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HI Jack,

Yeah that was a good article your last one on Calvery Chapel.
Yes ALL mans designed “Churches” will fail, because they don’t truly follow the Lord Jesus Christ, but rather
are working on their Own Church” this was talked about in the Bible about the “End of the Age”.
Its just to bad that many believers In Christ who will follow these “Self-made Mose’s” right to the end.

It really makes no differance following Rick Warren or Chuck Smith, they are just men doing “Their own thing
building their own group of followers”.
Every Calvery Chapel has a “One man running the show, with total control”.
The one here in Susanville, Ca. is very cultic that way.
But the whole leadership from Chuck Smith down are trained that way. Its really sad, and As Jeus said
“The Gentiles want to rule over the people” But it shall not be so among you “.
We are (((ALL))) on equal ground at the cross !
Those who DO tell the truth about this subject, are
cast down and rejected, hated and shunned by the other brothern.
Its like someone telling them not to follow “Jim Jones”,
but rather follow Jesus Christ on their own, and share him with the other believers In Christ.
But most people want to be lead, rather then seeking the Lord on their own, and knowing the full Gospel
that Christ is now their real life Col 3:4.
Yes many are coming in the Lords name today, calling themselfs “Christians” but they don’t even really know what that name means.
They were first called “Christians in Antioc” in a mocking way because the old believers knew that when your “Born Again” that now Christ who is the seed lives in you.
1 Pet 1:23 / Gal 3:16/ Gal 2:20/ Col 1:26,27/ 2 Cor 13:5.
Believers are NOT being told this anymore, but are led to beliebve Christ is way out in space somewhere.
And that YOU have to try to be better in your actions,
which is a suttel way of denying the work he did on the cross ! Truly “It is Finnished”.
The good news is Christ can now live his life in and through the believers, who have received him as their Lord and their All & All !
The believers are NOT told of the exchanged Nature at their Born Again experiance 2 Pet 1:4 / Eph 2:3 key word there being “WERE” children of wrath.
Paul is truly right on when he said we “need” Mind renewal
I think he said this 3 to 5 times in the Bible.

Anyway yes all mans “organisations” will fail in the end,
just because they are mans doings.
I believe we should all fellowship when and where we can
in all places daily. But we are ALL on equal ground, and until believers learn this truth, many will be lead astray
Good article though Jack ! God Bless !

Robert another Nam Vet also !


Good morning Jack,

Just finished reading your email article concerning the emergent cancer and its affect on the Calvary Chapel. The saddest point of all this is that this emergent cancer has spread to every church of every denomination, to most all seminaries and the so called “Christian” schools.

To my way of thinking, this is the leading edge of the “grand deception” that Yahweh has told us of, the whore that rides the beast, the religion of the future that will be the harbinger and the spawning ground of the antichrist.

I have had many conversations with several pastors here in Sacramento, CA concerning this emergence of lies and heresies…and I get the same reaction from all of them – “that may well be true, but I don’t believe that all of these people are evil, after all look at the success they are having, it must be a true movement of the Holy Spirit, otherwise it would all fail.”

They are being willingly deceived, they are willingly ignorant, they are willful in their desire to be accepted by the world. The fruit of popularity is much too tempting not to contemplate (is that pun?). These pastors have much in common with Eve.

I wish I could say that I enjoy your articles…however, to be honest, most of them are way too “heavy laden” with the proof of apostasy that is already here and leading wilful sheep to the slaughter.

Keep it up. Even though I do not enjoy them, I read them, and am thereby informed and warned.

One of the remnant looking forward to being able to see God…remaining but to snatch those I can from the fire, because Yahshua has demanded it.



Hi Jack,
Its funny how you sent this out. Just last Wednesday my pastor, Calvary Chapel Echo Park in Los Angeles, CA mentioned that some ministers in the Calvary Chapel churches were falling victim to the emergent church movement. He didn’t mention Chuck Smith as one of the deceived. He mentioned that his son was one who was leaning that way. I am not sure how supporting our President is being part of the emergent church. I haven’t heard anything about C. Smith being a part of it. Supporting Obama is another story-supporting him is so anti-Christ. Praise be to the Lord that we know how the story ends. That is heartwarming. Thanks for the post.


I find your lambs or lions statement interesting,as jesus says to turn the other cheek.But I prefer islamic theology as self defense is an unquestioned right in the koran.This does’nt make me a violent person.Its just that my country is brutally violent over the stupidest of things such as spilt beer or just glancing in some ones direction.I could not turn the other cheek while a jeering crowd kicks you for fun.Also in my country any one different is mercylessly bullied,you and your readers would have been human punch bags at school.This is surely the behaviour god wants to stop not appease.The only christian thought I agree with is Herbert W Armstrongs belief that the good will rule citys and take vengance on the bad after armageddon.Please reply


I believe Babylon in Revelation was code word for Jerusalem. 1st century Jerusalem (Babylon) fell in 70AD.


Bill Hybels ruined a good church we were attending and we had to leave. We spent the last year holding meetings to anyone who would listen , teaching them about the emergent movement. People knew there was something changing, but this movement is so very subtle, you can’t quite put your finger on it. Thank God for Lighthouse Trails!


We that are with Jesus Christ as our saviour, must not judge our own christian brothers and sisters. What ever measure you judge others with, that same measurement will be brought back on you. Jesus said this and He also said…Leave them alone, those who are for us, aren not against us.


Dear Jack,
I used to be on your mailing list, and then something must have happened…somewhere and I never received your letters again. Fortunately, my daughter Melissa still gets email from you, and she forwards them to me. I don’t know where you found my name, but I am glad that you did.
We are all watching closely as the world shudders with birth pangs. We have good solid and ever growing relationships with Yahweh,Yeshua, and our Holy Spirit within! We are not moved by the world, but we are watching it closely…for the time of the end is near! Keep writing, Jack!



Thank you for your letter, but, no thanks. I rarely have time to go thru the email I already have. I don’t worry about the world right now, If it implodes or explodes so be it. People must know, that if they are true Bible believers and I mean TRUE believers, they know that the history of this earth has been written and sealed before this earth was even created. It’s in the Book of Revelation! And, there is not a damn thing we can do to change it except learn to serve our fellow man and creatures. Period. Thanks again…




Don’t you have better things to do with your time.

Some people are out trying to lead people to Christ while others like to set around and pick apart what people are trying to do – or just blow a lot of smoke. Remember that every word you speak or write you will be held accountable.

And how’s this one touch not Gods anointed.

Why don’t you Be Blessed
and Serve God in A more
positive way.



Anything to do with “bloody crosses” is simply degenerate


I guess the question here Mr. Hook is what is a Patriot? Doesn’t a patriot let the enemy tear down the town! When Jesus Christ rose he saved his people and let the waters fall where they may to destroy the enemy. How do we save what you fought for! A free nation, to work where you chose, freedom or religion, and freedom of speech,. I beleive it is being taken away little by little every day. Interesting to hear what you think!


screw you fundamentalist wacko


I used to be a music leader in the Calvary Chapel movement, the fact that the apostasy actually get’s noticed by you at this point, is what I wonder about. There has been error in these men’s spirits from the beginning! My best friend in high school was baptized by Chuck Smith, and now he is a pastor in the movement.


Just went thru your piece, JDH. Some of the materials and links may be useful for a book I’m writing on the impotent church. The emerging/seeker/purpose driven church is an abomination to me and I seek to have a clear understanding of it and to be able to fully distinguish it from traditional Christianity.

I’ll have to do some research on the background of Calvary Chapel. It’s been years since I heard the name of Chuck Smith. I didn’t know his church was headed that way. I appreciate this info.

All God’s Best,



Hi Jack:
In my spare time, I enjoy reading your editions especially on issues you are very thoughtful about. Are you a pastor and what church do you pastor. You must be in these guys arena to know or be interested in detail about their discussions and activities.
Here in Liberia, we are so far from the internet world, its expensive to go there daily and just for a few, its still a luxury.
Will finish this edition and give a feedback to you soon.



Ok, after reading your article I read that you got my e-mail from a web site; was it Mike Wingfield’s? (Prophecy Today out of VA) I don’t know what other sites there would be with my info. I believe in standing up and I know what I believe, but I’m still a private person. Never know who will turn you in for being a “born again christian” in this country.

I’m patrotic, sing the “Star Sprangled Banner” song at events (with my hand over my heart), and honor the flag. It’s sad that people must lose their lives in war, but that’s life because of our sin nature and people wanting their own way instead of chosing God’s way and what’s right and best.

I agree; we are nothing without the Lord Jesus Christ, His dying on the cross and shedding His blood for our sin and our need to accept what He has done for us. And admitting our need of a Saviour because we are sinners.

He’s coming again and the time is getting closer in light of all the things happening today. My hope is in Him while yes, it is scary!

So, keep doing what your doing. Many haven’t heard the truth or don’t want to hear it. Our hope isn’t in our president and current leaders, who are leading us away from what America was founded upon. Contrary to what they may tell you.

If you haven’t looked up Mike’s web site, I would encourage you to do so. He’s right on with the Bible and the current day affairs.



Hi Bro. Hook,

Another example of how Christians in America have bought in to the Just War syndrome that the Vatican-backed U.S. War machine is carrying out in the middle east, and soon the long-planned WWIII. Deception is a terrible thing, for everyone that has bought into a deception continually support one another with e-mails of this type.

You and I know there can be no Just War fought on this earth. I believe that it was General MacArthur who said: It is a rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight. And so it is. We know that these rich men plan and carry out these “Just Wars” under the pretense of a perceived agression from another nation who sudeenly becomes the “enemy”. These wars of agression make the rich men richer and allows them to finance the Vatican’s long range plans for a New World Order.

So very sad. I have some nephews that have already been to Iraq and Afghanistan. Some more than once, because there are absolutely no jobs for them to come home to. What an awful situation. We know that it is all a great deception that Christians today have bought into, and will support these “Just Wars” of agression against perceived enemies of America. This has been going on for more than 200 years in America. Deception perpetuates deception. Wars and rumors of wars are still occuring, and the end is not yet. Look at the pictures of the U.S. troops praying. Prayers like this are all in vain.

We know that the Vatican formed America, the Mighty end time Babylon the Great to do this great work of deception via their military might and fantastic wealth, which is now almost a thing of the past. All of this war has bankrupted America. We know the prophets of old and the Apostle John, the Revelator saw this happened long ago and wrote it down for us in the end time so that we with spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear could understand.

I urge you to continue in the faith once delivered to the saints. It is sad what President Obama recently done on Thursday, June 4th, 2009, when he blatantly went to Cairo, Egypt, the long-time enemies of God’s chosen, the Jews, and gave his speech from Cairo University. Mubarek, the president of Egypt actually would not even attend this event. It can be determined though, by all discerning Christians, that Barack Hussein Obama is not a Christian, but a Muslim, long the enemies of Christians and Jews. Their desire is to either proselytize Christians and Jews and make Muslims of them, or murder them all. What an evil religious system. Again, one that was created by the Vatican way back in the 500 AD period! The Vatican’s evil hand can be seen everywhere in history every since Constantine created the Roman Catholic Religious System in 300 AD.

Brother Hook, we only have a very few years, and all of this shall be history in the past, and we who are born from above, with the blood of the lamb applied to our heart by our Great Hight Priest, Jesus Christ, will be called up to heaven and eternity future. Praise the Holy Name of God.

Your brother in Christ Jesus’s Service,



Hello Jack,

I receive your newsletter, I have a question which has been bothering me, why are these churches letting gays and lesbians become ministers and preach? Are all the people in the church deceived? How can christians allow this in their churches? These committees which take a vote are they all deceived or unsaved? I cannot understand, maybe you can explain what is happening, also the church I go to I heard are close to accepting this gay and lesbian agenda, I would quit the church if this happened, what else could I do?

I enjoyed reading your story Jack – in my book YOUR WAR – MY WAR, A Marine IN Veitnam I mention the fact that God came to me on my last day of combat to not only save my life but to help me save the lives of many others as well.

You will note I forwarding this to two of my best chapline pals, one Army one Marine Corps.

I take heart from you words. Keep at it my friend.

Semper Fi


Jack…. Your insight into fallen angels as being the real trouble makers is correct…. In addition, these fallen angels (demons) manifest themselves in world leaders. There are two levels of world leaders. First there are the ones we see… ie heads of state / governments…. but these are not the real players… it is the goverment behind the governments that is the real motive force… and of course all these are controlled by the devil.

The real government is the Builderburg, CFR, international bankers. The rest is all show to keep the people blind and distracted.




I just read the Vietnam Veterans Confession. I enjoyed the read.

I did want to say “Welcome Home Brother”. I was with the 25th Division from July 67 to July 68 and was there for “Tet”.

You take care, and will look forward to more writings.

25th DivArty
Cu Chi, Vietnam