September 2004 Comments

Dear Jack!!

Thanks for your article. We have many questions to you! Maybe, you have the time and help us, to better understand some things…

Can you send us more info about the Christ and Christmas Tree?
What is in common with the Christmas Tree and Tammuz?? I have ask this to myself often- And my Husband had for a long time ago from the Lord a word from Jeremia 7, 2-14.

We sensed, he shall give it to our old church leaders.
That have we done- it had cost us many thoughts of damnation and in that time, we aren’t in that church any more!!
But Harry, my husband, had three dreams, were the Lord repeated situations, in that Harry must give this Jeremia Word…
So, a little bit, we have over the years prayed and sought the Lord about all the terrible things, that are to read in Jeremia 7.

We know also the terrible and sorrowful Nazi-Time in our Land..

Please, let us stay in contact and be blessed and see you on the net!!!
Greetings from Germany

This is the part of your article, we need more wisdom!! Thanks for your patience and mercy, Jack!!!!

“When December rolls around, while the Pope´s loyal members of the Harlot are celebrating their pagan Christmas traditions with the burning of the Yule log, the Jewish people will again be burning in the fires of a new Auschwitz. The condemned Jewish families will remember the war stories of how the German Christians around Auschwitz celebrated Christmas in great joy, knowing that right down the road the ovens where executing their “Final Solution.” Remember, all of you that are cowards, compromisers and condemners, this is your sorrowful heritage in Germany. This is where your religious walk is headed. My ancestors came from Germany and as a child I also worshipped the Christmas tree Christ. But when I found the Jewish Messiah I began to realize how central Israel and the Jewish people are in the plan of God. I know this rocks your boat but the Christ of Christmas is the Tammuz and Nimrod of the Old Testament, Ezekiel 8:14, Jeremiah 7,10. It is as Paul said…another Jesus, another gospel…cleverly designed to usher in the false Messiah who will claim to be the Christ of Christmas, 2 Corinthians 11. To all of the Jewish people who read this, I ask you not to include the contenders in your judgment of Christendom. We want nothing to do with the sick anti-semitic mindset of our fallen brethren.”
Dear Bro:

Thanks for your note. I’m presently in Guatemala,
where faith is rather more alive than currently
in the U$A, which does seem like the first beast
of Rev 13: making (nuclear) fire descend from the
sky in the sight of men, making the (tv) image
speak, and marked by money-madness (666 as per
I-Kings 10:14). Plus at war with the Ishmaelites.
Apocalyptic times indeed!

Shalom/Agapê, Paterson
Brother Jack,

Your new article is very important. I’m printing it out so I can read it more completely and more carefully. Probably I’ll read it on the bus to or from work at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard where I’ve worked since 1981 after I got out of the Navy. I know it’s ironic that I work for the Navy considering many of the things I state on my site… some have said hypocritical, which I understand.

One of your comments I will continue to ponder:


Well put. Also, on the subject of Judge Moore, I think his actions and statements are more Masonic than last days believer in the Lord Jesus.

Lord bless you and Keep you.

I admire you for putting up all the comments made concerning your
prophetic viewpoints. I have learned you must have thick spiritual
skin to keep on tracking. Of course, we will disagree on some
things, but hopefully, I have learned to disagree agreeably. I like
your statement of faith. I will add you to our mailing list. How did
you discover our web site?
See you in heaven in Christ my new friend.

Sorry for taking so long to get to your site but the War in Heaven article was on target. I am glad you are so well informed. Since I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that the American President of the time will be the Antichrist I cannot disagree but I accept it as a possibility. Your article gives me hope for all the undecided. May they make a choice for Our Lord and the grace offers so lovingly. Thank you. I support you

How can George Bush be the anti-christ if half the people of his own nation can’t stand him, and the rest of the world doesn’t like him, either? How is he supposed to decieve the entire world and cause the world to worship him under these conditions?
And if George Bush is the anti-christ, doesn’t that mean the tribulation would have to begin sometime between 2004-2008?
Just a few thoughts.
I don’t expect a reply.
God Bless.
Hi Jack – just had a thought to share with you about speaking out about Jesus and then those times when we don’t.

When I do speak it is definitely the Holy Spirit speaking instead of me, so might be that when we don’t speak the Holy Spirit is holding us back.

I sure know that when I speak the words flow with no effort or real thought as to how to formulate my thoughts.
Sometimes afterwards I can hardly remember the sequence of what I said and I am amazed at how it just “flows” out of my mouth.

Sometimes too when I speak it is just “willful” on my part, like I want to fix people.

Went to a church down the road yesterday. The ministers wife does a five minute announcement type thing, and when she was finished she says “let’s praise Jesus.” Then she says it again and then one more time “let us praise Jesus…each time she said this she got no response and her face and body language got angrier and angrier each time she said it. I don’t think anyone knew at first she wanted a verbal response from us. Anyway, it was her “will” demanding and of course Jesus only wants a heartfelt Praise for Him which is generated by the Holy Spirit.

So maybe sometimes “fear” of man is the just a thought that comes to us as to why we don’t speak rather than reality????? I am going to check this out next time I “think” I should say something and I don’t. The Holy Spirit has made me real sensitive to the battle of the self-will versus God’s will.

I pick up in all of your writings the underlying theme of how self-willed Christians are and how God’s Will is ignored be it xmas or politics.

Take care and God Bless,
Do you not believe that Muslim is still a religion of God, or I you examining Holy Jihad, Islam re-written for Satan’s advantage. I was born a Jew, practice Christianity since the age of 16, now 45 and I do not believe the true religion of Islam is evil. Help me out on this.

God Bless, Andrea
Hi Jack,

I just finished reading your book and I want to commend you for what you have written. I am not a biblical scholar but I am studying daily and have researched the Scriptures in other areas concerning discernment and doctrine for the last 10 years and I have enough understanding of biblical prophecy to be able to thank you for putting things together so well, for most anyone to understand.

You have encouraged me greatly and I will be praying for you as you continue your work.

In Christ, Steve

Dear Jack
It was a great surprise to hear from you, and I was thrilled and delighted.
I’m definitely open to making new friends. I have since visited your website to
do some reading. I was very moved by what you said about your experiences in
Vietnam; and humbled by the courage of yourself and your comrades. I was also
very touched by your testimony.
I pray the Lord continues to bless you in your ministry
I hope to hear from you again soon
Warmest wishes Carl

Hello again Jack. I just wanted to inquire about your
knowledge. Understand, I mean no disrespect or
insult, but I must know. You make a lot of very
specific statements on your site about who is who in
the during the 70 weeks of Daniel. How do you know
the president will be this and the russian leader will
be that? I have read and studied Revelation and I
haven’t felt comfortable placing that much specifity
on these things. Make no mistake. I do not algorize
the scriptures, however, the exactness you place on
certain nations and leaders is hard for me to

Please respond and inform me

Hello Jack, I was raised by my Mother after my Dad died of TB back in 1943. Mom was a God fearing born again Christian, who studied the Bible and prayed every single day even though she had to work and scrape together to keep our family together. We attended the Wesleyan Methodist church twice on Sunday and once on Wed. As a teenager I was saved, but never kept the faith or should I say I always backslid. My wife and children attended church on Sunday one in a while. I got to busy with things of this world and turned away from the church and God. After we moved to a different town we quit going to church at all. We raised three children without teaching them about Jesus. I do not know what I can do to correct my sins and shortcomings as a father and husband. I am now 66 years old, wasted most of my life and so afraid of what tomorrow will bring for my family and me. After the life of turning my back on what knew was right I do not deserve another chance . I just want my Wife, Sons, Daughter and grandchildren to come to know Jesus as their savior .Thanks for your note Jack. Best Regards, Donald

Dear beloved brother: The Lord has given you much wisdom and His knowledge regarding prophetic anointing.

I have a deep burden in my heart and an urgency to reach the lost and minister to the ministers who are in bondage and need to be loosed so they can stop infecting the sheep and passing garbage back and forth to a sick flock.

I am driven to serve my Lord to the uttermost and have gone through the fire and will go and do whatsoever He asks of me as His Son who He has raised up in this hour for such a time as this.

I originally felt Mr. Bush was being led by the spirit of God as he fell on his face and prayed in teh oval office and cried out to God and prays regularly for God’s wisdom and instruction.

I know God allows all things to work for the good for those who love Him who are THE called according to His purpose.

He does not do bad things to people but He allows all things to work according to His will and that is why He works in us to Will and Have His good pleasure.

I am baptized with the Holy Ghost, on fire and I have been on teh mountain with my God in Africa and He humbled me by moving in such power and healing and preaching, I will never be the same. I have about 8 ministers from Africa coming to the farm within the next 4 weeks to help me and get this ministry off the ground and save my farm and minister in the area. We are ready to go forth wheresoever the Lord leads.

I am in agreement with you and stand in prayer to see the Lord’s perfect will executed in this earth and am a vessel He can trust and use.

All I want is to serve Him and see Him have His way no matter what.

I am willing to go to the ends of the earth again and proclaim His holy word, the blood, the cross and repentance which not many want to hear.

I bless you in the name of Jesus my beloved brother and sister and pray a ring of holy fire about you and a fresh fiery baptism in the holy Spirit, that your heart be even more ablaze for the KING!

While I found much to agree with on your website, I have to disagree on one particular point. In ‘War in Heaven’ you write:

“The President continued to explain the war on terror that has spread to more and more countries. He was then asked whether the God of Christianity was the same as the God of Islam. Without hesitation Mr. Bush said they were. Again, I trembled as I imagined the flaming fire of God’s judgment as he spoke those words.”

Although I personally have no time for George W. Bush, I agree with him on this one particular point. The God of Islam and Christianity are indeed one and the same. In fact Christianity and Islam are far closer than Christianity and Judaism. No matter what the Zionists may say, the so-called Judaic-Christian heritage is used by the Zionists to hijack Christian support for the Zionist’s own purposes. I have worked with many Muslims and found many of them deeply respectful of the Christian heritage: they revere Jesus and his mother, Mary. Take a look at the Koran, you will find much in its pages that is worthy, far more than you will find in some of Judaism’s works. Rixon

Hi Jack, thanx for your email, your website looks interesting, however I am more
intrigued by the alien conspiricy than religous matters. I find it hard to have faith when there is so much evil in human kind. Dean


My daughter just enlisted in the Army for 4 years, so I would be interested. I also believe in God and that the end is near. I am not involved in any political party. I have been both Democrat and Republican. I change according to what will give me a better voice in government. It is not the Party that counts, it’s the person who’s running for office that I want to know about.

Also I am now Baptist, but have also been Methodist, Presbyterian and others. But it’s not the label, it’s the Leader (God) that counts.

More people need to realize this. Vote for the person, not the party. Love the Leader, God, not the label of your religion

hello mr hook
there are countless ways of interpreting the bible.
since the bible was written, the end of the earth has
been predicted, even on certain days. it has never
happened. nostradamus predicted certain things will
happen also, which would fill any person with fear,
but when analyzed, his words were so incredibly vague
that they are rendered meaningless by reasonable

i was raised southern baptist, and while not as an
extreme bible thumping fundy, i was raised with a
certain thing planted in my head about what would
happen or would not happen to me when i live a certain
way etc.

fundyism is extremely distasteful to me. fundies are
tragic unfunny uncharming cartoonish characters in my
opinion, for the most part. taken one by one, i could
probably share a cup of coffee with many of them, but
taken as a whole, i am greivously offended by their
thoughts and rules of life and afterlife.

you cannot save me from what you think you want to
save me from anymore than i could save you from what i
think that you are currently believing.

carry on your work if you will, but you cannot help me
to achieve the afterlife status you would want for me
since i have no interest whatsoever in buying into
that theology or dogma, since i am sanely and happily
an agnostic, a humanist and a believer in reality,
science and the information left to us by the earth
through plate tectonics, geology and reasonable
thought and the reasonable minds of forward thinking
genuis men who have spoken the truth and not bowed or
bloodied their heads in order to be saved by the
unthinkable acts of the christian faith.

if i was jesus, i would be pissed. i think he was
probably a true prophet and had very important things
to say, like lao tze, etc. and other prophets — but
he has been the most misrepresented person in history.

i do not believe in noah’s ark (it would have taken
20,000 people working 20 hours a day to herd, care,
feed and clean up all of the waste, dead animals,
etc). since there is a food chain, and animals eat
each other, how can two be left for producing more
animals to keep the food chain in balance??? fundys
beleive this stuff, and that is why they must stick
together and cut themselves off from society as they
do, because they could never be taken seriously in the
real world.

and that is why that want to “bag” an atheist and
convert them. it is the most outstanding thing they
could hope for, to convert someone. most atheists
cannot be converted to fundyism but lots and lots of
fundys see the light and become humanists, secular
humanists, agnostics and atheists. it is okay to be
one, and among the rarified air of believers in
evolution, earth science and physics are some of the
most notable minds of the universe. pat robertson is
a buffoon, the top of the hierarchy of the fundy
cartoon character list and as such should be viewed as

the most offensive thing is that the religious right
wants to take up arms to defend the “right way of
living”. i personally will move to new zealand should
a fundy ever make it in this country enough to change
the minds of liberals and others who wish to not
pledge allegiance to the nation under god or not allow
gays to love who they want. my head will never be
bloodied or bowed by this nonsense. i am a
hetersexual but the gays i know in my area are among
the most faithful. the fundys are the bigots,
ignoramuses among us, and those who don’t really
achieve much in life. how can they??? they cannot
study any science, since they don’t believe in it
anyway. and without science, you have little to base
a reasonable existence on anyway. that is why they
beleive in noah’s ark. gotta believe in something.
and since their fundy sunday preacher told them it was
true then it must be. now let’s say amen and leave
the church remembering that all must think as we do,
and we all want to convert gays and jews and heathens
and pagans. bag a pagan!!!! convert a jew!!!! show
a gay person the true path!!!!

i want no part of it.


I appreciate your efforts, but let me wholeheartedly disagree with your message. First, I am a retiree from the Army, and I know full well what my former comrades in arms from the 101st, 3ID, and 1st Armor have gone through, and are still having to deal with.
I grew up with 14 years of perfect attendance in a local Presbyterian church (my family is of Scottish descent, like you wouldn’t have guessed), and after May 4, 1970, I changed my mind about a lot of things, religion being one of them.

Call me a Deist if you like, but also call me a person who has a distinct distrust of both organized religion, and a distinct distrust of government, especially when the two make patently obvious attempts to come together under the same banner. (By the way, please let people know that the Dutch East Indies Company,a major guiding force in colonizing and building an economy in the New World, was not an organization that helped found this nation on religious values and freedom. It was for, then and now, money! Likewise the acts of Britain to tax the colonies.) I do consider, though, the worst part of organized religion to be those people who put on the blinders of knowledge and forget what faith is about. You see, I think 1st John 5:13 sums it up adequately enough for me, and that Jesus had the right idea about the Pharisees. The Pharisees “knew” how everyone was supposed to act, believe, and anyone who differed was wrong. They diefied themselves in their own rightousness. Jesus showed the path of belief, trust, and walked modestly among men. Your website represents some of the ideals that modern Christians should see when they take their case to our government, local or otherwise. Jesus was the original believer in the separation of church and state!

The same is true of many supposed neo-Christians, and history is replete with this same attitude (and it is just that, an attitude) when others, under the auspices of government, persecuted and destroyed those who did not toe the appropriate religious line. They crossed the line of belief and their having faith that their belief is true for them. Inversely, the true believers attempt to persuade others to see and understand the object of their faith, and need no governemnt assistance to accomplish this (i.e. Mother Teresa). Unfortunately, like the Pharisees, when faith becomes “knowledge,” that special conceit comes into play, the conceit of being “right.” It is these believers, be they Christian, Catholic, Muslim, or Buddhists, or whatever bent they choose, change from faith based belief to conceited “knowledge.”

Since no man knows the date and time that God will bring judgment to mankind, I, for one, do not ponder it. Many people have, over the past few CENTURIES, consumed so much time in attempting to decipher the Bible’s prophecies, and again and again, history is replete with disappointment. How much time serving the poor or downfallen has been wasted? How much time in following the ways of Jesus have they missed?

Until you see and live with the smug piousness of the local chosen few, those who “know” how everyone else should act and believe, you miss a key point of the Sullivan County website. And if you subscribe to this same attitude, I pity you.

I would urge you to re-read the gospels, take a closer look at the simple but moral views Jesus taught about dealing with your fellow man, and spend the time you save in translating prophecy toward helping your fellow man. Look to, understand and be comforted by your faith, and realize that when you tell people what you purport to be knowledge, you do nothing less than commit the sin of Adam and Eve that caused their ouster from the Garden of Eden, and that is you have the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve obviously only received a small dose, but look what it got them. What will becoming the sum source of the knowledge of good and evil get you? (OR the Republican Party, I might politically add!) And what disappointment awaits you as you lay on your death bed without seeing the prophesies you proscribe come true in your time?

Peace to you, fellow veteran and brother-in-arms. I will pray in my own way that you see that you truly do not have knowledge, but that you truly begin to understand faith.

Jesus Wonderful Name – greetings.
I am busy reading the articles on your website. They are so interesting and
eye-opening. They also leads one to search the scriptures even more deeper.
There is one thing which brings my doubts and fears to REST – its the FACT
that in all your writings you don’t forget to POINT at THE CRUCIFIED JESUS
CHRIST who is the Author and the Finisher of our faith – NO, you never
forget to LIFT HIM UP.

Now my question is: As I am reading through I came to ask myself about US
CHRISTIAN VOTING. I am in South Africa and (as black people) we were
believing that God has answered our prayers and now after so many years, WE
CAN VOTE. What’s your view on that.
You actually strongly put it that its all the evil system of this present
world (makes one wonder if we are unaware that by voting we are promoting
Satan’s plan of stealing, killing and destroying).
I know you don’t have all the answer, but at least you have made so much
research on these issues with God’s help and leading.
I love God so much and I want to see myself reigning with Jesus in His
Kingdom as He comes back. I wanna live a clean life with a PURE HEART – so
as to see God (Matt 5:8) .

Brother Jack,
Let me first, as a brother Vietnam Veteran[USS
Sanctuary AH-17 – DaNang to the DMZ – Nov. 69 to Nov.
70]thank you for your sacrifices on behalf of this
country. Like you, having been so close to the action,
yet not in a combat unit, the horrors I saw of battle
on a hospital ship abide with me to this day. But God
has blessed me with understanding that I know would
not have been mine to learn without those experiences.
While I am by “worldly”[U.S.]standards a failure, I
believe the opposite about myself. I do have a VA
pension that is modest, but I am enormously grateful
for it and the SSA that I receive. I do agree in
general with your beliefs and will share what I can
with you. Also, as a novice writer, I will forward to
you some of the things I’ve been blessed to jot down
during the “dark trials” that buffeted me and helped
me get closer to Our Heavenly Father. This is a most
wonderful time to be living and it is sometimes hard
to believe that the prophets and saints of old dreamed
of seeing these perilous times. I feel blessed to have
this time to fellowship with you[I have little time
for the “churchianity” that prevails today]. I pray
that Father will allow this time to be expanded upon
and the Yeshua Ha Mosahic will be Glorified in all
that we share. God’s Blessings be with you and all
your brethren ALWAYS!

Thanks, but I am not into World Spiritual events in the future. As a member
of the Atheist Virtual Church, The Great Holyman, our non Spiritual leader
forbids us to look into the future without getting his permission first. You
may contact Brother Holyman and seek a release from him for me.

Yrs for a better world though filter carbon water systems. Morgan


Dear Jack Hook

I have just read “What’s New” and am surprised at the opposition you receive from Christians. Are they all American Christians? Yours could be a prophetic voice raised against an obstinate nation. The prophets of the Old Testament were opposed, mistreated and killed. They wept over the apostasy of Israel. You weep over America.

I live in Namibia, SW Africa and have been receiving your email for several years. I don’t understand some of the passion you express about America. My younger sister told me many years ago she had a dream about the anti Christ. We were not Christians at the time. Around the same time I had a dream of North Koreans invading America from the eastside. I was about eight years old and my sister six when she had the dream.

Neither of us have forgotten the dreams because they were so strong. My sister dreamt that a man brought peace to the world. She said what he was saying was wonderful but she felt uneasy inside. She walked up to the front to be in his presence and realised he was incarnate evil. I spoke with her recently and she told me that last year she saw the man in her dream on tv. She said the hair on the back of her neck stood up. The man being interviewed on CNN was working for the UN behind the scenes for peace in the Middle East.

I don’t know why I would dream about North Korea but I dreamt that people were running away from soldiers invading the east coast. I woke up with fear thumping in my chest. I have since become quiet because Namibia only has a west coast, to the east is Botswana yet with recent events I have remembered the dream more clearly. I too fear for America.

I just want to remind you that you shold be jumping up and down with joy for great is your reward in heaven. You are blessed to share in Christ’s suffering. Please don’t defend yourself. You work for the Lion of Judah and lions don’t need a defense. Just say what God places on your heart.

May God bless you with thick skin, the hide of a rhino.

Fascinating site Jack. You personal story rings a
bell with me as my own mother is suffering from
cancer. Thank you for telling us about it as I am
interested in the meaning of Babylon the Great and
have spent some time pondering it.

Best regards,
Hi Jack,

I came across your website while doing research on the different viewpoints of the identity of mystery Babylon the Great in Revelation.

I have a question for you. Since you believe it’s U.S.A., why are you still residing in America??? Or am I wrong that you are not in U.S.A.

Per Rev 18:4, you are instructed to “come out of her”…

I admire very much how you have put this all together and I have printed some of your articles out, so I can show people, I’ve been seeing threw a lot of what your talking about and I have spoke very simular words to people, like tonight i was in a conversation with another person on the net and i was showing him, he gave me your website to read, because he doesn’t l like to read, I’ve been knowing for years about America being Babylon so many people are in denial of this statement, and yes you are so right as far as the president and the members of his cabinet and the Europeans being the anti-christ, I agree 100%. I’m gonna spreak the news and show as many people as I can across the net about your website, this is something very interesting to read. Yes, your mother told you right, and may she rest in peace and one day we will join her too in the new kingdom of God.

God bless you
and thanks for writing this article
Dear Jack,
Thank you for your service to our great country during the
Vietnam war.
As far as Biblical prophecy from a veterans point of view, i’m
not interested. I am only interested in Biblical interpretations of
Biblical prophecies, and no other. The Bible interprets itself, for our
loving God would not want us to be “in the dark” about His plan for our
salvation, nor His plan for the redemption of mankind, nor His plan for us
to disciple the nations so that “the glory of the Lord would cover the whole
earth as the waters cover the sea”.
My suggestion, since you asked for my correspondence, would
that you would turn off, or throw away your television set, and refrain from
network radio news, and pray that God, who loves you and His people, would
open your eyes to His plan to redeem man and the earth in His Word. The
answer to all your questions is right there, and He does not want you to be
confused. things are getting better, every day, and we are slowly, but
surely, with His help, getting back to Eden.
The Prince of peace, Jesus, said that he did not come to bring
peace, but a sword. Though He is called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, He said He came with a sword, not
peace. Peace is only borne of war. Yes there are wars, but the outcome is
always peace, because His is an everlasting dominion. Slow but sure, yet
there will be peace. God promised it! As a veteran, you understand that
peace is only borne of war.
Semper Fidelis, Pax Christi. Skip

Thank you for e-mailing me. I briefly had a chance to visit your site, and did read your page about the author- what a beautiful and loving story that was. I too believe in Jesus, and know I’m doing what I should be doing right now. I know my mission here is to work with the elderly (I do this through being a fitness trainer- I go to many homes of older people and help them stay healthy) and I also feel God has led me in this direction right now… reaching out to others worldwide through e-mail chats, sharing Redd’s memories, ect… If you have time, please visit Redd’s site and sign our guest book & petition to get Redd nominated into the Country Music Halll of Fame- something we feel he rightfully deserves. Thanks for listening and thanks for sharing your life with us through your website.
God Bless you,
Sharon & Billy

Thanks for your note. I’ll definitely put your materials on my list for a full read. Briefly scanned some of them, and although I think we differ on some issues of doctrine and eschatology, we share belief in the centrality of Israel in Yahweh’s plan.

I appreciate your passion for righteousness, something which is greatly lacking in most traditional denominations today. The great challenge in ecumenical ministry is indeed unity without compromise. The Father has children in every faith tradition, whom He draws through the Spirit. Too often, Truth seeking gets buried in “love”, or pursued at the expense of real Love. Don’t give up hope for unity, it is the heart of end-time prophecy!

Peter warned against twisting the writings of Paul and relegating Torah to the trash. James and John also warned against divorcing faith and love from works. Yet today, we have a ‘church’ not rooted in the Tanakh our Messiah lived to the full and taught. Thus lawlessness reigns in society and indifference rules in the church. We see this as well, with every production, but there is a remnant that crosses all denominational lines, of those who are on fire for Yahweh. Sounds like you’re one of those, so don’t loose heart, He knows His own.

Blessings! -David

dear Jack

after we read your writing, we sent to the comments, we could not believe the hate in people´s hearts that call themselves Christian, what a shame, we do love our nation but we do not agree with what the officials are doing, still, is a free country, so we are staying,
and fighting for the truth so help us God, we are sorry for the fanatics that write hate letters.

Bless you. A J

Hi Jack
Thanks for your e-mail. We tend to look at Bible prophecy preteristically, and thus see most NT prophecy as having been fulfilled in a.d. 70 with the destruction of the Temple and Jewish nation by the Romans.
God bless. Steve
Hello, Jack,
Once again, I have enjoyed reading the honest, Biblical declarations of a brother in Christ. The issues you raised are sorely in need of review by so many in the Church today. I too have found this need wherein I need to pause and reflect about where God wants me to go and why sometimes I have difficulty seeing His guidance.

I do not consider myself to be a pacifist compromiser, but at times I too have found myself in the camps of the condemners and the cowards. I cannot ignore the numerous times I have failed at missed witnessing opportunities, or at how many times I have worked over all those “sinners” out there while ignoring personal sins I have left unresolved. Giving thanks to the Father in the name of Jesus for all He has done by taking on all my sin past, present and future, and the process of mind renewal that accompanies frequent prayer and fellowship with Him (as Paul spoke of) has allowed healing and a closer walk with Him to take place. I know there is still room for improvement. This is one matter that will never completely go away while I am contained in this corruptible body that someday Jesus will render incorruptible, when we shall be like Him. A public profession of Him in whom we trust that demands some effort to behave in a manner above reproach in the sight of this lost world has, and always will be, a struggle for me.

I believe however, as you do, that it is important, using a spirit of discernment, to cry out against the sin of this age: Isaiah 58:1. I am in no position to know what is in the heart of any man; only God truly knows. But I can still judge based on observation of what is obvious. The President’s statement that Muslims and Christians worship the same God suggests to me that he knows little, if anything, about the one, true God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It also causes me to seriously question that he actually knows Jesus as Saviour. Again, I can’t judge his heart, but in his case, it is quite apparent that his actions are speaking louder than his words. He has not renounced membership in the satanic Skull and Bones, so what concord can Christ have with Belial?

The “take dominion now” people, while supporting their own position with a plethora of Scripture to back it, have ignored Paul, Peter and Jude’s proclamation that before Jesus comes, things will wax worse and worse. The time has long since passed for this nation to get Christians involved in government, politics, business and finance to restore this nation to Godly principles and living. Only the merciful hand of God is permitting this teetering nation from collapsing on itself entirely because the time for its collapse has not yet arrived, and will not, until He says so. What God has always demanded of nations facing judgment is repentance and a return to Him. He has not changed. The Republican party is almost as corrupt (or should I say, AS corrupt) as the clearly antichrist Democratic party, and to look to this body or compromisers (so as to vote for this lesser of two evils) is to deny the holiness of God. The Church had better make up its mind that yes, it should vote for Godly candidates, but no, it should not vote for anyone just because he opposes the Democrats and has a better chance of winning than some third party “misfit.” If Judge Moore wants to run for President as an independent and as a man of Godly principles, I will more likely vote for him on the basis of principle than on his chances of winning. If he runs I hope he walks away from the “take dominion” and “Republican” crowd and stands for God first! At least he has stood up and boldly declared Who he has believed without trying to deceive me with “I believe in Jesus Christ” – type rhetoric.

I will retain my “Watchman” status and try, as you have done, to warn my readers what is coming, and to declare the immanency of Jesus return. You and I are few in number, but thank God for every man who is not afraid to declare the Blessed Hope (Titus 2:11-13). I intend to mail a short, respectful and concise note to the President expressing my concerns. If he doesn’t like it and sends his culture of death supporters to do me in, fine; make my (eternal) day. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Thanks again for a fine newsletter, Jack. I look forward to your next one. Till He comes, your brother,