17-Born from Mother Country

Jeremiah 50:12,

“Your mother shall be completely confounded, she that bore you shall be ashamed;…”

We now go back to the prophecies of Jeremiah, where many of the original prophecies concerning Babylon are found. The apostle John was well versed and read in the scriptures. He understood the meaning of Babylon and its symbolic connection with the Roman Empire. The 17th and 18th chapters of Revelation are extensions of Jeremiah. God uses John to give more detail to the original prophecies.

In this verse it is clear that Babylon had a mother and that she is confounded. What does this mean? Which western nation in today´s world has a mother who is confused and ashamed? What is she confused about? Remember, Babylon and Rome are synonymous. The people of the mother and daughter must have their roots in the Roman Empire. Could it be that when the judgments of God strike down the nation of Babylon, the mother will be ashamed that she gave birth to such a rebellious daughter?

Babylon has become a den of demons who have deceived the masses of the earth´s people. Babylon is the leader of the western world who persecutes and kills God´s people during the 70th Week. Babylon is the nation who deceived the world with sorcery, spreading a love of things around the globe. Are these the types of things the mother shall be ashamed of?

Who is the daughter of Great Britain? Where did the people of the British Empire migrate to? Is Great Britain becoming confounded and ashamed today? Let´s take a look at her. “The sun never sets on the British Empire,” cannot be said anymore. Her global power is gone, it has withered away. She is totally dependent on America, her rebellious, proud daughter, for security. Is that something to be ashamed about? Two world wars which Great Britain was involved in would have sealed her coffin had it not been for America´s intervention. No other western nations can fit these prophecies like Great Britain and America do.