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Dear Jack, I thank you for giving me the opportunity to get onto your web. I appreciate your article: “Then comes the fire….” Everything is so true about our world today at this very late hour. My heart aches when I see the deterioation of mankind and backslidden church. Wonder often times how our Lord must feel when He sees this day after day??
I agree with almost everything you’ve written in the article, but I am not so sure about your view of “christians not to go to war.” God sent Israel into the land Canaan,etc. to fight the enemies and to root all evil out..!!
I understand that you have gone through very tough times during the war, and I respect and honor you for the fact that you are a blood-washed and blood-bought brother in the Lord.
Could you please answer me on my question?
Keep up the good work, Jack. May God bless you with the ministry He has given you.


I just finished reading this article and I want to read your other articles as well. Please share with me the website and links that I need to go to read everything you are putting together to help those of us who want to recieve the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in their hearts and repent their sin’s of the flesh and nature.
Thank you for the insight you have provided in this article and I look forward to following you and reading everything I can to enlighten my soul and heart in the mercy and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Dear Jack,

congratulations for this excellent text.I don’t share your whole view about the fulfillment of the end-times prophecies ( I agree to its essential parts and disagree in minor details), but I’m talking about the falacious “re-thinking”or “re-defining” of Christian principles and truth you mentioned. It amazes me too, to see how people who consider themselves as Christ’s followers can’t realize for themselves how far from God’s thuth the political-religious system they defend is. As to the political leaders themselves, that does not surprise me, most of them are members – or influenced by – of secret sects like the Masonry and similars.They profess to be Christians just to obtain the evangelicals vote. I refer to the ordinary and plain believer, who studies the Bible and genuinely aims to a devote and faithful life in the the paths of the Lord. All Christian should be convinced that our homeland is not in here, it’s in Heaven, we’re just pilgrims and foreigners in this world, as the apostle says.

Onge again, congratulations ! May God bless you in your efforts to clarify these important subjects for our brothers in Christ !

P.S.: I apologize for my poor English.


Dear Mr. Hook,
I am not sure how I began receiving your e-mails, but since I have a few minutes I would like to respond.
Your entire outlook on “Babylon the Great” in Revelation is completely misguided. Also after reading your letter and your statement of faith, I fear you are following the teachings originating outside the Bible.
Babylon the Great is the mother of the harlots. If you remember when the Israelites were following false gods of the nations, their God Jehovah punished them for “spiritual” adultery, since God called Himself their “husbandly owner”. So “Babylon the Great” the harlot, is not a political or national group. It is the entire world of false religion. That includes “Christendom”. The Kings of the Earth are the ones who have relations with her, because she prostitutes herself for power and position. History will attest to the power the “Church” had over the making and breaking of rulers and kings. The merchants of the Earth also have relations with her because she sits in luxury. No nation or ruler or business tycoon ever had the power that she possessed. But her fate is sealed. She is falling. Just like ancient Babylon the great city that ruled the entire known world, fell in one night. “Too bad, too bad”, say the Kings and the merchants. Yes you will see the collapse of all the world’s religions be turned on by the “Beast” (the governments) and devastate her and make her naked (expose her for what she is).
I will continue to tell you more if you request it, but for now this will be enough.

Your statement of faith is unscriptural. The triune god you worship is not from the Bible.
Yes there is a Father, and a Son and there is holy spirit, but nowhere does the Bible ever say they are all one. This is from a doctrine called the “Athenatian Creed”.
Your letter mentions the reason this doctrine became the central belief in the harlot Christendom. Constantine, the first pope ( pontiff maximus) decide that anyone who did not accept this doctrine as truth would be put to death. So naturally it was an easy sell to the believers. Any reference work will tell you the story.
I know. I know. There are arguments using scripture by those who insist that the Bible supports this belief. But let me ask you a question.
What charge did the Jews use to put Jesus to death?
Was it “blasphemy”?
What did the Jews say that Jesus said that was blasphemous?
John 5:18 – “….he was making himself equal to God!”
Did Jesus ever break one of God’s laws?
No! Jesus died sinless.
Were the Jews correct in this charge? No! If so they would have had the Mosaic Law to pronounce him punishable to death right then and there.
But they were wrong! Jesus tried to convince them that he was SENT by GOD.

Please Mr. Hook. Read the words of Jesus and not mans words in doctrines.
You even mentioned that God resurrected Jesus from the dead. Think about that.

As far as your support for America or any other country on earth, I ask you to read Dan. 2:44. There you will realize that all the nations of the earth will be done away with by the Kingdom that will stand forever. Who will live in this Kingdom? Psalm 37:11 was quoted by Jesus in the “sermon on the mount”. Will you be one of those?
Jesus taught his followers not to be part of the world. As a Christian you should not be involved in the things in the world or it’s desires. 1 John 5:15-17 tells us that all these things are passing away, “But he that does the will of God remains forever”.

Mr. Hook, your views on the Bible and teachings of Jesus are blurred by your involvement in the world’s affairs. Jesus said the reason he came to earth was to preach the good news of the Kingdom. Mat. 24:14 says this news will be preached in all the inhabited earth before the end comes. Your letter or website does not hi-light the Kingdom. Your interest in everlasting life is not in listening to Jesus’ words at John 17:3.

I will leave you now with the one thought that you take the time to find the “only true God”, the God and Father of Jesus. (John 20:17)
I will help you if you are interested in learning and being a part of the Kingdom soon to be ruling over this earth. If not then I wish you well.




Hi Jack, I am a Vietnam Veteran, I was at An-Khe, from Dec.1965 to Nov.1966,I was with the 1st Cav. I am a Life Member of the 1st.Cav. and Proud to be. Thanks from Fred


Actually it’s the Jews that are Babylon the Great.


HI JACK……GREAT ARTICLE. You got that right about the FIRE devastation here in SanDiego, just `ONE WEEK` “AFTER” Arnie signed that INSANE bill SB777 and AB394. Had the fires happened up in his neck of the woods, instead of our beautiful city here, he might have been more awakened in his sick brain.
I, and others, had taken that petition around to get the signatures to OVERTURN that “nutcase’s” attack on our kids and families. A number of churches were involved, yet many didn’t even know about this insane bill.
WHO is this man? I didn’t vote for him…..not even sure he was born here or legal?????? hmmm! lol
What was Arnie thinking? l say, TERMINATE the TERMINATOR….he should be GONE and out of office over that horrific offense, and yet, the fires were down here rather than in Sacramento…tho, I wouldn’t have wished the fires on anyone, even his home.
THEY WERE HORRIFIC….the worst we have EVER seen and so many are still suffering, just like those in Katrina and elsewhere. YES, GOD IS JUDGING…..just ONE week after Arnie signed those bills, the FIRES came in RAMPAGE!
Thanks for your article. Wished it wasn’t SOOO long, but I will try to read more of it later!




Hi Jack,

I am a born-again believer holding the UR position. God is going to bring the Bible prophecies to pass… I believe.

I’m very supportive of all members of the body of Christ as you set forth Jesus Christ as Savior. I went to your website. I just don’t get all that caught up in end-time prophecies because it’s all going to happen the way God sovereignly planned.

I support you and I bless you as you preach Jesus Christ as Savior so that people believe in Him and are saved.

Thank you for your email. I don’t mind if you email me. Have a great day.

Blessings to you,



You have eyes that do not see… and ears that do not hear…..the old covenant has passed by.. God’s Isreal is now the Church…… God’s promise to Isreal in the Greek is Aionian…. reasearch the greek work Aion, eon, or aionian…. before sending out these and other emails be sure of what ou say…..just another Vietnam Veterans opinion.



Hi Jack:
I share most of your concerns and they are true. Morally thinking they make a great deal of sense. The world needs to be at peace and not only Israel with neighboring nations. One fact that remains is that hatred started long ago in the Bible: “Where is Cain they brother? Am I my brother’s keeper?”
We are just expanding what was started in human nature and it is humanity that is bad. Systems, governments, regimes, ok, but the root is “Man”. As long as man continues to live with an unchanged heart and purpose, the League of nations failed, UN would fail and others that follow would also fail.
The world must come to an end and this is where we are. Just waiting for his return and we must at all times be prepared to meet our Lord and saviour to give account of what we have done with our lives – accepting His grace or turning away from him and refusing heaven for tomorrow.
The world must end. It is only Christ that brings peace to individuals and not systems, or government or whatever.



I don’t know if you remember me or not I had the Alternate Realties Radio show in Roswell NM. I had you on it a few years ago. Not too long after that program I did another describing how America was turning into modern Babylon, I was kicked off the air by the owner. I saw this coming as I was told not to speak anything against the War or anything of a conspiratorial nature. My question back to the owner of the station was do you want the truth or just a portion of the truth?. I could not conform to his wishes and still have anything that was logical or coherent. It was good while it lasted and wort the invested time and effort.
I have a new posting I thought you might be interested in. If you go to my site at the navigation page and click on the On line Church button then The horrors of Ezekiel 38, I think you might appreciate the different perspective this text may have to offer with our present situation in Iraq and the soon war with Iran. I would like to know what you think? Thanks for being on my show and thanks for your fine ministry.
Sincerely, In His Service, Jim


Hi Jack, Thanks for sending this, so much truth is contained in what you wrote. It was a bitter pill to swallow when I first saw the truth of what you wrote about here. I first saw the truth after the turn of the century, about 7 years ago about the truth of this nation and it made me mad at first that people would write that about America. Then a couple years later an immigrant from South America that worked at the company where I worked at said that in his country, if you are a Christian, you don’t go into the military, you either run or go to jail. For some reason at that point the Lord opened my eyes to the truth of that too. I was in the military also during the Vietnam conflict for 6 years. We also have turned from the occultic holidays that this nation and much of the world celebrates. You end up with few friends when you follow the Lord Jesus, and just as He said that we would be hated by all men and few there be that follow. Lord Jesus come quickly….


The Lord’s riches blessings to you and yours. My Pastor, Kenneth Hampton and you are warriors who consistently put yourselves in the line of this world’s fire. You are truly appreciated. Keep telling the world about the Lord Jesus Christ!!! Thank you.


Jack, thank you for sending me your email sharing with me your heart, my dear brother. I am sorry for the delay in my response but I travel most of the time on mission either here in the USA or to other nations including primarily of Hindu, Muslim and Communist.

I logged on to your site and read many of the articles and also listened to a recorded broadcast. I was moved by your genuine concern for God’s Kingdom work. We will continue to agree with you in prayer for and with you about your great burden for our nation.

As I travel throughout the world on mission, I hear the servant leaders in many nations speak of their burden for our nation as well. They often speak of our nation’s sin of unbelief, traditionalism and materialism for which we need to repent!

We have recently returned from a mission to India where we equipped and trained servant leaders for Kingdom ministry. There were seven nations represented during this mentoring time including India, China, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Switzerland and USA. God mightily blessed for which we give him all the glory.

God bless you, Jack, and the ministry to which our Lord has called you!

In His love,


Dear Jack, I had to wait to read this article because
I knew it would take time and I didn’t want to rush
through it. Thank you for sending it. It really
touched my heart and I can see a few things in myself
that I was unaware of such as pride in our nation.
Pray with me that our Lord Jesus Christ will reveal
His will for me and give me the courage to endure the
scorn of friends and family. I find some of the
things you say hard to wrap my mind around but thats
because I am not political or history minded so the
things you write are not always clear. But, that said
I hope to find time to re-read this because it really
spoke to me as truth. I pray that the lord will bless
you and enable you to help others and myself to know
His will for us.

Sincerely, Rebecca


You write “Then comes the fire”. You Jack are forecasting your own destruction. Don’t believe me. Why don’t you believe your master ‘Paul’ who wrote to his deceived fellow christ-ians, such as you Jack: “crafty fellow that I am, I took you in by deceit” (2 Corinthians 12:16. Letter of the devil and false apostle ‘Paul’). At the moment of your physical death (you, Jack, are already spiritually dead) you will be joining your master ‘Paul’, the founder of christ-ianity, in hell. Then you will know, when it is too late, that your lord jesus christ (first preached by ‘Paul’) is not The Almighty One of the Jews.



I am Larry ‘doc’ 11 acr augest 68-augest 69,
I like you website and would to share an another website and tell me what you think ok? I would like to e-mail you more ofter also.
Yours in Christ
I was a church member in Vietnam but did not know Christ peraonalty till 1974.


First of all I want to thank you for telling the truth. and from one Vet to Another Keep going and never quit.
jack about a year ago I came out of the church. I don’t ever want to go back there again.
And the more I learn about what I used to believe in I am so thankful now I home church.
when I learned how much Pagan worship was in the church. I about fell over. The church is in severe trouble and they don’t even know it.
you take care Vince



I just read your article, “Then Comes the Fire”, and I must thank you for the truth you are speaking here. How do I share what I know to be true with family, coworkers who don’t even want to hear it???? I want to share Jesus with people, but really don’t even know how to begin when I know they’re not open…I’ve tried. I feel like, “What’s the use? They don’t even care.”

Also, I would like to know how you feel about attending “church” in these Last Days.

Could you address these issues for me? I would really appreciate it.

Most sincerely,


Good morning Mr. Hook,

Just finished reading your email, received yesterday, and just wanted to “drop you a line.”

Much of what you had to say, I not only agree with, but have come to the same conclusions some time ago. However, there are some points that I would like to discuss with you and am wondering if you have to deal with correspondence. If you do, and are so inclined, just email a quick response to let me know…I just didn’t want to presume on your time.

I am a serious student of the Word and have Bach. Degree in Theology…I do love our Father, Yahweh, and want to continue growing in the knowledge and relationship of Yahshua…just to let you know something about where I am as far as whatever we can call “spiritual maturity.”

Hope to hear from you soon.

a Brother and Coworker

Good morning Jack,

Thank you for answering so promptly. I was hoping that you would have time for some correspondence.

Just to get the conversational juices flowing, let me begin by bringing up the subject of patriotism, since we are embroiled in it with actual war, seemingly impending war, rumors of war, as well as in “political battles” this election year.

I do understand and agree that the true Born Again Child of God must temper his national patriotism with his loyalty to the Father. And that we must always look for the peaceful and loving solutions to problems and disagreements. However, for instance, when dealing with demonic inspired enemies who are never interested in peace and justice and love, but only in destruction and hate of what is God’s, and are determined to undermine any efforts toward peace and reconciliation…how can we, as children of God, offer peace and forgiveness while the enemy holds a knife to our backs and points a gun at our heads.

Again, I do realize that our war is not with flesh and blood…but with supernatural forces that influence and dominate flesh and blood enemies of God. On an individual basis I can try my best to forgive and offer God’s love to my enemy…but what happens when all of that is offered and in return scorn and derision and threats of destruction is what is given back?

If while I am standing in front of my enemy who has already vowed to kill me and my family, offering him by forgiveness and God’s love, and for answer he grabs me by the shirt and points the gun at my temple and pulls back the trigger? What then?

This is what is going on the world today with the forces of Islam. They do not want peace. They want to kill us because we want peace. They do not want our love, but they want us to embrace their hate in the name of the devil they worship by name of Allah. They do not care who they kill, how they kill, how many they kill…they believe in death and destruction is the way to salvation. There is no peace! There is no love in them! There is no negotiation for peace when they don’t believe in peace. There is no love and forgiveness when they don’t have the truth of God in them.

Well, that should be enough to get started.

I do believe that the world in approaching that transition period between the time of the gentiles and the beginning of the great tribulation. All the signs of the times are present. To me, that means we, that is, us in the Body of Christ, must look toward more discipline in our lives, not less. We must be more diligent in seeking God’s face and His truths, not less. And we must be more concerned with snatching folks from the impending fires, not less. And if we are to go forward as coworkers of God we must agree, at least, to what it is that we are to do. Your right! The Word is clear on the subject of our calling. Go and teach all nations…

Have a great weekend and offer my regards to all who are with you.

Your new friend and ally,


Hello Jack,

I’m curious about your interpretations regarding a couple of scriptures in Rev.17 and 18.

The first is Rev.17;6. America has always been a very tolerant culture when it comes to religion and yet this scripture seems to imply the opposite of ‘Babylon the great’. What is your view of this?

The second is Rev. 18;4. How do you take this instruction to get out of Babylon the great? Is this symbolic language to simply remove ourselves from the system of this country or do you take it as a statement to leave the country physically? If the latter are you making arrangements to leave the US of A?

Thanks for your time on this,



Do I believe we should prepare for coming hardships in our country? The answer is “yes”. But we shouldn’t blame the war, the president, etc. Wars come and go and the Bible even states that they will increase in intensity and frequency in the Last Days. We can’t stop what’s already been set into motion. We can only try to live for Our Lord Jesus Christ and be an example and hopefully win over as many non-believers/skeptics as we can.

Good luck in your faith studies.

Combat Medic