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HI Jack,

Like you i once served in the armed forces, believing it to be a patriotic and noble thing to do that was well pleasing to God.

How wrong i was.

I have recently been studying the book of Daniel, and chapter 11 speaks of two opposing Kings.

“The King of the North, and the King of the South”.

What do you make of this chapter ?

Who would you say is represented by these Kings ?

There is one thing i am sure of, and that this world is ruled at present by Satan, as Jesus acknowledged at John 14:30. He is the God of this system of things who blinds the minds of worldly governments to do his will. – 2 Cor.4:4. 

So going to war against fellow Christians or anyone else for that matter, is not the will of God.

Christian regards



Good one Jack. May the Lord open some eyes to understand we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.

God bless you.



I Have Been a Bible Believing Christian Since 1983.  I Live In “Appalachia” in the Mountains.  I Am a FMR SF Reservist

( 11th SFGA ), & FMR Active Duty Army, 72-74.

I Have Never Even MET a “Militia” Member, Let Alone Been Asked:  “Pssst…. Wanna Come To a Meeting?”  I Do NOT

“Hate” Obama, or Anyone Else.  

I Do Not “Worship” Guns Anymore Than I “Worship” the Chainsaw, or Tractor in my Barn.  Neither Do I Consider Myself a “Second Amendment Cultist.”

I Do Hold the Bill of Rights in Reverence, as The Greatest Guarantor of Enumerated GOD Given Liberty to Man Penned

Since the Magna Carta, and Has NOT Been Surpassed Since 1789.  

America Has Been THE Greatest Source of Christian Evangelism in Planetary History.  But DOD Was Just “Advised” By

Some Obama Accolyte That Evangelical Christianity Is a “Threat” Whose Adherents Are In Need An Article 15, or

Special Courts Martial For Even Discussing Christ’s Sacrifice.

Should We “Submit” To THAT Now As Well?   “Submit” To The Outright Outlawing Of Our Faith For Those In Service To Our Nation?  Like My Wounded In Action In Afghanistan, CHRISTIIAN Grandson? 

My 03′ A3 Puts Venison on the Table & Protects My Wife In The Fields From The Bears That Live On This Mountain.

My 1911 A-1 Is Defence Against the Meth Heads & Smack Junkies That Sadly Are Becoming More Numerous In a

STILL Abysmal Economy & Becoming Feral and Criminal.

Your Friend’s Position That The Roman’s 13 Scripture ( Which Kings & Tyrants Kept Their Subject’s Serfs For A

Millennia UNTIL 19 April 1775, at Lexington Green ) Should Now Apply to Americans Being Utterly Subserviant to WHATEVER Imperial Edicts ANY Administration Wishes to Force Upon Us is Beyond Troubling.

For WHERE, Pray Tell, Should Their Abuses of  Power & Coercions Cease?  At Our Intimidation to Accept Any Tyranny?  Wrongful Inprisonment?  Or Even a “Final Solution?”

Is Your Friend a Member Of DHS’s “Clergy Response Team?”  For I Now Begin to Wonder?

If The Founders Of This Nation, Most If Not ALL Christian, Accepted the Tyranny of George the Third?  I’d Be Calling The Local “Public Servants” “Me Lord” and Groveling at Their Inherited Lordships & Titles.  Trapped in Some Class Structure I Would NEVER Be Permitted To Ascend Out Of…… Like EUROPE STILL Has?

I Am Living On My Mountaintop Farm Minding My Own DAMN Business.  I Am “Plotting” Nothing Other Than My Saturday Dinner Menu.  I Wish ILL To No Man Nor Government.

But No Man, Nor Government, Has the Right to Enslave Me Using Scripture as “Cover”, Nor Harm My Grandkids For ANY Political Agenda, Be It From The Political Left OR Right.

Just Leave Us The Hell Alone?

Ya Want Scripture Jack?  “You Were Payed For At A Price.  Become Not The Slaves Of Men? The Apostle Paul.  

Good Luck With The Uber Pacifism.

I AIN’T Buyin’ What Your Pal is Sellin’?

Take Me OFF Your Mailing List. 


Thank God for your understanding and professing the truth. My ears are still on.  


Hi Jack,

Thank you indeed for sending me the above article.I also visited your website and learned a lot,I’m in agreement with most of it. I’m wondering what do you teach about the Ten commandment including the fourth? Please keep sending me any article of interest.God bless you,



Thank you brother for contacting me. I see eye to eye with you on most things and I know how frustrating it can be trying to convince friends and family members of the urgency of the soon coming of Jesus.

There is just one little matter concerning Daniel’s 70th week that I interpret differently – and it is something I “stumbled upon” only recently. I invite you to read my eBook (attached) covering this matter and I need to point out that I’m not an eloquent writer. I write with a view to make things plainly simple to understand.

Meanwhile, I’m going through the material on your website with a lot of interest.

God Bless



Absolutey agree Jack.

Most do not know the kingdom of God is within..they are always quoting the old testament and I keep telling them BUT we are in the NEW testament now the other side of the cross. WE are the temple are are to be overcomers…we have the whole armour of God…

Good article (Cult of the Second Amendment) Jack….thank you…

I am thinking that with the Anglican bishop in Auckland coming out last night saying that the states version of marraige is not the churches version..or similiar words…also received a newletter from Family first re the deregisteratin of them as a charity..do you get their newletter, it includes the SHOCKING path being taken to where this marraige thing will bend up…Ihave not looked at it yet…can send it IF you do not get their info….

I wrote back and said Chrisitans need to research and study the mystery of marriage, so they will know how to stand…

NOT to mentino they will need to actually ENTER intothe kingdom of God within and some may be actually born again…as these trials and triublations come aginst them,l and cause them to fall away into deception or dig in and find the truth and Christ and be born again…..





I had the same understanding happen to me because of having served the pride of my flesh in joining the Navy.  In time I recognized why I joined self and national pride, and a lost soul with no direction for life.  What grieves me to the depths of my soul is the new age spiritual apostasy that has flooded the nations.  Those who are blind cannot even imagine they don’t know the Lord, they believe they are Christians, and I don’t even have the words to pray for those I know in this delusion because it is so true, it is because they love not the truth.  

I found myself arguing with the Lord subtly about this, pleading for their souls, but it couldn’t have been more plain-like Jeremiah-do not pray for this people; they love not the truth-oh, how awful-so now I am asking questions-trying to plow hard soil that thinks it is justified; and as true as ever, the enemies of my life are those of my own household, a daughter.  mother sister and many friends.  It hurts, but I have no right to simplify or make easy the narrow path for anyone.  I am to them unloving and cruel, though I am the only one who has ever gone to them over perceived offenses and gotten no where.  

You simply cannot put together oil and water/black wont ever look the same as white.  They have to choose, and being a nurse and wanting to fix, it is truly hard to stand back and do nothing.  The good news is that like me, they can on any day while breath is in them, repent and receive the Spirit, gaining eyes to see and ears to hear.  I have many friends like you who still cannot see not hating Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans-whatever propaganda that has enslaved them….they believe they are right and will not be convinced otherwise.  

The irony-the can hate what God loves with such great conviction, but these same ones are now to the place of tolerating that which God hates, homosexuality, sensuality and the like-to them compromise is key when it comes to fellow man in their sin.  I describe to others feeling like I am in a concrete box like in Star Wars, where the walls are closing in on me.  The pressure I now identify is tolerated sin in this world and the ability to feel the pressure of the “New (demonic) Age” birthed and growing.  It is truly a flood as described in scripture.  It causes perplex-ion from the inside out….I am grieved and tired.

My friends just came back from a year in Ghana and Togo-you cannot imagine what is called Christianity there, and all the ‘ministries’ claiming victory for Christ in these countries.  It is a lie, most have no idea what they believe, it is as carnal and self focused as here in the states.  I do believe we, Babylon, sold this doctrine to the nations.   The mix of witchcraft, and other ideas is prevalent and uncorrected.  Like Paul said, it is difficult to fix the foundations laid by another teacher.  Grieve and pray with me, for the few they did reach and who repented of their greed, and thinking the riches of God could be bought with tithing and works, seeking power for themselves and ‘moves of the Spirit’.

Could you write to a friend of mine, x Vietnam military-he is still stuck on fighting the enemies, but claims Christ, seduced by the fear and propaganda of the hour.


Please take me off of your mailing list.

I don’t agree with enough of what you are preaching to waste my time with it



Jack I have been reading your articles and enjoying them thank you for sharing with me. I am still reading them 🙂

I have a question ,please…as a born again Christian who loves the Lord my God with all my heart, I still wonder if

we will be persecuted by some of these radical changes I am seeing coming into the USA  they are absolutely

kicking God out of everything Obama seems to embrace evil and kick out good and clean morals.

thanks for listening

sister in Christ Jesus



What Sword Do We Trust, indeed!

Brother Jack, I believe you have the mind of Christ on this matter, and so don’t expect a lot of people – not even “believers” so-called – to rush to your side in agreement. The degree of separation from the world we are to strive for as bondservants of Christ and members of His holy ekklesia is very little understood. Just be grateful, as I know you are, for the fact that He has revealed that to you only by His Spirit.



Jack: I have 2 say I can in my Spirit You are a REAL Christian and Powerful Man of God..You speak with solid Christian Love, Respect, Dignity,Patience and Kindness 4 all Peoples..I have Friends who served in Vietnam..1 Passed not long ago..Glenn, He had Agent Orange died at 52..HE was SAVED Thank God..anyway– Thanks 4 You..Looks like Your Website is well respected and popular..You are very Refreshing with Your Excellent Writing..Sincerely, Connie


I have to tell you that The U.S.A.  was not a part of the old Roman  Empire.  And The only place that you can find our Country in God’s Holy Word is in The Old test. when one verse of Scripture talks about The Egle and the eglets, which are the English  Speaking Countrys. You people can say what you want too.  But God still wants a man to protect his Family. And if you do not then you are a coward.  Sincerly  Chaplain  Bender


Jack, I am a Vietnam Vet who spent a year in country on the ground up near the DMZ. I was on the 2nd to the last plane out of I corps on 23/10/72.  I stayed in the reserves for 8 years after that because they came and said they needed me to. I love my country, and I happen to love our current Commander in Chief, and think he is an absolutely remarkable man.

I  am happily “married” to another man, and have been for 35 years in september.

Jesus said “let he among you that is without sin cast the first stone”, along with many other things about not being judgmental. He was not referred to the “Lamb of God” for nothing, and Im sure would not be happy about your predicting he was going to return and tear stuff and people up.  He will not.
You go on at length about what WILL happen so much that you sound like a Catholic.  neither you, or they know ANYTHING about what is going to take place because nobody does. 
Worry about what is going to happen to YOU, and only right after YOU die.  Stop trying to convince others about all this interconnected political nonsense, that is simply a thinly veiled cover for bigotry.  If you do know ANYTHING about Jesus of Nazareth, he did not like bigots.  Greg