18-Earth´s Hammer

Jeremiah 50:23,

“How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! How is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!”

Jeremiah 51:20, 24-25,

20)”Thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war; for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee I will destroy kingdoms…24)And I will remember unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea all their evil that they have done in Zion in your sight, saith the Lord. 25)Behold, I am against thee, O thou destroying mountain, saith the Lord, that destroyeth all the earth; and I will stretch out my hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain.”

Jeremiah tells us that Babylon has become a barren wasteland, as does John in Revelation. But, Jeremiah reveals to us that Babylon was once…the hammer of the whole earth. What can this mean to us? The work hammer is descriptive of Babylon´s ability to strike quickly with plenty of force behind the blow. This can be applied in a military situation and understood.

Jeremiah 51:20 says that God uses the military strength of Babylon as a battle-axe, to punish and smite nations and kingdoms. This military muscle was part of the cause of Babylon´s proud and arrogant attitude; even to the point that she thinks it is godly to be warlike. Just because the Lord uses a nation to smite others does not make that nation godly. God is also against Babylon and will destroy her personally, because she has polluted and persecuted the people of Israel (Zion) during the 70th Week. Has America been used as Babylon?

If we look back at recent American history, at the wars America has been involved in, you can see the power of the hammer, which God used to punish nations. As the Germans were conquering Europe, like Japan in the Pacific, during World War II, what was the military strength of America? Before Pearl Harbor, this country was weak and unprepared to defend itself, let alone the entire western world. But the attack on Pearl Harbor caused the people of America to unite. In the movie, “Tora, Tora, Tora,” a Japanese admiral stood on the bridge of his aircraft carrier, which has just finished leveling Pearl Harbor, and said, “We must destroy America quickly, for she is a sleeping giant.”

The hammer and battle-axe of Jeremiah were now beginning to be drawn back. The industrial potential of America was put in first gear. Tanks, planes, ships and men were prepared for war in a matter of months. The entire nation was mobilized to fight against the enemy. The people very sincerely believed that God was on their side in the conflict. In a way they were right, for God did allow and ordain it. But believing that will not get one American to Heaven, nor increase his godliness.

The might of the Japanese Empire was shattered. At the same time, the allies in Europe, who had been under the heels of Hitler´s armies were now seeing victory as America entered the war. The hammer-like force began to wear on the German commanders. Finally, on D-Day, the 6th of June, 1944, the largest invasion force ever assembled in history was unleashed on the European continent. The shear force of the allied invasion began the disintegration of the German armies. The battle-axe was doing its job. The combined military and industrial strength of America was now becoming the major power of the world. Isn´t it interesting that just a few years later the Jews (Zion) became a nation? America will turn on Israel and bring the wrath of God upon itself.

The hammer-like ability to strike quickly with force has been maintained ever since World War II. Even though the Vietnam War dampened the spirits of America´s proud, patriotic people, this nation still retains the mightiest military and industrial capabilities in the world. All that is necessary to stir this force up again is a patriotic cause which the people can unite around. The perceiving eyes of the antichrist will understand and bring to pass just such a situation. At his disposal will be all the weapons needed to bring peace through force to this planet. I believe the current wording of what I just stated is “peace through strength.” John prophesied in Revelation 13:4 that the world´s people would look at the beast (Babylon) and say, “Who is able to make war with him?” Even those in America who advocate peace through disarmament wouldn´t think of allowing America to be seriously inferior to the Russian bear. Both sides of the nuclear issue are deceived. For the blood of Jesus is the only thing that can bring peace to men.

America is the largest arms producer in the world which is the direct fulfillment of Jeremiah 51:20. This verse is the strength that Israel is depending on, directly or indirectly, that angers the Lord who brought Israel back to her land. He wants them to trust in Him, not the umbrella of the antichrist.

As we approach the 70th Week and the rapture of the church, are you ready to meet Jesus? He could come at any moment. He gave us all the signs so that we would be watching for Him. Are you watching?

Luke 21:36,

“Watch ye, therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

Are you worthy to escape the antichrist´s deception and the wrath of God? There is only one way to be accounted worthy to escape. Jesus said you must take up your cross and follow Him, then you would be worthy, (Matthew 10:38). This means you must first know your sinfulness, unworthiness, and lost condition. Then repent and trust in the Lord Jesus and His blood to forgive and cleanse. He took upon His body the wrath of God, that through faith you might be spared.

America is the hammer and battle-axe of the world, but some of God´s people also live here. We have the responsibility to witness to everyone in the nation. As Jeremiah, we are to speak against the corrupt political and religious systems, and preach Jesus and His coming. Don´t let the world´s collapse wear you down. For the world is a sinking ship that cannot be patched up. God is the one who has torpedoed it. Don´t fight against Him.

Jesus said, “look up, your redemption draweth near.” If you are looking for Him, you´ll understand that all these trials on earth must happen to give even the hardest of hearts the chance to repent. Didn´t you and Jesus meet through much trouble and tribulation?