03-Den of Demons

“..and is become the habitation of demons and the hold of every foul spirit…for all the nations have drunk of the wine…”

In order to understand the context of this passage, we must know what form of activity the demons in Babylon perform. Many would read this and assume that the work of these Babylonian demons involves sexual perversion, violence, abortion, and such sinful behavior. This is absolutely true, but I don´t believe that is the primary activity being described by John.

Let´s remember, that Babylon the Great is part of the Roman Empire which carried the harlot church, the false bride of Christ. Who is the author and source of its spiritual harlotry? None other than the devil and his demon forces. Paul helps us to understand this source.

I Timothy 4:1,

“Now, the Spirit speaketh expressly that, in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons,”

We now see that all the false doctrines of the harlot of Babylon are here proven by Paul, being inspired by the Holy Spirit, to be the teachings of demons or seducing spirits. If we simply look in America at the organized church, and at the growing cults and eastern religions that have infiltrated society, we can easily see Babylon as the land with much religious confusion. Besides mammoth areas dominated by Catholicism, there are large portions of America that are controlled or influenced by the demonic cult of Mormonism. Most of the rest of America is controlled by apostate Protestant groups. Many of these have fallen prey to eastern religious doctrines that exalt man, eliminate Hell, diminish sin, and strip Jesus of His deity.

America has become the capitol of Satan´s seducing spirits. As John said she is become the “habitation of demons.” We must pray, repent and plead for God´s mercy. God is soon to destroy the land of America, who claims to be Christian, but is ruled by the devil and his lies. We must be as Abraham, who pleaded with the Lord not to destroy the righteous with the wicked.

We also see that people in all nations have been partakers in Babylon´s doctrines of fornication. Babylon´s rich, political, pluralistic church is influential on a worldwide scale. It is the spreading and saturating of idolatrous teachings, which brings the wrath of God upon Babylon. The Bible constantly warns us that if we partake in sin, as the sons of disobedience, we will partake in diving judgment. Spiritual fornication, idolatry, and harlotry all describe the spiritual life of a religious prostitute, who shares her love and affections with others.

The “man-centered” gospel is spreading quickly around the world. Even the presidents and kings of other lands are being influenced and swayed by this counterfeit message. America and its diversified harlot church, are together a powerful political machine. All the “positive and possibility thinking” in the world will not stop the wrath of God upon such heresy. One thing that is common to the many groups who are seduced by the spirit of harlotry is the exaltation of man. Some call it the dignity of man. Others who are more subtle, call it knowing your rights and privileges in Christ, or who you are in Christ. The truth is, we need to know who He is in us. These people are being prepared and programmed by Satan to vote for and deify their leader, who will promise them everything.

Look for the Papacy to continue to welcome America´s Protestant hierarchy. It boggles my mind to see so-called “Protestant preachers” having an audience with a or “the” false prophet and coming away mesmerized. What spirit are they walking in? It certainly isn´t the Holy Spirit. America´s popular preachers will have an increasing impact on the Papacy. Their “positive prosperity” will go out from the Vatican to all corners of the earth.