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dear Jack, i’m sick of all this right wing, christian s…. all christianity has done over the last two thousand years is wars & killings. i want no part of this. oscar

Dear Brother Jack
I sure agree with you that we all need to submit to Our Lord’s chastening if we expect to go to heaven. If we don’t all of us would wonder around and get into real trouble. Some people teach that once you get save you are automaticly garanteed a place in heaven. A sister from church asked me about eternal security once, and I told her it was very easy to understand. Jesus told those in the church at Sardis that if they overcame He would not take their name out of the book of life.Revelation 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.
That tells me that it is possible to be erased from the book after you are save. I told my sister that if you are an overcomer you will endure to the end and you have eternal security, but if you don’t., you don’t have it. Some people when asked a question like that wll ether tell you to ask someone else or give you a very long complicated answer that is about as clear as mud. I have a book by some man on the once saved always saved issue that is over 800 pages long. Now this guy comes down on the right side which I believe to be biblical, but he sure could have said it with a lot less words. The Bible says that we may sin if we use too many words; Proverbs 10:19 In the multitude of words there wanteth not sin: but he that refraineth his lips is wise.
According to my understanding(which is in no way perfect) the rapture will come at the end of the great tribulation, but I don’t argue the point like some do. I just tell people that the trutth about the rapture is that it will happen and if they are an overcomer they will go.
God Bless

From: Jack
To: Frank
Subject: Re: Good site

Hi Frank. Thanks for responding with such insightful comments. As to OSAS, it became clear to me many years ago that only through the blood of Jesus and the indwelling Holy Spirit could I become and remain an overcomer. It is his power that we are connected to by genuine repentance and faith. That is simple to understand.

As you correctly stated, it is possible for those who are saved to walk away from the blood and Holy Spirit and have their names removed, at a time only God knows, from the book of Life. I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ. Your new eternal friend. Jack

Hi Jack
I aways am looking for greater understanding of the things that God wants me to know while I am sure there are some things that my finite mind will never be able to fully comprehend in this life, like why I am so blessed and why God opened my heart that night in 1975 and gave me the desire to respond to Him. I know everything He has done for me(including His Chastisment) is because of His Great Love. There is a song I like that says the Love of God is so rich and pure that even if the oceans were ink and each stalk on earth were a pen and every man a scrib, they could not write all of the love of God. Even though we cannot understand the full hight and depth of God’s Love this side of heaven, He has given us the desire to except and enjoy it. Some people have said how much the have enjoyed my teaching and preaching and compliment me for following God as I do. I always tell them I can do no other because Jesus has the words of life. He has given me some good opportunities to study His Holy Word in college and seminary. I was taught some good things as well as so things I would have rather not learned. God had a plan in allowing me to learn everything I did. Now when I sit down to study I need God’s help not only for understanding His Word but to disregard the unbelief I was taught. I have two very good study programs in our computer that I use plus my other books and Bibles. I will be happy to send the programs to you in an e-mail attachment if you’d like. The one I use the most is Quick Verse that has many good study books in it.
I’m glad you found my name and contacted me. Now I know another Christian Brother. Some people around here call me reverend eventhough I’ve never been ordained by anyone but God and don’t want to be. One of the decons in our church did talk to me about be ordained with ………………… but I don’t thing he liked what I said about what man’s system of religion had do to God’s Word because he has’t treated me the same since. I get along with his wife better than I do him. She is an ex-catholic and we agree about alot. My parents sent me to a catholic grade school mianly because there were no steps I had to climb. When the movie “The Passion of Christ” came out niether of us went to see it and we tried to tell people in the church that it was not as faithful to God’s Word as it claimed but was a catholic film thriugh and through. When I told my friend who coordinates the nersing home ministry what I thought about the film, he got very offended and canseled two singing groups I had lined up and would not let me preach for some time. We have other disagreements as well, but God has smoothed them out and now he wants me to preach about every two months( we hold service there each 4th Sunday Morning). You see, I don’t totally line up with any denominational teaching, but with God’s Help, I do my best to stay in line with His Word. Being holy as God commands is taking on His Character. If we claim to be holy, we need to prove it by our following hard after God.

God Bless

Hi Jack, I looked at your web site again, there is no gospel in it, I dont mean to offend you, but there is nothing about what Christ has accomplished in our name and on our behalf in your web site, THE GOSPEL: God accepts the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in our name and on our behalf. Hebrews 9:24 Christ lived a life of perfect obedience to God’s law for us in our name and on our behalf Romans 5;17-21 In Christ death on the cross, he satisfied the demand of God’s holy law and took our judgement in our name and on our behalf. Galations 3:13 In his resurrection, God fully accepts the life and death of Christ in our name and on our behalf, We are made complete in him Colossians 2:10 Christ in heaven at God’s right hand is our guarantee that our salvation is secure and certain, This is just a sketch of what Christ has done for us, i hope that this will wet your appettite so that you will buy my book and learn more. Yours in Christ, Bob

From: Charlotte

To: Jack

Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 10:59 AM

Subject: President’s message….

Hi Mr. Hook
If you watch and listen to the president tonight, I would appreciate hearing your comments. I believe our Vietnam veterans and other servicemen have insight into this time of war.
Thank you. Charlotte

At 10:43 AM 6/29/2005, you wrote:
Hi Charlotte. Thanks for the email. I did listen to the President last night. The most important thing to me is to remember there are two kingdoms at work on the Earth…the kingdom of Heaven and the kingdoms of this satanic world, America included. We as born again followers of Jesus are not to “spiritually” mingle with the kingdoms of this world, including America. President Bush is leading the democratic portion of this world against the Islamic tyrants and dictators. In their eyes on both sides the war is just, and God allows it to restrain evildoers, but eventually warfare will escalate to the nuclear nightmare the entire world fears. This will happen during Daniel’s 70th week. Our kingdom is not “of” this world so we are not to join in the carnage of war but preach the coming of the King of Kings. Your eternal friend. Jack

Amen! I do understand. It’s really quite simple from a prophetic point of view.
May all of Heaven’s blessings shower you. Thank you for your service and honor to our land.
Thank you for being true to the real Prince of Peace; the Lord God our Savior Jesus Christ.
We are forever His, and forever brother and sister in Christ. Charlotte

hello friend and thanks for the email. i am in total agreement with all that you say. people today do not want to hear any truth. but as jesus said let those with ears to hear let them hear. email me again when you get a chance. these are difficult times that we are in stand tall darryl

I will be happy to look over your writings and posts. I have a bit of a problem with the hypocrisy of self-proclaimed christians and have suffered at the hands of church-going, proselytizing “people” as well as other openly committed to self-serving, dishonorable practices.

I am the widow of a Vietnam Veteran, USMC Capt, in country ’68, who suicided in 1983 after the discovery of the body of an acquaintance. The ill treatment that my son and I received after that from family, “friends”, professionals, and the bureaucracy is worthy of a book.

There is a movie that I saw recently, titled Frailty, and I found it both disturbing and appealing. Wouldn’t it be great to know the demons among us by such a method, one that erases any doubt?. Especially in a time when confessed child-molesters and killers are given more equitable and better treatment than veterans and their families.

Despite my biblical name, I keep my spirituality a private matter and have not found the higher power in mansions of wood and stone or the words of false prophets, but in every day events all around me, in nature, in people/strangers.

Sincerely, Deborah

Jack, Good Luck with your web-site. I must tell you I don’t want to spend time on anything about Bible prophesy. Whatever happens will happen and my time with God is better spent in ways I feel directed by God. We all have free will to decide the directions we take and i choose not to go that way.
Thanks for your inquiry and again good luck with your web-site.
Best, Brad


I enjoy visiting and reading your articles. I went searching one day for the meaning of the name America. On a site of baby names I found something interesting. When I looked up the name America it came back with “Latin – Land of the Prince”. I thought this was interesting in light of some of your articles. Just wanted to pass that on though you probably already knew it.

Thanks for reading my letter

Dear Mr. Hook:
This Sunday in church our pastor did a re-enactment of the Terrorists on the ill fated 9/11 flight. He attributed by a timeline that the deaths in all the past wars were much higher, the price lower in this war. He then tried to support war with several scriptures, the last being Jesus in the temple, angered by the selling of wares. I could take no more and walked out. He was trying to support, encourage and praise the war. He defended the war. I know that it is said there will always be wars and rumors of wars, but I don’t believe he should be leading our sheep astray. My husband flies at least 3+ flights per week. My daughter almost began crying when he hinted that we are at the hands of terrorists. There was no hint that we should be ready for the LORD, that our hope is in HIM. No scripture supporting Love Our Enemies, Jesus’ purpose on the earth, His sacrifice and Forgiveness.
Please help me to give me the words to make him understand, he is no different from fox news, supporting lies and demons of doctrine
I thank you for your kind help and pray that your words are ones that will lift the veil from his eyes, He is teaching the congregation false doctrine, slanting GODS word to fit his needs.
I can’t go back. I will soon be moving to……….. and hope to find a church there. Can you recommend one? I will pray for your answer AND I am mailing him 2 articles by you, Enemies of the Cross &They Loved not the TRUTH. I pray these are the right ones.
Blessings and Prayer for your continued Truth,
Thank you,

Jack your wrong about the beast being a man. Read your bible! A beast is a system or government. The dragon gave the beast its power so no one wanted to make war with it. (Nuclear). The first beast is the government that is made up of 10 leaders who do not rule at the same time. Within this government is a two horned beast which has power in the presence of the first. A two leader executive department within the first beast (the mouth of the beast, spokesman for the government). This government can be identified by the clues. One head was mortally wounded but the beast government continued(JFK). One head has a name that equals 666. (RWR) also his California address. Now you know the government. Now for this government to be identified with the old Babylon, it must occupy the old scriptural Babylon. Who now occupies old Babylon. The Great New Babylon is formed. Now isn’t that great, could it be __. Don’t try to buy or sell anything without having your number. Might it be possible that the little horn might be a leader who is called Junior and is identified with both the above systems. Could he be the white horse going out to conquer. Could he appear to be a lamb. Is it possible that some natural disaster destroys the Great Babylon and only the military beast survives to join with the countries that made up old Roman empire. The new Rome back in service just in time for JC’s return. All the participants will be there again to see the return. Who Knows.
The little horn will pluck syria and Iran next.

Dear Jack,
Do you listen to the radio program “Coast to Coast AM ? with George Noory. He had a VERY interesting guest on last week from Ireland by the name of Patrick Heron. COAST TO COAST AM WITH GEORGE NOORY: SHOWS Mr Heron has a new book out that I just ordered, that I think you would be interested in reading Amazon.com: The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse: Explore similar items Tonight’s guest is Steven Quail, who is going to talk about how to survive the coming nuclear attack on America. The show starts at midnight. You should listen. I also think you would make a good guest.Former 1st lt. Byron…..OCS, Ft. Benning, Ga, 1971

From: Jack Hook
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 12:23 PM
To: Byron
Subject: Re: The Nephalim

Hi Byron. Please forgive me for not replying sooner, but Carol and I have been gone for three weeks. I have met Patrick via the internet. We exchanged a couple of emails and he sent me his book that you referenced. After reading it, I must say there were many things I learned and agreed with. However, one thing was unclear to me and I even asked Patrick about it. For he seemed to imply that “soul sleep” is a true doctrine and has not yet responded to the clarification I asked for. Your eternal brother. Jack

Dear Jack. I received Patrick’s book last Thursday, and read it in one sitting. There were some things I did not agree with, such as the “soul sleep” doctrine. I don’t know that he believes that, but it was implied, so let me know what he says about it. I’m sure like you….he takes awhile to answer all his emails. His program on Coast to Coast was FASCINATING. I’ve always wondered about the pyramids. I do believe they were built by Satan as a replica to the heavenly city. The Egyptian hieroglyphic drawings were no doubt pictures of realities of genetic engineering that existed in the pre-flood world. When these guys come out of the abyss during the tribulation, giants of up to 18 or 19 ft tall or taller, earth is going to be a scary place to be. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I do not know how Mr. Noory chooses his program guests, but he delves in to such subjects as you include on your website. However I have noticed that the program in general does not want to get TOO close to the truth. -What do you expect from a secular program? However, I think you would make an excellent guest. I believe Bill Cooper was on before his untimely demise.

I enjoy your website sir.

Semper Fi. Byron

Thanks for the e-mail. I’m just curious – on what website public forum did
you find me? Anyway, visited your website and your statement of faith and
mine are the same. I was intrigued about your research and positions
regarding escatology, particularly applying biblical references to current
events. Although I spent a lot of time researching escatological questions
in the past, I no longer think much about it. Over the past twenty-plus
years, the Lord has led me more to doing what I can to help Christians
understand who they are in Christ and what that means in their everyday
lives. My heart breaks for those who, although saved, continue to allow the
enemy so much place in their lives. They have more spiritual authority than
they know and yet continue to suffer. Again, thank you for taking time to
e-mail me. May God bless you with wisdom and boldness as you seek to bless
the Body of Christ. In His Name, Steve

From: Jack Hook
To: Steve
Subject: Re: A Vietnam Veteran’s Invitation
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 10:24:24 -0700

Hi Steve. Thank you so much for your response. It appears that you have
studied prophecy in the past, but have now stopped to focus on helping
people to understand what it means to be “in” Christ. There was a time
when I did that too, but later learned that true prophetic study is foundational
to understanding the inward working of the Holy Spirit who places us “in”
Jesus. The cross and second coming are inseparable! Please read my
article “Coming in the Flesh” on my web site for further explanation. Jack

Thanks for the wonderful e-mail. Doesn’t really matter where you got my
address. I just assume God’s in it somewhere. I do believe in divine
appointments. I’ll be reading from your website. Keep proclaiming the truth
until He comes. And, by the way, I agree with you. I believe I will live to
see Him descending in the clouds. Glory! However, I recall that the Apostle
Paul thought the same thing. Anyway, God’s blessing on you and your
ministry brother. Keep in touch. Steve

yes i agree with you about the internet being so flowy. But i’m sorry to say
i dont really beleive in the bible and religous things. I ts not bad or
stupid i just dont beleive in it. Again i am sorry and hope lots of other
people look at ur website. Thankyou for sending me an email, so sorry,
P.S. where exactly did you get my email address from??

Hello Jack,
I visited your site and find that (with what time I have had to read from it) I agree with much of what you have written, although I’m not all that sure that the the President of the United States will be the Antichrist.

Lord bless,

Dear Jack hook,

I never ever EVER remember posting my name and adress on a public forum. For f… sake my name isn’t even Alan (?). As far as I’m concerned your a spammer. You were part of war and by using the word “veteran” I presume your proud of it too (war mongering bastard). As for your religious beliefs I believe in nothing at all. You seem like an uptight cretin. I will never visit your website as long as I live.

Hate you dearly,

America is the Anti-Christ? What prophets & saints have they killed? The battle of Armageddon is after the 1,000 years of peace! The Holy Spirit hinders Unity? The Holy Spirit tries to being in Unity through Christians! Kings of the west, America? Kings is plural, therefore demanding more than one and America does not have a king or kings! Peace agreement signed after Rapture? Christ is only coming back once more! Rapture is on the last day, read John, Chapter 6, verses 39, 40, 44 & 54. John, chapter 11, verse 24. Chapter 12, verse 48. There is no multi-stage Rapture! Knowing that the United States has had the Bible distributed well over 400 years so far, how could we come to believe, knowing all the prophecies, that God, Jesus or the Angels are Aliens? There is no Mystery of Babylon, the verse reads “Mystery, Babylon” The Anti-Christ will not control all those except those led by the Holy Spirit, there will be those who will not bow to either!

That’s enough, this is false doctrine and you are false teachers. You are representative of those who have, are & will contribute to the great falling away through your false teachings as once people realize the truth, that people like you have covered up, they will turn their backs and return to the world looking for answers when all mighty hell actually breaks loose on the earth.

Pastor Jerry
Gap Evangelising, a Non- Denominational following of Christ.

We will pray that some of this information will allow you to see the true light and get back to evangelizing the true word of God & his Christ and bring others, and yourselves to know the truth and the true God & his Christ.

God Bless you & keep you