05-Large Importer

“…and the merchants of the earth are grown rich through the abundance of her delicacies…”

The characteristic given here sheds more light on the type of fornication described in this verse. Babylon of the last days is known for her abundant type of life style. The people of Babylon are covetous and idolatrous, they must have every material whim fulfilled. Their stomachs are bottomless pits. Because of this insatiable appetite, businessmen from all around the world are selling large amounts of goods to her. In other words, Babylon has become “the market place for the entire commercial world.”

As the center of world commerce and trade, Babylon holds tremendous power. This power can quickly become political might which Babylon uses as leverage over the rest of the world. This leverage and dependence is so great that all businessmen realize that without Babylon, the world’s economy would quickly collapse. War would soon follow.

Today you are watching the steady rise of commercial Babylon, especially since World War II. The world’s leaders recognize the economic might of America, and since they are getting rich through large trade agreements and America’s tapeworm appetite, they bow it its influence. Even the oil producing countries of OPEC must understand the tremendous wealth they have comes from America and Western Europe.

Much of the world’s economic woes are centered in the Middle East. Before World War III breaks out in the Middle East, a peace treaty will be put together to stabilize the political-economic conditions of the area. The political and economic leaders of the western world have unity, “a New World order,” on their minds. Only the Holy Spirit restrains the fulfillment of this quest for unity.