04-Large in Foreign Aid

“…and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her…”

We now see where kings and rulers of the earth enjoyed a personal relationship with this nation, as they do with the harlot church that sits on the nation, (Revelation 17:2). They sold themselves out spiritually because of the material benefits and trade Babylon offered. As the 70th Week approaches, this dependence on America will increase. What nation of the world has so mesmerized many world leaders with its material wealth, thereby causing their people to drink the wine of materialism and idolatry?

God´s word says that the love of money is the root of all evil. This perverted love grows and expands just as one who is drunk started with that first drink. Because of fear of lack, the whole world is getting more intoxicated. This intensifying drunkenness will be paralleled by the “prosperity and success” gospel of Babylon.

When I was stationed in Vietnam, I noticed first hand how foreign aid really works. The corrupt leaders of the government and military would sell large portions of American shipments to the black market, thereby lining their pockets with money. I get the idea that most of the aid ends up in the bank accounts of the elite, while the poor get poorer.

Secondly, much of the aid from America is in the form of military hardware, which does nothing to help the poor. It has been reported that America is responsible for about 50% of the sales of weapons in the world. America also spends more money annually on defense, than the combined income of one billion of the earth´s poorest people. Of course the defense presented against this accusation is, the people must be free from Communism before they can be helped by other forms of aid. So America´s political and many religious leaders put their trust in bombs and bullets to free the people. They certainly do not know the freedom the Bible talks about.

What happened to Jesus´ call and command to “love your enemies” and “return evil with good”? To help and give to those who reject and oppose you does not mean that we become one with their sin and evil. For while we extend a hand to help their physical need, we still spiritually and verbally resist their sinful ways. This is because we love God with all our hearts and His love, mercy, and long suffering flows out of us.

Are leaders in government, who supposedly follow Christ, called to obey the commands of our Lord? Or is that just for other Christians? Are Christian political leaders to function like godless leaders or adhere to the commandments of a loving Savior? Do we need the most destructive weapons that sick minds can produce, when there are legions of angels that God can command to our side?

How many times do you read where Jesus or His apostles took in money from the people and sent swords and chariots to foreign lands, to help one group of people oppress or exterminate another group? Are Christian political leaders to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and Paul or Alexander the Great? Personally, I have trouble understanding how a born again, Spirit-filled man, who is walking in the path of Jesus, could even get elected in this society, much less even want to.

I know many might say that I´m easy on Communism and dictatorships for these statements I´ve made. Nothing could be further from the truth, for I detest Communism and everything it represents. It is antichrist and God hates it, but He does not hate their souls. The blood of Jesus was shed for them as well as Americans. Remember the two-headed snake, whose heads antagonize one another. Democracies and dictatorships warring against each other is a satanic smokescreen to deceive the true believer.

Remember, the cross of Jesus Christ washes the hate and bitterness out of one´s heart, where then the sword you want to ship over seas is the love of God in Christ.

I´m afraid that America and Russia have made “munitions” their God. Don´t laugh at that, for America´s Protestant President, in late 1982, christened a missile the “Peacekeeper.” While over in England, the Christian Prime Minister said, “the nuclear deterrent of America is the Savior of world peace.” This disfigured, demented, and distorted wisdom is what fills the minds of the rulers in the western world. They are completely numb to the truth of the cross and soon return of Jesus Christ, but yet, many sit in church every Sunday.

Are Christian political leaders to be looking and longing for the coming King of Kings? Or is that just for other Christians? The Bible teaches that Jesus and His teachings are inseparable, (Mark 8:38). The form of Godliness, which means to take His name and jettison His teachings, that we see in most churches, is also characteristic of America´s political leaders. To say that America´s government is, or ever has been, Christian is absurd. If America´s political leaders were really Spirit-filled followers, the principles and teachings of Jesus would thunder down the halls of the White House and Congress.

What all nations need more than military foreign aid is the deeper spiritual food that only Jesus Christ can provide. The gospel of the cross and His soon coming is the aid that needs to be shipped overseas.

I write these things to strip the sheepskins off of the wolves that have controlled the American system of government from 1776 through today.