a result in many islamic countries poor
christian converts were made targets and killed and
blamed for being on side of United states, i was

anger grew in me day by day , i and my girlfriend
fought fiercly often, as she supported Bush and his
doctrine openly, it grew worse day by day, she was a
european, finally she openly said “either you are with
jesus and united states or you are against it” and she
went her own way .

and since then my life became a darkness, of such pain
, i noticed day by day how americans attacked me, in
many ways, how often i wanted to scream out against
this , often i felt deeply grieved and asked God why
are you siding with united states and giving them so
much power, is bush really a christian? is this

everyone was telling me “look you christians and your
bush is attacking poor countries and wrecking lives in
name of jesus and justice “

jesus now suddenly turned into a loving man for whom i
gave up everything, into a cold cruel american monster
machine eating up the world and smashing others down.

but then i noticed slowly

1. The antichrist will deceive even the very elect.
2. Israel isnt close to the European union, they have
NO LOVE for the europeans and dont trust them, i
witnessed it. ISRAEL loves USA. Israel TRUSTS USA,
Israel LEANS on USA for its protection.

United states is the only nation capable of giving
ISRAEL a 7 year military pact or protection nireturn
for some “concessions? to palestinians?”

Why would russia attack israel ? (as many mention in
prophecy “

USA attacked IRAQ in the name of “implementing certain

then why cant RUSSIA attack israel sometime in future,
withdraw from west bank and gaza?”

which we believe lead to the mysterious destruction of
russian forces ?

coalition of the “willing” ?

“either you are with us or against us?”

destroying israel’s enemies one by one, till israel is
satisfied and overwhelmed with joy and trusts the
country that helps israel the most?

BUSH and BLAIR are now moving forward to IMPLEMENT the
“mideast plan” a beatiful “gift” for the unsuspecting
israel ?

“secure israel with a secure palestinian state side by

if Saddam hussain wanted to be killed, why the need
for all this mess? God can send a rat with a plague
into saddam’s bedroom and the rat can give one bite at
his foot killin that brutal dictator, or God can
strike him down with worms or heart attack whats the
big difficulty in that?”

ANTICHRIST getting a wound on the head, and getting

yes? then why not some angry muslim terrorist or youth
fires a shot at the “commander in cheif ” who orders
so much death and destruction in the muslim world
through “justful military intervention” ? fits the
picture perfectly?

i think most of the christian world has been deluded .
and i REFUSE to be deluded .

and the so called rich and prospering east asian
nations now singapore or hongkong are not safe any
more, a mysteirous illness the S.A.R.S flu that is
killing people fast is now spreading , there is no
cure, a pestilence?

anyway, i had all thisin my mind, thanks to you i
could feel more safer and secure in what i belive in
God now.

God bless you for this.

God bless you.


In case my earlier response did not get through, I’ll put it simply: You’re full of malarky!



May our Lord bless you and encourage you. We need Jesus to help us to know how to fellowship with the Body of Christ and how to properly represent him; and how to continue to speak out to warn people who seem so incredibly, spiritually blind.

I don’t yet see the unfolding of world history according to scripture with quite the same precision as you. So, I just don’t yet know whether I agree or disagree about any specifics. But, you and I are on the same page as to the general way the system is developing and who our only hope is.

There’s tragic warring of nations going on in Iraq and other locations. Then locally, there is a coercive Calvary Chapel that is abusing people. A fellowship I helped start ten years ago. Some eyes are being opened and people are being set free from allegiance to an earthly king. Then, I feel bad about yesterday, I hit “reply to all” to a lady’s email to send one of my articles, as if trying to proclaim the truth from the street corner. The lady got really mad at me for sending something to her mailing list.

My family and I are so blessed. Our problems are nothing like other people are going through. I have so much to be grateful for. But the greatest desire of my heart, for as long as this life continues, is simply to have like-minded fellowship with other believers; to be the Body of Christ together.

Thanks for speaking out, Jack!


Excellent message, Jack.

Thanks for clearly expositing and shining the light of truth on war in
general and the stance of believers and unbelievers. I have been
seeking the truth on this subject matter, which was now confirmed by


I believe you, sir, lack the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
Please remove me from your mailing list.

Dear Jack Hook,
In His Word God says that NOBODY will know the time of Jesus’ return! I mean that NOBODY means not even the Prophets……..it means NOBODY!!

This puzzles me and I would appreciate the way you see it, because I am only eager to learn more and more concerning the Scriptures!

SHALOM to your ministry!

<<“I know this means that it will be only unbelievers
who administer the vengeance of the civil authorities
and execute judgment on evil doers. Christians, please
don’t be confused by that.”>>

Jack, do you really mean that Christians should not
become civil authorities, such as policemen and
judges, or even politicians? After all, don’t they
execute judgement on evil doers, including death? In a
microcosmic sense, isn’t a police force a little army,
and a drug bust a little war?

<<“Apostate church leaders later compromised with the
government and created their infamous “just” war
doctrine which allowed believers to make war against
their nation’s enemies.”>>

Are you calling Augustine an apostate church leader,
from whom the just war theory finds much of its
foundational principles?

Jack, it does sound like you see our involvement in
spiritual warfare as having little to do with the
everyday institutions of our daily lives, outside of
the institution of the church, as if there is no
overlap between God’s kingdom and the kingdom of this
world, on this side of Heaven. I suggest you read (or
reread) Augustine’s City of God, and research the
scriptures on this issue.

I’m sorry that you experienced the misuse and abuse of
governmental intervention in the affairs of the world
via the Vietnam War, where there was no clear plan and
goal to administer justice. Please don’t allow that to
cloud your mind regarding the God ordained exercise of
civil authority.

It does appear that the hurt and pain of the traumatic
memories of war without any purpose have affected your
otherwise very intellectual and articlate manner in
approaching world and life issues. Because, contrary
to this manner, your view seems very elementary,
categorical, legalistic, much like the doctrines of
the Amish, who have the highest suicidal rates in our
country. Life is not that black and white, pardon the



Hi Jack,
I recently emailed Gary Bauer, the conservative x-republican presidential
candidate. I told him I disagreed with the us military going into Iraq, for
a few personal and simple reasons. He had an assistant email me back, and he
blasted me for not agreeing with him and God. It seems to be a real
Christian, you also need to be a patriotic american and right-wing
republican as well. Does anybody else see these gary bauer types a
‘self-righteous’ neo-patriots?

If this is true, why did God have David cast a stone at Goliath? I don’t
claim to be a scholar, but the Bible tells of the battles that the tribes
were lead to fight; if we weren’t to take up arms against our enemies, why
would God give us these examples?


The word states he (Antichrist) will come from the revived “Holy Roman Empire”. Some feel he will be Jewish or part Jewish. The fact, that America is a late comer as nations go, doesn’t necessarily mean they will produce the Antichrist, in my opinion.

Most likely Italy or Spain maybe even Hungary, Germany or Palestine/Lebannon maybe? (Whomever becomes the Antichrist will have a fatal head wound, be resurrected and indwelled,by Satan himself, for the last 3 1/2 yrs. of the “Great Tribulation”.

I appreciate your hard work, research and dutiful web-site posting. I Just have a different belief than you do, concerning “End Times”, scriptures/teaching.

Pastor Don

Dear Jack,

Thank you for the great prophetic teaching, very timely. Please tell me more
about America the Harlot?

In Christ’s love,
Pastor Joel

Thankyou, Dear Sir, I always love to hear from other Christians and I like
to have theological discussions with them. I like to have discussions with
Christians that do not mind me disagreeing with them as I do not mind if
they disagree with me. I think conversing back and forth like this is a mark
of maturity, not that I have disagreed with what you have written here at
all. I have skimmed over your letter briefly and so far I agree with it.

How were you able to conclude that America is Babylon?
Remember heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s
Word will remain forever. We are all accountable for
every word that comes out of us.
I am not an American, but i asked God to have mercy on
American people…
With God’s Amazing Grace,

hi jack,

i just wanted to say that it is a fresh of good air to see someone standing up for biblical truth in a time when the world has gone mad…i have been involved myself, on christian message board’s trying to get this same message to the saint’s that have been deceived into thinking that war is a good thing, that God even ask’s His people to serve in for the good of those whom will be made free from it…they do not realise that true freedom only come’s from God, and man playing God is the very thing that satan did, when he rebelled from the beginning…satan and his way’s never change do they?

i do believe “babylon” is the world, though..not a city in iraq…..He is calling HIS people out of her, the world, as i type..i thank you for your truthful word’s..i was beginning to think i was almost alone on this subject..although i have found a few whom see the truth.

thanks, love janet

Dear Jack Hook
I have received your letters for some time now . I am not going to quote the word which we should already know. these letter has ended any email that I wish to have from you.
PLEASE do not send me any more of this garbage

I completely agree with all that you have to say about the abomination of war and about America being Babylon. However, I disagree with you about the doctrine of “hell” as being “eternal torment”. There are so many scriptures that refute that terrible doctrine. Yes, God will judge. Yes, the kingdoms of this world are falling and shall become the Kingdoms of our God and his Christ. Yes, Bush and most American Christians are deceived and have blood on their hands and their hearts are far from God even though his name is ever on their lips. Yes, nationalism is wrong! But oh, how I pray that God will show you that mercy shall triumph over judgement. His judgements are just and His wisdom is beyond finding out. In the end, God will have reconciled all things unto himself. I will send you some scriptures concerning these things. Terrible times are ahead. Tribulation is here. But there is hope.

More later. God bless you –

I just want you to know that I appreciate your mailings. They are sobering and grounded in the truth of Jesus Christ. I will try to remember to keep you in prayer.

Do not take the fanatical, mean spirited, ultra right wing Republicans
too seriously. If Christ were alive, he would be marching against war,
hunger, for welfare reform, for education, for universal healthcare –
in other words, Jesus is a caring, social liberal. I do not know how
those on the far right will get along in heaven with “others”.

Today’s Israel is not representative of the God of Abraham. Over
100 UN sanctions related to Palestinians have been ignored by Israel
and their defiance is supported by the USA, financially, morally, and
militarily. Iraq has been invaded by a conquering nation for less.

Show me the WMD. Show me the connection between Saddam and

May you rot in hell you butcher.


This is great fiction.

Could you please stop sending me your articles? My husband gets them & prints for me to read. Thank you for your immediate help in this matter.

God’s Blessings,

Dear Brother Hook,

When I look at the current situation, I see how the Bible is being fulfilled. The Bible states that God raises up kings and he brings them down. He allowed good kings and evil kings to rule in Israel. President Bush, I believe, is the man that God has allowed to be in control of America at this time. President Clinton or Al Gore would not have been able to deal with this current situation. Bush is human and I have seen many things that attempt to discredit him as Commander in Chief. I, too, am a veteran and know that war is not a good thing. But for those people who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and Lord; they are under the law and the law works wrath. In the old testament, Israel fought with the nations that did not serve God and in most cases they were victorious [as long as they were obeying God] but if they weren’t obey God then their enemies would be victorious.

Scripturally the end is not yet, Wars and rumors of wars are only the BEGINNING of sorrows. Yes there are ministers who are wolves in sheep’s clothing. But Jesus knows those that are his and he calls each by name. Those who have internalized the Word of God so that when Christ speaks they know that it is him and not a wolf. I believe the events of 9/11 were a wake up call to America so that she could repent… She didn’t repent, she became proud and puffed up. So the current conflict may be the Lord’s way of bring America back to the altar [to real repentance]. Because only through prayer can things be changed.

We have so many denominations that people can now choose their ‘religion’. If they want to attend a church which doesn’t preach against homosexuality, they can find one. A church that doesn’t preach against fornication or adultery; they can find one, and on and on and on. Jesus is not in the denominations [the word alone means division]. There are so many traditions in each denomination that these traditions have made the word of God of none effect. God is one… hear O Israel, the Lord thy God is one Lord, not three. Trinity is a Catholic tradition that was used to align itself with the pagans they were trying to convert to Catholism. Instead of showing them the workings of Christ, they adopted heathenism to bring in the pagans to get their money. Christmas or Christ mass is another pagan holiday adapted into the Catholic Church. People don’t want to hear this because they are used to their traditions; even when they know they are inaccurate… [nativity scenes with three wise men; the bible doesn’t state how many wise men showed up and in the Bible the wise men showed up at the house where the young child lived not in a manager] they continue in it because it pleases their human nature. They see no harm it… Ministers won’t preach against it because they do not want to loose the tithes and offerings or any other financial support the church is receiving. I saw a minister on TV get $1,000 in less that 15 minutes and I know of a true man of God who spends his offerings on souls who can’t get $1,000 in one hour.

But my consolation comes from the scriptures, in the book of Daniel; the time came when the saints of the Most High shall take the kingdom and possess the kingdom. The saints are not going to be raptured out – another lie; yes there will be a translation of the church, but as Matthew 24:29 – Immediately after the tribulation of those days… There will be a church ruling and reigning on this earth, BEFORE Christ comes back. Sons of God [includes daughters, too] will be doing the exact same works that Jesus did so that there will be a difference between the clean and the unclean; between them that serve God and them that serve him not. And I’ve got to be in that number.

Best regards,

Sister Mary

Thank you for this last article. You have finally explained some things about what you’ve been writing. I was beginning to think you were just some kook because it did seem to me that you were calling President Bush the anti-christ. I agree with you that whoever gets the agreement signed between Israel and the Palestinians that brings peace, he’ll be the anti-christ. I’m not sure about this thing you’re saying that our men and women in the military shouldn’t fight. The Lord sent Israel against heathenist nations many times. He expected them to fight and they did. I think you’re wrong. He not only sent them against them but ordered them to kill every last one of them. How do you explain that?

Bush is not the king of the south or north! Your looking in the wrong place, America and Britain can be prooved to be part of the lost ten tribes of Israel! They are in the process of being made to eat humble pie, because of our nations sins, we have lost the power of our pride, just as God said would happen if we refused to keep God’s laws and commandments. Our enemies are taking us over from within, we are becoming ever weaker! Keep your eyes on EUROPE, that is where you will see the beast and false prophet coming from. The Bible is a middle eastern book, when one reads prophecy, you must take it from this view! South of Jerusalem, king of south points to an arab leader rising against the north. The king of the south will more than likely come from Iran! America has always acted in war by returning the land to it’s captives, just as the tribes of Israel often did. Read [ Collins the LOST TEN TRIBES OF ISRAEL FOUND.] YOU WILL FIND IT VERY INTERESTING READING. And it will change your whole idea as to who the king of the south and north are! Even many leading Jews in Britain are starting to believe that they are living among the lost tribes of Isreal, the prophecy to Jacobs sons is amazing when looking at the modern nations this is talking of!

Thank you for your take on the things going on in our world. I agree on most of the things you say but then again I have my own take on things as well. As far as the Bible goes, of course I believe in the word but you and no one else knows the future for sure. We know that what God has said is GOING to happen but no man knows. Now people can speculate just as you have and try to put it all together but the timing is up to God. I am glad that you have done your research and you are trying to come up with what will happen in our time vs.. what the Bible says. You hit a lot of points but you can’t say for sure who will be who or what will be what.
Also this point I want to make. I don’t necessarily agree with this war at all, I don’t want to see anyone die. I do know that all things happen for a reason and even with this war GOD IS IN CONTROL. He already knew it was going to happen, and he allowed it to happen. There’s a reason for that. No matter what you say or anyone else God’s plan is not going to change. I just pray that it will end quickly and with few deaths. War has been going on since the beginning of the Bible and it will probably continue until this earth is over.

This is good, but America gets judged before Daniel’s 70th week. America will not be in the picture politically when the 70th week goes down. I believe its Ezek 38 that says the leopard which is Britain appears without eagles wings. Also, many modern day prophets are saying America to be judged by invading armies no later that 2008. What do you think?

Dear Jack:
Please bug off and don’t email me your religious nutcase drivel anymore. It’s because of religious nutcases that we’re in this mess in the first place. If all you religious nuts would become Atheists, the world would be a better place.

Dear Rev.Hook;
I’m glad you pointed out that we need to obay all government authorerties,for this is the will of God through
Christ Jesus,who streanthens us.
I’m,also,glad you pointed out that Christians are niether war supporters nor anti-war prostesters.
God bless.

But Pres. Bush has acknowledged Jesus and his born again experience. He said in one interview that he had put his trust in Jesus, or words to that effect. He mentions God in every speech. It seems he is bold about his faith in the Lord Jesus.
By the way, Jack, I am 72 years old. I am not afraid to die, just don’t like pain. Ever since I was 12 and a dentist gave me shot in my right arm and caused me to have pain all night. I never did care for dentists after that either.

If President Bush signs the peace pack you mentioned, then it will be because he IS the antichrist. Signing the agreement will not make him BECOME the antichrist. Also, I have read all the prophecies and they do not clearly identify America as the leader of the final phase of the Roman Empire.

Dear Jack,

I recently read a preacher say that we must be weary of those who would have
us doubt the sufficiency of the Holy Bible as the ultimate authority on
end-times prophecy. That means, adding to what is already uttered in the
Word about what is to come would only get us in trouble. Jesus himself said
that “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven,
nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matthew 24:36) If no one knows the day
nor hour, then we cannot precisely foretell even the identity of the
antichrist. When we try to fill in the gaps that Jesus himself very
intentionally left wide open, we get in trouble. For if we knew all there
is to come, and could disseminate more previews of events to come in the
flesh, extending ourselves thereby beyond the coherence and scope of the
written Word of God, then we truly would have no need for faith. If
everything is already laid out bare for us, we would have no need to kneel
and ask the Lord for guidance through it all, because we would already know
what to do. The Lord is Lord. Let us not try and become self-sufficient
and postmaturely label ourselves as prophets. Postmaturely, because the
prophecies have already been revealed. You run the risk of adding to the
Holy Word of God by your overzealousness. Instead, let us acknowledge it to
be perfect as it is. Your refusal to do so is the danger I have only
recently come to identify in your writings. God bless you, brother, but you
are becoming a stumbling block unto those who seek Christ. Needless to say,
this is nothing the Lord would not forgive through your repentance.

Ecclesiastes 3:8 tells us that there is “a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.” The Old Testament shows us over and
over again that the Lord protected those who fought in His name. Our
President we pray is operating under the authority of the Holy Spirit. Our
globe is as a house full of children who think their guardian has stepped
away indefinitely; they trash the house in an uncontrolled frenzy. Our
guardian is the Lord of Hosts, the God of Israel. He has not left. And the
Holy Spirit still dwells on Earth until the time of the rapture. He is in
control, and He has placed authority on certain leaders to take care of the
rest of the children on Earth. We are privileged to have a born-again
Christian President lead our country. Praise God, Jack!

Now for you to say or even believe that we can possibly get results out of
praying for all warring soldiers to drop their weapons and go home is to
believe that we can have utopia here on Earth and that we can prevent the
prophesied escalation of conflicts that will lead to Judgement Day. Come
on, Jack. I pray in Jesus name that you come to your senses.

As any experienced parent of children would testify to you, there comes a
time where to be “politically correct” and never hit a child to discipline
him is utter foolishness. The truth is that Satan has used the political
correctness platform to wage a subversive false sense of peace against the
righteous discipline and reproof that comes only by the Word of God. “He
who spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is careful to
discipline him.” (Proverbs 13:24) It is the sons of God who have favor in
the sight of the Lord, and it is our responsibility in Christ Jesus to keep
evil at bay–both in our personal lives as individual Christians in dealing
with daily temptations, and even as a nation under the leadership of our
Lord Jesus. Brother, we as a nation have been given the authority from the
Lord at this time during this presidential term of George Bush, under the
inspiration of the Lord, to exercise authority over the rogue nations who
defy the very existence of Israel. All glory and honor to Jehovah of Hosts,
our God, the Almighty Father. The events and the circumstances on the
landscape there in the Middle East are metaphoric, reflecting what is
actually happening in the spiritual realm. We are witnesses of it.
Christianity and our great commission is at stake. We must not deny the
entities of our human self, and neither deny the entity of a nation. Both
the smaller and the larger have a responsibility to serve and worship God in
Spirit and in Truth. If you as a human being are to flee temptaion, so must
a nation. If you as a parent must discipline your spoiled child, so must a
nation. I know you can see it. It’s just the message of the peace and love
of Jesus seem to contradict any justification for war and the killing of
people. But there is a war going on in the spiritual realm. The physical
repercussions of it are undeniable. It leaves us with only two sides to
stand on…that of Jesus and his glorious Army, or that of Satan’s. And if
you choose to take a neutral stance, Jack, the Lord will spit you out of His
mouth. (Revelations 3:16).

May the wisdom of our Lord Jesus further shape and mold your mind to conform
to the righteous will of our Lord God ALmighty. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


It is refreshing to see an appeal for peace from a millenial Christian. To
this happy non-believer it often seems that the most slavish and devoted
followers of Christ are the ones most inclined to rain bombs on people they
have some beef with. President Bush is little better than a terrorist, and I
do not find his belligerence any more palatable or charming because of his
frequent personal consultations with Jesus.

I tend to think of all religious faith as morphing quite naturally into
fanaticism and genocide; I believe biblical prophesy is archaic lunacy. But
best of luck in your attempt to get your fellow Christians to beat bombs into

These people who are fighting this war are not the ones protesting it. They believe in what they are doing. Many of them are Chrstians. There is a chaplin in the 101st Airborne who went back into the military for this war because he believes in this effort. He said, “I think Jesus would want this war.” President Bush is a devout Christian. He does not want war. But he pledged to protect us. That is exactly what he is doing. Some Christians who oppose this war have used Romans 12 for support. This is a chapter about showing love and giving help to our neighbors. So why do they oppose the USA going over to Iraq and doing this for the people there? I don’t know. They always stop with chapter 12 and do not go to chapter 13 of Romans. God has established 3 institutions for this life: the Family, the Church, and Government. God has established our government. We have a President who seeks His Will. The government has been given the authority to enforce peace and justice. There is absolutely nothing wrong at all with what our government is doing in Iraq. As Christians, we should be proud of our President and nation for taking this great effort to bring peace, food and water, and freedom to the Iraqi people. This nation gives so much support to the world. We should be thankful for the opportunites God has given the USA to give and help the world.

Pray for our President and this Nation Under God.

Dear Jack,

Thankyou for your astute observations and courageous effort to provide this at a most critical time in your Nation’s and the World’s history. More power to you. Perhaps the true condition of the inner heart is the determining factor that allows us to “see”.

Kindest of regards my friend,

Fred Albus