September 2008 Comments

Jack: Thank God that someone in this insane world is still at least trying to keep their eyes on the right things that really matter. Most of our religious world (crossing all denominations), has so blended themselves into this world that you can’t tell the difference when it comes down to their day to day lives. It does not surprise me that the same people are still trying to find scriptures that justify the way they want to live. Keep up the good fight and may God give you an inner assurance and peace that nothing in this world will ever be able to offer. Daryl


Get a life. I feel guilty for nothing, was not “fooled” and you make tooooooo many ass-umptions! Barry, C, 2nd/28th Inf, 1st Infantry Division. 11/65-12/66.
Oh, yes; I never believed “god was on my or your or charlie’s side”, only that I was “walking on the side of god”.


The bible reads “there is a time for war, a time for peace. Guess if you believe in the good book it must be OK for Christians to go to war, and in war you kill. May God forgive us all, and give us Christians the skill to defeat the Muslims in the upcoming war.


Dear Jack,

You took a lot of time to write this, so the least I can do is take a few minutes to respond.

I cringe when I hear people accuse every political leader who ever lived of being a liar. That is a very serious charge and should not be made promiscuously. People can come to different conclusions about facts and both be honest in their opinions. The truth is not as black and white as you seem to believe.

You say, “all wars are the result of sinful men on both sides.” So, those that fought back when Nazi Germany invaded their country and enslaved them were sinful in your eyes. I believe that those who stood by and did nothing were the real sinners.

Islam intends to convert the world by force and has announced that goal hundreds of times. A person who fills a car with TNT and blows it up in the center of a crowded market has just committed mass premeditated murder. We cannot and must not allow these people to succeed in their evil design.

You say, “The religious war being waged by Israel and most of Christendom against the madmen of Islam is bringing all the nations to World War III and then Armageddon.” Oh really! What do you suggest that we stop our sinful struggle to remain free and alive and submit to the ‘madmen of Islam’? You might want to look at Neville Chamberlain’s very Christian idea that he could persuade Adolf Hitler to desist from invading his neighbor’s lands. He came back to England in 1938 with, in his words, “peace in our time”. Three months later Germany invaded Cheklaslovakia, rounded up the Jews living there and slaughtered them.

What do you think the world should do in Darfur? Perhaps you would like to explain to the Islamic Janjaweed militia that murdering 200,000 defenseless people is not nice. In the mean time, while they are thinking about stopping, thousands more and being murdered every day.

It’s funny, you are ashamed that you sat in Long Binh during Tet. I spent a year as CO of a maintenance company with the 3rd Brigade, 1st ID and have always felt that I should have been with a rifle company. The only thing I’m ashamed of about Vietnam and Cambodia (where I also served) is that we surrendered and let the communists murder about five million people. I have attached an article I wrote based on an interview with a Vietnamese refugee.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.

Sincerely, Cosmo



Wow. I had never thought that militant patriotism is a consequence of the love of this world, but you are absolutely correct. Were it not for Jesus, I would be right there with them, as I share many common values as those who are of the Christian right and believe in fighting w/ force of arms for that which is ours, and what we believe.

In fact, I tried to join the Marines after 9/11 but being 30 at the time, they wouldn’t have me. I was prepared to leave a great job in the corporate world to go get the bad guys. Now, looking at the gross evil this nation perpetuates, and that we have aligned ourselves with the side of the Satan, I could not fight for what we stand for, as I would be fighting against God. Not now, not ever. Been down that road, and not ever standing in that place again.

Jesus is returning soon and by His grace, He will find me and all of my household faithful and obedient should we be here upon His return.

I am going to visit your website and am very curious as to what it is. Of late I have been studying the whore of Babylon in Revelations, Jeremiah, etc, and I believe the USA fits the description very, very well. Interested to see what you have to say.

Thanks Jack. Your friend and brother in Christ, Cale


Greetings Brother Jack,

What a joy and an honor to hear from you, and finding that you chose to contact me through what you have read at my site. You leave me puzzled as to which site you’re referring to, as I have more than one.

This has been a refreshing afternoon, as I have been busy reading the material at your web site. I have found that you and I think and believe the same.

There is a need, however, to apologize and correct the misunderstanding of who I am. You see, I am Jerry’s wife. I have put together much of what I have on my pages, for my husband, with the hope of re-uniting him with some of his old military friends. Jerry was with the 1/2nd Black Scarves and the LRRPS during his first tour to Vietnam, and was
wounded along the Ho Chi Minn Trail, along the Cambodian border. He is not a Christian, yet. We have been married since 1972, and have come through some extremely difficult times together. Unfortunately, we are still experiencing very difficult and trying times, as we enter our senior years. Only the Lord has and always will hold me up and sustain me through whatever the enemy has to throw into my path, as I continue to hold on to my husband, whom I love so dearly, our marriage, and my faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I’d write more, however, I have to run some errands for the moment. Hope to keep our communication going, and have new found encouragement and friendship which has been arranged through the love of our Savior.

May the Lord keep you in His protection and Grace.

In His service,

Hi Vicki,

Thanks for responding to my invitation. Your comments are very warm and encouraging. Your love for our Lord Jesus, and your faithfulness towards your husband while you are believing for his salvation, is one of the most refreshing and honorable things I have read in a long time. Most people when they do respond to my letter, are angered and troubled by my words that convict them, an just read over my appeal for them to receive the merciful love of the Lord Jesus.

I hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins, and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch.

By the way, I don’t recall your pages because I don’t save every site I visit, so when you have time email the web addresses to me, for I would love to read them over. Give your husband a big hug from me, for he, being a Vietnam veteran is my eternal friend.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook


My dear Brother Jack. Please try to hear your own Inner Voice, which is also known as “The Voice for God”. He will tell you very gently that He is Love, not Fear, nor Hatred, nor Revenge, nor anything else of the ego. He created us like Him, so how can we be “sinful” or “evil”….that means that God could be “evil or sinful”. That is impossible because God is LOVE, and there is no conflict in God. Try to pay more attention to the Voice for God within your own heart and less to the ego voice which loves to quote some of the rantings in the Bible about God’s “Wrath”, “Hellfire and Brimstone forever and forever”….you get the picture. May the Light of God be yours always. My love and blessing to you.
In Christ,


Thank you Jack Hook for you efforts!

I was raised a Southern Baptist by a WWII combat father!
I was taught the lessons of the bible to include thou shalt not kill.
Being a combat veteran, while in combat I prayed many times to our father;
asking one, to live and get me through all of this, two to help me get my men
through all of this and three the question? HOW could you GOD let this happen?
How could you GOD let me and my men kill all these people.
When I got home, the dreams and nightmares came and they never stopped.
I prayed and I tried to find the lord, he never helped me and he never let the
nightmares stop. I now help veterans as a veterans advocate obtain their claims
from the VA. I try to help the combat soldier get through a process to get help.
I have been doing this for many years and I am now seeing my fellow combat soldiers
die at early ages from the lifes stresses they have faced only to see their country turn
its back on them over and over.
Have faith my friend and good luck if its doing you good.
I Company 75th Infantry Airborne Ranger attached to the 1st Division (The Big Red ONE)



Interesting to read you email. I took basic at Ft Knox myself, attended AIT at Fort Dix, NJ, and was sent to Germany for three years. About the time I thought I could come back stateside, I received orders for Viet Nam. I went over and was assigned to the 11th Armored Cavalry Regt.
My MOS was Field Communications. They asked for volunteers for a helicopter door gunner and i volunteered. After a while I was transferred out to a straight leg unit in the 1st Inf Division. They had no radio repairmen and was desperate for communications equipment. I began taking the inoperable equipment apart that was piled up to be sent to repair. Between interchanging parts from a lot of worthless equipment, I was able to get a truck load of desperately needed operational equipment back in the field. Because of that I was put in the position of radio repairman, a field that I had no training in whatsoever.
I was the only thing that the unit had for radio repair, they could not get anyone else because of shortages in trained personnel. Finally, when we did receive trained personnel, I was named Communications Chief. It felt weird be Commo Chief over trained repairmen since I had no formal training but that is the way it was under combat conditions.
After serving 20 months in Nam I was able to come back to the world and was stationed at Fort Knox again. I was there for about one year and received orders for Korea. I met my wife while stationed at Knox and we were married 2 weeks before I shipped out. I was not a Christian when we married but my wife was a very strong one. Because of her I later became a Christian. I sincerely believe that God made her especially for me. I later became a Deacon in our church. We belong to another church now and I am no longer an active Deacon but my wife is.
While in Viet Nam I was shot in the back of the head, run over by a truck and have had my share of leeches hanging on me while laying in rice paddies while on ambush patrol. God spared me while I was there. I feel he was saving me for my wife so that she could influence me into becoming a Christian. God has intervened in my life more times that I could say. I have had two heart attacks, two open heart surgeries, 10 stents and a defibrillator. I am active in our church as a volunteer in our media crew. We broadcast live on WAVE TV3 in Louisville, KY every Sunday morning. It is all volunteers. We reach thousands every Sunday bringing the word of God into peoples homes. A lot of which are homebound and unable to get out.
I was out of military service for 23-1/2 years and went back in to service in 1993 when Desert Storm flared up. I went in to the Air Force Reserve as an aircraft machinist. I also served on the USAF Honor Guard performing burial details for our fallen, an honor that I will forever remember. I retired from military service with 23 years of service. I am now 80% VA disabled from injuries sustained from my time in the US Army. 100% from Social security.
I am currently a member of the Patriot Guard Riders. It a group of Motorcycle riders that attend funerals of service members and Veterans to keep out protesters. Pretty sad that things like that happen.

Take care and God Bless you,



Thank you for your email and your wonderful testimony.
Thank you for your military service to our country, and
welcome home.

I have prayed that God would send someone to answer some
“Vietnam questions” I have had for more than forty years. I
wonder if you are that person. Please let me know if you
would be willing to hear my story and the questions I have.



Thank you for your email invitation to read your articles, and think seriously about our lives as Christians.
You gave me a lot to think about. I look up to the sky each day praying for our Lord to come, but I too struggle with this confusing world and how to live in it. I will visit your site again, and pray that Christ Jesus continues to draw me nearer to Him.
God Bless you.


Dear Mr. Hook: I am responding to your email that you sent my husband, James. He passed away last June with a massive heartattack. He had an appeal that was ongoing with the VA concerning Agent Orange, which was attributed to his asthma, neuropathy and heart issues. I am continuing the appeal myself and am educating myself on the subject. He was in the Army and fought on the ground for two years. He was sprayed with the poison on a regular basis. His life was cut short because of it. He was an honorable man who had received two purple hearts and many other medals. He was a 1st SGT. I know he is with Christ now and personally I can’t wait to join him. I lost my own son 4 years ago at the age of 24 as well. I have faith in God, but each day is a challenge for me. Any information I can give you or help you just let me know. God Bless You. Connie


I went to your site did not see the sign-in book. I have been in harms way for the Army starting with my initatial contact on Granada, Kosovo, Kuwait and then in Al Ramadi. My guilt stems from to sources: one is that I was always just close to actions (not that I did not particpate in the closing fights) but I seemed to be five vehicles back or coureing documents when my HQs was mortored), and second was some where in all this I failed as a husband to show the love and purpsoe I HAVE for my wife (I came home retired and she got her divorce, which I initaited). I find myself numb and guilt riden, hunting for purpose, (I have read a Purpose driven Life and am reading Healing is a choice, I attend a congregation of driven evangelist ( I watch in awe at their conviction and commitment) but have not found in life what makes us why we are. I work with Veitnam vets and several recent Vets One from the Air Force and one from a Ranger unit that was decimated in the attack on southern Bagdad. Know I am not a stranger to getting myself out there and pursueing the raiding style bastards. I was awarded two Bronze stars for my serve but I was just pissed-off that they were even trying to kill us and I do not remember ever really being directly in harms ways ( no life flashing in front of my eyes or anything like that. Just lost trying to justify waking up in the morning and moving forward. Sorry about the ramblings and the poor grammer, this is my first and only draft. It is from the haert and not the mind. Thanks for listening, no one in my family can get it they think I am just looking to hard, Almost like a what if questions, only I do not know what answer I am trying to trick out of people. Lewis


No thank you. I don’t have any use for religion. God wasn’t on a mountain called Nam Hoa.
You have intruded, don’t preach to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am not afraid of any “judgement day”.
Man is and will destroy the world and your god and christ will stand by and do nothing.
Blind faith is just man’s feeble attempt to justify world events from the start of mankind; a fable or myth.
God is your crutch, not mine.


Hi Jack. Read your email and was pleased to hear that you proclaim Christ as your savior I was in viet nam myself from 1965-1967 in Plieku. I am a baptist minister now keep up the good work. Royce


Thank you for the email
I lost my boyfriend in the tet Offensive and blamed
the US and VietNam for many years.
However, I have forgiven and know he is in Heaven and
have always been a Christian; Roman Catholic.
I may have waned from my Faith; over the years but I
belong to the roman Catholic Church and I never
regretted it!
Yes, I have believed for many years; we are in “The
Last Days.” Only prayer and sacrifices by many;
penance will save us!

Good luck to you and keep the faith!
sincerely, Maureen


Hi Jack,

Thanks for the email.

I like you, have believed the doctrine of the end time preachers and
I once believed in the imminent destruction of the world. After 10
years or correction from the Lord, I no longer believe such things.

Once I threw down those ideas, Jesus began to reveal to me why I was
so confused and where I had made the mistakes along the way. After
some time, the Lord began to give us vision about the work that was
ahead of us. Vision that would touch nations and liberate people from
demonic bondage.

Now then, I would be just like all the other optimists, except this
account has substance. We have been carrying out that vision by faith
and witnessing the Lord move one obstacle after then other. We have
met with kings and presidents of nationas, and been given much favor
over the giants in this world. Since God has given us a plan for a
lifetime, I seriously doubt that my fist interpretation was the
correct one. In fact, it is clear now that any doctrine that leads to
instilling fear is not from God.

In the last days…..How many days are in the last days, my friend
Jack? I will give you a key…. There are three, and you are in the
third of the three. If you understood this, you could write nothing
of what you have written or posted on your web site.


Hi Todd,

Thanks for responding to my invitation and for sharing your
testimony. It is an honor to meet you even though we disagree on how
the Kingdom of Heaven will be estblished on this Earth. Please ask
God to confirm that what I am about to tell you is the truth.

When Adam and Eve fell into rebellion against God through the crafty
lies of Satan, all future Kingdoms of Man and their generations were
now under a curse. Satan now had dominion over the nations, all of
them including America, which he even offered to Jesus if he would
worship him as God. Moreover, we all inherited the sin nature of
Adam and Eve filled with the pride of this life (militant patriotism
a manifestation), the love of self and money, and only through the
shed blood of the Lord Jesus can we be made free from its hypnotic
and seductive power. The fallen angels under Satan are the unseen
rulers of this planet, who are stirring the nations to war to set the
stage for the Antichrist, who will bring a satanic peace to the world
beginning in Jerusalem, causing all men to worship this man as a
Savior. The day is coming when these fallen angels will appear
publicly and convince most of mankind that the return of the Lord
Jesus Christ is an invasion of extraterrestrials.

As a Christian you my brother forever. I was not ashamed, only
sorry, that so many of my recon friends died while I was spared.
Today, I know why God spared my life and the guilt is removed. I
hope my online book and articles help you even more in understanding
the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ, his shed blood for our sins,
and his glorious resurrection. There is coming a day when the Lord
will return in judgment and then imprison the fallen angels who are
temporarily allowed by God to rule the nations because of the Adamic
sin nature of all men. Until that day of judgment we are to call all
men to repentance, to love and offer forgiveness to the worst of our
enemies, even those who wish us dead. Keep in touch.

Your new eternal friend,
Jack D. Hook


I got your e-mail as I got home today, if I may ask how did you come acrossmy e-mail, as only family and friends have it. I will take time to look at your web site. I to am a two time Viet Nam vet, from back in the 60s. I was in the marines and served in a motor tansport company. I too wondered how I managed to stay out of combat as I was well adapted with many small arms.
It is surprising how many men have turn to serving God. I myself am an ordained minister and bishop over nine eastern states. I belong to a world wide ministry serving in fourteen countries and most of the USA. We are not just an online ministry but have a physical church in Averill Park, N.Y.. It is the second oldest baptist church in the US although it is now nondenominational. I invite you to come to our ministry web site and have a look around. Our Ministry is called Roots and Wings ministries to go to the website go to rootsandwingsministries.org. You will see many use nick names such as mine is Big Roger because I am a BIG man
God Bless


Brother: where do you get the patience to…deal with all those nuts who write to you. There is a lot a confusion out there nowadays. The “enemy” is infiltrating churches, homes, Bible studies , families, politics, politicians and the world as a whole.The persecution of Christians at the hands of secularism, is here.Others are deceiving many in the “name of the Lord”. In some cases, people from you own household, are turning on you.Here in America, we called ourselves the “most Christian Country” in the world, yet, most of them are “lukewarm” Christians. They go to church or pray at home in very rare occasions. The mega churches are nothing but huge Clubs where they gather, looking for “networking” opportunities. As a world leader, we are at the bottom of the barrel, thanks to this incompetent, inept and corrupt administration. Although, they are some wonderful Jewish people, the elite, who controls the world economy, are culpable for this “invasion from south of the border” simply for cheap labor, which in turn means, more corporate profits, greed and modern slavery.The skyrocketing on gas prices, are benefiting people like our president and his family, while the lower and middle class suffers greatly. I pray every awaking minute of my life, for Our Savior’s return.This place has become unbearable and very evil. May God have mercy on all of us and send His Son as soon as possible.

I hope you and your family are doing well and don’t let the critics get you down.

Many blessings my dear brother in Christ.


From: Jack Hook
To: Richard

Thanks, Richard, for the uplifting words. Our Lord Jesus is always warning me about not loving those who reject me for what I have written. They are just bound by their sin nature and either don’t care or don’t want to know about it. One of my best Christian friends has, for many years now, argued with me about the definition of the sin nature. He remains a proud militant patriot, a seeker of prosperity, and thinks it’s fine to love yourself as taught by James Dobson. These three things reflect this sin nature very clearly, but they have been Christianized and accepted as doctrines of Christ Jesus himself. What an abomination! Keep in touch my eternal brother. Jack


Hello Jack,

I appreciated your email, and the link to your excellent website.
I apologize I took so long to send a note back to you, I was thinking about it
and what message I could share with you.

I love the Lord Jesus very much. He was my first love!
My parents “introduced” us, as I recall, when I was 4 years old.
When they finally opened up the childrens bible stories book and told me His name was Jesus,
I remember exclaiming that I had known Him my whole life, but didn’t know His name!
I remember feeling like His bride when I was baptized that same year.
So I’ve never related to the “born again” thing, as I’ve always believed I’ve known Him my whole life.

I’ve been blessed to hear His voice, which threw me for a loop when I heard it!
I was babysitting 6 children, including my then small son, who were swimming in a pond and was continuously counting them by name. I had just accounted for my son and was on to the next child when I heard a voice say, “Debbie, Get Ethan”. I looked for Ethan, and couldn’t see him. I had just counted him! How could he be missing?
The Lord made me walk through the murky brown water with my arms outstretched, I couldn’t see anything, but had to walk by faith, and He led me right to my son who was horizontal across the water, drowning. By the grace of God, he was ok. But had it not been for the Lord caring about us like that, it would not have turned out so.
I ushered all of the children out of the water, and began asking everyone, “Did you say Debbie Get Ethan?”, no one had said that. My knees buckled out from underneath me when I realized it was Jesus. My Lord had spoken to me, helped me, saved my son. I spent the next several hours on my knees, humbled, and grateful. I’ve come to believe that the lesson I was supposed to learn was that I could count on Him. That I have to “Let go, and let God”. He reiterated this lesson to me several times! It also helped me confirm in my own heart that I love my Lord even more than my son, I had doubted myself in that regard.

I do agree with what you’ve written below, well said!

I’m grateful you came home from Vietnam and came to know Him and to spread His word, and His love!

If you think my message could help someone else, please feel free to share it!

Your eternal friend,


I think you’re full of s…, Jack


HI Brother Jack,

I am about midway through your book; it is written very well
and includes a systematic view of sound scripture from both
the Old Testament and New Testament of the Entire Hebrew Bible.
We may disagree however not to be too dogmatic about the USA

being the little horn nation of the antichrist but it is plausible and should
be considered. But in fact there are many reasons why God could allow
the US to fall from world dominance. All of us should stay tuned to what

is happening and as you say keep our Messiah as Lord of our lives.
I graduated from the Grand Rapids School of the Bible

and Music in Grand Rapids, MI in 1973. I went on to

And internship program in Jewish Missions in Chicago

called the American Messianic Fellowship.
My wife of that period in my life was a young Jewish

girl who claimed to be a believer but is now married to unbelieving Jewish fellow. [we are no longer married]
We went to Tehran Iran before the Shah fell from power in 1976.
I with the aid of Hebrew Christian believers had the L’Chaim
tract by John Fischer translated into Farsi.
There is a very active church in Iran today and to my surprise

many of the leader are Jews who love Jesus.

I have had my fill of church denominationalism. Real believers

are in most all of the denominations but the Church as did Israel

has failed the Lord in so many ways. The most fascinating

thing I read in your book is the fact the biggest sign of

our day that even John Haggee seems to miss is that

so many Jews are coming to faith in Jesus as the Messiah

from all over the globe and in the Nation of Israel.
The times of the Gentiles are truly coming to an end.
The Devil is enraged with all of this and we must be discerning
of all the tricks he will use to lure people into the treaty of Hell!
I will pay close attention to the USA government because our nation
has rejected Christ as King over the last one hundred years.
Satan is the god of this world and that includes his dark powers over the USA and all nations.
I am not impressed with Rich Warren’s ultimate message but I am not to judge if he is saved.
The fact is the gospel is not about saving nations from poverty but it about repentance
and faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

Love you Brother Jack and Baruch Ha Shem Yeshua Ha Mashiach



Hello Jack,

Thank you for your email. Yes, I visited your website and found that we agree on a number of points (true fundamentalism, nonviolence, America, opposition to Rick Warren’s ministry, the danger of New Age and the occult). Thank you for reproving the unfruitful works of darkness. In fact, our website is in need of some material on Rick Warren and other issues, so I will soon put a link to a couple of your articles on those subjects. And I will add your website to our recommended websites section. Hopefully you’ll find something of interest on our website as well, especially in the Primitive Christianity section.

Blessings in Christ,