03-Increasing Natural Disasters

From Matthew 24:7, we also see that famine, pestilences and earthquakes will be major news events as we approach His coming. Actually, we have always had the signs given us in this verse. What makes them prophetical is their intensification as time passes. There is worsening famine all around the globe. Earthquakes have become every day new stories. These disasters are causing governments to reassess their economic programs. The scourge of famine is unleashed upon people by droughts and interruptions in the agricultural processes caused by war. Thus, we can see the close relationship between increasing wars and increasing famine. Yet, few bother to ask why all these things are happening. Few can relate all these things to the sinfulness of man and the devil.

As these conditions worsen, people will again cry out for unity of effort and for the proper distribution of the earth´s wealth. On the surface this sounds like a good cause to rally around, but beware of compromise for the sake of unity. Millions of people today are starving because of the fear, hate, lust and pride in men´s hearts that produces war among one another. Only the Blood of Jesus Christ can remove those wicked cancers from one´s heart.