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Thanks Jack. When is is the 70th week of the 7th year supposed to occur?

The media, mainly film, is definitely acclimatizing us to an invasion. I’m not sure what you’re thoughts on the Vatican are (I believe they’ve been infiltrated) but they’re consistently shifting the goal posts on our supposed extraterrestrial friends and how acceptable they are to the Catholic Church.

After much research, I’ve concluded that the Sumerians account of the creation of our species is the most viable. It accounts for many of the predominant themes encountered in the Old Testament e.g. angels laying with women to produce women, Nephilm, Annunaki/Anikites, the great flood, “God” battling “Satan” for the trajectory of our species and so on so forth. 

Most of the Judeochristian accounts of creation seem to be a rehashing of the Sumerian original i.e. man is created, man rebels, earth is flooded, our creator(s) experience infighting, an angel falls, the creator will return to redeem us etc.

It’s all there. Foreign creatures ascending from the heavens with ties to our creation seem much more likely to be an technologically advanced species responsible for genetically engineering us than the winged angels so commonly depicted as God’s messengers.

It’s my belief that when we finally become proficient enough to genetically engineer and a new species in it’s own right and simultaneously become sufficiently proficient at interplanetary colonization that then, and only then, will we begin to apreciated the liklihood that this was in fact how we (our species) was created.

None of this contravenes the existence of a monotheistic God or Christ but in my mind it diminishes the validity of the Bible. I’ve read that lukewarm hearts are not accepted in to heaven. Is my heart lukewarm for not accepting the Bible? If God wants me to truly grow in love and experience, why would he at the same time require me to blindly accept a book that seems to be written by man to encourage man to serve other men. How can love and intellectual ignorance be part of the one divine expectation? 

In presupposing that demons will masquerade themselves and extraterrestrial entities, have you considered the reverse whereby the Bible is utilitarian in masquerading extraterrestrials as biblical angels and demons?

What are your thoughts on all of this? 


Dear Kieran,

Everything written in the Bible was written by men, as you say, but they were inspired by God, the Holy Spirit, as to what to write.  Their hands and fingers were directed by the Lord.  Included in the scriptures are hundreds of prophecies that were and will be fulfilled to the letter by events among nations.  The greatest series of Old Testament prophecies dealt with the coming of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ.  At his first coming scores of these prophecies were fulfilled, the most important being he would be crucified for our sins, rise literally from the dead and appear to his followers, then ascend into the clouds in their sight, leaving the promise of his second coming at the end of the age.  Read the first few chapters of the book of Acts and you will see for yourself. 

Yes, I am saddened to tell you that you are being seduced by these fallen angels who spread lies about the authority of the Bible, the person of Jesus Christ, and how to be saved from the sin nature we were all born with.  Please, Kieran, I beg you to reconsider what you are thinking and give your heart and life to the risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is coming back to judge all men. 

His shed blood was payment for your sin, and what you need to do is repent or change your mind and heart and trust in him and his teachings which are what is called, the Bible.  When I finally realized that it was me, just as much as the Roman soldiers or the Jewish leaders, who murdered and crucified the Lord, my heart broke out in Godly sorrow as I knew that my sins were the very nails that penetrated the body of the Son of God.  Yet, he allowed this brutality and humiliation to happen to him to show us two things:  First, that all men are born and raised as enemies of God because of our sin nature, so much so, we killed the Son of God when he came to us as a man.  Secondly, his bloody death reveals just how much God loves mankind in that he would come to offer us forgiveness and fellowship with him forever.  What a wonderful and merciful God we have, so please receive his offer today, do not wait my dear friend.

Your eternal friend,



Why do you suppose the Russians are responsible for every evil nowadays? Don’t you think islamic fundamentalists in Chechnya are not hated by every Russian. They hated everywhere!!!! In every evil y see around U blame the Russians and their @friends@? Can U mention these friends? The Vietnam era in American History is a part of the war history like Afganistan for the Russians. Not long ago Americans thought the Russians are not right to fight in Afganistan and where is your troops now? They are in Afganistan and Iraq. Where are our tropps nowadays? Yes!!! They are at home!!!! With their wifes and mothers… Look around!!! In Russia there is no men who hates America and Americans, who blame somebody for something. We want to live and to love. We don’t have a damn to others’ business and don’t want others interfere with our interests.. Thank U for reading.

Faithfully Yours


Wow, Jack, you were “spot on” in your correspondent.  I really appreciated you opening my eyes to your words.  I will continue to enjoy your essays and pray for you that our Lord will give you an even stronger anointing to cast down the false teachings that are so prevalent in the Church.  May you be blessed this day!



Jack, I appreciate your words and your belief. Your words are very noble and full of His love. I know that the church of Christ has alot of strife from what the enemy has placed upon us. There are so many different beliefs and doctrines out there simply because we put our trust on man rather then God. We all know that there is only one truth and that is the truth of the Father. Let God be true and everyman a liar.

The word of God says we know in part. God reveals at different times His truth to each of us. Many of us are in different places at different times. We are all apart of one body and cannot function without the other parts.

I am not going to debate your beliefs but many things you say are true but many I disagree with. That is my opinion and in saying that does not make it His truth. Only He knows what the truth is and if we are honest with ourselves…we should seek His truth above all.

Thank you for your letter and will pray that the love of the Father remains in us all without judging our brothers and sisters. My plea and prayer is that we exhort and encourage each other for the days are very dark and we need each other more now then ever.

In His love,


Yeshuah is Lord

God Bless


No-one is going to be ‘raptured’ Jack. This is an idea that originated with a Catholic priest and is a concept that was unknown until recent years. It is part of the deception of which you speak. The faithful will not only share the physical calamities but will have the added problem  of whether or not to choose martyrdom just as the early Christians did. Fire will fall from the sky and you and I, unless we die before it happens, will not be carried off into heaven to avoid it. YOU ARE GOING TO BE TESTED.  Steve


Excellent writing!  

Thank you for this, and THANK YOU for all you have done in serving our country!

You are very loved and important, and an Eternal Warrior, obviously still working in the

front lines!

Thank you, I am forever in your debt.

I am honored to have received this writing from you, and will pass it on.

They better be treating you and your family, as well as your Fellow Warriors well.  I have 

heard many stories to the contrary in the treatment of our Beloved Vets.

If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

Your continued efforts are in my prayers.

Fear not, and let yourself shine!
It is time!

Interfaith Minister Tamara


I appreciate where you are coming from ,Jack. But I Question whether we ‘can know the time or the season’. My understanding is that it will be sudden and unexpected. It does,though, give us the impetus to apply ourselves to the Cause of the Kingdom, which is to proclaim the Gospel because the End will come!


say Jack !   You been watchin the TV shows on History Channel?

Where they are referring to the Gods and Angels as alien life forms and stating that the Gods that we worship are really these aliens.  Just what is your take on these shows?

I kinda chuckle at many things I see on TV and Magazines.   They just have a way about them to make people believe.

I tend to think 2012 may have a new awakening for us all! I tend to think I have lived a good life. Yep I have been a bad boy many times but I hope it all works out for the better.

Your friend Jimmy G. (Vietnam Veteran TET Phu Bai 1968)

Take care brother.
( I am judging by your letters I should be buying a lot of AMMO ! )



Thank you for sending me this site…  It will keep me busy for a long time. I pray daily for our country and people…. I have had a bunch of letters out all over the country and Canada about what is going on…  Many people are just so blind or just can’t comprehend what is happening.

I was a Vietnam era veteran as I served in the navy on a submarine.  Here is my story:    http://www.webspawner.com/users/morparmtn/index.html


Not this Christian Jack! As a doom-mongering Christian, you are utterly confused about the context of Matthew 24 – I urge you to read Matthew 24:34 very carefully (“…this generation…”) – Christ was clearly talking to his contemporaries at the time – it was certainly not some ‘dispensationalist foreboding’!



Jack thank you.This what I believe .The USA is (in the name of Democracy ) forcing other countries in the middle eat to use democracy as their form of government .For our country like all are very desperate economically as well as power hungry .If the dollar dies then we die .When the IMF takes over the currencies of the world we are just one step closer to the one world gentile system .Yes our God is in total control but the USA is  led by power and greed seek the world system


Your email is as muddled as your message.  You pretend to be addressing me, but your message seems directed to A GROUP.

Whatever… while I appreciate the “history lesson”  (I am, among other things, a  history major), I don’t waste my time reading FICTION.

There’s NOTHING in Revelation 13 that says the two horned beast is the papacy.  That’s your FLAWED interpretation.

I know who the Antichrist is according to the Word of God.  I also know who the False Prophet is, according to the Word of God, not according to MORTAL MAN.  Matter of fact, I wrote the definitive book on it.

Why should I waste ONE SECOND reading your lies?


Dear Martel,

While I appreciate your responding, your comments come with a cold chill and not the warmth of the Spirit of God when two Christians meet each other for the first time.  We might not agree on prophetic detail, but there is something far more serious we apparently disagree upon.  And that is the understanding of the sin nature common to all men.  I hope you will seek our Lord Jesus Christ and ask him to explain to you the component or elements of the human sin nature.  1st John 2:16 teaches me that the pride of life is one of those natural components of sin.  Paul cautioned the Corinthians about becoming puffed up with pride of knowledge.  Your attitude can be felt in your words my brother, so you might want to examine yourself concerning the pride that is overcoming you.




I’m betting the devil is gonna turn every one of the countries into a worse Israel-hating bunch than they are now

In Jesus  

Al Cuppett


I am a liberal democrat who voted for President Barack Obama and for Al Gore before him and for Bill Clinton before him.  I was a Republican most of my life, until George Bush, and I voted for Ronald Reagan twice, reluctantly the second time, when I was beginning to change within myself.  When I read James Michener’s book, “The World is My Home,” I began to understand my own feelings for my fellow human beings.  George Bush the son took actions which resulted in the death of my son which added to my feelings for the Democrat Party, not so per se but for the liberal aspects  of it.  I’m the wrong person to be sending e-mails such as yours is to so you take me off of your mailings and I’ll not bother you again, a bargain as I see it.



Dear Mr Hook 
 You really need some serious mental health care. As a fellow Vet I recommend that you go to the VA Hospital and deal with your paranoid delusions/PTSD before you hurt either yourself or some innocent.


Mr Hook

I do not want to receive any more of your christian lies.

Please remove my name and email details from your mailing list.




Thank you for sharing your scriptural insights below. It is true that many people either cannot or do not want to hear this message. Like T.S. Eliot once wrote, “Human kind cannot bear too much reality.”

Personally, I agree with much of what you have written below. Based on the clear language of Genesis 6, I wrote something similar back in 1996 in my book “Earth’s Two Minute Warning: Today’s Bible-Predicted Signs of the End Times.”

More recently, my friend Chuck Missler (president of Koinonia House Ministries) has repeated the same prophetic warning, focusing on the ETs and the Nephilim. 

And in the past couple of years Tom and Nita Horn have released two books with even more detailed information concerning biotechnology, cloning, genetic mutations and such, producing hybrid “transhuman” species that also may play a role in this disturbing end-time scenario, which appears to be even now looming on the horizon.

You may want to check out these two books, “Apollyon Rising 2012” (published 2009) and “Forbidden Gates” (published 2010). I have not included the long descriptive subtitles here, but you can find them on amazon.com or at the wnd.com bookstore. They contain valuable information and I recommend them.

God bless you for your ministry. Sincerely in Christ,

John Wheeler Jr.